Automated Impedance System Tests PCBs

Introduced by Polar Instruments, the RITS520a is a large panel flying probe controlled impedance tester. Polar says it is the first turnkey system to offer reliable, repeatable automated controlled impedance testing of 20 x 28 in. printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Based on Polar's domain reflectometer technology, the RITS520a includes a built-in self-calibration function that automatically verifies accuracy to the probe tip every few minutes during a test. Average test time is less than 0.8 seconds per test.

The system uses Windows software and logs results automatically. Users can choose report formats, including pass only data or full test results.

Call: 44-1481-253081 (UK); e-mail: mail@polarinstruments.com. Circle #267

ValPro Aids Compliance of Government Regulations

Introduced by Thermo Nicolet Industrial Solutions, ValPro is a system qualification package used to achieve compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice and Food and Drug Administration requirements. It provides necessary components to comply with qualifications for design, installation, operation and performance.

ValPro includes a validation wheel with serialized National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable standards, automated instruments for system performance software and instrument documentation, and complete installation qualification documentation. It is compatible with Antaris analyzers and Result analyzer software.

Call: 608-276-6227; e-mail: nicinfo@thermonicolet.com. Circle #268

Microscope Delivers 3-D Fluorescent Images

Nikon's C1 Digital Eclipse Modular Confocal Microscope System provides 3-D confocal fluorescent images. Users can achieve a full array of confocal imaging techniques in multiple channels, says Nikon.

The C1 system supports simultaneous 3-channel confocal fluorescence, confocal fluorescence plus diascopic differential interference contrast, time lapse recording and spatial analysis. The system also features intuitive software for multifaceted microscopic analysis.

The compact scanning head fits directly on a variety of microscopes. Because the detection and laser modules are precalibrated and installed, there is no need for calibration during setup.

Call: 800-526-4566; e-mail: 631-547-8500. Circle #279

Handheld Tachometer Uses Noncontact Technology

Ono Sokki's HT-4100 tachometer has an accuracy of 1 rpm.

Ono Sokki's HT-4100 tachometer is a small handheld unit weighing less than 4 oz. For operation, users aim the unit's red light beam at a reflective marker. An indicator light flashes to let users know they are on target.

The HT-4100's light beam has a range of 12 in., allowing measurements to be taken with an accuracy of 1 rpm. Measurements as high as 50,000 rpm are indicated on the unit's LCD display. The last measured value is automatically held in memory for one minute.

Call: 630-627-9700; fax: 630-627-0004. Circle #278

Supplier Portal Automates Quality Processes

IQS has introduced Supplier Portal to support the collaboration of supplier quality related information. With Supplier Portal, organizations can capture, process and display supplier performance information.

The tool will support performance, development, collaboration and assessment as follows: performance, delivery performance, problem resolution reporting and corrective action templates; development, software and services to develop underperforming suppliers, collaboration, real-time communication log and supplier contact list; and assessment, detailed information on management, quality, price, technology, delivery and cost.

Call: 440-333-1344; e-mail: kgordon@iqs.com. Circle #269

Machine Vision Works With Intepro 9000 Test Equipment

Intepro 9000 automatic test equipment from Schaffner can now be complemented with the Machine Vision system. Machine Vision uses high resolution charge coupled device cameras mounted on the power supply test fixture of the Intepro 9000 tester.

A Machine Vision task can be invoked at any time during a test routine. Typical tests include checking the physical outline of the primary sample unit, reading a bar code to identify the unit under test, checking the positions of any on-board switches and verifying the illumination of any on-board LEDs.

The Machine Vision is custom-made for power suppliers. Schaffner says this allows the unit to be mounted and calibrated in the correct position to ensure repeatable results.

Call: 732-225-9533; fax: 732-225-4789. Circle #272

Digital Refractometer Reads Fluid Measurements

Designed to read percentage measurements of coolants, cutting and lubrication oils and quenchants, Kernco Instrument's DR-35-FL digital refractometer can be used in metal and machine shops.

This model has a measuring range of 0-35% with readability of 0.1%. The unit is handheld and measures 7.25 x 2.25 x 1.75 in. Features include automatic measurement with optical sensor, automatic temperature compensation, 0.75-in. LCD display, small sample requirement of 0.4 ml and a corrosion resistant sample stage.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: brkernco@whc.net. Circle #270

Probe Thermometer Recalls Readings From -14° to 329° F

Telatemp has released the Min/Max Probe thermometer for applications that require a water-resistant probe thermometer. The stainless steel penetration probe (4 in.) may be inserted into any substance and provides minimum, maximum and current temperature readings on a 3.5 digit LCD display.

Applications include laboratories, heating/ventilation, food processing, beverage testing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, automotive and photographic processes.

The 0.1-lb. unit provides readings from -14° to 329° F with an accuracy of ±1.8° F. It runs on a long life LR-44 button cell battery.

Call: 714-879-2901; e-mail: telatemp@pacbell.net. Circle #273

Software System Manages Verification Process

With the 828 software system from Mahr Federal, technicians can check gages and record results in a database. Using a Pentium 3 processor and Windows NT software, the 828 is a repeatable, direct length measurement machine for improving measurement efficiency and managing the verification process for multiple gages.

Software features include a self-contained library of the American National Standards Institute standards, automatic recall of measurement setup, comparison of year to year changes and an online manual.

Call: 401-784-3100; fax: 401-784-3246. Circle #271

Semiconductor Software Provides Data Analysis

KTE Interactive 4.3 from Keithley Instruments is a new software system for use with Keithley's model 4200-SCS semiconductor characterization system. The software system provides faster data collection and analysis, greater data plotting precision, expanded support for legacy test program code and enhanced external control, according to Keithley.

With KTE Interactive 4.3, users can customize measurement integration time and create a single file containing data from all tests in a project. A special operating mode allows existing legacy test program code to run on the model 4200-SCS with few or no modifications.

Call: 888-534-8453; e-mail: product_info@keithley.com. Circle #274

Mini Gas Sniffer Detects Leaks In Piping, Appliances

The Mini Gas Sniffer from TTI is a handheld, hydrocarbon gas leak detector that pinpoints small leaks in piping and appliances. Leaks in inaccessible areas can be detected from the 8-in. flexible probe.

The compact sniffer uses solid-state sensors and low power combustion. Detectable gases include methane, butane and propane. Gas concentrations are indicated using five red LEDs and a proportional frequency. The sniffer operates with either alkaline or rechargeable batteries.

Call: 802-863-0085; e-mail: sales@ttiglobal.com. Circle #275

Self-Calibrating Monitor Displays Four Sensors

Sensotec's Model SC1000 and SC2000 self-calibrating transducer signal conditioners now feature a dual line 16-character display and front panel with sealed membrane switches for improved dust and moisture resistance. When each of the dual lines is configured as an optional split screen, data from up to four transducers can be viewed at the same time.

Up to four channels of plug-in cards can be installed in an SC1000 or SC2000 for signal conditioning of strain gage transducers or other transducers with ±5 volt, ±10 volt or 4-20 mA outputs. The SC2000 includes four limits (alarm) outputs as well as peak and valley detection.

Call: 800-848-6564; fax: 614-850-1111. Circle #276

Multichannel System Warns Of Excessive Static Charge

The Model 624 introduced by Electro System is designed to continually monitor static charge in a variety of applications and initiate an alarm signal when the user selected threshold levels are exceeded. It consists of a control unit and chopper stabilized sensor. All sensors are supplied with a 0.125-in. tapped hole for air purge installations.

The monitor may be configured with one to four channels. Each channel consists of a 10-digit auto arranging LED bar graph display with polarity and range indicators, individual lower and upper alarm set controls and LED indication when an alarm is triggered. All user connections are located in a separate compartment at the bottom of the unit.

Call: 215-887-2196; fax: 215-887-0131. Circle #277

PathMaker Includes Templates for Six Sigma

PathMaker version 3.0.1 was recently released from Skymark. This software package for teams includes templates for scorecards, process improvement, Six Sigma quality, new product design and strategic planning. The software supports collaboration in meeting rooms or virtual collaboration.

Tools include brainstorming, affinity diagrams, flowcharts, force fields, cause-and-effect diagrams, tree diagrams, forms and slide shows. Data tools include control and run charts, Pareto charts and histograms.

Call: 412-371-0680; e-mail: sdavid@skymark.com. Circle #280

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