ESS Releases New IAQ Management Software

Environmental Support Solutions' (ESS) new Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Manager Software is now available.

The redesigned software helps facility managers match occupants symptoms with specific building zones in both single and multilevel dwellings.

ESS says the IAQ Manager gives users the ability to document and benchmark a building's current air quality condition using IAQ Profiles, create and edit an unlimited number of building profiles for record keeping, and track actions taken to solve IAQ complaints through incidence response forms and logs.

Call: 480-346-5500; e-mail: info@environ.com. Circle #260

Industrial Transducer Measures Pressure


Ametek's Model DCT
Pressure Transducer.

Ametek's Model DCT Pressure Transducer uses micro-machined silicon technology and is designed for general industrial and commercial requirements.

The Model DCT accepts both regulated and unregulated excitation voltages and provides output signals such as 1-5 VDC, 1-6 VDC, 4-20 VDC or a ratiometric 0.5 to 4.5 VDC, says Ametek.

The transducer is available in a variety of mounting and electrical options, and pressure ranges from 6 to 500 psi.

Call: 215-355-6900; fax: 215-355-2937. Circle #268

Digital Cockpit Improves Quality of Service  

The Digital Cockpit from Proxima Technology is a product and services offering that helps organizations align information technology (IT) with business to improve return on investment and quality of service.

Digital Cockpit provides executives a tool that helps them better understand the quality of service being delivered, allocate IT resources and budget to critical to quality business processes and implement measures of continuous improvement in IT.

The Digital Cockpit is delivered using Proxima's Centauri products, which support the Six Sigma business quality management processes, says the manufacturer.

Call: 720-946-7263; fax: 720-932-9499. Circle #261

Simco's PerforMax System Neutralizes Static

Simco's PerforMax static neutralizing system is an extended range, high-speed system that eliminates static charges when installed up to 10 in. from the web surface and up to 20 in. on winders.

The system has the ability to adjust the ion output required to neutralize static charges. A bar graph display indicates the system is neutralizing the charged web and shows level of positive and negative ion output. An indicator light located on the control module eliminates the need for a separate monitor box.

Call: 215-822-6401; e-mail: customerservice@simcomail.com. Circle #262

Web Based Tool Calculates ROI

The Business Case Analyst (BCA) from Prosci is a Web based return on investment (ROI) tool that allows users to calculate the ROI, cost savings and new revenue from process and technology changes in a business.

The BCA lets any business change be illustrated in recognizable, financially quantifiable terms, says Prosci.

The tool also has a built-in sensitivity analysis for estimating the impact of project delays and other factors that affect the bottom line.

Call: 970-203-9332; e-mail: prosci@prosci.com. Circle #263

Probes Provide Access to Density Circuits

The Microline Oscilloscope Probes from Pomona Electronics are 500 MHz x 10 passive voltage probes with input resistance of 10M ohms, and are rated for use in CAT II, 300 V and CAT I, 500 V environments.

The probes are designed to speed up and simplify testing of high frequency, high density circuits in limited space areas.

The probes are 5 mm in diameter and 65 mm in length, which allows for access to miniaturized and multiple test points that are difficult to reach with standard size probes, says Pomona.

Call: 909-469-2900; fax: 909-629-3317. Circle #265

LCD Display Delivers Ultrahigh Brightness

CyberResearch's MPA displays come in three sizes: 15, 12.1 and 10.4 in. (diagonal). The two larger displays deliver ultrahigh brightness of 250 nits (250 cd/m2), while the 10.4-in. display provides 200 nits (200 cd/m2).

MPA displays can withstand vibration of 1.5 g peak to peak at frequencies from 17 to 500 Hz and operating temperatures up to 122° F (50° C).

Front-panel controls turn the displays on or off, position the image up or down, select the video source or open the on-screen control display of eight menu options for fine display adjustments.

Call: 203-483-8815; fax: 203-483-9024. Circle #266

Adcole Upgrades Model 1200 Crankshaft Gage

The Model 1200 Crankshaft Gage Upgrade Package from Adcole includes a sealed and cooled electronic cabinet, a Pentium PC with Windows NT version programs, advanced color printing and plotting capabilities, and a 19-in. color monitor with a touch screen and sealed keyboard.

Adcole says the package offers more data density (1,440 data points vs. 360), is 20% faster (allowing it to perform complete measurements within seven to eight minutes on an automotive crankshaft), has 0.5-micron accuracy and provides graphic display of measured parameters.

Call: 508-485-9100; fax: 508-481-6142. Circle #267

Software Has SPC Abilities

Synergy 2000 LE Version 3.0 from Zontec is entry-level statistical process control (SPC) software.

Zontec says the software is a Windows based, network ready quality assurance and continuous improvement tool that enables users to combine variable, attribute and Pareto data in a single data bank.

Twelve ID fields are available for traceability purposes, and two note fields can be used for recording corrective actions.

Call: 513-648-0088; e-mail: spcinfo@zontecspc.com. Circle #269

Gage Extends Thread Wire Life

Double-life, double-ended thread wire
gages from Deltronic.

Double-life, double-ended thread wire gages from Deltronic extend the measuring surface of the wire from end to end.

Deltronic says the extra measurement length makes both ends of the wire and the center portion available for measurement purposes.

Metric, inch and Acme wire sets are available in sizes from 2 to 120 T.P.I, 0.2 to 10 mm, and Acme 1 to 20, for 29-degree thread checking.

Call: 800-451-6922; fax: 800-969-3358. Circle #277

Test Drive Assists With Six Sigma

Six Sigma Test Drive from Six Sigma Consultants is a try it before you buy it program that allows companies to explore the benefits of a Six Sigma initiative.

Test Drive provides the real-world experience, strategies and techniques required in implementing a Six Sigma program without an initial long-term commitment, says the developer.

The program provides a Master Black Belt consultant to customers for up to 25 days during the projected one to three months required for a Test Drive. At the project's conclusion, the customer decides whether to continue with the initiative or not.

Call: 480-945-7343; e-mail: peggy@sixsigmaco.com. Circle #270

Converter Changes Signal From Air to Electronic

Valenite Gaging Systems' VE-03 air and electric converter. 

Valenite Gaging Systems' VE-03 air and electric converter enables an electric column or gage computer to display air gage signals.

The VE-03 converter is 3.5 in. (89 mm) high, 5.5 in. (140 mm) long and 1.25 in. (40 mm) wide. It weighs 1 lb. (4.5 kg), is temperature compensated from 0 to 160° F (-18° to 71° C) and comes in an anodized aluminum case with a single flat cover.

Valenite says the degree of accuracy of the air and electronic unit is limited by the accuracy of the air tooling.

Call: 248-641-7500; fax: 248-641-4779. Circle #264

Memsic Accelerometer Uses MEMS Technology  

Memsic says the Ultra Low Noise Dual-Axis Accelerometer uses micro electric mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, lowers failure rates, improves performance and increases long-term reliability.

The accelerometer measures both dynamic acceleration (vibration) and static acceleration (gravity). The noise floor has been reduced by a factor of 2.5 to 3 times, the drift over temperature has been improved by 50%, and the part's initial offset error has been reduced by 40%, says the manufacturer.

Call: 978-623-8188; fax: 978-623-9945. Circle #271

IBS Offers System for FDA Document Control

The QSI System for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Document Control from IBS is a software program to help businesses meet the requirements of the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures as it applies to open systems.

The software describes the technical and procedural requirements that must be met should a company choose to maintain records and use electronic signatures.

Additional features include time stamping of signatures, a password or identification code and a draft documents database that provides an audit trail for the time sequenced development and modification of documents.

Call: 781-862-9022; fax: 781-862-9003. Circle #272

System Handles Humidity, Temperature Control

Munters' Humidity Control Unit (HCU) is a desiccant dehumidification system that allows operators to control humidity independently of temperature.

The HCU is designed to treat 100% makeup air and work in conjunction with an existing air conditioning system or energy recovery ventilator, says the manufacturer. It controls humidity on an as-needed basis when the humidity or temperature levels exceed set point.

It is recommended for restaurants, schools, offices, or other commercial and residential applications.

Call: 978-241-1100; e-mail: dh_info@munters.com. Circle #273

Wiring Diagram 16.0 Integrates With the Web

The VIA Wiring Diagram 16.0 is an electrical design and drafting software package with 200 new features and enhancements, including the ability to publish and interact with drawings on the Internet, says VIA Development Corp.

The program is designed to work as an add-on to AutoCAD. The package's drafting and editing tools include automatic wire numbering. It generates bills of material, wire lists and a variety of other reports.

Call: 765-677-3232; fax: 765-674-3964. Circle #274

Cincinnati Machine Has Two New VMCs

Cincinnati Machine's V-CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMCs) are available in two different models, the V-CNC 500 and V-CNC 750.

The V-CNC 500 features a 40-taper, 8,000-rpm, 13-kw spindle and a 21-tool changer with metal-to-metal change time of seven seconds. It has a 700 x 520 mm work table and can handle workpieces up to 500 kg.

The V-CNC 750 has the same spindle power and tool changer, but has a greater X-axis travel of 762 mm. It has a work surface of 950 x 520 mm
and handles a maximum workload of 750 kg.

Call: 877-246-6224; fax: 513-752-9800. Circle #275

Program Provides Issue Management, Tracking

The Harrington Group's caWeb Version 3.0 is a Web based issue management program offering corporate action solutions for the distributed environment.

Harrington says caWeb provides organizations with an Internet or intranet presence for logging, tracking and resolving issues and actions. It also tracks business process improvements, customer complaints, employee suggestions and project management tasks.

The program includes key features, such as electronic signature, in an encrypted format, automatic e-mail notifications to alert users of overdue and new issues or actions, a querying tool for data management and retrieval, and password protection.

Call: 800-476-9000; fax: 407-382-6141. Circle #276

Software Manages Calibration of Gages

ProGage ISO Version 5.0 from American Quality Systems (AQS) is calibration management software for gages, measurement and test equipment.

AQS says the gage repeatability and reproducibility study module allows statistical analysis of measurement error, the kits and fixtures module lets users schedule, track and manage calibrations on collections of gages, and the procedure pack is a template library of procedures that includes step by step instructions for calibrating gages and inspection equipment.

Call: 800-776-3090; fax: 800-776-3096. Circle #278

Software Provides Change Management

MasterControl 3-D (MC3D) for SolidWorks from Document Control Systems supplies engineers and designers with document control functionality to manage SolidWorks 3-D computer aided design process.

MC3D addresses quality control and manufacturing regulations with its audit trail management capabilities, which deliver a built-in check-in, check-out process that maintains a revision history by documenting each time a design or component is viewed, revised, copied and approved, the developer says.

Electronic documents are stored in the software's secure document vault system, which gives users the most current version of the design drawing.

Call: 801-942-4000; fax: 801-942-7088. Circle #279

Calibrator Compensates for Sound Pressure

Scantek announces the release of Rion's new NC-74 Sound Calibrator for 0.5 and 1 in. microphones.

The pocket-sized, lightweight calibrator produces 94 dB at 1,000 Hz and will operate up to 30 hours continuously.

The microprocessor inside the calibrator adjusts the sound pressure produced so 94 dB is produced independently of atmospheric pressure, says Scantek.

Call: 410-290-7726; e-mail: info@scantekinc.com. Circle #280

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