To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses and Conferences, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. For AQP Courses and Conferences, contact AQP at 800-733-3310 or fax 513-381-0070.


29-Oct. 1 ASQ Conference. 10th National Quality Education Conference (NQEC). Columbus, OH.

29-Oct. 2 46th European Organization for Quality (EOQ) Conference. Harrogate International Center, United Kingdom. Call Institute for Quality Assurance at 44-0-20-7245-6722 (UK) or e-mail iqa@iqa.org.

30-Oct. 1 ASQ Conference. Customer Supplier Division Conference. Louisville, KY.

30-Oct. 1 ASQ Education Course. Hospital System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Design and Process FMEA).Milwaukee.

30-Oct. 1 Outlook on Quality Standards Conference. Dearborn, MI. Call Inform at 703-680-1436 or fax 703-680-1356.

30-Oct. 1 ASQ Education Course. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Design and Process FMEA). Las Vegas.


3 47th Annual Toronto Quality Forum. Toronto. Call Barbara Simpson Fisk at 519-426-4999 or e-mail barbara.simpson@aims.on.ca.

3-4 Reliability Analysis Tools. Boston. Call Hobbs Engineering at 303-465-5988 or e-mail learn@hobbsengr.com.

7-8 ASQ Education Course. Improving Business Performance: Using ISO 9000 as a Means To Support Compliance in Healthcare. Chicago.

7-8 Jack Miller Seminar on Total Quality Management. Nashville, TN. Call Group Communications at 800-231-3353 or e-mail Jack@JackMiller.com.

7-8 3rd Annual Quality Summit: Raising the Bar of Excellence. Washington, DC. Call Utilization Review Accreditation Commission at 202-216-9010 or e-mail ccrawford@urac.org.

7-9 ASQ Conference. ASQ's Western Regional Conference. Fremont, CA. Call Bay Area Quality Council (ASQ Silicon Valley, Golden Gate and San Francisco sections) at 858-486-0400 or fax 858-486-8595.

7-10 CCE-ASQ Best Practices Conference and 2002 Baldrige Regional West Conference. San Jose, CA. Call California Council for Excellence at 858-486-0400 or fax 858-486-8595.

8-9 Human Error Prevention Seminar. Boston. Call Ben Marguglio at 845-265-0123 or e-mail b.marguglio@att.net. Also Oct. 8-9, Toronto and Pitts-burgh.

8-10 Robust Design: DOE Tools for Reducing Variation. Minneapolis. Call Stat-Ease at 612-378-9449 or fax 612-378-2152.

10-11 ASQ Conference. Six Sigma Roundtable. Fort Lauderdale, FL.

14-16 Statistical Process Control Workshop. Marietta, GA. Call Southern Polytechnic State University's Center for Quality Excellence at 770-528-7454 or fax 770-528-7454.

15-17 Lean Value Stream Management. El Paso, TX. Call Lean Enterprise Institute at 617-713-2900 or e-mail registrar@lean.org.

15-19 Root Cause Analysis Methods Seminar. Hopewell, VA. Call Reliability Center at 804-458-0645 or fax 804-452-2119.

19 ASQ Certification Exams. Quality Technician (CQT), Reliability Engineer (CRE), Quality Inspector (CQI), Quality Auditor-Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Quality Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt. Milwaukee. Application deadline Aug. 23.

21 Calibration and Control of Measuring Systems. Melville, NY. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax 203-426-7811.

21-22 Quality Society of Australia (QSA) Asia Pacific Forum 2002. Sydney. Call QSA International at 61-2-8833-6408 (Australia) or e-mail conference@qsanet.com.

21-22 Preparing for ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training. (Registrar Accreditation Board certified.) Dallas. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

21-22 ASQ Conference. 22nd Southeast Quality Conference. Atlanta. Call Larry Aft at 404-786-1541 or e-mail laft@bellsouth.net.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. Quality Audits for Improved Performance. Dallas.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Customer Satisfaction Compliance. Dallas.

21-23 ASQ Education Course. Implementing and Auditing an ISO 9001:2000 Quality System. Dallas.

21-24 ASQ Education Course. Process Improvement Methods and Analysis. Dallas.

21-25 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Dallas.

21-25 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Training. (American National Standards Institute/Registrar Accreditation Board accredited.) Dallas. Also Dec. 9-13, Las Vegas.

21-25 ASQ Education Course. Software Quality Engineering. Dallas.

22-23 International Conference on Quality and Innovation. Waterloo, Canada. Call Institute for Improvement in Quality and Productivity at 519-888-4593 or fax 519-746-5524.

23-24 ASQ Education Course. Lean Manufacturing. Dallas.

23-25 Effective Internal Quality Auditing Workshop. Dallas. Call B-K Education Services at 972-660-4575 or fax 972-641-1327.

24-25 Customer Satisfaction Measurement. Las Vegas. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or fax 518-891-0368.

24-25 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training for Internal Quality Auditors. Dallas.

25 AQP Education Course. Lean Thinking Applied to Services and Administrative Functions. Dallas.

25-26 Healthcare Quality Management: 2002 Review and Study Session. Denver. Call National Association for Healthcare Quality at 800-966-9392 or e-mail info@hahq.org.

28-30 ASQ Conference. 12th International Conference on Software Quality (ICSQ). Ottawa.

28-Nov. 1 Lean Boot Camp. Columbus area, OH. Call Lean Boot Camp at 800-924-2517 or e-mail LeanBootCamp@cs.com.

29-30 ASQ Education Course. Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) Approved ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training for RAB Certified QMS Auditors. Nashville, TN.

29-31 Fabtech International 2002. Cleveland. Call Fabrication and Manufacturing Association International at 815-399-8775 or fax 815-484-7700.

30-Nov. 1 ASQ Education Course. Software Functional Testing. Ottawa.

30-Nov. 1 ASQ Education Course. Internal Quality Auditor Training. (American National Standards Institute/Registrar Accreditation Board accredited.) San Diego. Also Dec. 9-11, Las Vegas.

30-Nov. 1 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. Ottawa.


5-8 Product and Process Design Improvement Using the Taguchi Approach. Detroit. Call Nutek at 248-540-4827 or e-mail rkroy@wwnet.net.

7-8 Product Safety and Liability Prevention. Los Angeles. Call 414-529-8697 or e-mail rgoodden@go.com.

11-14 40th Annual Reliability Engineering and Management Institute. Tucson, AZ. Call University of Arizona at 520-621-2495 or fax 520-621-8191.

18 AQP Education Course. The Strategic Value of Teams. Orlando, FL.

18-19 ASQ Education Course. How To Transition to ISO 9001:2000. Indianapolis.

18-19 AQP Education Course. Baldrige Assessment for Education. Orlando, FL.

18-19 AQP Education Course. New Roles for Today's Managers. Orlando, FL.

18-20 ASQ Education Course. Baldrige Award Self-Assessment Training for Education. Indianapolis.

18-20 ASQ Education Course. Statistical Process Control. Indianapolis.

18-20 ASQ Education Course. Building Software Quality Skills. Indianapolis.

18-21 AQP Education Course. Facilitating Teams and Groups. Orlando, FL.

18-21 14th International Conference of the Israel Society for Quality. Jerusalem. Call Israel Society for Quality at 972-2-6520574 (Israel) or e-mail congress@isas.co.il.

18-21 ASQ Education Course. Plexus Team Spirit: A Laboratory Experience. Indianapolis.

18-22 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Indianapolis.

20-21 ASQ Education Course. Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Indianapolis.

20-21 AQP Education Course. Building High Performance Teams. Orlando, FL.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. Indianapolis.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. Using Quality Tools and a Problem-Solving Process for Sustained Improvement. Indianapolis.

25-26 International Quality Conference of Central and Eastern Europe. Budapest, Hungary. Call European Organization for Quality at 361-356-5082-212-8803 or e-mail sylviehendrick@compuserve.com.


5 Auditing Computer System Providers. Somerset, NJ. Call Validation Associates Inc. at 215-354-1720 or fax 215-354-1725.

5-6 ASQ Education Course. Project Management for ISO 9001:2000 Transition. Las Vegas.

7 ASQ Certification Exams. Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), Quality Auditor (CQA), Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) and Quality Improvement Associate (CQIA). Milwaukee. Application deadline Oct. 4.

9-13 ASQ Education Course. Reliability Engineering. Las Vegas.

9-13 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Trainer/Coach Training. Las Vegas.

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