High Temperature Infrared Thermometers From Land

Land Instruments has four new portable infrared thermometers for reading high temperatures.

The Cyclops 53, Cyclops 153 and 153A, Cyclops MeltMaster and Cyclops FurnacePro read temperatures from 450° to 3,200° C in such areas as steel and glassworks, liquid metal, gas and oil fired furnaces, and semiconductors.

Call: 800-523-8989; e-mail: usmarketing@landinstruments.net. Circle #276

Kernco Puts pH Meter Readings on Hold

Kernco's battery operated Model 8514 digital stick pH meter features an LCD readout and a hold feature that makes it easier to obtain readings in places where it is difficult to read. Pushing the hold button keeps the reading on the display until the user can read it.

The meter covers the 0 to 14 pH range with ±0.01 pH readability and accuracy.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: brkernco@whc.net. Circle #283

Convert Shafts Into Rotary Torque Sensors

Sensotec has designed a torque sensor that clamps directly onto the drive train of the shaft being measured, eliminating the need to install an in-line torque cell.

The model 1650B Rotary Torque Sensor essentially converts the shaft into a rotary torque transducer and measures torque directly from the drive train.

The sensor comes precalibrated, can be used for temporary or permanent installations and is immune to oil, dirt and water.

The unit is available for shaft diameters of 2.5 in. to 15 in.

Call: 614-850-5000; e-mail: wdcsales@sensotec.com. Circle #290

Blasting Machine Handles Small Parts

The Wheelabrator Barrel Blaster enables the processing of various small parts most blasting machines aren't made to handle. It can be used for containment removal, peening, surface finishing and small nonferrous foundries.

Because the Barrel Blaster reduces pinch point problems, it allows smaller parts to tumble uniformly in the abrasive blast for cleaning and surface preparation. This makes it suited for parts that are too small for conventional rubber belt and metal flighted machines.

It also has a space saving design, requiring a floor space of 7 ft. 2 in. x 11 ft. 9 in.

Call: 800-544-4144 x2295; e-mail: akinp@usfspg.com. Circle #293

Precision Length Measuring Machine Works Faster

The PLM 600, a precision length measuring machine from Mahr Federal, has a motorized drive, joystick control and a software package to provide semiautomatic operation. It is designed to reduce time and cost through ease of use and accuracy.

The PLM 600 can be used to calibrate and inspect plug, ring, thread and snap gages, indicators, micrometers and a range of precision parts. It has a measurement table surface of 12 x 6 ft. and, according to Mahr, provides measurement uncertainty as low as 6 µin.

Call: 401-784-3100; fax: 401-784-3246. Circle #289

Quest Assists NFL With Heat Stress Risks

Quest Technologies has been fielding calls from National Football League (NFL) teams ordering its QUESTemp series area heat stress monitors.

The QUESTemp 32 is a general purpose area heat stress monitor for measuring humidity, temperature, radiant heat, relative humidity and heat index, factors NFL teams must consider to reduce heatstroke and other heat induced illnesses.

The QUESTemp 34 and QUESTemp 36 offer additional features such as data logging.

Call: 800-245-0779; fax: 262-567-4047. Circle #278

Ergonomic Inspection System Reduces Strain

ASG's Ergonomic Video Inspection System reduces strain.

A new video inspection system from ASG, a division of Jergens Inc., is designed to reduce neck, back and eye strain for operators inspecting small parts.

The Ergonomic Video Inspection System features a video microscope that projects full color, high resolution magnified images to a video monitor or computer, permitting upright  seating and eye level observation.

It can be used to inspect items such as circuit boards, contacts, leads, wires, molds and dies.

Two models are available. The IS-3N offers magnification from (infinity)x to 450x; the IS-3L offers magnification from (infinity)x to 230x.

Call: 216-486-6163; e-mail: asginfo@asg-jergens. com. Circle #281

TDP-100 Is Not Your Father's Potentiometer

That is what Transducers Direct says about its TDP-100 in-cylinder position sensor. It uses high resistance conductive plastic bonded to a precision wire bound element in an effort to provide maximum sensor life and reliability.

The TDP-100 provides an absolute analog output and 0.15% linearity with no additional electronics required for positioning off-highway vehicles, material handling, steel rolling, amusement rides, timber processing and rock crushing/sifting equipment.

Call: 513-583-9491; e-mail: rmatthes@transducersdirect.com. Circle #279

Liquid Baths Calibrate Temperature Sensors

Total Temperature Instrumentation (TTI) is distributing two new portable stirred liquid baths for calibration of odd-shaped temperature sensors.

Manufactured by IsoTech, the Hyperion calibrates from 45° C below ambient to 140° C, and the Drago calibrates from 30° C to 250° C. Both the Hyperion and the Drago are available in two models: a basic, or controller only model, and a site model, which has a built-in temperature indicator.

According to TTI, stirred liquid baths are suitable for temperature sensors of all shapes and sizes and provide greater accuracy than dry blocks.

Call: 802-863-0085; e-mail: ssabourin@ttiglobal.com. Circle #284

Optimet Captures All the Right Angles

Optimet has a new accessory for its ConoProbe laser beam measurement system. The Periscope, when used with the ConoProbe, can bend the laser beam 90° to measure inner profiles and surfaces of pipes, tubes and cylinders. The Periscope is available in custom lengths up to 20 in.

The ConoProbe, which can be used with or without the Periscope, is designed for making noncontact, precision measurements of machine parts, industrial molds and components, and automotive and electrical components.

Call: 877-446-0814; e-mail: sales@optimet.com. Circle #282

Gage Sensor Uses Linear Glass Technology

Ono Sokki Technology's GS-251 gage sensor.

Ono Sokki Technology has designed a new universal gage sensor, the GS-251. It is compatible with most existing fixtures and is designed to measure dimensions, thickness, curvature, eccentricity, displacement, height, depth, flatness, variation, roundness, distortion, deflection and position.

The GS-251 uses linear glass technology, which Ono Sokki says allows the gage sensor to maintain highly consistent accuracy throughout its entire range. It also has a waterproof seal and a dust bellow, making the unit water resistant and dustproof.

Call: 630-627-9700; fax: 630-627-0004. Circle #292

Cogent Makes Impression On Pressure Sensors

Impress, a new pressure sensor material available from Cogent Enterprises, comes in a variety of shapes and thicknesses and can be used for a wide range of electronic or electrical applications.

Cogent describes Impress as "rugged, inexpensive and integrable." It also features a built-in "integrity check," making it possible to tell if the sensor is intact or damaged.

Call: 810-978-8381; e-mail: dwhite@cogententerprises.com. Circle #277

Precision Machining Oil Introduced in North America

ExxonMobil has introduced Mobil DTE 21 high performance lubricant to the North American market. Designed for machinery with high speed gear driven spindles, Mobil DTE 21 is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in precision machining centers.

Once impossible to find in the United States, Mobil DTE 21 is now available through all U.S. Mobil lubricants distributors.

Call: 800-662-4525 or 703-846-1395. Circle #291

New 3-D Technique Measures Surface Area

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has developed a new optical technique for generating 3-D images that precisely measure the surface features of very large and very small objects.

Dynamic Structured Light (DSL) uses a rotating grid pattern that, when projected across an object's surface, produces changing patterns of light and dark. These patterns are recorded and analyzed to determine surface elevation at any location on the object without touching it.

SwRI has used DSL to measure the surface features of objects ranging in size from coins to aircraft wings.

Call: 210-522-3678; e-mail: efranke@swri.org. Circle #280

Software Update Features New Shop Floor Scheduler

Mattec has released a new version of its Windows based ProHelp EPM software. Release 5.2 features a shop floor scheduler that monitors machines in real time and updates its drag and drop bar charts as production takes place.

Release 5.2 allows the user to create production jobs, maintenance jobs, and machine setup jobs. Different views of the scheduler are provided so the user can identify all customer names, part numbers, tool numbers, material requirements and material colors. Scheduling conflicts are easily identified by color coding.

Call: 800-966-1301; fax: 513-683-1619. Circle #285

WinWedge Data Software Goes Pro

WinWedge Pro data acquisition software includes five new applications in addition to the ones included in the original WinWedge.

WinWedge, designed by TALtech, is for interfacing RS232 devices, such as data collection equipment, laboratory instruments, quality and process control equipment, scales, calipers and other serial output devices, to any Windows application.

WinWedge Pro's new applications are designed to solve additional data collection and communication problems. Other features include advanced device control, support for 100 serial ports simultaneously, and automatic opening of Windows applications and inputting of data.

Call: 800-722-6004 x103; e-mail: susan.rogers@taltech.com. Circle #286

System Speeds Video Monitoring Process

The CAM Workstation CM by Vision Controls is designed to make video monitoring of equipment process and performance more efficient.

This system prevents the necessity of viewing hours of video to locate negative trends in production processes. The CAM Workstation CM uses a multicamera configuration to log events for analysis and review while recording is taking place. While work proceeds, the system logs trends and adds them to a statistical database, indicating to the user where in the video to look to uncover patterns that may be slowing production.

Call: 262-369-8797 or 877-851-3454. Circle #287

Columbus Discovers New Gas Mixing Technology

The Pegas 4000MF Gas Mixer by Columbus Instruments allows precision mixing of up to four gases using precision mass flow controllers, making gas mixture independent of temperature or gas pressure.

The gas mixer is controlled by an internal microprocessor. The user enters the total mixed gas flow and concentration for each gas component using a four-button keypad and LCD front panel display. The mixer can also operate under control of a PC.

Gas flow rates for mass flow controllers are available ranging from 100 mL/min. to 20 L/min.

Call: 614-276-0861; e-mail: sales@colinst.com. Circle #288

System Combines High Resolution With Ethernet

Keithley Instruments Model 2701 ethernet based DMM/data acquisition system is a multipoint measurement and control system that integrates instrument-quality, 22-bit (6.5 digit) resolution and sensitivity with ethernet long distance networking.

With the Model 2701, precision instrumentation can be distributed over long distances using a standard communication bus. Users can devote fewer operators and fewer PCs per test station.

Call: 800-552-1115; e-mail: product_info@keithley.com. Circle #294

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