Quality Management Software Assists in Reducing Scrap

Integral Solutions' MPACT (manufacturing, planning and control tool) 2001 combines effective quality methodologies with the latest software technologies, providing manufacturers with an engineering tool to improve quality and assist in the documentation of ISO 9000 and QS-9000 requirements.

MPACT 2001 assures data accuracy and consistency by enabling quality and manufacturing engineers to enter data once in a relational database that transfers the data to all necessary quality documentation, reducing paperwork and data entry time by up to 65%, says Integral Solutions.

Other features include statistical process control software integration, Web reporting, e-mail integration, medical device manufacturing support, an automatic change log and condensed headers.

Call: 248-543-6040; e-mail: Patrick@integralsolutions.com. Circle #282

Management Software Provides Flexibility in Program Development

Schaffner's Compliance 3 is a flexible, fully configurable Windows based test management tool for creation, execution, data acquisition and reporting of all electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emissions and immunity tests.

In addition to providing a comprehensive library of standard test programs and subroutines, Compliance 3 allows engineers to customize any aspect of the test program.

Equally applicable to automotive, military, telecommunications and commercial product development, Compliance 3 can be adapted to the requirements of any EMC test facility, says Schaffner.

The software comes with user selectable interfaces in English, French, German, Mandarin and Japanese and is suitable for use with Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows NT.

Call: 732-225-9533; fax: 732-225-4789. Circle #284

The K-BEAM Accelerometer Model 8305A Series from Kistler.

Kistler's Accelerometer Combines Sensor With Electronics

The Model 8305A capacitive K-BEAM accelerometer from Kistler features a three-layer silicon micro-machined sensing element for steady state and dynamic measurements.

This accelerometer is a calibrated sensor, combining sensing elements with integrated electronics. It is packaged in an environmentally sealed, hard anodized aluminum, ground isolated housing.

The 8305A extends Kistler's capacitive accelerometer product offering with three basic units with having a measuring range of ±2, ±10 and ±25 g and sensitivities of 500, 100 and 40 mV/g, respectively.

It weighs 6.5 grams and is available with a single output or differential output.

Call: 716-691-5100; fax: 716-691-5226. Circle #285

Logic Instruments' Portable Notebook Operates in Harsh Conditions

Logic Instruments' TetraNote is a lightweight, waterproof/dustproof unit (powered by a Pentium III 600 processor) that can withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.

The unit is ideal for use in severe outdoor testing and measurement conditions, as well as for engineers and technicians who need a powerful, robust and modular PC, according to Logic.

It can withstand humidity levels of up to 95% and temperature ranges from ­4 to 122°F and can function at altitudes up to 42,000 ft., running on either AC/DC or DC/DC power supply.

TetraNote was designed for users in the telecommunications, transportation, automotive, construction, military and aerospace industries. Typical applications include measurements, data acquisition, vibration acoustics, instrumentation and logistics.

Call: 33-1-34-28-61-61 (France); e-mail: n.toure@logic-instrument.com

Ophir Optronic's F100A-IS Integrating Sphere Power Meter.

Integrating Sphere Power Meter Has Fiber Adapters

The Model F100A-IS Integrating Sphere Power Meter from Ophir Optronics is a 100 W integrating sphere power meter that is fan cooled. Its design is based on a thermal rather than photodiode detector technology, so it is spectrally very flat and will not saturate even at 100 W of power.

Ophir Optronics says the F100A-IS integrating sphere head features a large 16mm aperture, 0.2-2.5um spectral range and a power range of 2 W to 100 W. The response time with a display is 1.5 sec.

It comes with two fiber ports to measure additional parameters such as wavelength and temporal profile at the same time as power.

Call: 978-774-8200; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com. Circle #289

LK Metrology's G90C line of moving-bridge, CNC verticle-spindle CMMs.

LK Metrology's CMMs Incorporate Advanced Design Features

The G90C coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from LK Metrology Systems are built using cost saving low mass/high stiffness materials. This makes them affordable while also allowing the incorporation of advanced design features, according to the manufacturer.

These features include a lightweight spindle with integral pneumatic counterbalance, a cast ceramic Y-beam using a steel belt drive system, air bearings and ceramic guideways.

LK Metrology Systems says the G90C CMMs are very fast and accurate with vector velocities of 48m/min (31 in./sec) that are repeatable to within two microns (0.00008 in.).

Call: 810-220-4360; fax: 810-220-4300. Circle #292

Sensotec In-line Amplifier Mounts on Standard DIN Rail

The Model DV-05 In-line Amplifier for strain gage transducers from Sensotec features a plastic enclosure that mounts on a standard 35 mm DIN Rail.

Calibration and setup are made easy with a relay buffered shunt calibration circuit that allows span adjustment without the need to apply a known input to the sensor, says Sensotec.

The Model DV-05 requires 11-28 volts direct current (VDC) and provides a regulated, field selectable excitation voltage to the transducer of 3 or 5 VDC.

The transducer millivolt signal is amplified to a high level 0-5 VDC output, with a frequency response of DC to 5000 Hz. Operating temperature is from -20° to 180°F.

Call: 800-848-6564; fax: 614-850-1111. Circle #287

Digital Weight Indicator Provides 50 Measurements per Second

Analogic says the AN3070 provides 50 measurements per second, excites up to eight 350 Omega load cells for large platform applications and translates these noisy signals into an accurate and stable display of weight.

Part of Analogic's Weight Guard Series of digital weight indicators, the AN3070 conforms to worldwide metrology, safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.

The AN3070 also offers additional application specific features including linearization, multiple tare storage, multirange, peak/valley tracking and accumulation.

Call: 978-977-3000; e-mail: T&M_Info@Analogic.com. Circle #288

EMC Compliance 3 from Schaffner.

Software Compares Digitalized Point Clouds To CAD Models

PolyWorks/Inspector Version 6 from InnovMetric Software Inc. is a high-end software solution for quickly comparing digitalized point clouds to computer aided design (CAD) models, measuring and verifying dimensions, and communicating results to customers, says the manufacturer.

Some of the features included are a complete set of point-to-CAD alignment techniques, an extensive set of measurement techniques and 3-D graphics and report capabilities.

PolyWorks/Inspector runs on Windows NT/2000.

Call: 418-688-2061; fax: 418-688-3001. Circle #294

WinSPC v1.4 from DataNet Offers Flexibility in Data Collection

DataNet Quality Systems says WinSPC v1.4 is a statistical process control and data analysis system with new password controls enabling users to fully satisfy the Food and Drug Administration's electronic signatures requirement.

It also offers quality managers more flexibility in data collection and provides management, suppliers and customers with individually customized reports in minutes via the Web.

WinSPC's Custom Web Reporter (CWR) provides fully customizable report generation with extensive statistical analysis and graphing tools. The CWR uses the Web or a corporate intranet to provide worldwide distribution of quality data and related production-level information.

Call: 248-357-2200; fax: 248-357-4933. Circle #290

Imaging Software Developed For Digital Camera Analyzer

Horbia Instruments has developed advanced evaluating software for the Camsizer Digital Particle Size Analyzer manufactured by Retsch.

This software offers the ability to precisely measure the shape of particles for fast and reliable characterization of powders and bulk materials.

It is now possible for the user to receive information on parameters such as absolute lengths, length/width ratios, symmetry and roundness.

Horbia says the new measurement models make it possible for the Camsizer to produce data that closely match sieving without the need for calibration curves, reference distributions or fitting routines.

Call: 800-446-7422; fax: 949-250-0924. Circle #291

The VIEEW system from Atlas Electric Devices.

VIEEW Aids With Classification Of Surface Structures

Atlas Electric Devices Co. says its video image enhanced evaluation of weathering (VIEEW) is an expert system that replaces subjective visual assessments with accurate and objective evaluations.

This optical system allows the use of two distinct illumination geometries created by separate light sources: direct light, which examines top layer defects such as scratches or chipping on automotive coatings, and diffuse light, which allows laboratory personnel to study the effects that cause modifications to the surface contrast.

VIEEW evaluates coated or painted samples, and its current applications include clearcoat analysis, gravel impact, texture analysis, corrosion analysis and delamination.

Call: 773-327-4520; fax: 773-327-5787. Circle #293

Brimrose's On-Line NIR Analyzer Diffuses Reflectance

Brimrose says its Luminar 3075 is a diffuse reflectance, on-line near inferred analyzer (NIR) for analytical measurements and control on, for example, IBC's, where cable or fiber optic connections are not applicable.

The system locates a complete AOTF-NIR high performance spectrometer right on the moving blending vessel. Vibrations, dust or ambient light have no influence on the performance of the system due to its solid state design and technology, according to Brimrose.

Collected data and spectra can be used to control the blending device and/or transmitted to the system computer or server for reference data logging and further analytical purposes.

Call: 410-931-7200; fax: 410-931-7206. Circle #295

Qualsys Launches New Quality Management Software

EQMS is intranet based software designed to support quality and standards management, workflow and knowledge management by automating the administration and distribution of corporate documentation, including quality procedure, policy directives, corporate standards and forms.

EQMS is modular and allows for remote access as well as enabling updates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The core modules allow loading of documents in their native format (Word or Excel, for example) onto an intranet based system, which integrates easily with the Internet, says Qualsys. Simple access to the documents is also provided.

Additional, optional modules include audit manager, equipment manager and customer care manager.

Call: 44-0114-282-3338 (UK); e-mail: zedpr@aol.com. Circle #296

CATSweb Tracking System From AssurX Has Web Based Capabilities

CATSweb corrective action tracking system version 3.0 from AssurX is a Web based quality system that helps organizations solve manufacturing defects, maintain ISO 9000 and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) good manufacturing practice standards, and track problems and issues from occurrence through disposition and corrective action.

AssurX says CATSweb can be accessed from any computer running any operating system with any Web browser anytime an Internet connection is available.

Key features include browser interface, unlimited customized forms and applications, scalability and security, easy to use analytical tools, universal e-mail integration, 100% FDA compliance, flexible and robust integration with other information systems and generalized terminology.

Call: 408-778-1376; e-mail: info@assurx.com. Circle #283 

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