H2 Hal Scan Has Multiple Test Connections

  The H2 Hal Scan tester from Clare Instruments.

Clare Instruments' H2 Hal Scan is a tester and scanner equipped with

 multiple test connections. It speeds up complex hi-pot test sequences associated with the automatic safety testing of components, assemblies or finished electrical products that require more than one pair of hi-pot test connections.

The H2 has selectable 50 or 60 Hz output frequencies and can carry out alternating current or direct current hi-pot testing and insulation in both open and closed test environments.

Up to 6,000 test results can be stored in the unit's internal memory.

Call: 813-886-2775; fax: 813-886-2754. Circle #281

Alignment Kit Provides Machinery Measurements

The Microgage alignment kit from Pinpoint Laser Systems is a measuring and alignment product designed for plant engineers and maintenance professionals.

Pinpoint says Microgage provides precise measurements of machinery straightness, surface flatness, rail and slide parallelism and squareness for production equipment.

The alignment kit includes a rotating base for establishing precise planes, a right angle laser splitter for squaring equipment, mounting fixtures for adapting the laser to production machinery and a computer interface with software drivers.

Call: 978-462-8056; e-mail: info@pinlaser.com.

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Hart Model 9011 Has Two Calibration Wells

  Hart Scientific's Model 9011 Calibrator with two temperature wells.

Hart Scientific's Model 9011 has two independently controlled temperature wells covering a range from -30° to 670° C (-22° to 1,238° F).

Model 9011 is a high performance dry well with stabilities to ±0.01° C and display accuracy to ±0.1° C. Hart says while readings are being taken at one temperature, the other well can be ramping up to the next set point.

Call: 801-763-1600; fax: 801-763-1010.  

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Imada's Digital Tester Calibrates Torque Tools

Imada says the Model DI-3-1P Digital Torque Tester with flanged remote sensor calibrates torque tools up to 362 lb-ft.

The tester reduces scrap and rework costs by eliminating over- and undertightening.

It has an accuracy of ±0.5% full scale, ±1 least significant digit and measures torque in first peak, peak and real-time modes.

Applications include electronic, automotive, appliance and aerospace assemblies.

Call: 800-373-9989; e-mail: imada@imada.com.  

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SpaceAge's Transducers Measure Digital Output

The Series D60, D61 and D62 family of digital output position transducers from SpaceAge Control offer measurement ranges of up to 43 in. (1,092 mm).

SpaceAge says the transducers feature line driver quadrature output with index lines and standard resolutions up to 3,587 pulses per in. and a -20° to +100° C or better operating temperature range. They operate in excess of 100 million cycles.

All products are 3.2 in. x 3.2 in. x 3.0 in. or smaller and weigh less than 10 oz. Applications include machine control, medical device feedback and robotic control.

Call: 661-273-3000; fax: 661-273-4240.

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Vibration Diagnostic System Processes Measurements

DLI's ExpertAlert for Voyager (EAV) is an automated vibration diagnostic system.

EAV can process hundreds of measurements in minutes, leaving the user with a fault diagnosis, severity indicator and repair recommendations on each machine.

DLI says the logic system is empirical and rule based and uses a wide variety of data types, advanced methods and previous machine history to formulate its conclusions.

Call: 206-842-7576; fax: 206-842-7667.

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LVDTs Assist With Linear Position Management

Macro Sensors offers the CD 375 series of miniature linear variable/voltage differential transformers (LVDTs) for linear position management.

The CD 375 series operates between temperature extremes of -65° and +220° F (-55° and +105° C).

The series LVDTs operate with any conventional differential input LVDT signal conditioners, and their measurement ranges from ±0.025 in. (±0.63 mm) to ±2.0 in. (±50.0 mm).

Call: 856-662-8000; fax: 856-317-1005.

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Scan Targets Feature Numerical Readout

The A-1531 and A-1532 Targets from Hamar Laser Instruments are indoor use scan targets with self-contained numerical readout.

The manufacturer says they are compatible with any manufacturer's rotating laser alignment system.

The A-1531 and A-1532 targets have measuring ranges of 1.5 in. (38 mm) and 3.0 in. (76 mm), respectively, and each target displays readings relative to target center, zero and base of the target.

Maximum resolution is 0.010 in. (0.2 mm) for the A-1531 and 0.005 in. (0.1 mm) for the A-1532.

The targets are auto on/off and are operated by a rechargeable lithiumion battery.

Call: 203-730-4600; fax: 203-730-4611.

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Annunicator Target Relay Provides LED Indication

Electroswitch's Annunicator Target Relay (ATR) performs two basic functions. It will illuminate a bright LED to indicate a trip event and send signals to activate up to two other devices within the system, says the manufacturer.

Once a trip signal has been detected, the ATR will latch on, keeping the LED lit until it has been manually reset.

Trip time can be set from 0.001 to 0.100 seconds by the customer but is preset for 0.500 seconds unless the customer specifies differently. The ATR is shock and vibration resistant.

Call: 781-335-5200; fax: 781-335-4253.

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Prism Unveils Web Based Environmental Software

The new EquationASP Environmental Management System (EMS) from Prism eSolutions is a Web based application for achieving ISO 14001 certification. Certification can be completed in six months vs. the 18-month industry standard, says Prism.

Once implementation is complete, EquationASP EMS becomes a permanent asset for EMS maintenance and other environmental projects, adds Prism.

It addresses the entire ISO 14001 standard (requirements), including procedures, review operation controls and aspect-impact analysis.

Other features include overview guidance, task instructions, step by step implementation and templates for project, knowledge, and document control management and transparent communication functions.

Call: 267-468-6622; e-mail: info@prismesolutions.com.

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FiberSim Has CAD Systems For Engineers  

Version 4.0 of FiberSim from Vistagy enables engineers working with computer aided design (CAD) systems to design products made of lightweight, high-performance composite materials.

FiberSim incorporates extensible markup language tools to share composite data with older applications throughout the enterprise, such as software for procurement, quality assurance and manufacturing.

Vistagy says its software allows engineers to capture and communicate specialized nongeometric design data and drive all aspects of preliminary design, analysis, detailed design and manufacturing from within a single CAD master model.

Call: 781-290-0506; fax: 781-290-0507.

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Isolation Transformers Offer Versatility, Reliability

MagCap Engineering is offering a line of about 200 custom isolation transformers for use by the broadcast, telecommunication, microwave, military and defense industries.

Isolation transformers are available from 5 VA to 10 KVA with 115 or 230 V primaries and output voltages of 120 or 220 V. Frequencies range from 50 to 400 Hz.

Transformers come with a molded coil in a fully encapsulated unit sized to customer requirements. Transformers higher than 30 KV isolation are immersed in oil.

Call: 248-350-2190; fax: 248-350-2178.

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Crysta Plus CMM Is Plant-Floor Friendly

The Crysta Plus 504 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) uses Mitutoyo's lightweight alloy moving structure to deliver high acceleration and stability of travel and to prevent vibration from influencing measured results, says Mitutoyo.

The precision glass scales offer enhanced resolution of 0.0001 mm (0.000004 in.) and have a measuring range of X = 505 mm (20 in.) and Y and Z = 405 mm (16 in.).

Additional design features include a one-piece standard base for ease of installation, complete internal wiring and simplified construction.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com. Circle #292

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