Thermo Orion Unveils Two Water Quality Testers

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) and environmental test kits for water analysis are two of Thermo Orion's new water quality testing products.

The COD line includes prepared reagents offered in three ranges (0-150 ppm, 0-1,500 ppm and 0-15,000 ppm), an Aquafast II colorimeter for the measurement of COD and an advanced thermoreactor.

The test kits provide a portable laboratory, feature Aquafast IV advanced colorimeter and reagents, portable meters and electrodes, and come with instructions to perform many common water measurements.

Call: 978-232-6057; e-mail: webmaster@thermoorion.com. Circle #295

Mettler Toledo's Jagxtrme operator interface.

Mettler Toledo Introduces Jagxtreme Operator Interface

Mettler Toledo's Jagxtreme operator interface (OI) provides user centered graphical interface to weighing information.

The OI allows customers to create user-friendly operator screens tailored to their specific applications, says the manufacturer.

Its configuration software displays an image showing how the operator panel will appear during operation, along with a menu and tool bars containing the different object types.

The predefined objects allow for graphical display of system information using bar graphs, bit maps and simple animation.

Call: 614-438-4511; fax: 614-438-4900. Circle #296

Touch-Trigger Probe Increases CMM Throughput

Renishaw says the TP20 touch-trigger probe can increase inspection flexibility and throughput of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

The TP20 is an enhanced replacement for Renishaw's TP2 and is compatible with any CMM already using the TP2 probe, according to the manufacturer.

The modules offer low force probing, six-way sensing, two probe length extensions, and manual and automatic stylus changing.

The probe has four force capabilities in its stylus modules: 5.5 g at 10 mm, 8 g at 10 mm, 10 g at 25 mm and 10 g at 50 mm.

Call: 847-286-9953; fax: 847-286-9974. Circle #297

Maccor's Analyzer Is Designed For Impedance Measurements

Maccor's Model EDA is a multiple channel battery testing and frequency response analyzer for low impedance measurements required in the battery and supercapacitor industry.

Maccor says using multiple algorithms in its digital signal processing eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect the Model EDA during sample analysis.

Data from different analyses can be imported into the manufacturer's graphics and data analysis software program. The analyzer has the ability to sequence up to eight channels.

Call: 918-446-1874; e-mail: sales@maccor.com. Circle #299

Burn-In Life Test System Uses Conductive Heating

ThetaDelta Technology's radio frequency (RF) burn-in life test system uses conductive heating technology called BakPak.

The system is recommended for the lifetest of RF devices up to 20 Ghz that dissipate around 10 watts each. It is designed for testing lower powered devices and subsystems.

Call: 978-689-0136; e-mail: dlacharite@thetadelta.com. Circle #251

Virtual DMIS Supports Neutral CAD File Format

Computer aided design (CAD) based Virtual DMIS coordinate measuring machine (CMM) software increases measuring power and has a low learning curve and user interface, according to its developer, International Metrology Systems.

The developer adds that Virtual DMIS can pick required metrological features directly from the CAD model regardless of underlying design features and allows features to be automatically measured by clicking on the CAD icon.

The software's ghost "go to" simulation provides users with a graphical display of the next CMM position before occurrence.

Call: 248-374-0700; e-mail: imsus@dmis-cmm.com. Circle #300

The Model 406D from Electro-Tech Systems.

Static Decay Meter Evaluates Static Sensitive Materials

The Model 406D from Electro-Tech Systems (ETS) is a static decay meter designed to evaluate static sensitive material used for electronic component handling, packaging and hazardous locations where static charges need to be dissipated in a rapid and safe manner.

ETS says the meter consists of a Faraday Cage, which houses the noncontacting sensor and sample holding electrodes, and the control unit, which houses the power supply, analog meter readouts, timer circuitry and user controls.

The meter may be used in research and development and quality control applications.

Call: 215-887-2196; fax: 215-887-0131. Circle #259

Antistatic Brush Has Corrosion Resistance

The FLX-P from Electro Static Technology is a flexible peel and stick antistatic brush. Its holder materials have been formulated to provide low mechanical memory and rigidity, says the manufacturer.

Brush features include static control, corrosion resistance to water stains and low memory to prevent the edges from curling. Surface contours provide conductivity.

Call: 207-998-5140; fax: 207-998-5143. Circle #250

Bicron Offers Pull Type Linear DC Solenoid

The model SD1240N from Bicron Electrics is a pull type linear direct current solenoid designed for use in small business machines.

It has a D type two-piece frame that gives it extra rigidity as well as double mounting surfaces, says Bicron.

The solenoid is rated at a maximum force of 84 oz. at a 0.08 in. stroke (10% duty cycle) and has an operating temperature range of -20 to 40° C.

Call: 860-824-5125; e-mail: info@Solenoid.com. Circle #252

Spring-Retract Probes Measure Dimensional Gaging

Macro Sensors says its GHX series of hermetically sealed LVDT gaging probes offer consistent measurement for dimensional gaging, factory automation and similar position measurement applications. The probe shaft retracts during loading and unloading operations, but extends when pressurized by air.

Probe contact force remains constant and can be set by adjusting the air pressure with a low pressure-relieving regulator.

GHX units are available in AC and DC versions with standard measurements of ±0.050 and ±0.125 in., and sensor repeatability better than 1 µm.

Call: 856-662-8000; e-mail: lvdts@macrosensors.com. Circle #256

SDK Integrates Software With Data Recorders

Krautkramer's software development kit (SDK) is designed to reduce the labor and cost of integrating third-party software programs with their instrument data recorders.

The SDK uses specific instrument drivers that provide a uniform data configuration to the application software interface, says the manufacturer.

The interface gives a common data structure to instrument data recorders and loggers, making them compatible with Krautkramer devices.

The auto-connect feature eliminates the need to manually match baud rate settings between the instrument and computer and provides data transfer rates of up to 115 K baud on supporting devices.

Call: 717-242-0327; fax: 717-242-2606. Circle #253

Camera Delivers Detailed Images at High Speeds

Panasonic says the GP-MF602 machine vision camera delivers more than 570 lines of resolution and a complement of high performance features for high speed machine vision and manufacturing applications.

The camera has a variable speed seven-step electronic shutter from 1/125th to 1/10,000th of a second, 2:1 interlace/noninterlace scanning, sensor gate control input for extended exposures and selectable field or frame integration modes.

Additional applications include test and measurement, quality control, nondestructive analysis and process measurement.

Call: 888-880-8474; e-mail: vsg@panasonic.com. Circle #254

Instron's Handheld Mechanical Tester Is Portable

The handheld mechanical tester from Instron is a portable testing instrument for measuring the mechanical properties of devices and materials when it is easier or faster to bring the tester to the item than to bring a sample to the lab.

Instron's tester converts between two test modes: push-pull and tension-compression. It is equipped with a color, handheld personal digital assistant that monitors tests, captures results and connects to networks.

Call: 800-564-8378; e-mail: marcom@instron.com. Circle #255

Image Processing Camera Has Industrial Applications

The VC2028 from Vision Components GmbH is an image processing system camera for industrial applications.

The camera has the computational power of 1,200 million instructions per second. It can acquire full frame 640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels at 20 frames per second and allows four inputs and four outputs.

Call: 781-229-5842; e-mail: info@vision-comp.com. Circle #298

Immersion-Proof Breathers Protect Vital Equipment

Immersion-proof breathers from Brownell can prevent pressure or vacuum buildup damage caused by heat generated within sealed electronic equipment and enclosures.

The breathers can pass high flow rates of air caused by rapid changes in temperature and climate, says the manufacturer. Flow rate performance and immersion can be selected to suit most industrial and commercial applications.

The devices are resistant to alcohol, ethers, hydrocarbons and weak acids. Maximum immersion depth is 39 in. (1m) for 12 hours.

Call: 011-44-20-8965-928 (UK); e-mail: info@brownell.co.uk. Circle #257

DocBase Direct Provides Web Based Document Management

Core Business Solutions says DocBase Direct is a Web application providing secure document management for organizations.

DocBase Direct runs over the Internet, so it requires no up-front software purchase, new hardware, dedicated IT staff, trouble-shooting or upgrades, says Core.

The application organizes documents and performs full text searches of document contents. It also provides e-mail notifications, confidential document protection, document-tree viewing, document release cycle workflow and optional multilingual interfaces.

Call: 866-354-0300; e-mail: info@thecoresolution.com. Circle #258

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