Fiberoptic Sensors Powered By Single Module

The Keyence FS-V10 series of fiberoptic photoelectric sensors can detect the presence or absence of targets as thin as 0.0004 in. A single one-line connection system can power up to 16 fiberoptic expansion units, reducing wiring time during installation.

Keyence says the FS-V10 combines high power with high accuracy. Its design is based on the use of Keyence's proprietary 20-bit concurrent processor chip combined with a 12-bit A/D converter.

Each Keyence Super Tough-Flex fiber unit contains 613 core fibers in a diameter of 42 µm. The fibers can withstand a 0.5-mm bend radius with no loss of light intensity.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: keyence@keyence.com. Circle #288

Software Enhances Speed Of Laser Tool Setter

Marposs has introduced a new software package to enhance the Mida laser tool setter and tool breakage sensor. The software allows operators to manually enter approximate values for the length and diameter of each tool.

The Mida laser tool allows operators to measure a rotating tool at operational speed or check very thin tools as small as 0.004 in. in diameter. The new software has increased the speed and ease of use for inexperienced machine operators, according to Marposs. Using a technique called "G-code aliasing," engineers have reduced the amount of code required to program the Mida laser tool setter.

Call: 888-627-7677; fax: 248-370-0621. Circle #289

Value Series Borescope Illuminates 40° Field of View

Titan Tool Supply has added the Value Series Borescope to its line of borescopes. The new instrument can be used for diverse applications, including aircraft and automotive maintenance, plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning work, as well as manufacturing and quality control.

The flexible borescope can be inserted into openings as small as 0.5 in. in diameter and has a battery powered internal light source that illuminates a 40° field of view. The ergonomic design enables one-handed focusing and light activation.

Two models are available: VB-18 with an 18-in. length and VB-36 with a 36-in. length.

Call: 716-873-9907; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com. Circle #290

Laser Sensor Measures Height, Distance and Profile

The LMI Selcom DLS-2000 is a laser sensor designed for long-range precision measurement in quality control environments.

Utilizing laser triangulation principles, the DLS-2000 single point laser sensor provides scalable data with a 16-bit microcontroller. Its various applications include height and width measurement and level measurement of solids or liquids.

The LMI Selcom DLS-2000 has a measurement range of 11.81 in. The charged couple device detector allows processing and data averaging to an accurate resolution down to 0.001 in.

Call: 770-888-6586; e-mail: Mike.Snow@lmint.com. Circle #292

3M 790 Static Monitor Prevents ESD Damage

3M's Static Monitor measures voltage potential.

The 3M brand 790 Static Monitor provides constant vigilance to prevent electrostatic discharge damage to semiconductor devices and printed circuit boards.

The monitor measures the voltage potential on a person referenced to earth ground. Three distinct visible and audible alarms identify existing conditions: voltage level set limit exceeded, contact lost between arm and wristband, or monitor disconnected from ground.

The 3M 790 static monitor can be mounted onto device handling equipment, testers, auto insertion equipment or at an individual work station. Two wrist strap input jacks allow two operators to use one monitor simultaneously.

Call: 800-328-1368; fax: 512-984-3369. Circle #295

X9 System Eliminates Operator Dependence

Developed by ADE Technologies, the X9 Magnetic Properties Analysis System is a computer controlled measurement system capable of characterizing thin film magnetic materials without operator involvement.

The X9 quickly measures thin films, says ADE Technologies. It combines a field resolution of 0.001 Oersted (Oe) with a maximum field of 20,000 Oe. The X9 is fully automated and can load, measure and unload samples from cassettes, eliminating operator dependence.

The tool can be equipped with a semi- equipment communications standard/general equipment model interface and includes a comprehensive data analysis package.

Call: 617-831-8000; e-mail: sales@ade.com. Circle #293

Capacitive Proximity Sensor Offers Mounting Versatility

The QF 5.5 is an ultrathin 5.5-mm capacitive proximity sensor from Turck Inc. The sensor offers a long sensing range and can be mounted in very small areas, says Turck.

Mounting versatility is facilitated with several holes and slots that allow multiple mounting options. Strap ties are included for use in mounting onto sight glass or similar applications.

The sensor detects all metallic and nonmetallic materials including water, metal, wood, glass, cardboard, plastic, concrete block, glue, wire and silicon wafers. A sensitivity potentiometer is available to adjust the range of the sensor.

Call: 763-553-7300; e-mail: sensors@turck.com. Circle #294

8810 K-Guard Protects Machinery From Vibration

A standalone electronic vibration monitoring device, the 8810 K-Guard protects rotating machinery and other equipment against excessive vibration levels caused by imbalance, misalignment, looseness and worn bearings.

The 8810 provides a field set point range of 0.08 to 2 in./sec., a velocity peak range of 4 in./sec. and a frequency range of 10 to 1,000 Hz. It also features a piezoelectric sensor that protects against false triggering.

The K-Guard operates on a supply voltage of 18 to 30 VDC and provides true root-mean-square signal output along with alarm and shutdown outputs.

Call: 716-691-5100; fax: 716-691-5226. Circle #296

Accelerometer Measures Vibrations of Equipment

Endevco's Model 35427KM1 is an annular ring shear isotron accelerometer, featuring a hybrid charge amplifier with special circuitry for signal conditioning. Dynamic range is ±2.5 g pk, and current sensitivity is 1,000 µA/g ±5%. The temperature range is 20° F to 122° F.

The Model 35427KM1 is designed for use aboard submarines and in other low noise environments, permitting the measurement of minute vibratory trends of large pumps and motors in the presence of strong electric fields.

Call: 949-493-8181; e-mail: bobj@endevco.com. Circle #251

Faro's CAM2 Software Tracks Dimensional Quality

CAM2 SPS Process software, developed and produced by Faro, is a data management, analysis and control tool for quality assurance in any manufacturing industry. The software accommodates large amounts of data that can be made available to other sections of an assembly facility. It was developed specifically for production of the Mercedes S-Class vehicles.

The collection of data allows measurement technicians to conduct in-depth analysis. Faro says analyses have made it possible to determine the cause of deviation, take corrective action and detect problems earlier.

Call: 800-736-0234; fax: 407-333-4181. Circle #297

Light Source Provides Calibration of Sensitivity

Model BN-0101 Luminance/Radiance Calibration Standard from Gigahertz-Optik.

Gigahertz-Optik's BN-0101 Luminance/ Radiance Calibration Standard provides uniformity and Lambertian characteristics.

Based around a 250-mm diameter integrating sphere, the BN-0101 offers greater than 98% white diffuse reflectance throughout the visible and near infrared spectral range. The aperture of the sphere's 50-mm diameter light output port is removable for modification.

Four individually driven lamps enable signal level control from 1,000 cd/m2 to 35,000 cd/m2. Additionally, an adjustable baffle allows finer tuning between 0 and 1,000 cd/m2 without affecting color temperature.

Call: 978-462-1818; e-mail: b.angelo@gigahertz-optik.com Circle #291

Radiometers Help Validate Government Requirements

International Light Radiometer's portable UV sterilization lamp.

International Light Radiometers for measuring UV sterilization lamps are effective for testing the dose intensity of lamps operating from 0.3 µW/cm2 to 20 W/cm2. These instruments are National Institute of Standards and Technology traceable and designed for use by nontechnical personnel.

The radiometers are offered in a portable handheld unit with a flexible detector probe, as a 0.5-in. thick conveyor version to measure inside UV systems and as in situ monitors for integrating original equipment manufacturers into sterilization equipment.

Call: 978-465-5923; fax: 978-462-0759. Circle #298

Software Tools Provide Disaster and Security Plans

4aBetterBusiness offers computer training tools in disaster recovery, business continuity and security, based on failure mode and effects analysis.

The program identifies the potential types of failures, the severity of resulting problems, the potential causes and the controls in place. Once the risks are assessed, priorities are determined by the company to establish systems that minimize risk and prevent problems.

Call: 847-470-3513; e-mail: pvragel@4abetterbusiness.com Circle #250

Needle Microprobes Provide Brain and Muscle Readings

Physitemp offers an extensive range of needle microprobes that provide almost instant temperature readings in brain and muscle tissue, semisolids and liquids.

All microprobes are made with copper/constantan thermocouple wire and are guaranteed accurate to 0.1° C. Probes do not require individual calibration and are interchangeable with any type T thermocouple thermometer.

The 23ga, 26ga and 29ga needles are available in several stock lengths from 1 cm to 8 cm. Needle microprobes may be sterilized by either ethylene oxide gas or Cidex. Custom probes are available.

Call: 800-452-8510; fax: 973-779-5954. Circle #300

Video Microscopes Observe And Record Small Objects

ASG-Jergens has introduced the IS-3N and IS-3L video microscopes, which observe, monitor and record small objects. ASG-Jergens says the compact design allows for portable on-the-spot inspections.

Images can be viewed on a computer or video monitor. Magnification is variable from x to 450x (IS-3N) or x to 230x (IS-3L) with manual zoom lens. The camera captures 270,000 pixels of full color high resolution. A 0.25-in. CCD camera, lens and white LED are built into the microscope.

Height is 146 mm. Width is 65 mm. Weight is 14 oz.

Call: 216-486-6163; fax: 216-481-4519. Circle #299

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