Data Logger Offers Calibration Feature

Teletemp's DL200-T Temperature Data Logger records temperature exposure from 40° C to 85° C (-40° F to 185° F) with 0.5° C accuracy. It can be calibrated by the user using the Windows compatible software. The calibration function is password protected for data integrity.

The DL200-T is designed to assure the quality of temperature sensitive goods in storage or transit by monitoring time of exposure to critical temperature, says Teletemp. Typical applications include refrigerated foods, blood and plasma, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Up to 2,048 time and date stamped readings can be recorded in whole minute increments at any value from one minute up to four hours.

Call: 800-321-5160; fax: 714-870-8136. Circle #297

Motorized Gage Head Makes Automatic Measurement


Taylor Hobson's Talyrond 290 cylindrical geometry measuring system.

The Talyrond 290 from Taylor Hobson is an automatic cylindrical geometry measuring system.

With the Talyrond 290 and its motorized, programmable gauging arm, repositioning from inner diameter to outer diameter or from flat to round surfaces is completely automatic, says the manufacturer.

The system's leveling table handles parts up to 450 mm (18 in.) in diameter and weighing up to 75 kg (165 lb.). The table runs on a bidirectional spindle that can be positioned to any angle with an accuracy of ±0.5 degrees.

Rotational speed is variable from one to 10 rpm, and radical accuracy is ±0.04 µm (1.6 µ in.).

Call: 800-872-7265; fax: 847-290-1430. Circle #298

Pressure Gages Suited For Corrosive Environments


The 656 Series stainless steel industrial pressure gauge from Ametek.

The stainless steel industrial pressure gages in Ametek's 656 Series are designed for the corrosive environments in the chemical, petrochemical, refining, power, marine, food and pharmaceutical processing industries.

The liquid fillable gages are suited for use on equipment where excessive vibration and pulsation occur.

The gages feature accuracy of ±1% full scale for the 100 mm version and 1.6% full scale 63 mm gages in 0 to 30 in. ranges of Hg vacuum through 15,000 pounds per square inch in standard, vacuum or com pound configurations.

The 656 Series gages can use a variety of liquid fills, including glycerin, mineral oil and silicone oil.

Call: 215-257-6531; fax: 215-257-3058. Circle #299

Bar Code Verifier Performs Print Quality Specifications

The Inspector 3000 Series handheld verifier features store and print capability, multiple scan averaging capability and accessible subsymbology selections, according to RJS, the vertifier's manufacturer.

Analysis information appears on a 32-character alphanumeric LCD, and a distinct audible tone and a series of five-colored LEDs indicate whether a bar code is in or out of specifications.

Data can be sent to an optional printer or to RS-232 compatible equipment for further analysis. Wands are available for different aperture sizes and wavelengths.

Call: 800-840-4267; e-mail: verifier@rjs1.com. Circle #250

Air Leak Tester Has Multichannel Testing

ITI Qualitek's Model Q6000 Air Leak Tester is capable of multichannel synchronous and asynchronous testing.

Up to four intelligent detector modules can be connected to the control unit for remote programming with up to 16 programs each. The manufacturer says each of the gas boxes functions independently of the others irrespective of their power or operational status. Program editing or removal can only be carried out with the password protected control unit.

Applications for the Q6000 include testing of engineering and automotive components, medical device testing and testing appliances such as refrigerators.

Call: 800-550-8930; fax: 978-670-1114. Circle #251

Spectrometer Designed For Laboratory Requirements

The IR300 FT-IR spectrometer system from Thermo Mattson is designed to meet basic laboratory requirements.

Thermo Mattson says the IR300's design is based on the company's Corner Cube interferometer and uses field-tested, components to ensure system reliability.

The system's compact design saves lab space and makes it easy to transport. Its clamshell style sample compartment door offers access to a full-sized sampling compartment.

EZ OMNIC software controls the spectrometer with an intuitive interface for routine operations.

Call: 608-327-6751; e-mail: k.callaghan@thermomattson.com. Circle #252

Statistical Software Uses Data Visualization Tools

Optimal Engineering Solutions says P.I. Expert Version 1.0 is an integrated process improvement software solution that automatically selects the appropriate statistical techniques, charts and graphs and identifies significant patterns, trends and relationships in the data.

The system provides recommendations for product and process improvement and displays the results using data visualization tools.

According to the manufacturer, P.I. Expert is suited for the aerospace and aviation industries as well as other manufacturing and service organizations.

P.I. Expert is available for Windows 98, 2000 and NT.

Call: 904-677-3300; e-mail: cmr@optimalengsolutions.com. Circle #253

StatSoft Software Has Statistical Enhancements

Statistica 6 from StatSoft is a statistical data analysis and visualization software program featuring built-in visual basic scripting. It allows programmers access to every aspect of the program for custom applications, says StatSoft.

Statistica 6 also has compatibility/programmability and Web enablement options, enhanced classification and regression trees, nonlinear estimation routines, enhanced graphics, simplified user interface, and workbooks and reports.

The software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

Call: 918-749-1119; e-mail: info@statsoft.com. Circle #254

CNC Fineblanking Press Provides Higher Tonnage

Feintool's HFA Plus series of hydraulic computer numeric control fineblanking presses has a high tonnage rating and blanking speed. It features a redesigned hydraulic system and user-friendly PC based control to maximize uptime and production of complex metal parts.

The HFA Plus series Feintool Motion Control is based on an industrial PC and combines Windows NT and a 12-in. color touch screen to simplify programming. It also provides online help directly at the machine.

Ethernet and Profibus capabilities allow quick communication between the central data processing system and remote inputs/outputs.

Call: 513-791-0066; fax: 513-791-1589. Circle #255

Portable Lighting System Uses LED Technology

The Lightwave 4000 is a portable lighting system that uses 10 super-bright white LEDs that have a typical life of more than 100,000 hours (11-plus years of continuous usage with change of batteries), says the manufacturer, Lightwave.

The Lightwave 4000 has a specially designed printed circuit board to control the flow of voltage from three D cell alkaline batteries. It is water-resistant, has shockproof construction and can be used in any weather conditions, according to the manufacturer.

It is recommended for use in the engineering and medical fields.

Call: 678-393-9072; fax: 678-393-9073. Circle #256

Software Evaluates, Maintains ISO 9000 Systems

InfoSynergy says its Event Manager software evaluates and maintains ISO 9000 quality systems.

It includes separate modules to address such needs as internal audit, management review, improvement, document and data control, calibration, training and record control.

Other features include organization of documents and records, a structured approach to problem solving and improvement, summary and detailed reports at the click of a button, and comprehensive online help and support.

Call: 510-226-5760; e-mail: sales@infosyne.com. Circle #257

Filtration System Removes 22% More Air Pollutants

The Dust-Hog Supra-Blast air filtration system from United Air Specialists removes harmful air pollutants and eliminates air quality concerns, says the manufacturer.

The Supra-Blast removes dust, composites and other woodworking pollutants from manufacturing and industrial environments.

Each filter offers 310 sq. ft. of media--22% more than the old industry standard. The system is available as either a single or double filter configuration.

Call: 800-992-4422; e-mail: deblou@uasinc.com. Circle #258

Fischer EDX10 Probe Measures Duplex Coatings

Fischer Technology's EDX10 Probe is suited for the measurement of duplex coatings (paint on zinc on steel substrate).

Plated as well as hot-dipped zinc coatings can be measured, and the presence of a diffusion layer has no effect on the EDX10's reading, says Fischer.

The EDX10 can only be connected to the portable, handheld Fischer Dualscope MP20 with software version RAA13 or higher, or the Dualscope MP40 with software version RBA13 or higher.

A key application of the EDX10 is duplex coatings on steel sheets for the automotive industry or household appliances.

E-mail: info@fischer-technology.com; Call: 860-683-0781.
Circle #259

Caliper Works In Wet or Dirty Environments


Brown & Sharpe's Dura-Cal IP65 digital electronic caliper. 

Brown & Sharpe says its Dura-Cal IP65 digital electronic caliper is tightly sealed against liquid or dust penetration, making it the ideal caliper for inspection and in-process work in wet or dirty environments.

The Dura-Cal IP65 features Brown & Sharpe's patented technology of the Magna µ System. According to Brown & Sharpe, microchip technology allows the caliper to achieve reliable, accurate measurements.

Other features include a large 0.25 in. display, auto shut-off, instant inch/metric conversion and 100% liquid resistance.

Call: 401-886-2719; fax: 401-886-2553. Circle #300

PhoCheckTM 5000 Finds, Monitors VOC Gas Leaks

The PhoCheckTM 5000 photoionization instrument from EPD Technology is a handheld sensor designed to find and monitor volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks such as acetone, nonane, octane, pentane, benzene, formaldehyde and isobutene.

EPD says the PhoCheckTM 5000 logs 4,000 readings, detects down to 10 ppb, features visible and audible alarms and is intrinsically safe.

The unit has a six-key operation and is designed for easy access to UV lamps.

Call: 800-892-8926; e-mail: epd@epdtech.com. Circle #260

Kernco Stroboscope Designed for Industrial Use

Kernco Instruments says its 21G29 Digital Pocket Stroboscope is designed for use in industrial and laboratory applications and is the world's smallest battery operated stroboscope.

It measures in a range of 30 to 12,000 rpm, and it is a one-hand operation unit that will fit into a pocket or can be worn on a belt.

According to Kernco, the strobe can make objects that are moving at high speeds appear to stop, allowing the user to safely analyze the objects' motion and check for such defects as cracks or damaged parts without having to stop the entire production process.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: brkernco@whc.net. Circle #261

TrueGage Measures Temperature Compensation

The TrueGage temperature compensated, computerized gauging system from Albion Devices integrates its compensation system with a personal computer based, MS Windows gauging environment in a single enclosure.

Albion says it is fully user programmable and combines precision gauging and statistical processing control functionality with real-time temperature compensation of part, master and gage.

Thermal correction capability is in excess of 92% compensation efficiency over a range of 40° F to 140° F (4° C to 60° C).

Albion says TrueGage can be used in the achievement of Six Sigma, continuous quality improvement and in process improvement goals.

Call: 858-792-9585; fax: 858-792-9644. Circle #262

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