Turck Sensors Filter Out Industrial Noise

Turck says its new noise immune capacitive sensors incorporate a unique filter principle, making them immune to most industrial noise.

The fixed oscillator allows the sensors to maintain a constant frequency regardless of sensitivity adjustment. The rectifier filter blocks noise, letting only the useful input signal pass, says the manufacturer.

Sensors are available in 18 mm and 30 mm plastic barrel housings.

Call: 800-544-7769; e-mail: sensors@turck.com. 09; 09; 09; Circle #259

DLS-2000 Laser Sensor Provides High Resolution

The DLS-2000 single point laser sensor from LMI Selcom is used for long-range precision measurement in quality control environments.

LMI says the sensor uses laser triangulation principles to provide real-time scalable data with a 16-bit micro-controller that compensates for changes in light and target characteristics.

It has a measurement range of 11.81 in. (300 mm) and an analog output of 0 to 10 VDC and 4 to 20 mA. Common uses include height, distance, part profile, thickness, diameter and run not/eccentricity.

Call: 248-359-2409; fax: 248-355-3283. Circle #261

Fiberoptic Sensor Has Dual Digital Display

Keyence says the FS-V20 fiberoptic sensor amplifier has a dual, two-color LED digital display, a light source four times as powerful than conventional sensors and high speed accuracy and stability.

A dual display feature simultaneously displays the light received value and the preset (threshold) value. Other parameters, such as the peak and bottom values, may be shown.

The FS-V20 can detect up to 10,000 targets per second and has a 50 µs response time.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: keyence@keyence.com. Circle #262

RCM Training Offered Online From Reliabilityweb.com

Reliabilityweb.com's Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Blitz is an Internet based online training program.

The 30-minute training program is for people interested in learning more about reliability centered maintenance, a strategy to ensure machinery function, says the manufacturer.

RCM Blitz is narrated, self-running and requires an Internet browser and a Windows or Real Media player. The training is offered free; however, it does require registration.

Call: 941-985-0317; e-mail: training@reliabilityweb.com.  Circle #263

Physitemp Instrument's freezing stage for microtomes.

Physitemp Introduces Microtome Freezing Stages

The new line of temperature controlled freezing stages for microtomes from Physitemp Instruments is microprocessor based and will freeze specimens on the microtome to temperatures as low as -40° C.

Features include temperature control to within 0.5° C in the range of -40 to ambient, continuous display of both set and run temperatures and a thaw switch to defrost samples. No CO2 is needed for operation.

The system is adaptable to any microtome, rotary or sliding stage.

Call: 800-452-8510 or 973-779-5577. Circle #260

Image System Measures Objects Down To 1 µm

The Sorcerer Image Analysis System from Optomax features a high resolution 1,300 x 1,030 pixels charge coupled device camera that is compatible with a compact petri viewer or an optical microscope and can analyze objects down to 1 µm.

The system uses a macro-programming language to initiate measurement sequences, links to Excel and has been upgraded to automatically transfer data to MS Access, Oracle 9 and other databases, Optomax says.

It is suitable for colony counting and sizing, unscheduled DNA synthesis, Ames testing, Chemotaxiz, Elispot assay and other life sciences applications.

Call: 603-465-3385; e-mail: optomax@msn.com. 09; 09; 09; Circle #264

Kistler's 8752A50M5 K-Shear accelerometer.

Accelerometer Monitors Precision Machine Vibration

The 8752A50M5 K-Shear Accelerometer from Kistler features quartz shear-mode elements.

The accelerometer has a frequency response of 0.5 Hz to 12 kHz, with a measuring range of ± 50 g and a sensitivity of 100 mVg.

The design of the charge converter electronics allows the unit to operate up to a temperature of 330° F (165° C), says Kistler.

The unit also features a MIL-C-5015 top connector, a 316 stainless steel hermetically welded housing and an internal sensing element electronically isolated from the case.

Call: 716-691-5100; e-mail: info.us@kistler.com. Circle #275

Lab Press From TMP Offers Versatility

Technical Machine Products' (TMP) laboratory press is designed as a table-top model or can be provided with a custom designed machine base.

The temperature goes up to 1,000° F. The press is available in various sizes, up to 75 tons with platen sizes from 6 to 18 in.

TMP says the lab press can operate in gaseous atmospheres that include hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases, as tests or applications require.

Controls are PC based and allow real-time data acquisition storage and systems interface.

Call: 216-281-9500; e-mail: mail@techmach.com. Circle#265

Calibrators From Meriam Measure Various Pressures

Meriam Instruments' Meri-Cal II is a portable microprocessor based pressure calibrator for measuring differential, gage, vacuum or absolute pressure.

The calibrator has an accuracy of ±0.025% full scale with 4-line x 20-character alphanumeric display and 5 digits of measurement resolution that can read out in any of 11 engineering units, says Meriam.

It comes in two models, the 3600 and 3610. Both have dual sensor capability, allowing for simultaneous measurement of low differential and high static pressure.

Call: 216-281-1100; fax: 216-281-0228. Circle #267

The L3610 Null-Kote analog radio frequency level transmitter from Princo.

High Sensitivity Transmitter Has Enhanced Circuitry

The L3610 Null-Kote analog radio frequency (RF) level transmitter from Princo Instruments is a high sensitivity transmitter with enhanced Null-Kote circuitry.

Princo says the L3610 provides accurate readings even when conductive materials build up on the sensing probe.

Other features include RF immunity, temperature stability, conformally coated circuit boards, factory precalibration and built-in self-diagnostics.

Call: 800-221-9237; e-mail: info@princoinstruments.com. Circle #266

IQC Now Offers Web Based Gap Assessments

Interstate Quality Consultants (IQC) says its Web based gap assessments for ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Criteria and executive leadership are online tools to help companies identify high impact/low performing areas within the organization. The program also creates real-time effective action plans for improved business performance.

According to IQC, the assessments provide an identification of company needs using an online program that can be completed day or night. A summary report is generated within 24 hours after the last assessment is completed, and an assignment coach will spend a day on-site helping company executives analyze the findings.

Call: 937-223-9000; e-mail: sethhummel@iqcinc.com. Circle #268

ISOCERT SE Software Has Compliance Documentation

ISOCERT SE from Launderville and Associates is a quality management system software program that provides the infrastructure for small companies to comply to ISO 9001:2000 either for an initial certification or for an upgrade from the 1994 ISO 9000 series standard.

Launderville says the software package contains the required documentation, quality manual, procedure forms and records in a preconfigured format complying with the new requirements of the revised standard.

The software comes on a CD-ROM and can be installed to a single workstation or over a network intranet.

Call: 877-221-7658; e-mail: info@isocert.com. Circle #269

Software Captures Operating Experience

Concord Associates says its Web based software Opis helps companies collect, analyze and disseminate lessons learned from incident reports, root cause analysis maintenance histories and other sources of operational data.

Features include commitment tracking, automatic e-mail notification, role based access control, context sensitive help files, scalability for large companies, and a high degree of flexibility to permit customization and optimum use of existing data source formats.

Call: 865-675-0930; fax: 865-675-0432. Circle #270

Relex Version 7.5 Evaluates Product Reliability

Version 7.5 of the Relex Reliability Suite from Relex Software Corp. is a collection of analysis tools for evaluating and improving product reliability.

It includes the Prism standard for mean time between failures prediction and system reliability analysis, a Markov module for state based system analysis and a Weibull module for failure trend data analysis.

Call: 724-836-8800; e-mail: info@relexsoftware.com. 09; 09; Circle #271

Online Course Covers ISO 9001:2000 Transition

An enhanced version of its one-hour online course, The Essentials of ISO 9001:2000, has been released by 4aBetterBusiness.

The course teaches managers and employees about the application of the key principles that drive the changes in ISO 9001:2000.

The company says the enhanced version includes more interactivity; up-dated visuals, narration and commentary; and the capability to insert company information directly into the course.

Call: 847-470-3513; fax: 847-470-3511. Circle #272

RAC's Toolkit Covers Quality Approaches

The Quality Toolkit from Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) is a compact, comprehensive reference publication for reliability, maintainability, supportability and quality (RMSQ) practitioners.

RAC says the toolkit discusses the philosophy and methodology of quality approaches and provides working details about a broad array of tools used to manage, measure, test, maintain and improve quality.

The toolkit features explanations of ISO 9000 standards and other related quality standards for RMSQs.

Call: 315-339-7135; fax: 315-337-9932. Circle #273

Six Sigma Software Performs Tolerance Analysis

Sigmetrix's Version 6.0 Cetol Six Sigma software is used for mechanical tolerance analysis.

The software analyzes 3-D solid models created in or imported to Pro/Engineer from any other solid modeling system, says Sigmetrix. The software also guides engineers toward design revisions that optimize part tolerances and yield finished products with fewer defects.

Features include an assembly parametric mode, enhanced part overlay modeling, hierarchical integration and extensible markup language (XML) report technology.

Call: 972-542-7517; fax: 972-542-7520. Circle #274

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