Multifunctional Tester Has Digital Communication

Meriam Instrument says the MFT 4000 is a multifunctional tester that allows users to measure pressure, differential pressure and temperature, and to measure voltage or current.

The MFT 4000's pressure modules are traceable to ±0.025% of full scale according to National Institute for Standards and Technology standards. The modules are temperature compensated for accuracy across a broad temperature range.

The MFT 4000 features a 128 x 128 pixel graphic display and power is supplied by six AA batteries or an optional auxiliary power adapter.

Call: 216-281-1100; e-mail: meriam@meriam.com. Circle #264

RotorMD Has Vibration Test And Trim Balancing System

SensorScript's RotorMD is a turnkey production vibration test and trim balancing system for rotating machinery, such as turbines, fans, blowers, pumps and compressors.

For vibration testing, RotorMD provides the data acquisition and analysis functions needed to evaluate vibration performance and alert the user to out of specification conditions.

For trim balancing, it uses all active vibration channels to calculate optimum weight and placement.

The manufacturer says RotorMD operates under Windows 2000 and is powered by SensorScript, a scripting language used to create online data acquisition and test systems.

Call: 513-248-5990; e-mail: info@sensorscript.com. Circle #263

Miniconoscan 3000 Makes 3-D Measurements


The Miniconoscan 3000 from Optimet.

Optimet says the Miniconoscan 3000 is suited for making accurate, repeatable, 3-D, noncontact, collinear, precision measurements of metal, plastic and rubber industrial molds, machined parts and tools.

The Miniconoscan 3000 uses conoscopic holography to measure up to 500 points per second dynamically, while the stages are in motion.

By changing the lens on the probe, the user can measure with exactness any length from a submicron to 200 mm. For most applications, the precision and repeatability are greater than 1/8,000th of the working range.

Call: 978-774-2500; fax: 978-774-8202. Circle #267

Measuring System Gauges Shaft-Type Products

Marposs Corp. says its Opto-Quick noncontact infrared measuring system for shaft-type products requires one master to calibrate the gage and features repeatability of 0.5 µm (diameter) and 6 µm (length).

Measurements are made using an infrared emitter and linear charge coupled device array. Filters and algorithms provide accurate measurements in harsh environments containing smoke, dirt particles and steam.

Opto-Quick provides diameter measurements over a 20 mm or 40 mm range, with lengths measured on centers or V locators from 0 to 420 mm or 0 to 740 mm in the two basic configurations.

Call: 248-370-0404; e-mail: marposs@us.marposs.com. Circle #266

StressTel's BoltMike III Measures Tension


The BoltMike III from StressTel ultrasonically measures tension and clamp load.

The BoltMike III from StressTel ultrasonically measures the tension and clamp load of threaded fasteners.

The instrument weighs 2.5 lbs., runs up to 40 hours on standard AA batteries and has rapid calibration and setup.

StressTel says typical applications include verifying tension of installed fasteners, bolts and studs; controlling tightening of critical bolted joints; calibrating and monitoring torque tools; and confirming the loading of gasketed flange bolts.

Call: 814-861-6300; fax: 814-861-6330. Circle #265

Software Has Validation-Ready Document Control

The MasterControl v.6.0 FDA Edition software from Document Control Systems features time based routing, approval, escalation, full audit trail capabilities, management of a document for its entire life cycle, electronic signatures and secure viewing options.

The manufacturer says the software has the necessary tools for validating systems such as installation and operational qualification procedures. It is designed for the strict requirements of ISO 9000, QS-9000, Food and Drug Administration document control and quality management in general.

Call: 801-942-4000; fax: 801-942-7088. Circle #267

Gas Analyzer Measures Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide

Servomex says the 1450D Food Pack Gas Analyzer offers accurate analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide in soft packages or rigid containers. The 1450D also ensures the correct gas mixture is used and the packaging material and seal are of good quality.

The analyzer uses discrete measurement modules to provide an oxygen or carbon dioxide measurement in the range of 0 to 100%. Each measurement is displayed on a separate 3-digit LCD display with a resolution of 0.1%.

The analyzer comes with an accessory kit containing sample filters, needles, calibration nozzle, syringe, sample probe, self-adhesive sample seals and septa.

Call: 781-769-7710; fax: 781-769-1974. Circle #268

SQCpack Software Does Data Analysis, Charting

PQ Systems says its updated version of statistical process control software, SQCpack 2000, makes data analysis and charting easier, reducing time expenditures by up to 70%.

Related variables, attributes and Pareto characteristics can be included in the same group, allowing a customer to track measurements, defects and types of defects associated with one part--together in a group.

SQCpack 2000 allows users to create, publish, share and transport quality information via e-mail or corporate Web sites, says PQ Systems.

Call: 800-777-3020; fax: 937-885-2252. Circle #269

Transducer Measures Velocity and Temperature


The AVT air flow transducer from Cambridge AccuSense.

The AVT from Cambridge AccuSense is an air flow transducer that simultaneously measures air velocity and air temperature in real time.

AVT's temperature compensation algorithm allows for accurate readings from 10° C to 60° C and offers two accuracy ranges for air velocity--8% of the reading between 10° C and 60° C and 5% of the reading between 10° C and 60° C. For temperature, the accuracy is ±0.5° C between 10° C and 70° C.

AccuSense says the transducer uses thermistor technology to retain its calibration over time and is not sensitive to supply voltage because it accepts from 12 to 24 volts DC.

Call: 978-425-2090; fax: 978-425-4062. Circle #262

SolidWorks Office Features 3-D CAD Tools

SolidWorks Corporation says SolidWorks Office is a comprehensive set of 3-D computer aided design (CAD) tools that enables users to design products using a broad range of design functions.

The design functions include part and assembly modeling, drawing generation, data interoperability, photo-realistic rendering, standard part libraries, design animation, 3-D Web publishing, feature recognition and design analysis tools.

Engineers and designers who must develop complex products from start to finish can benefit from the presentation and productivity tools in SolidWorks Office, says the manufacturer.

Call: 800-693-9000; e-mail: info@solidworks.com. Circle #271

Software Provides Introduction to Lean

The Eaton Lean System software from Eaton and Productivity Press is a comprehensive introduction to lean and its fundamental concepts.

Seven topic-focused CDs discuss the major lean subjects: muda, standardized work, continuous flow, pull systems, kaizen, heijunka and 5S.

Graphs, clocks and diagrams demonstrate time wasted or dollars lost, illustrating the purpose of each of the lean tools, says Productivity Press.

Call: 503-235-0600; fax: 503-235-0909. Circle #272

Synergy 2000 4.0 Designed For Quality Management

Synergy 2000 4.0 statistical process control software is designed for mission-critical plant computing environments that want an enterprisewide approach to quality management, says Zontec.

The software includes facilities for real-time data collection, charting, monitoring, analysis, messaging and reporting across geographically distributed facilities.

New features include non-normal data analysis, simple file access for operator and engineer-level users, clickable data points on control charts and run charts for information details, channel number input for gages and six new charts.

Synergy 2000 4.0 runs on all Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems.

Call: 513-648-0088; fax: 513-648-9007. Circle #270

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