Gemini R Calibrates Radiation Pyrometers

The Gemini R from TTI is a blackbody source with which radiation pyrometers (infrared sensors) can be calibrated.

The Gemini R has a temperature range of 50° C to 550° C, and the temperature of the cavity can be set with 0.1° C resolution.

The temperature variation over a five-minute period is ±0.2° C, and a radiation thermometer directed into the cavity detects similar variations.

The Gemini R's cavity size is 2.5 in. x 6.3 in. (65mm x 160 mm), the instrument's dimensions are 12.2 in. x 10.4 in. x 7.9 in. (310 mm x 265 mm x 200 mm), and it weighs 22 lb. (10 kg).

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Medical Grade VCR Offers Enhanced Picture Quality

Panasonic Vision Systems Group's AG-MD835 Medical Grade S-VHS VCR has a built-in digital time base corrector for improved image quality, 3-D noise reduction, and digital image and color separation.

The AG-MD835 delivers 400-plus lines of horizontal resolution with four-channel audio (two linear and two hi-fi), independent audio channel input capability and an audiometer for monitoring input signals, says Panasonic.

Applications for the AG-MD835 include quality control, test and measurement, medicine, dentistry, microscopy, endoscopic vision and high speed analysis.

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Temperature Measurement Sensor Has ESP Technology

Williamson's Pro 90 and 200 Series dual wavelength and multiwavelength temperature sensors.

Williamson's Pro 90 and 200 Series dual wavelength and multiwavelength temperature sensors feature extrasensory perception (ESP) technology to simplify and improve industrial and laboratory applications such as complex emissivity characteristics, misalignment, intervening optical obstructions and stray reflected infrared energy.

By continuously measuring five different parameters, the Pro sensors can monitor process conditions and automatically respond appropriately to provide accurate and reliable temperature measurements, says Williamson.

The Pro Series has system temperature limits of 300 and 4,500° F (150 and 2,500° C).

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VF 90 Combines Conductive, Convective Methods

Pace's VF 90 desoldering system combines conductive and convective methods for solder reflow and is specifically designed for surface mount printed circuit boards.

The VF 90 features a hot gas system with a long-lasting stainless steel tip to remove solder from surface mount lands for component rework on printed circuit boards.

A variety of stainless steel tips are available to meet multiple application needs.

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Fiberoptic Illuminator Provides White Light

The SLS-150Z from Chiu Technical is a precision fiberoptic illuminator that provides high intensity white light with a lamp color temperature of 3,350° K.

According to Chiu Technical, users can adjust the continuous flow of light, concentrating or subduing as desired with a rotary dimmer. Exact light beam placement is possible with single or bifurcated flexible fiber bundles and ring lights.

These fiberoptic illuminators can be used for microscopic, borescopic and endoscopic procedures in applications such as research and testing, medical use, quality control and diagnostics laboratories.

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Ultrasonic Transmitter Uses Narrow Beam Technology

Princo Instrument's SmartSonic L4660 ultrasonic level transmitter.

Princo Instrument's SmartSonic L4660 is an ultrasonic level transmitter that uses narrow beam technology.

The focus of the L4660's narrow beam signals allows them to penetrate gases, vapors, heavy fumes, foams, and narrow vessels and flumes.

The L4660 has a wide operating range, digital calibration in feet and inches, and high accuracy and reliability independent of the materials being measured or the design of the vessel, weir or flume, says the manufacturer.

The L4660 can be used for chemical, food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

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TA Instruments Introduces Q Series Analyzers

The Q500 and Q50 are part of the Q Series of thermogravimetric analyzers (TGA) from TA Instruments.

TA Instruments says the Q500 is a research-grade system equipped to handle routine and demanding TGA applications. It has a low mass furnace, reliable thermobalance, a purge gas system and advanced automation.

The Q50 is a general purpose TGA with many of the basic features of the Q500. It is recommended for use in laboratories that need a high quality TGA for standard applications.

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QSTracker Eliminates Paper Based Clerical Functions

The Web based version of QSTracker Corrective Action System (CAS) Software from Trackware enables company employees to record, track and dispose of defective materials both from within the factory and from remote supplier and customer locations using a Web browser.

In addition to providing medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and manufacturing operations with access to quality documents and records, the QSTracker CAS reduces operating expenses by eliminating many of the paper based clerical functions associated with quality assurance programs, says Trackware.

QSTracker CAS operates on any platform and database that support the use of Java drivers, including Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix or Sun operating systems and Microsoft SQL, Access and Oracle databases.

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Solar Light's GLM10 Assists With Water Disinfection

The GLM10 from Solar Light Co. is a stable, UV disinfection detector that can be calibrated.

GLM's one-piece design for both readout and detector allows it to operate in a pressurized water environment, says Solar Light.

The percentage of initial lamp intensity is read on an LED. When lamp output drops to 60%, a low-level indicator light turns on and a power relay trips to initiate any other alarm or desired control device.

When the UV intensity rises above the low-level set point, the alarm indication is automatically removed.

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Quality Monitor 2.1 Designed for Plant Floor

Quality Monitor 2.1 from Northwest Analytical is designed for plant floor test station and work station quality data collection and statistical process control charting. It also offers operator user interface and data collection capabilities.

The software has a flexible design allowing for simultaneous viewing of weights, dimensions, measurements, electrical and physical properties and defect tracking. Quality Monitor 2.1's multiple source input allows data collection from keyboards, measurement devices and bar code readers.

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Optometer Measures Bare, Connected Fiber Output

The P-9710 Optometer from Gigahertz-Optic is a multifunctional, compact handheld optical power meter with an integrating sphere based LP-0101-2 Detector.

Designed for telecommunication testing, the P-9710 with LP-0101-2 Detector measures the output power of bare and connected fibers, laser diodes and certain LEDs.

Other features include 16 functional modes of operation, RS232 interface, Windows based software, wavelength selection and datalogging.

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Infrared Thermometer Features Laser Sighting

The M120 IR Infrared Thermometer from Mikron is a noncontact, portable, handheld temperature measuring unit that features precision laser sighting, 0.1° display and a high resolution field of vision for temperature measurements from a distance.

This infrared thermometer is used in preventive maintenance programs for problems such as bearing failures, switching faults and overheating or underheating of process materials, says Mikron.

It causes a wide temperature span, ­32 to 900° C (-25 to 1,652° F), internally stores one to 250 readings for future review and has up to 50 hours of battery operation.

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CyberMetrics Offers Procedures Database

CyberMetrics' CalPro Calibration Procedures Database Version 5 is a complete step by step calibration procedures system covering more than 45 kinds of measuring devices.

The procedures are provided as hard copy and in Microsoft Word files so they can be edited to meet a company's particular requirements, says CyberMetrics.

The procedures can also be imported directly into a company's quality control manual.

CalPro can be integrated with CyberMetrics' Gagetrak Management Software Version 5.

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Software Provides Interpretation of Data

Thermo Nicolet says the Omnic 6.0 Spectroscopy Software provides spectral interpretation commands that supplement library and quality control searching tools by providing a functional group evaluation of a company's data.

Omnic 6.0's automatic subtraction function subtracts pure components from mixture spectra, isolating contaminants from known references, says the manufacturer.

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Software Helps Corporations Deploy Strategy

According to Active Strategy, Enterprise Strategy Execution (ESE) software provides corporations with the framework for developing, communicating and deploying overarching corporate strategy to the individuals responsible for carrying it out on a daily basis. It works hand in glove with balanced scorecard and other performance management methodologies, including the Baldrige criteria and Six Sigma.

ESE manages the information flow by providing an application driven instrument panel that companies use to gauge any number of predetermined soft and hard metrics within the corporation, says the manufacturer.

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Model 218 Test Kit Measures Resistance

The Electro-Tech Systems (ETS) Model 218 Resistance Test Kit is an autoranging kit for measuring surface, point-to-point and point-to-ground resistance.

The kit includes the ETS Model 880 autoranging resistance meter, two Model 850 resistance probes, a Model 256 utility wiring verifier, ground plane, carrying case, cables and user manual.

The kit comes with a certificate of calibration traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a one-year warranty.

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