XactCNC Software Tracks CNC Processes

Xygent says XactCNC metrology software creates probing routines for in-process measurement on computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, giving machinists a 3-D tool to measure and track processes.

XactCNC supports the integration of CNC machines with 3-D computer aided design and tolerance analysis capabilities and provides instantaneous access to measurement results on the Web. The software also allows data sharing across Internet and intranet platforms.

According to Xygent, XactCNC uses the first practical implementation of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Y14.5.1M-1994 standard.

Call: 401-244-4500; fax: 401-244-4525. Circle #273

SPC Software Monitors Manufacturing Processes

MeasureLink statistical process control (SPC) analysis software from Mitutoyo is a Windows based software package for quality management and ISO 9000 operations.

Mitutoyo says the software offers interface with complete SPC functionality for monitoring manufacturing processes, allowing users to manage part quality levels, identify problem areas and apply corrective actions.

MeasureLink enables real-time data acquisition from most measuring devices and supports metrology technology, including calipers, micrometers, indicators, coordinate measuring machines and vision systems.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com. Circle #276

Model 9132 Certifies IR Devices to 500° C

Hart Scientific's Model 9132 portable blackbody device.

The Model 9132 portable blackbody from Hart Scientific calibrates infrared (IR) thermometers to 500° C (932° F).

The temperature controlled blackbody target has a diameter of 2.25 in. and an emmissivity of 0.95 in. Its isothermal target can be controlled in increments of 0.1° from 50 to 500° C.

Using a digital resistance temperature device readout and calibrated secondary probe, Model 9132 can achieve accuracies of ±0.1° C, says the manufacturer. The 9132 IR thermometer weighs 4 lbs.

Call: 800-438-4278; fax: 801-763-1010. Circle #274

ISOToolkit Software Designs ISO 9001:2000 Project Plans

Wizdom Systems' ISOToolkit is a software program for planning, managing and maintaining ISO 9001:2000 compliance or compliance transition projects.

ISOToolkit, which can be used over the Internet or an intranet, helps select and design an ISO 9001:2000 project plan, manage people, and aggregate and catalog documents handled by project team members--regardless of where individual team members are located, says Wizdom.

ISOToolkit is available through an application service provider or installed on an NT or Windows 2000 server.

Call: 630-357-3000; fax: 630-357-3059. Circle #277

Personal Digital Assistant Software for Nip Calculations

The Nip-Stat software program from Sensor-Experts.com enables fast calculation of nip roller equations for Palm based platforms.

Sensor-Experts.com says Nip-Stat allows engineers to perform the following Web oriented calculations: crown correction, cover deflection, crown of roll and crown at station, speed differential, water cooling, desphande nip width prediction and hertzian stress formulas.

Nip-Stat operates on Palm OS 2.0 and higher compatible devices. Windows 98, NT4, ME or 2000 is required for installation.

Call: 973-560-9092; e-mail: sales@sensor-experts.com. Circle #278

Pressure Film Offers Calibration Applications

Sensor Products says Pressurex Pressure Points are tactile force indicating films used in assessing compressive magnitude and distribution between contacting or impacting surfaces. Applications exist in both machine and component inspection and calibration.

When force is applied, the sensor film instantaneously and permanently changes color, says Sensor Products. The intensity of the color is proportional to the amount of force applied, allowing the user to quantify the stress characteristics across the contacting surface.

Pounds per square inch can be determined by comparing the Pressure Point to a color calibration chart.

Call: 973-884-1755; fax: 973-884-1699. Circle #279

Sentinel C-20 Plus Improves Production Performance

Cincinnati Test Systems says the Sentinel C-20 Plus is a pressure decay leak detection instrument with four programs: timer, pressure, leak rate and part change. The programs can be stored and selected from the menu button or remotely selected from a host computer or programmable logic controller.

Pressure data streaming is provided for a graphic presentation of the test cycle for time cycle optimization.

The Sentinel C-20 Plus includes process drift correction, self-diagnostics, self-test and auto calibration.

Three models are available to suit production leak testing requirements: standard single pressure test, fast fill test or cyclone test.

Call: 513-367-6699; fax: 513-367-5426. Circle #280

Noncontact Thickness Gage Has Dual Calibration Memory

The Model 5820 noncontact thickness measuring gage for thin film and diaelectic measurement from Oryx Systems can measure nonconductive material up to 10 mm (0.4 in.) thick. It measures temperatures from 0° to 300° F (0° to 150° C) and has a high speed digital signal output of up to 60 readings per second.

The Model 5820 has automatic self-zeroing electronics that eliminate the need to recalibrate after each use and a dual calibration memory that allows two active calibrations to be stored in memory. The accuracy of the Model 5820 is better than 1.0 microns, repeatability is 0.1 microns for optimum quality control and resolution is 10 nanometers, says the manufacturer.

Call: 704-846-1866; e-mail: oryx@prodigy.net. Circle #281

Mountz Offers PDA Torque And Force Analyzer

Mountz says its Wizard module can transform any Handspring Visor handheld computer into the world's first personal digital assistant (PDA) torque and force analyzer.

The Wizard module snaps into any Visor to give engineers, technicians and quality assurance specialists torque analyzing capability. Using 16-bit technology, the Wizard offers more measurement memory and battery life than conventional analyzers do, while supporting standard Visor PDA functions, says Mountz.

Wizard's memory supports up to 25 project folders of 250 readings each and stores and organizes calibration data for ISO 9001 and statistical process control documentation.

Call: 800-456-1828; e-mail: mountzsales@mountztorque.com. Circle #282

Pencil-Type Gaging Probes Measure QC, SPC

The BBP and BBT gaging probes from MacroSensors measure dimensions for quality control (QC), statistical process control (SPC) and industrial metrology applications, including online part inspection and manufacturing process control.

MacroSensors says the pencil-type gaging probes utilize a linear ball bearing assembly fitted to a hardened and ground nonrotating probe shaft to minimize rapial play and the effects of side loading.

The probes' repeatability is 0.15 microns. The BBT and BBP units are available in three ranges: ±0.040 in. (±1.0 mm), ±0.100 in. (±2.5 mm) and ±0.200 in. (±5.0 mm).

Call: 856-662-8000; fax: 856-317-1005. Circle #283

Temperature Fax Logger Records, Sends Data

Dickson's FX320 K-thermocouple fax logger.

Dickson's FX320 K-thermocouple temperature fax and e-mail logger with alarm is a temperature data logger that records and sends data via fax or e-mail. The FX320 plugs into standard phone outlets and monitors temperature ranges from 0 to 220° F.

Dickson says the FX320 features a remote K-thermocouple probe that ensures accurate temperature measurements for monitoring a high temperature oven or a low temperature freezer. The alarm notifies the user when a high or low temperature parameter is met.

The fax logger has auto line seizure and callback to ensure the data are sent, a LCD display and a 9V battery backup.

Call: 630-543-3747; e-mail: dicksoncsr@dicksonweb.com. Circle #275

Delcam Upgrades CAD Inspection Software

Delcam says its PowerInspect 2 software can inspect multiple parts within an assembly simultaneously and offers improved geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) measurement.

PowerInspect 2's geometry explorer provides a method for obtaining the normal dimensions for geometric figures, including arcs, circles, cylinders, cones and rectangles, from computer aided design (CAD) data.

PowerInspect 2 contains a wizard that simplifies the measurement of features using GD&T, says Delcam. It allows tolerances to be set for feature measurements, including form measures such as flatness and circularity, and conditions such as symmetry, concentricity, perpendicularity and parallelism.

Call: 44-0-121-683-1081 (UK); e-mail: marketing@delcam.com. Circle #284

Software Helps Companies With ISO 9001:2000 Upgrade

The equationASP 2000 upgrade platform from Prism eSolutions is a Web based tool

for ISO 9001:2000 maintenance and system upgrades

Prism eSolutions says the equationASP 2000 upgrade improves the quality of documentation and document control, facilitating communication between project team members and improving project management.

Other features include ISO 9001 templates, samples and methodologies.

Call: 267-468-0150; fax: 267-468-0199. Circle #285

Multifunction PDA Calibrator Has Enhanced Features

Transmation Products Group says the Multifunction Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Calibrator combines five different functions in a handheld device. It can source and measure milliamps, voltage, thermocouples, resistance temperature devices and pressure signals.

Its built-in power supply allows standalone calibration of two wire transmitters. Raw data, statistics, notes and references can be stored within the PDA and downloaded into a PC later.

Call: 716-349-3520; fax: 716-349-3530. Circle #286

QIS Software Integrates Data Collection, SPC

The Criterion Vantage Quality Information Systems software suite from Siemens Measurement Systems is a software package of the data collection, statistical process control (SPC) and process adjustment tools needed to improve the yield of manufacturing processes throughout a facility.

Siemens says the Criterion Vantage Quality Information software collects, calculates, presents, analyzes, reports and stores quality information so the user can realize the end benefits: improved yields, reduced operational costs and improved process control.

Vantage runs on Windows NT.

Call: 215-646-7400; e-mail: gary.saner@sea.siemens.com. Circle #287 

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