Metrics Manager Enhances Maintenance and Reliability Measures

Metrics Manager from Meridium is a Web based software project that gives its users the power to define, standardize and publish maintenance and reliability measures throughout the enterprise.

With Metrics Manager, users can establish sophisticated graphic representations of key performance metrics at the plant, business unit or corporate level, according to the manufacturer. They can selectively drill down on sections of the graph to more detailed graphs, all the way to the source data if desired.

Meridium says the data are presummarized in user defined multidimensional data cubes, so response time is nearly instantaneous.

Metrics Manager requires no desktop installation other than Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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2.5kN Universal Tester Designed for Tension
The TMI LTL 2.5kN Universal Tester from Testing Machines is designed for tension, compression and flexural testing of a variety of materials such as plastics, film, paper, cord, textiles, adhesives and components.

It is a compact, single-column bench top machine with force measurement ranges from 1N to 2.5kN and a crosshead travel of 100mm.

The integral display gives a readout of peak force , elongation, the calculated statistics of mean and standard deviation without the need to connect to a separate PC. Test parameters are entered through an easy to use control panel in a sequential menu driven format, according to Testing Machines.

Call: 800-678-3221; e-mail: info@testingmachines.com. Circle #250



Thermo Orion's pHuture multimeasurement system. 

Measurement System Uses Thermo Orion pHuture Technology
Thermo Orion says its multi measurement systems allow the user to utilize its pHuture technology to simultaneously gather many different measurements from a single sample using one 12 mm electrode.

The Model 555A measures pH, mV, conductivity, salinity, resistivity and temperature.

The Model 535A advanced bench top meter measures pH, mV and temperature with the same versatile probe technology but is designed for users requiring only pH measurements.

Both meters offer enhanced calibration options.

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DMI 500 Solves Calibration Problems
LaserMax's Displacement Measuring Interferometer (DMI) 500 can solve micropositioning and calibration problems in machine tool, process control, disk driver and wafer processing applications, as well as those using volatile liquids.

The measurement beam from the LaserMax DMI 500 is directed to a corner cube attached to the object for which linear displacement is to be measured.

LaserMax says the 1.5 lb. unit's resolution is 0.083µm, its accuracy is 3 ppm with environmental compensation, its range is 500 mm and its slew rate is 100 mm/sec with PC-80 or PC ISA counter board.

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Moisture Sensor Has Interface for Web
Strandberg Engineering Laboratories' Type 1035 Moisture-to-Computer Interface is a moisture sensor interface for web and bulk materials in process.

It sends microamperes of current to the roller, plate or probe through the material and back to the interface through guide rolls or conveyors with which the material is in contact.

Type 1035's electrical output is a linear function of the percentage of moisture in almost all hygroscopic materials. Its sensitivity is the same over the entire residual moisture spectrum, says the manufacturer.

Call: 336-274-3775; e-mail: sensors@strandberg.com. Circle #253



Quantim Mass Flow Meter and Controller from Brooks Instrument. 

Controller Improves Quality and Yield
The Coriolis based Quantim Precision Mass Flow Meter and Controller from Brooks Instrument is designed for low flow applications.

It utilizes an exclusive Coriolis sensor technology, a long proven direct mass measurement technique that has been widely used in large flow processes for many years, says Brooks Instrument.

With Quantim, users have the ability to improve quality and yield, reduce inventories substantially and lower their total cost of ownership, according to the manufacturer.

The device offers several advantages including better precision, immunity to process conditions, improved reliability and wide application flexibility.

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HALT/HASS Applications Included in Keithley's ESS
Keithley's Model 7708 is the latest addition to its series of measurement/control solutions built around the company's Model 2700 Multimeter/Data Acquisition System.

The Model 7708 plugs into the Model 2700, providing 40 channels of differential multiplexing with automatic cold junction compensation for temperature measurements with J, K, N, T, E, R, S and B thermocouples.

Keithley says the Model 7708 accommodates mixed signal measurements, making it suited for multipoint monitoring in environmental stress screening (ESS) applications.

It comes with software for system configuration, data logging and analysis, making the 7708 ideal for highly accelerated life testing in product development and highly accelerated stress screening during production.

Call: 888-534-8453; e-mail: product_info@keithley.com. Circle #255



Xentra 4100/4200 Gas Purtiy Analyzers from Servomex.

Servomex Gas Purity Analyzers Identify Unwanted CO2
The Xentra 4100 & 4200 Series of gas analyzers from Servomex provide accurate gas measurements from trace levels to 100% purity and are suited for use by industrial gas producers and gas companies.

Servomex says the analyzers have fast, long-life sensors and multiple stream analysis capabilities coupled with easy to use software, resulting in superior performance and minimal operation costs.

The Xentra 4100 is used in nonflammable gas streams with typical applications at air separation plants.

The Xentra 4200 is suitable when CO2 is measured in a flammable gas.

Call: 781-769-7710; fax: 781-769-2834. Circle #252


Synergy 2000 LE Combines Power and Affordability
Synergy 2000 LE from Zontec is a 32-bit statistical process control software program that delivers real-time performance on Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 based PCs, and local area networks.

The program uses high resolution graphics and color-coded status flags to alert users of process variation beyond control and specification limits, says Zontec.

Synergy 2000 LE enables users to combine variable, attribute and Pareto data in a single data bank. Other features include reports with up to eight charts per page, direct input from measurement devices, short run, integrated messaging and powerful queries based on inner diameter, notes, time and/or date.

Call: 800-955-0088; fax: 513-648-9007. Circle #256


PQ Systems DOEpack 2000 Offers Process Efficiency, Support
PQ Systems says DOEpack 2000 is an easy to use, 32-bit Windows based design of experiments (DOE) program that gives collaborative support to compliance efforts as well as Six Sigma requirements

Data analysis tools that DOEpack 2000 offers include regression analysis, analysis of means, analysis of variance, contour plots, pairwise comparison, screen plot and residuals analysis.

Charts are interactive in DOEpack 2000, allowing the user to garner information about any data point by simply clicking on that point. The multichart feature allows charts that are created to be collected on a single page to summarize all attributes of a design.

Call: 800-777-3020; e-mail: sales@pqsystems.com. Circle #257


NI-Scope Expands Capability Of Digital Oscilloscopes
National Instruments' NI-Scope Version 1.6 offers more than 50 measurement functions, including waveform math, time and voltage histogram measurements, and frequency measurement tools such as windows and digital filters.

NI-Scope 1.6 allows engineers and scientists flexibility by providing a programmable interface in National Instruments' LabVIEW, Measurement Studio and Microsoft VisualBasic and VisualC++.

The software is specifically designed to work with the NI 5102, NI 5112 and NI 5911 digital oscilloscopes, and these computer based oscilloscopes offer engineers and scientists increased test throughput, deep memory, low cost and simplified system integration.

Call: 512-794-0100; e-mail: info@natinst.com. Circle #258


Criterion Provides Precise Measurements
Criterion, a new line of quality information systems from Siemens, offers flexible solutions for all plant floor measurements, process analysis and process control.

Each system is an integrated solution selected from a range of local measuring stations, an extensive array of precision measuring devices, and various analysis and monitoring tools, all using the same standard PC network tradenamed Vantage.

Siemans says each system's ability to calculate and document process performance and display official documentation affords users exceptional opportunities to reduce scrap, increase quality, tighten process control and thus achieve their quality goals in the production of precision parts.

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Analyzer Has Static Sensor, Voltmeter Capabilities
The enhanced Model 711 Charge Analyzer from 3M features new housing dimensions. The 6" x 6" x 6" unit meets the requirements of electrostatic discharge (ESD) Standard 3.1 and International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Report 613450-5-1 and has static decay time measurement of 0.1s to 99.9s.

It also includes two 11-digit LED bars that display separate positive and negative charge readings, as well as three spacers that support the unit during horizontal airflow measurements for air ionizer performance tests.

The 711 can also be used as a voltmeter with an extended measurement range of 25v, 100v, 500v, 1kv and 5kv, according to 3M.

Call: 800-814-8709. Circle #261


Conveyor Position Feedback System Reduces Stopping Problems
Advanced Research & Robotics' Unitrak is a conveyor position feedback system that accurately senses a conveyor within a given range and sends relevant information to a robot, adjusting the robot to move and load or unload an object.

The customer benefits by extending the life of its conveyor automation system through the elimination of hard stops that lead to conveyor maintenance and breakdown problems, says the manufacturer.

The Unitrak can be used in any conveyor automation situation when conveyor position feedback is critical to the production process, and its position sensor can determine stopping within +/- 0.1 in.

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Y14.5M-1994 Standard Available in Electronic Form
Tec-Ease offers an electronic version of the Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) Standard, Y14.5M-1994 Standard-Ease.

This is a user-friendly electronic version of the Y14.5M-1994 Standard, says Tec-Ease. Just click on the figure referenced in the paragraph or the paragraph referenced in the figure, and instantly the graphic and related text appear in separate viewing windows.

Additional features include hot links of GD&T terms, paragraphs and figures, full search capability, split screen of graphic and text and pop-up definitions. Smart look-up gives users a comprehensive index, and they can zoom in on any graphic for greater detail. Previous and next arrows are always available on both graphics and text.

Standard-Ease software runs on the Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems.

Call: 888-832-3273. Circle #264



One of the PDA Calibrators from Transmation Products Group.

PDA Calibrators Can Build Device Databases
Transmation Products Group offers six PDA calibrators for mA/pressure, mA, voltage, thermocouple, resistance temperature detector and frequency.

Transmation says its calibrators automatically build a device database in the field with each new calibration, eliminating the time consuming need to prepopulate a database prior to performing work

The calibrators feature an easy to navigate LCD touch screen interface, which eliminates the usual array of buttons and knobs that traditional handheld calibrators require for operation.

The PDA calibrators are offered in nondocumenting and documenting versions.

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