Image Analysis Software Has Tools for SMT

Phoenix/x-ray Systems and Services' image/optimiser 3.1 is a universal, fully integrated inspection and analysis software program for real-time failure analysis and inspection.

According to Phoenix/x-ray, the image/ optimiser can be used for the determination of process defects or design analysis for chip packaging and surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturers.

Key program features include live or inverse image analysis, multiple framed window viewing, filters, quick snapshots, text annotation, auto/manual histograms, customer defined macros, wire sweep measurements, auto positioning control and 2-D measurement.

Call: 805-389-0911; e-mail: dklehmann@phoenix-xray.com. Circle #286


Columbus Gas Mixer Has Internal Microprocessor

Columbus Instruments' Pegas 4000MF Gas Mixer can blend from two to four gases in a precise mixture available on demand. It uses thermal mass flow controllers to provide an exact flow of each component gas.

The system is equipped with an internal microprocessor to perform all needed calculations and to provide signals to the flow controllers. The user only needs to enter the total flow and the concentration of each component.

Flow controller accuracy and linearity are ±1% full scale, and flow controller repeatability is 0.2% full scale.

Call: 614-276-0861; e-mail: sales@colinst.com.  Circle #289


Radiometer Measures Instantaneous Irradiance

The IL1400A Radiometer and UV Detector Probe from International Light.  

The IL1400A Radiometer and UV Detector Probe provides an effective method of testing the spot and flood curing lamps used for curing medical coatings.

The IL1400A features a narrow band detector that measures the 10-nm bandpass centered around the 335-nm action wavelength. It has been calibrated in a National Institute of Standards and Technology audited laboratory that conforms to medical device manufacturer requirements and standards , International Light said.

Suitable for providing ISO 9000 qualification, the IL1400A can measure instantaneous irradiance (watts/cm) in the integration mode.

International Light's radiometer comes with a 7-ft. cable for remote measurements.

Call: 978-465-5923; fax: 978-462-0759. Circle #288


MiniConoscan 3000 Utilizes Conoscopic Holography

Optimet's Miniconoscan 3000 is a noncontact collinear system that is suited for making fast, accurate and repeatable 3-D precision measurements of metal, plastic and rubber industrial molds, machined parts and tools.

Optimet says its conoscopic holography technique allows measurements up to 500 points per second dynamically while the stages are in motion, making possible precise 3-D digital images of virtually any surface.

The system's measurements use precise X and Y stages and its repeatability is greater than 1/8000 of the working range.

Call: 978-774-2500; e-mail: sales@optimet.com. Circle #291


LCR Meter Provides Component Testing

The Model 2600 Series Digital LCR Meter from Tegam.

The Model 2600 Series Digital LCR Meter from Tegam is an instrument that measures inductance, capacitance, resistance, Q and dissipation factor.

Tegam says the Model 2600's digital display has a dual five-character alphanumeric design that provides a primary readout of the measured L, C or R parameter and a secondary readout of related information such as Q, dissipation factor, resistance and more.

A series of front panel LEDs provide additional information about measurement settings, measurement units and the status of the communication interfaces.

Call: 440-466-6100; e-mail: jborton@tegam.com. Circle #290


Temperature Meter Features Data Logging Capability

BK Precision says its Model 725 Temperature/Humidity Meter is a compact, lightweight, battery powered, handheld unit that provides a wide range of temperature and humidity readings with data logging capabilities and is ideal for environmental testing, lab monitoring, process control, greenhouse and ripening room, museum and store room, and building maintenance applications.

The built-in data logging feature allows the user to record up to 16,241 data points and, with an adjustable interval setting, to record from four hours to 11 days worth of data.

Call: 714-237-9220; fax: 714-237-9214.  Circle #294


CMM Laser Tracker Software Enhances CAD Capabilities

SMXInsight Version 4.1 software for Laser Trackers made by SMX Corp. enables users to take advantage of third-party computer aided design (CAD) packages.

SMX says Laser Trackers are portable coordinate measurement machines used to make 3-D measurements of large parts, tools, assemblies and other large objects in automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

The SMXInsight Version 4.1 software allows users to export "point cloud" measurement data to any CAD software package and has the ability to set dimensional tolerances for individual features of the parts being measured.

Call: 610-444-2300; fax: 610-444-2323. Circle # 287


Accelerometer Offers Low-Frequency Measure

The Model 7596 Microtron accelerometer from Endevco utilizes variable capacitance microsensors for low-level, low-frequency measurements.

The accelerometer is expected to find wide usage in laboratory motion measurements, modal analysis and ground transportation studies in environments where the accelerometer will be subjected to high shock levels (up to 10,000 g's), Endevco said.

The Model 7596 has a selection of measurement ranges, an operating temperature range from -65° F to 250° F (-55° C to 121° C) and a frequency response varying from 0­15 Hz to 0­1,000 Hz and can operate from 9.5 V to 18.0 VDC.

Call: 949-493-8181; e-mail: applications@endevco.com. Circle # 292


Current Sensor Measures Up to 100Arms

Bicron's model EX9PE101 Toroidal Current Sensor is a printed circuit board mounted device operating over the range of 0­100Arms, 47­400Hz.

According to the manufacturer, the EX9PE101 achieves output linearities as high as 2% of the full 100A range over a temperature range of -35° C to 80° C through the use of thermally stable construction materials.

It provides an electrically isolated AC output voltage that is proportional to AC current input. It includes instrumentation, measurement and control functions as well as monitoring and controlling AC devices such as motors, heaters, pumps and lamps.

Call: 860-824-5125; e-mail: info@bcrn.com. Circle #293


CMM Allows Scanning Speeds of 300mm/sec.

Renishaw's UCC1 Universal Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) Controller optimizes the CMM/probe interface for maximum part check speed and accuracy.

With UCC1, speeds in excess of 300 mm/sec. (12 in./sec.) can be achieved, the manufacturer says.

Ideal for both original equipment manufacturer and retrofit applications on a wide variety of CMMs, the UCC1 combines fast scanning capability with easy to install operation to boost inspection efficiency and throughput.

The flexible controller allows CMMs to operate in three modes: standard touch trigger, digitizing with analog probes and full high-speed scanning.

Call: 847-843-3666; fax: 847-843-1744. Circle #295


Starrett's Electronic Gage Amplifier Offers Flexibility

The No. 717 Electronic Gage Amplifier from Starrett.

The No. 717 Electronic Gage Amplifier from Starrett offers both analog and digital output and flexibility in data presentation while providing differential precision measuring.

According to Starrett, the No. 717 has an accuracy of ±2% of the probe range when the probe is calibrated in a temperature of 68° F.

Other features include selectable inch or millimeter ranges, push-button calibration, dual inputs for cumulative/differential measurements, single and continuous data send modes, and more.

Call: 978-249-3551; fax: 978-249-8495. Circle #297


Optical Comparator Makes Accurate Measurements

Deltronic says inspectors now can make faster and more accurate measurements of larger parts with its DH216-18 Optical Comparator with 18 x 6 in. extended travel stage.

The stage itself also has been made larger, up to 5 x 23 in., redesigned and strengthened to assure stability and accurate measurements of larger and heavier parts.

A 108-square-inch measuring envelope is provided by the new stage, with 50% greater X travel and 50% larger overall measurement capability.

Call: 714-545-0401; fax: 714-641-0946. Circle #296


AcuMap II Is Full Wafer Mapper Capable

ADE Corp. AcuMap II is a film measurement and visualization system that provides a powerful, cost effective alternative to conventional film thickness measurement systems.

The AcuMap II is a full wafer mapper capable of providing up to 40,000 film measurements across a wafer in less than 90 seconds, says ADE. It has no moving parts to scan.

AcuMap II maps dielectric films and is compatible with 100­200 mm wafers.

Call: 781-467-3500; fax: 781-467-0500. Circle #298


Multifunction Meter For Spray Shop Operators

The Sprayshop Analizer from DCA Electronics performs three tests: earth continuity detection, measurement of temperature and measurement of KV up to 200 KV.

As an earth monitor, an audible and visual signal will check on earth continuity of less than 10 megaohms.

An accurate register of voltage at the gun tip up to 200 KV is measured, and the monitoring of the voltage provides an early warning before failure, DCA says.

The Sprayshop Analizer also has a digital thermometer that will operate up to 572° F. (300° C).

Call: (011)-44-1992-586981; e-mail: sales@dca-electronics.co.uk. Circle #299

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