Governors Group Examines Terrorism Prevention Efforts

The National Governors Association's Center for Best Practices showed foresight when it launched a project to examine state and federal efforts to prepare for and deal with the consequences of domestic terrorism.

In fact, the center and the National Emergency Management Association held a policy summit in July 2001 to discuss this issue. At the summit, key state policy advisors and state officials in law enforcement, public health, firefighting and emergency management met with federal officials to discuss both successes and mistakes in preparedness strategies.

Healthcare Accountability Foundation Receives Grant

bloodpressureThe Foundation for Accountability (FACCT) has been awarded $398,488 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop a framework for long-term, sustained efforts toward improving the quality of healthcare in the United States.

The project will establish a foundation for consumer oriented healthcare reform by building a knowledge base of innovative practices and research findings and working with stakeholders to recommend strategies.

FACCT defines consumer oriented healthcare to include strategies and activities that increase the ability of Americans to understand their own care, participate in decisions affecting their health, recognize their values are reflected in the performance of the healthcare system and be confident the services available to them are accountable.

FACCT describes itself as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Americans make better health-care decisions.

PwC Endowment Publishes Book On E-Government

The PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Endowment for the Business of Government has published a book on the early progress of e-government. It includes recommendations for future initiatives.

In a compilation of research findings of endowment funded scholarly reports, the book highlights examples of effective steps government has taken at all levels in moving toward e-government.

Case studies include analysis of using of auction models, privacy strategies, e-commerce applications in government, the use of the Internet to deliver government services and how state employment agencies are using technology to provide improved service.

Founded in 1998, the PwC Endowment seeks to advance knowledge on how to improve public sector effectiveness.

To order E-Government 2001 or learn about the series of books in the endowment series on the business of government, visit online bookstores; contact the publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, at www.rowmanlittlefield.com; or call 800-462-6420.

ISO Launches Monthly Magazine On ISO 9000, 14000

The International Organization for Standardization, known as ISO, has launched a full-color magazine, ISO Management Systems--The International Review of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

The monthly is available in English, Spanish and French editions. Subscription information can be obtained from ISO (sales@iso.org) or from the American National Standards Institute (jmccabe@ansi.org).

Research Magazine Honors Two NIST Technologies

Two technologies from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) were named as among the 100 most innovative in the United States by Research and Development Magazine. They are:

  • A potentially inexpensive device that transforms the text of e-books and other electronic data, such as e-mail, Web pages and other text based applications, into the patterns of raised dots used by sightless persons to read.
  • An analytical process that quickly and simply provides accurate and precise data on the concentration of mercury, a primary pollutant.

Six Sigma Continues As Hot Media Topic

Six Sigma continues as the quality method most frequently discussed in business and financial media.

For example, a profile of James McNerney Jr., chair and CEO of Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (3M), in the November 2001 issue of IndustryWeek, says Six Sigma is one of the five specific initiatives he is putting in place at 3M and is the initiative overriding the other four.

McNerney left GE when he lost out after being one of the top candidates to replace former chair and CEO Jack Welch, who retired last year.

The article quotes David Powell, 3M's director of marketing, who said, "Our other initiatives are shorter-term, tied to our three-year strategic plan, but Six Sigma is forever. It's the umbrella."

Powell added more than 100 Six Sigma projects were already under way at 3M, with major benefits expected to be seen from them in 2002.

In addition, the Nov. 11, 2001, issue of Investor's Business Daily featured a front-page article headlined, "The Lure of Six Sigma Quality: It Gets Everyone Thinking Alike."

This article says while Six Sigma's aim is to cut defects and improve service, its impact goes much deeper.

Short Runs

Application forms and instruction booklets for the 2002 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award will be available Jan. 16. Additional information can be found by calling 301-975-2036 or visiting the Baldrige Award Web site at www.quality.nist.gov.


The American Society for Competitiveness presented the 2001 Philip B. Crosby Medal for Outstanding Competitiveness to Tyumen Oil, a 50-50 Russian-American company.


A white paper, A New Covenant With Stakeholders: Managing Privacy as a Competitive Advantage, has been issued by KPMG Consulting Inc. It deals with balancing customer rights with business interests.


The Society of Automotive Engineers' Environmental Sustainability Standing Committee rescheduled its Nov. 14, 2001, conference to April 8-10 in Graz, Austria. The committee's charge is to "create and facilitate the tools, devices and methods necessary to minimize the environmental impact of the transportation industry."


Lean Boot Camp is an unusual indoor and outdoor training program where participants devote 12 hours a day in a secluded environment to learning and reinforcing lean manufacturing concepts. For information, call 800-924-2517.

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