To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses and Conferences, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 600 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. For AQP Courses and Conferences, contact AQP at 800-733-3310 or fax 513-381-0070.


5-6 ASQ Education Course. How To Transition to ISO 9001:2000. Charlotte, NC.

5-6 Registrar Accreditation Board Certified Preparing for ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training. Chicago. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

5-7 Systematic Software Testing. Raleigh, NC. Call Software Quality Engineering at 800-423-8378 or e-mail sqeinfo@sqe.com.

5-9 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Training. (American National Standards Institute/Registrar Accreditation Board accredited.) Dallas. Also Oct. 21-25, Dallas.

8-9 Product Safety and Liability Prevention. Milwaukee. Call Randy Goodden at 414-529-8697 or e-mail rgoodden@go.com.

12-14 Fundamentals of Quality Management. Somerset, NJ. Call Stat-A-Matrix at 800-472-6477 or fax 732-548-4058.

12-14 ASQ Education Course. Internal Quality Auditor Training. (American National Standards Institute/Registrar Accreditation Board accredited.) Dallas. Also Oct. 30-Nov. 1, San Diego.

13-15 Root Cause Analysis Methods Seminar. Hopewell, VA. Call Reliability Center at 804-458-0645 or fax 804-452-2119.

14-15 Mastering Highly Accelerated Life Test and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening. Salt Lake City. Call Hobbs Engineering at 303-465-5988 or fax 303-469-4353.

16 ASQ Education Course. ISO/TS 16949, 2002 Overview. Charlotte, NC.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Quality Cost Principles. San Diego.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Quality for the New Age: E-Business Quality Management. Milwaukee.

19-23 ASQ Education Course. Software Quality Engineering. Phoenix. Also Oct. 21-25, Dallas.

19-23 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Trainer/Coach Training. St. Petersburg, FL.

26-28 Lean Value Stream Management. Cincinnati. Call Lean Enterprise Institute at 617-713-2900 or e-mail registrar@lean.org.

28 Calibration and Control of Measuring Systems. San Francisco. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax 203-426-7811.


3-6 Quality Week 2002 Conference. San Francisco. Call SR/Institute at 415-550-3020 or e-mail qw@qualityweek.com.

4-11 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) 2002. Chicago. Call IMTS at 703-893-2900 or fax 703-749-2759.

18-20 ASQ Education Course. Black Belt/Quality Engineering Statistics. Milwaukee.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Theory of Constraints. St. Petersburg, FL.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Measurement, Data Analysis and Continual Improvement. San Diego.

22-25 ASQ Conference. 13th Conference on Quality in Commercial Aviation (CQCA). Dallas. Call Lynda West, conference manager, at 254-776-3550 or e-mail lyndaw@sgmeet.com.

22-25 National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) 27th Annual Education Conference. Nashville, TN. Call 800-966-9392 or e-mail info@nahq.org.

23 AQP Education Course. Conducting a Baldrige Assessment. Williamsburg, VA.

23-24 AQP Education Course. New Roles for Today's Managers. Williamsburg, VA.

23-24 The Memory Jogger II: Seven Quality Control Tools. Boston. Call GOAL/QPC at 800-643-4316 or fax 603-870-9122.

23-25 AQP Education Course. Advanced Facilitation Skills. Williamsburg, VA.

23-25 2nd Annual Lean Management Solutions Conference. Seattle. Call Institute of Industrial Engineers at 800-494-0460 or fax 770-263-8532.

23-26 AQP Education Course. Facilitating Teams and Groups. Williamsburg, VA.

23-26 ASQ Education Course. Plexus Team Spirit: A Laboratory Experience. Phoenix.

23-26 ASQ Education Course. ASQ IWA for Health Care Trainer and Coach. Milwaukee.

23-27 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Milwaukee. Also Oct. 21-25, Dallas.

24-25 ASQ Education Course. 16-Hour ISO 9001:2000 Lead Auditor Training. (American National Standards Institute/Registrar Accreditation Board accredited.) Orlando, FL.

26-27 ASQ Education Course. Project Management for ISO 9001:2000 Transition. Orlando, FL.

29-Oct. 2 46th European Organization for Quality (EOQ) Conference. Harrogate International Center, United Kingdom. Call Institute for Quality Assurance at 44-0-20-7245-6722 (UK) or e-mail iqa@iqa.org.

30-Oct. 1 ASQ Education Course. Hospital System Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Design and Process FMEA). Milwaukee.

30-Oct. 1 ASQ Education Course. Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (Design and Process FMEA). Las Vegas.


3 47th Annual Toronto Quality Forum. Toronto. Call Barbara (Simpson) Fisk at 519-426-4999 or e-mail barbara.simpson@aims.on.ca.

7-8 ASQ Education Course. Improving Business Performance: Using ISO 9000 as a Means To Support Compliance in Healthcare. Chicago.

7-9 ASQ Conference. ASQ's Western Regional Conference. Fremont, CA. Call Bay Area Quality Council (ASQ Sections Silicon Valley, Golden Gate and San Francisco) at 858-486-0400 or fax 858-486-8595.

8-9 Human Error Prevention Seminar. Boston. Call B.W. (Ben) Marguglio at 845-265-0123 or e-mail b.marguglio@att.net.

8-10 Robust Design: DOE Tools for Reducing Variation. Minneapolis. Call Stat-Ease at 612-378-9449 or fax 612-378-2152.

19 ASQ Certification Exams. Quality Technician (CQT), Reliability Engineer (CRE), Quality Inspector (CQI), Quality Auditor Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (CQA-HACCP), Quality Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt. Milwaukee. Application deadline Aug. 23.

21-22 Quality Society of Australia (QSA) Asia Pacific Forum 2002. Sydney. Call QSA International at 61-2-8833-6408 (Australia) or e-mail conference@qsanet.com.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. Quality Audits for Improved Performance. Dallas.

21-22 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Customer Satisfaction Compliance. Dallas.

21-23 ASQ Education Course. Implementing and Auditing an ISO 9001:2000 Quality System. Dallas.

21-24 ASQ Education Course. Process Improvement Methods and Analysis. Dallas.

23-24 ASQ Education Course. Lean Manufacturing. Dallas.

24-25 Customer Satisfaction Measurement. Las Vegas. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or fax 518-891-0368.

24-25 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training for Internal Quality Auditors. Dallas.

25 AQP Education Course. Lean Thinking Applied to Services and Administrative Functions. Dallas.

29-30 ASQ Education Course. Registrar Accreditation Board (RAB) Approved ISO 9001:2000 Transition Training for RAB Certified QMS Auditors. Nashville, TN.

29-31 Fabtech International 2002. Cleveland. Call Fabrication and Manufacturing Association International at 815-399-8775 or fax 815-484-7700.

30-Nov. 1 ASQ Education Course. Software Functional Testing. Ottawa, ON.

30-Nov. 1 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. Ottawa, ON.

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