Celesco's Transducer Designed for Precision

Celesco's Model MTA cable extension transducer uses a high cycle conductive plastic potentiometer to provide a precision voltage divider position feedback signal for a full scale measurement range of 0-3.

The transducer has an accuracy of ±0.15% and repeatability of ±0.02% full stroke. It is 35mm in diameter x 13 mm thick and weighs 1.6 oz.

Because the nylon coated stainless steel measuring cable does not have to be perfectly aligned for accurate measurement, installation is fast and simple, says the manufacturer.

The tension of the measuring cable is 0.075 oz. ±25%.

Call: 818-884-6860; e-mail: info@celesco.com. Circle #265

Bayonet Fitting Removes Sensors

The Bayonet-Fit Temperature Sensor from Accutech is a quick disconnect fitting designed to provide users with a hassle free alternative to traditional disassembling, allowing the sensor to be removed without tools, says Accutech.

With the bayonet fitting, there are four steps to sensor removal: opening the transmitter head, disconnecting sensor wires from the transmitter, twisting the bayonet fitting to disengage it and sliding out the sensor.

The new fitting can be installed in the waterproof head or in the explosion proof head, and sensors with the bayonet fitting can be ordered individually or purchased with a complete measurement system including the Accutech AI-1000 R2 or AI-1500 transmitter.

Call: 978-568-0500; fax: 978-568-9085. Circle #268

The Chub-E4 Thermometer Readout from Hart Scientific.

Thermometer Reads Thermocouples

The Chub-E4 Thermometer Readout from Hart Scientific includes four channels for reading thermocouples or thermistors. Accuracy levels are high enough for lab use, while battery power makes the Chub-E4 well-suited for field applications.

The Chub-E4 reads all common configurations, including 100-ohm and 25-ohm platinum resistence thermometers with two, three or four wires and all common thermocouples, including B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T and Au-Pt.

According to Hart Scientific, users may also select any eight data fields to view on-screen, including statistical functions, probe information, T1-T2functions or utility functions such as time, date and logging status.

Call: 800-438-4278; fax: 801-763-1010. Circle #266

Mitutoyo's PH-14 Profile Projector.

Projector Combines Accuracy, Ease of Use

The PH-14 Profile Projector is a stalwart inspection tool for practically every plant, according to its manufacturer, Mitutoyo. This 14-in. diameter screen projector is designed to be within reach of even the smallest shops.

The projection lens and mirror allow only ±0.05% magnification error from 10X through 100X in the central measuring zone, says the manufacturer.

The ultra rigid frame of the PH-14 ensures long-term accuracy, and at the maximum load of 100 lbs., even offset weights do not affect precision.

Call: 630-978-5385; e-mail: info@mitutoyo.com. Circle #278

Detector Combines Signal, Echo Information

The USN 60 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector from Krautkramer combines the advantages of digital signal processing with detailed echo information previously possible only with analog cathode ray tube displays.

USN 60 has 250 kHz to 25 MHz capability with eight selectable frequency ranges.

A high resolution (640 x 480 pixels) LCD display and a 60 Hz update "single shot" measurement technique produce fast, smooth response in immersion and critical weld testing, says the manufacturer.

Two independent flaw gates, an interface gate and analog outputs handle a wide range of system applications.

The unit also has an on-board alphanumeric datalogger.

Call: 717-242-0327; fax: 717-242-2606. Circle #269

ProCal Software Has Enhancements

Prime Technologies' ProCal 2000 Version 4.0 is the upgrade of its calibration data management software.

With ProCal 2000's detailed forms and fields, calibration managers can produce single page reports that satisfy good manufacturing practices and traceability requirements as required for ISO 9000, QS-9000 and FDA validation compliance.

Version 4.0 is offered in either Access or Oracle platforms.

It features enhancements to this Windows based program, including flexible calibration grids, plus/minus accuracy calculations, warning message for failed calibrations, control limits, automatic backup and data archiving and remote data exporting for field calibrations.

Call: 610-436-9703; fax: 610-436-9097. Circle #270

Accessories Available for IR Analyzer

Analytical Spectral Devices' (ASD) LabSpec Pro near infrared (IR) analyzer has three new sampling accessories available for use: a high intensity source probe, a high intensity contact probe and a multipurpose fiber optic fixture.

The source probe has been designed for measuring solids, pastes, powders and granular materials.

The contact probe's optical design minimizes measurement errors associated with stray light and can measure samples even through plastic bags, says the manufacturer.

According to ASD, the multipurpose fiber optic fixture accommodates a wide range of curvettes from short path (1 mm) to long path (50 mm). It allows end users to measure highly absorbing or very viscous fluids that are not suited to analysis using a standard curvette or fiber optic transmission probe.

Call: 303-444-6522; fax: 303-444-6825. Circle #271

Remote Hygrometer Monitors Temperature

The D850 Traceable Radio-Signal Remote Hygrometer/Thermometer and Remote Sensor Module from Dickson monitors temperature and humidity from up to three remote wireless sensors.

The D850's main unit features a large digital display where you can view current, minimum and maximum temperature, and humidity readings.

Dickson says the D850 is ideal for monitoring multiple, wireless locations and features an audible alarm that tells you when critical conditions have occurred.

Call: 800-323-2448; e-mail: dicksonsr@dicksonweb.com. Circle #272

System Combines Speed, Design Verification

According to Chroma ATE, the 8000 Series is a rack of sophisticated power test components and software to deliver fast test speeds and the most advanced design verification and analysis tools.

User selectable hardware and software modules make the system ideal for design verification, incoming inspection, production test, burn-in, environmental stress screening and final assembly test of power supplies, modules, battery chargers and power entry modules.

The PowerPro software allows the user to define pre- and post-tests, optimizing the program for both high-speed batch testing and in-depth failure analysis, and providing users quality verification tests in accordance with standard statistical process control procedures.

Call: 800-478-2026; e-mail: scott@chromaate.com. Circle #273

Sensor Integrates FM Telemetry and Design

Sensor Developments' noncontact wheel torque sensor integrates its digital FM telemetry system and its custom sensor design capabilities into one easy to use package, says the manufacturer.

The system includes a custom designed torque sensor that can be directly attached at the axle hub or to a customer supplied wheel rim.

Other features include noncontacting signal transmission, high level analog signal output, 12 bits analog to digital resolution, RS-232 serial output, nonlinearity and hysteresis <0.25%FS, 1250Hz sample rate, on-board shunt calibration and power switch.

Call: 248-391-3000; e-mail: sensor@sendev.com. Circle #274

The Series 838T mechanical and digital gages from Mahr Federal.

Portable ID/IO Gages Measure in Tight Places

A series of portable, handheld inner diameter and input/output gages from Mahr Federal is designed specifically for measuring hard to reach dimensions not accessible to conventional hand tools such as calipers and micrometers.

The 838T series is ideal for measuring parts with difficult clearances, such as the insides of bottles, deep internal grooves, and the wall thickness of a can or a piece of tubing.

The 838T series consists of mechanical readout and digital gages for checking small IDs ranging from 0.1 in. (2.5 mm) to 2 in. (50 mm). The digital version has a large display and electric output for statistical process control data output.

Call: 800-333-4243; e-mail: info@fedprod.com. Circle #267

Wafer System Finds Internal Defects

The AW-2000 from Sonoscan is an automated system that creates images through bonded wafer pairs in order to find voids, microvoids and other internal defects.

It uses a robot arm to remove a wafer from an incoming cassette and position the wafer for acoustic imaging. The very high frequency ultrasonic transducer used for scanning wafers has recently been shown to detect microvoids having a diameter as small as five microns, the manufacturer said.

After acoustic imaging, system software classifies each wafer according to the user's requirements, and the robotic arm places the wafer in the appropriate outgoing cassette.

Call: 847-437-6400; e-mail: info@sonoscan.com. Circle #275

Analyzer Measures Levels of Methyl Iodide

According to IN USA, the Model CH3I-100 Analyzer offers a reliable and accurate solution for monitoring concentration levels of methyl iodide.

Applications for the Model CH3I-100 include leak detection for environmental monitoring to ensure workplace safety and trace level detection for purging control.

The CH3I-100 Analyzer uses UV absorption techniques to continually measure ppm or percentage levels of methyl iodide in the gas phase.

Some of its features include a highly stable optical system, no consumables, microprocessor controlled technology, dual field programmable alarms and high specificity to methyl iodide.

Call: 800-798-4029; fax: 781-444-9229. Circle #276

Leak Tester Uses Mass-Flow Sensing

The M-1075-44 Leak Detector offers a smaller and more economical, dry air alternative to helium mass spectrometer test systems, which often have been essential for validating assembled products or components that must contain a liquid, gas or vacuum within tight leakage specifications, says InterTech.

The instrument applies mass flow sensing technology with a special low flow transducer to document precise volumetric leak rates at test cycle speeds of up to 7,000 parts per hour.

Designed to serve 100% test requirements either as a self contained, single station tester or as part of an automated assembly/test system, the M-1075-44 is easily interfaced with a PC to receive downloaded information such as program modifications or to share test data with other devices.

Call: 847-679-3377; fax: 847-679-3391. Circle #277

Rare Earth Magnets Resist Corrosion

Industrial Magnetics has added the nickel plated neodymium (rare earth) magnet to its raw magnet material line.

Encased in a protective nickel plating, these extremely powerful rare earth magnets resist corrosion for a long, maintenance-free life, says the manufacturer.

With a high holding power to size ratio, rare earth material is ideal for miniaturized applications and is often used in alternators, linear actuators, gyroscopes, flow meters and electronic devices.

Nickel plated neodymium is available in over 30 different sizes in disc, cylinder or rectangular configurations.

Call: 231-582-3100; e-mail: imi@magnetics.com. Circle #279

Software Delivers Increased Automation

Virtek says increased automation, expanded computer aided design compatibility, improved operating speed, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), and materials properties definition capabilities are all packed into Version 2.2 of its LaserQC software system.

The overall user friendliness and system operating speed of Version 2.2 have also been improved through additional automated functions that include automatic inspection check sheet generation as well as directed scanning and automated rescanning.

Additional Version 2.2 features and algorithms generate and inspect measurements in compliance with GD&T industry standards, and enhancements enable the user to increase production of tolerances, thereby reducing scrap, and meet the most stringent quality control standards, says the manufacturer.

Call: 519-746-7190; fax: 519-746-3383. Circle #280

Shimpo Unveils 500 Lb. Capacity Test Stand

The FGS-250PV Series Flex-Stand from Shimpo is available in three models: low, medium and high speed. It has a 35-in. clearance and a large adjustable sample stage that allows for easy testing of oversized materials

Shimpo says it has added a special zeroing feature that allows the test stand to reset the distance display to zero once the load cell or force gage senses an object.

The FGS-250PV accepts Shimpo FGE/FGV, DRI (with remote load cells) and DFS force gages up to 500 lb. capacity.

Call: 800-237-7079; e-mail: info@shimpoinst.com. Circle #281

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