GainSeeker Detects Root Causes of Problems

GainSeeker Defect Management System software version 6.200.2 from Hertzler Systems helps customers discover the root causes of production problems.

GainSeeker features include integration to Minitab for advanced statistical analysis, touch screen data entry, the ability to import and export data in XML format and the ability to log out and log in to the data modules without exiting the modules.

Hertzler says the software also includes the Defects Per Unit 10x Improvement Chart, which lets you review defect data over time, and allows for the setting of goals 10 times improvement goals over two years.

Analysis can be in parts per million, defects per million opportunities and defects per billion opportunities.

Call: 219-533-0571; e-mail: info@hertzler.com. Circle #252

Portable Radiometer Measures Intensity of LEDs


International Light IL1400A Radiometer and LED Probe.

The IL1400A Radiometer and LED Probe from International Light Inc. are designed to measure LEDs from the near ultraviolet to the near infrared and provide direct readouts in lumens, candela, watts or watts/steridian.

International Light says the probe has a 6 mm diameter aperture that fits over the LED. The radiometer stores all necessary calibration factors.

The IL1400A operates on four AA alkaline batteries and has an analog and computer output. It is suitable for bench-top or field measurement applications.

Call: 978-465-5923; fax: 978-462-0759. Circle #260

Centauri Uses Six Sigma To Measure Products

Centauri IT management products from Proxima Technology Inc. use the Six Sigma quality management methodology.

Proxima says Centauri management solutions support all stages of the Six Sigma define, measure, analyze, improve and control life cycle and are written in Java, allowing IT application services to be measured after installation and providing the basis for continuous improvement within a Six Sigma context.

Centauri includes products to solicit user opinion about service via Web based questionnaires; report on adherence to service level agreements via an HTML interface; and alert administrators to critical problems by pager, e-mail and additional means.

Call: 720-946-7230; fax: 720-932-9499. Circle #298

Electrical Short Finder Locates Circuit Board Shorts

Wavetek Meterman's SF-10 electronic short finder uses a wire brush feature to sweep printed circuit boards under test to find electrical shorts.

The SF-10 enables many test points to be covered in a single sweep, isolating the suspected short to a small region of the board. Then the SF-10's individual probe point is used to identify the affected components, says Wavetek Meterman.

Call: 887-596-2680; e-mail: info@metermantesttools.com. Circle #299

Achiever Plus Available On Microsoft Exchange 2000

Achiever Business Solutions says its Achiever Plus software is available on the Microsoft Exchange 2000 platform.

Achiever Plus's document control feature is the control center for documenting policies, procedures and regulations related to all business practices.

It allows the creation, review, approval, distribution and continuous improvement of the policies, processes, work instructions and controlled documents used within the management system on an enterprisewide basis. Issues and audits modules are in the process of being developed.

Call: 614-410-9000; fax: 614-410-9004. Circle #297

Magnetic Gage Gives Safe Liquid Level Readings

The MagneStar magnetic gage from L.J. Star provides liquid level readings at pressures ranging from vacuum to 4,700 pounds per square inch gage (psig) and temperatures from -328° to +842° F.

Liquid level readings are conveyed via a two-tone indicator attached to the exterior surface of the gage chamber.

The actual liquid level is identified via a custom weighted float inside the gage chamber. The float is magnetically coupled to the indicator on the outside of the chamber, allowing the indicator to move in unison with the float and visually relay the liquid level to the operator.

The indicator is magnetically stabilized to ensure accurate level readings regardless of vibration or shock.

Call: 330-405-3040; e-mail: view@ljstar.com. Circle #300

CNC Turning Center Features 3,500 RPM Spindle

YCI Inc. says its TC-25A computer numerical control (CNC) turning center has a high torque, 3,500 rpm spindle for minimum noise level and easy maintenance.

The TC-25A's 30° slant bed is a one-piece Meehanite cast base that sustains rigid and heavy cutting.

The X and Z axes are a fully integrated box guide way with Turcite-B coating, providing a rapid feed rate of 945 inches per minute (ipm) in the X axis and 1,18l ipm in the Z axis.

The manufacturer says the station to station tool indexing time is 0.4 sec. and the TC-25A has a high speed, 12-station servo-driven turret.

Additional features include a swivel designed control panel, 40 gal. high capacity coolant system, automatic lubrication system, built-in work light, and coolant gun and air nozzle.

Fax: 562-906-6109; e-mail: sales@ycisupermax.com. Circle #301

Kit Converts Fiberscopes, Borescopes to Video Scopes

The Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) color video accessory kit from AEI Optics Unlimited converts fiberscopes and borescopes into portable video scopes.

Each RVI kit contains all components, cables and connections needed to transform fiberscopes and borescopes, increasing their range and usefulness, says AEI.

The kit consists of a high intensity light source, monitor, video coupler and charged coupled device color camera combination that runs on either AC or DC power.

Applications include general, nondestructive evaluations or failure analyses and assessments of turbines, diesel injectors, steam generators and the weld integrity of tanks and pipes.

Call: 315-673-4151; e-mail: info@aei-optics.com. Circle #250

Color Vision Sensor Uses Ethernet Connectivity


Cognex's In-Sight 1000C machine vision sensor.

The In-Sight 1000C from Cognex Corp. is a self-contained machine vision sensor for verifying and sorting parts based on their color.

Cognex says the 1000C performs color inspection tasks in the automotive, food, and beverage and electronics industries. It displays color inspection images allowing operators to monitor parts locally and remotely.

The In-Sight 1000C features vision software tools for color image processing and analysis, and a vision spreadsheet interface for application setup without any programming.

The 1000C can be integrated with PC based factory automation devices via Ethernet communications.

Call: 508-650-3000; fax: 508-650-3333. Circle #256

Laser Sensor Measures Radial Runout in Tires

Laser Measurement International (LMI) says the Radial Runout sensor (RRO) is a compact, high-speed, laser industrial gauging sensor designed to measure and calculate radial runout in rubber and tire industry applications.

The RRO sensor is based on the principle of laser triangulation, has a visible laser diode for setup and safety and has a rugged design for harsh industrial environments.

According to LMI, the RRO software receives information from encoders that must have pulse counts of 4,000 minimum and 16,000 maximum and balanced (RS-422 type) +5 V outputs. Measurement is taken over a 200 micron spot.

Call: 248-359-2409; e-mail: issales@lmint.com. Circle #251

Oxford Instruments Offers New Handheld Alloy Sorter

Oxford Instruments says its Horizon 600 is a handheld elemental metal analyzer capable of sorting typical iron, nickel and cobalt alloys.

The Horizon series is based on an x-ray tube that makes radioisotope-driven spectroscopy obsolete, says Oxford Instruments. The digital x-ray tube features a cathode constructed of carbon nanotubes, replacing a fragile component with a cathode of high tensile strength.

The Horizon 600 can be used in the field or factory, and Oxford recommends it for inexperienced users.

Call: 831-438-5742; fax: 831-483-5629. Circle #255

100 kV X-ray System Inspects, Verifies Boards

Phoenix X-ray Systems' 100 kV pcbalinspector is a high-resolution microfocus x-ray system for the inspection of printed circuit board assemblies to detect manufacturing errors, such as ball grid arrays (BGA) missing balls, voiding and shorts.

Phoenix says the 100 kV pcbalinspector aids in total quality management through inspection and verification of boards using BGAs, flip chips, and µBGAs.

The 100 kV's chamber can scan boards up to 18 x 24 in. and view real-time images from all angles with an optional large capacity tilt axis up to ±45°. It is able to detect microscopic details as low as 4 µm.

Call: 805-389-0911; e-mail: info@phoenix-xray.com. Circle #257

Digital Inspection System Has On-Board Memory


Ultraprobe 9000 Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System from UE Systems.

The Ultraprobe 9000 Digital Ultrasonic Inspection System from UE Systems Inc. allows users to collect data through on-board data logging and record data such as decibel levels, frequency, date, time and text notes.

UE Systems says the Ultraprobe 9000 has spin and click technology to simplify the inspection process by offering two controls to locate a desired inspection frequency, adjust headphone volume, store or download data, relocate recorded data and enter notes.

Typical applications for the Ultraprobe 9000 cover three main areas: mechanical inspection, leak detection and electrical inspection.

On-board memory lets inspectors log in up to 400 sets of data.

Ultratrend software is also included.

Call: 914-592-1220; fax: 914-347-2181. Circle #254

Tegam's Portable Power Meter Measures RF

The Model 7100 Portable Radio Frequency (RF) Power Meter from Tegam Inc. is a lightweight, compact instrument for average power RF measurements.

Tegam says the Model 7100 has a frequency range of 10 MHz to 2,000 MHz and a power input range up to 500 mW continuous, making it suitable for low power test and troubleshooting applications in telecom, product development, repair, field service and manufacturing.

The meter is designed to read continuous wave power levels up to 500 mW continuous or up to 1 W for 10 seconds and has an input impedance of 50 ohms.

Call: 440-466-6100; fax: 440-466-6110. Circle #258

Bicron's STP Solenoids Have Multiple Applications

Bicron says the STP series of small digital current (DC) Tubular Push-Pull solenoids are in-stock components that provide for a range of applications wherever a short stroke with high force and low power is specified.

Five different models range in size from 0.45 in. diameter to 1 in. diameter. Normal life spans are up to 5 million cycles.

Typical applications for the DC Tubular Push-Pull solenoids include computer peripherals, office machines, medical equipment and general instrumentation.

Call: 860-824-5125; e-mail: info@BicronUSA.com. Circle #259

Accelerometer Measures Vibration Temperature

Endevco says its Model 2272 is a piezoelectric accelerometer designed for measuring vibration and temperature extremes.

The Model 2272's sensing elements offer a flat temperature response over a range from -269° C (-425° F) to 260° C (500° F). Low temperature applications include cryogenic equipment and processes. The accelerometer can also be used for high temperature vibration measurements in aerospace, automotive and industrial testing applications, says Endevco.

The unit is hermetically sealed for use in harsh environments and exhibits output sensitivity stability over time.

Call: 949-493-8181; fax: 949-661-7231. Circle #261

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