DFMA Software Reduces Assembly Costs

DFM Concurrent Costing 2.0 is new software from Boothroyd Dewhurst, developers of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) software.

The software identifies the major cost drivers associated with manufacturing and finishing parts and is used by engineers to reduce assembly costs by consolidating parts.

The 2.0 version of DFM Concurrent Costing (Windows compatible) includes a new machine library, which provides machine characteristics and process rates and fields for adding pictures of equipment and descriptive notes. Machine operation times and tooling costs can be edited, and the library can be expanded and fully customized to add categories of information specific to the manufacturing location.

Call: 401-783-5840; e-mail: info@dfma.com. Circle #296

How Old Is Your Pulse Energy Head?

A new generation of high performance enhanced pyroelectric heads, used to make pulse energy measurements of lasers, is available from Ophir Optronics.

The new PE25 and PE50 (metallic absorber) offer maximum pulse rate limits to 4,000 Hz, twice the previous limit for these heads. They have a maximum pulse width of 10 mS, as compared to the previous limit of 3 mS.

The linearity specification has also been improved from 2% to 1%. The thicknesses of the pyroelectric heads have been reduced from 33 mm to 24 mm.

Black absorber models, the PE25BB and PE50BB, are also available.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com. Circle #298

Controller Enhances Diameter Gages

TSI has introduced the model CD5000 controller, designed for use with TSI's Holix diameter gages.

TSI says the CD5000 combines the benefits of the Holix diameter measurement gages with a Windows based software package to measure the diameter, ovality, width and thickness of extruded products.

It can also detect and record flaws or defects for a range of materials, including round and nonround products like flat or triangular wire, cable and ribbons.

When used with a Holix diameter gage, the CD5000 can customize and simplify the monitoring and controlling of production processes.

Call: 800-874-2811; e-mail: laserspeed@tsi.com. Circle #299

Fluke Combines DMM With Magnetic Hanging Kit

Fluke has packaged its 179 Digital Multimeter (DMM) with its ToolPak magnetic hanging kit and is selling them as a combo.

The Fluke 179 DMM, with capabilities that include minimum/maximum/average recording, has a limited lifetime warranty, a 6,000 count display and reads temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The ToolPak meter hanging kit includes a universal hanger, a magnet and a 17-in (23 cm) hook-and-loop hanger strap. The universal hanger allows users to hang the meter on a nail, hook or to the hook-and-loop strap, which can be wrapped around a beam, pipe or other object.

Call: 425-347-6100; e-mail: fluke-info@fluke.com. Circle #300

Oil Vacuums Reduce Time And Increase Safety

Nilfisk-Advance America's new line of CFM industrial oil vacuums enables workers to do a number of tasks in one step.

Available in four models, the vacuums collect coolants, lubricants, cutting oils and metal scraps, then filter out debris and pump the purified fluids into a reservoir tank for immediate reuse. All of this is done simultaneously, reducing work time.

These vacuums filter metal scraps and particles down to 100 microns and contain them, which Nilfisk-Advance America says noncommercial vacuums can't do. This makes for a safer working environment, with less debris and fewer dangerous aerosols being released into the air.

Call: 610-647-6420 x131; e-mail: questions@nilfisk-advance.com. Circle #297

Laser Micrometers Measure Where Precision Is Essential

Takikawa LDM series precision noncontact laser micrometers.

The new Takikawa LDM series precision noncontact laser micrometers from DAS Distribution are designed to be economical, simple to use and reliable.

The model 303H has a measuring range from 0.25 mm to 30 mm, and the model 304H has a range of 0.5 mm to 90 mm. Both come with an LED display processor.

These micrometers can be used to measure diameters of cables, wire, hose, pipe, tubing, fibers and other machined parts.

Call: 800-344-0111; e-mail: dasdist@mail.snet.net. Circle #295  

Miniature Encoder Is Accurate and Tough

Heidenhain has developed a new miniature incremental exposed linear encoder, the LIF400 Series. Designed for the semiconductor industry, it has a postage stamp sized scanning unit and high accuracy.

The LIF400 Series has a new type of grating called Supradur, which offers a high tolerance to contamination such as oil, dust and fingerprints.

It also features optical limit switches and a separate homing track with an integrated reference mark, allowing the encoder to determine on which side of the reference mark the scanning unit is located.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com. Circle #253  

Hertzler Releases SPC Software Upgrade  

QA/S GainSeeker 7.2 Suite, an upgrade to Hertzler Systems' Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, packages SPC capabilities with defect management products.

It can be used by manufacturers for real-time data acquisition, data management and reporting.

GainSeeker 7.2 offers more than 60 enhancements over GainSeeker 7.1, including customizable templates, color coded failure messages, standardized and expanded "send to" menus and the ability to display up to 32 values of data that are updated as the values change.

Call: 574-533-0571; fax: 574-533-3885. Circle #250

Vane Sensors Work In Dirty Environments

Cherry Electrical Products' VN1015 Series magnetic vane sensors are designed to provide high speed sensing in dirty, dusty environments.

They are mechanically interchangeable with typical slotted optical switches but, according to Cherry, can overcome the environmental problems that may interfere with optical switch performance, such as paper dust, dirt, oil or stray infrared light.

The VN1015 Series magnetic vane sensors can be used in door/gate position control, exercise equipment and printers.

Call: 800-258-0773; e-mail: cep_sales@cherrycorp.com. Circle #252

X-ray System Adds to Line Of Rework Products  

The XR 3000 X-ray inspection system from PACE.

PACE Inc. has introduced the XR 3000 X-ray inspection system into its line of BGA/CSP rework products. It features a 40X zoom camera, image capture, frame averaging and gain adjustment.

The XR 3000 also contains a 50Kv X-ray tube and camera technology that can detect rework anomalies such as incomplete re-flow, cold solder joints, missing solder balls, bridges, voids and other irregularities as small as 0.001 in.

The XR 3000 is designed to be fully integrated through software with the TF 3000, PACE's BGA/CSP rework station.

Call: 301-490-9860; fax: 301-490-0193. Circle #251

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