Procedure Software Improves Productivity

Talsico says its Process Picture Maps are a procedure and job aid software program designed to reduce the time needed to learn new job related tasks and improve manufacturing productivity and quality.

The program enables companies to reduce lengthy procedures of five to 15 pages to one double-sided sheet using pictures and symbols to make the procedures easier to learn.

Common applications for Process Picture Maps include claims processing, machine setup, machine changeovers, quality checks, laboratory tests, sampling and other similar job related functions.

Call: 908-756-3222; fax: 908-756-7771. Circle #279

Magnetic Digital Encoder Can Withstand Shock

The H20M magnetic digital encoder from NorthStar Technologies is engineered with magneto-ASIC sensing technology developed by the Torrington Co., which allows it to operate at high temperatures and withstand shock and vibration.

The encoder weighs one pound, withstands shock to 75 gauss for 11 ms and vibration of 5 to 2,000 Hz at 20 Gs, and has a maximum operating frequency of 120 kHz.

NorthStar Technologies says the H20M is resistant to washdowns, oil, water, grease, acid, solvents and other common contaminants.

Call: 614-818-1150; fax: 614-891-6909. Circle #285

Data Collection Software Designed for Windows

The WinWedge 32 Version 3.0 from Taltech is a 32-bit serial data acquisition and collection program designed for interfacing RS232 devices such as bar code scanners, scales, calipers, micrometers, laboratory instruments and other serial output devices to Windows applications.

Real-time serial data can be inputted directly into Excel, Access, LIMS, MMIs, statistical software or any other Windows software.

Special features include a preinput character translation table, additional data parsing and filtering capabilities, and a virtual instrument mode to test the functionality of WinWedge 32 without requiring an actual serial instrument to be attached to a PC.

Call: 800-722-6004; e-mail: susanrogers@taltech.com. Circle #280

Measuring System Calculates Capacitance


Ono Sokki Technology's CL-2400 non contact thickness measuring system.

Ono Sokki Technology says its CL-2400 noncontact thickness measuring system calculates the thickness from gap capacitance using a processing technique that is immune to magnetic fields and ambient light.

The CL-2400 was designed to measure metals, semiconductors and other electrically conductive materials. It has built-in self-calibrating software, which only requires calibration once every three years of normal production use, Ono Sokki says.

The CL-2400 can measure thickness up to four inches and achieve submicron accuracy. For inline applications, it has a response speed of 20 ms.

Call: 630-627-9700; fax: 630-627-0004. Circle #282

UV Curing System Delivers Different Energy Wavelengths

The Cont-Trol-Cure UV Developer's Kit from UV Process Supply is a bench top UV curing system that allows its users to switch UV wavelengths from job to job.

The kit has a four-inch-wide curing area and uses a 110/60/1 or 220/50/1 power source. It includes a universal power supply, focus lamp housing with quick change lamp holders and four UV lamps (mercury, iron, gallium and metal halide).

According to UV Process Supply, this system is ideal for laboratory use, prototype development and small production applications.

Call: 800-621-1296; e-mail: info@uvps.com. Circle #283

Software Measures and Documents

FormWeigh and FreeWeigh formulation software from Mettler-Toledo performs validation and documentation functions while recording electronically, thus eliminating paper orders, recipes and other printed instructions, says the manufacturer.

FormWeigh monitors, controls, tracks and validates every aspect of the manual batch or preweigh process in real time and can interface directly with existing enterprise resource planning software.

FreeWeigh software provides a process for collecting data, analyzing them using statistical methods and controlling the process by closing the feedback loop.

Call: 614-438-4511; fax: 614-438-4900. Circle #281

Digital Network Camera Has Industrial Applications

Nikon says its DN100 digital network camera captures, transfers and monitors micro and macro images simultaneously.

The DN100 delivers color 1.3-megapixel resolution at a rate of 15 frames per second. The camera can be configured with industrial, stereoscopic and biological microscopes.

This standalone camera system is not platform dependent and can be accessed through Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Call: 631-547-8500; fax: 631-547-4025. Circle #286

Wilcoxon's LPS Provides Diagnostic Information

The 4-20mA Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe Loop Powered Sensor (LPS) series from Wilcoxon Research extends the life of machinery by providing real-time diagnostic information while monitoring rotating equipment in potentially explosive areas, says the manufacturer.

Wilcoxon's LPS offers a 4-20 mA output proportional to the vibration level for input to a computer, data logger or programmable logic controller.

Applications for Wilcoxon's LPS include compressors, reciprocating compressors, motors, gearboxes, exhaust fans, gas and steam turbines, and centrifuges.

Call: 301-330-8811; e-mail: sensors@wilcoxon.com. Circle #287

CheckMate Lite Bridges Gap in CAD Systems

CheckMate Lite from Origin International is a computer aided design (CAD) based programming system for coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

According to Origin International, CheckMate Lite enables companies to bridge the gap between the CAD systems used in product design and the quality department, where parts are checked on CMMs.

Tutorials are included with the CheckMate Lite software, which is fully compatible with other programs and products from Origin International.

Call: 800-269-2509; fax: 231-788-4051. Circle #288

Video Camera Solves Difficult Motion Analysis

MCT's Photron Fastcam-Ultima 1024 motion sensor with complementary metal oxide semiconductor is a high-speed video camera system for solving difficult motion analysis applications.

The Photron Fastcam has megapixel resolution and high-speed digital imaging performance for optimizing quality on the production line by monitoring performance and troubleshooting equipment problems, says MCT.

Image resolution of the camera is 1,024 by 1,024 pixels at a frame rate of 500 frames per second, and the camera has a high-speed image capture of 16,000 images per second.

Common applications for the system include review of equipment motion in electronics, paper and converting, packaging, and pharmaceutical and aerospace research.

Call: 704-334-5878; fax: 704-334-1539. Circle #290

Passive Transmitter Accepts Direct Inputs From Sensors

The 408A-D passive transmitter from TeleRadio can accept direct inputs from sensors, programmable logic controllers, limit switches, external push buttons and relay closures. It can transmit up to eight channels simultaneously.

The 408 features three dual voltage selections (12/24 VDC/AC and 115 VAC, 12/24 VDC/AC and 48 VAC, and 12/24 VDC/AC and 230 VAC) enabling integration into any application.

The transmitter operates in the FM spectrum, at 433.92 MHz, reducing the incidence of interference.

Call: 724-733-1200; fax: 724-733-1223. Circle #291

Gage Measures Dimensions

Resec Systems says its Model J181 digital video gage provides simultaneous measurement of numerous dimensions on a variety of small parts.

Dimensions the unit can gauge include distance between edges or points, intersection of straight edges, absolute angles, angles between edges, and the center and radius of an arc.

The Model J181's optical system is temperature compensated to remain accurate from 60° F to 90° F (15.5° C to 32° C). Measurement accuracy remains in the 0.0001 in. range, says the manufacturer.

Call: 800-394-6758; e-mail: sales@resecsystems.com. Circle #292

Fluke's Calibrator Integrates With Calibration Software

Fluke says its 525A Temperature/Pressure Calibrator includes an easy interface to automated calibration software.

The 525A can be used to calibrate process calibration instruments and pressure instruments such as modules. It also sources volts, amps and ohms for multifunction adaptability.

According to Fluke, voltage sourced from the 525A has an accuracy of 25 ppm (0.0025%). The instrument is recommended for use in industrial instrumentation shops, secondary calibration labs and automatic test equipment systems.

Call: 425-347-6100; e-mail: fluke-info@fluke.com. Circle #293

Swagelok Produces Air Actuated Swaging Unit


Air actuated hydraulic swaging unit from Swagelok.

The air actuated hydraulic swaging unit (AHSU) from Swagelok is the industry's first air actuated device for swaging multiple fractional and metric tube fitting sizes, says the manufacturer.

The AHSU is designed to reduce makeup force and installation time. It features interchangeable, corrosion resistant stainless steel tooling to swage 0.25, 0.375 and 0.5 in. and 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm Swagelok tube fitting ferrules.

Included with the unit is the Swagelok gap inspection gage, which indicates when a fitting has been properly pulled up.

Call: 440-349-5934; e-mail: robert.fleig@swagelok.com. Circle #289

Magnetic Proximity Sensor Offers Versatility for OEMs

The MP1021 solid-state magnetic proximity sensor from Cherry Electrical Products is suitable for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications including safety interlock, end of travel sensing and motor speed control.

The sensor has open collector output and is capable of sinking up to 20 mA. Supply voltage can range from 4.5 VDC to 24 VDC, with a standard operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C, says Cherry.

Call: 800-258-0773; e-mail: sales@cherrycorp.com. Circle #295

CW-80 Checkweigher is Vibration Resistant

The Alliance/Rice Lake CW-80 Checkweigher is a bench top scale with 304 stainless steel construction and a sealed high-intensity display and keypad. It is designed for operation in wet and dirty environments.

The Checkweigher performs weight measurements at 25 updates per second and provides vibration control to eliminate interference from surrounding equipment. It can store up to 300 tare and tolerance settings, store products by ID number and recall over and under tolerances instantly, says the manufacturer.

Call: 800-343-6802; e-mail: sales@alliancescale.com. Circle #284

Digitizer Captures Data In One 2.5-Second Scan

Minolta Co. says its Vivid 900 High Resolution 3-D Portable Digitizer can capture 307,200 surface geometry data points and 307,200 color data points in just one 2.5-second scan.

The digitizer is a scanner for advanced computer design, engineering, machine vision, medicine, quality control and other applications requiring high-density point data per scan within a fine resolution range.

The Vivid 900 is equipped with a 5.7 in. (320 x 240 pixel) color LCD view finder, auto-focus, a 128 MB flash memory card and push-button control of the entire capture process. No field calibration is needed.

Call: 201-529-6049; e-mail: vivid3d@minolta.com. Circle #294

IR Thermometers Measure Process Temperatures

Land Instruments says the compact, infrared (IR) radiation thermometers in its CF Series are capable of measuring higher process temperatures from 572 to 4,532° F, achieving an accuracy of ±0.5% ±1 K at an ambient 72° F.

Applications include secondary metal processes, such as hardening, forging, soldering and sintering.

The user also can configure key operating parameters from a PC via a serial interface and Land Instruments' optional setup software.

Call: 215-504-8000; fax: 215-504-0879. Circle #296

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