3-D Modeling Software Available Online
Xsteel, a versatile 3-D modeling system that allows users to create all types of steel structures, is now being offered on a per user rental basis. Users can access the software online for $40 per day rather than purchase the $20,000 desktop license.

Xsteel allows users to build model based steel structure designs of any size with precision. The model can be shared throughout design, fabrication and erection processes.

Call: 714-974-2670; e-mail: oolivia@web4inc.com. Circle #252

Scanners Increase Automation, Reduce Scan Times
Virtek introduced two new laser inspectors for sheet metal fabricators. The LaserQC and QuickInspec laser scanners offer reduced scan times, increased automation and reverse computer aided design capabilities. Software functions include geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and the ability to report the 2-D measurements of raised or countersunk holes.

Virtek says this laser technology for flat part quality control offers ease of use by plant personnel, repeatable accuracy, automatic documentation for ISO 9001 reporting, the ability to withstand most environmental conditions and minimal maintenance requirements.

Call: 519-746-3316; fax: 519-746-2696. Circle #253

Handheld Platform Is Cenelec Approved
Diagnostic Instruments has launched a handheld computing platform approved by the European Committee of Electrical Standardization (Cenelec). The instrument is based on the Di-225-PQ mobile computing platform and utilizes the Windows CE operating system.

Weighing less than 700 g, the Di-225-IS includes a hand strap and belt clip. A video graphics array touchscreen enables users to enter data via the display or by using the keypad. The unit also provides an RS232 connector and cable as well as infrared data connectivity for remote data transfer.

The manufacturer says Di-225-IS can safely be taken into potentially explosive environments and is approved for use in petrochemical plants and mines.

Call: 44-1506-470011 (UK); e-mail: jim_m@diaginst.co.uk. Circle #254

CQC Datalink Provides Data Extraction From ODBC
For use with Stochos statistical process control and statistical quality control analysis software, the CQC Datalink provides selection of data from an open database connectivity (ODBC) database for seamless formatting and integration.

The tool's interface allows for extracting and querying data from an ODBC database table. Using the CQC Datalink eliminates column setup procedures and allows users to perform offline analysis. Users can preview data, sort fields and save templates for automatic launch of data into mathematical spreadsheet format.

Call: 518-372-5426; e-mail: kesteele@stochos.com. Circle #255

Digital Clinometer Measures Precise Angles ±45°
Taylor Hobson has a digital clinometer appropriate for aerospace, defense and civil engineering work. Battery power, construction and size (4 x 3 x 1.3 in.) make it suitable for use in most environments.

The clinometer's range is ±45° with a 0.01° resolution and accuracy within two minutes of arc. Display units are push-button selectable to indicate results in degrees, minutes of arc, mm/m, in./12 in. and mm or in./user defined relative base. All four sides of the anodized aluminum frame are precision machined to make angle measurement in any quadrant possible.

Call: 800-872-7265; e-mail: jongardiner@csi.com. Circle #256

PCB Instruments Measure Thickness on PC Boards
Three printed circuit board (PCB) measuring instruments are available from Fischer Technology. Employing different test methods, the instruments measure the thickness of copper, electroplated coatings and other finishes.

Using X-ray fluorescence, electrical resistance and eddy current test methods, the X-Ray XDLM, the MMS SR and the CU-Scope provide non-destructive measure of copper coating on PC boards. The CU-scope is a portable handheld unit while the X-Ray XDLM uses a large 12 x 18 x 20 in. slotted measuring chamber to analyze oversized boards. The MMS SR is most suited for measuring copper coating thickness on laminates and multilayers.

Call: 800-243-8417; e-mail: info@fischer-technology.com. Circle #257

M3000 Motor Reduces Internal Temperatures
A new motor designed for high reliability has been launched by ABB. The company says the M3000 motor for process industries improves cooling to double the life of bearings and windings.

The motor is intended for the pulp and paper, metals, building materials, chemical, water and cement industries. With a bearing end shield and housing featuring 20-30% greater cooling surface than previous motor generations, the M3000 is able to reduce internal temperature.

The motors are fitted with single port mooring nipples for bearing monitors and have dedicated areas to fit sensors for continuous vibration monitoring.

Call: 44-20-8667-9660 (UK); fax: 44-20-8667-9426. Circle #258

Silicon Thermal's Powercool system performs thermal testing.

Temperature Testing For Semiconductors
The Powercool system from Silicon Thermal is an active thermal control system operating from ­55°C to +130°C. The flexible system can be used anywhere and eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen, compressed air and high power facility setups.

The Powercool is a compact system weighing 15 lbs. and measuring 6.5 x 13 x 14 in. It consists of Silicon Thermal's LM320 controller, a z-axis powerdrive actuator and a wide selection of thermal heads, offering 60 to 320 watts of cooling capacity. Silicon Thermal says all Powercool thermal heads have precision sensors for true case temperature sensing and control.

Call: 650-940-6010; e-mail: mark@siliconthermal.com. Circle #259

Solidworks Software Creates Complex Models
Solidwork's latest Windows based 3-D computer aided design software, Solidworks 2001Plus, is applicable for drawings of parts, large assembly design tools, 2-D and 3-D products and sheet metal design.

Solidworks 2001Plus offers tools to design complex models. The software allows users to simulate true motion between solid components, move components in a 3-D design, and calculate the actual contact and transference of motion from one component to another. Users can also create large assembly designs with 10,000 parts or more.

The software is available in 10 languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Spanish.

Call: 800-693-9000; e-mail: info@solidworks.com. Circle #260

The Calys 10 calibrator from AOIP.

Portable Calibrator Measures Pressure and Temperature
The Calys 10 calibrator from AOIP is designed to verify and calibrate equipment in the laboratory or at industrial locations. Fitted with a protective housing and quick charge battery, the portable calibrator enables measurements of all types of temperature sensors within ±0.2% at process scale. The instrument is equipped with a nine-language user interface.

Measurement and simulation are simultaneous or independent with a dual display screen. The calculator's applications cover direct current measurement and emission as well as measurement and simulation of resistance or temperatures using 25 types of resistive temperature detectors and thermocouples.

Call: 011-33-16936-5060 (France); e-mail: xport@aoip.com. Circle #261

Design Software Facilitates Six Sigma Goals
Design-Expert 6.0 software from Stat-Ease provides engineers, researchers and quality professionals design and analysis capabilities for mixture, process or categorical factors. The software provides an intuitive interface, annotated statistical analysis and a context sensitive help system.

The design option creates full factorials or d-optimal subsets for multilevel categorical factors. Propagation of error can be explored for mixtures, crossed designs, transformed responses and response surface methods.

Design-Expert 6.0 comes with a detailed user guide and tutorials.

Call: 612-378-9449; fax: 612-378-2152. Circle #262

Porometer Measures Pore Volume Without Mercury
The Capillary Saturation Porometer from Porous Materials determines pore volume without using mercury to measure liquid permeability.

The fully automated instrument measures liquid permeability by using nonreacting gas to apply pressure on the top of a soaked sample until all the liquid is displaced from the pores. Pore volume, diameter and volume distribution are then computed.

The instrument uses no toxic materials and is pollution free, according to the manufacturer.

Call: 607-257-5544; e-mail: info@pmiapp.com. Circle #263

Model AI from DCT Instruments digitally measures pressure.

AI Digital Pressure Gage Offers 0.05% Accuracy
The model AI from DCT Instruments is a digital pressure gage that carries factory mutual approval indicating it is intrinsically safe for Class I, II, III; Division 1, 2; Group A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

The AI is available in ranges from 0-15 to 0-10,000 psi with gage, absolute, vacuum or compound reference. Accuracy of 0.05% coupled with a 4.5-digit display resolution makes the AI appropriate for calibrating pressure measuring equipment. Units of measure are field selectable and include bar, millibar, Pascal, inches of water or mercury and millimeters of mercury.

The sensor is manufactured from stainless steel and uses reliable sensor technology.

Call: 800-328-1028; e-mail: dct@sensotec.com. Circle #264

Power Meter Measures Fiberoptic Connectors
Ophir Optronics's model PD300-IRG InGaAs power meter features a noise level of approximately 100 one-quadrillionth watts and is used for making precision measurements for fiberoptic communication applications.

The power meter head has a built-in optical collimator. It measures either directly from a laser or through a fiberoptic connector so parallel and divergent beams can be accurately measured. The aperture of the head is 3.5 mm.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com. Circle #265

Signal Processor Records Up to 100 Measurands
Kistler Instrument released the 5015 signal processor for charge output pressure, force and accelerometer type sensors. It combines the features of a traditional charge amplifier with a digital measurement meter and signal analysis instrument.

Features of the 5015 include: an extended measuring range, digital and bar graph display of measured values, recording and storage of up to 100 measurands and their statistical evaluation, viewing and editing.

The 5015 can be used with high impedance, charge mode and low impedance voltage mode pressure, force and acceleration sensors.

Call: 716-691-5100; e-mail: info.us@kistler.com. Circle #266

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