Minitab Software Aids In Six Sigma Implementation

Minitab's Release 13.3 for Windows is an accurate, easy to use tool that is a vital part of implementing a successful Six Sigma program, said the manufacturer.

The addition of Attribute Gage R & R functionality to the comprehensive data analysis software allows users in both manufacturing and business environments to assess the consistency of classifications made when the measurements are subjective judgments or ratings by people.

Call: 814-238-3280, x256; e-mail: Sales@minitab.com. Circle #271

EcoSSe Measures Statistical And Geostatistical Values

EcoSSe (ecological spatial statistical evaluation) from Ecosse North America is a software package for statistical and geostatistical evaluation of spatial data relevant to all applications where samples have a location as well as measured values.

According to the manufacturer, EcoSSe is suited to geostatistical applications with highly skewed sample values and/or trends in values.

Other features include basic statistical analysis, histograms, scattergrams, calculation and interactive modeling of semivariograms and more.

Call: 614-823-1417; fax: 614-823-3201. Circle #272

Thickness Gage Has A-Scan Waveform Display


StressTel's T-Scope III thickness gage with A-Scan waveform display.

The StressTel T-Scope III thickness gage with A-Scan waveform display quickly and accurately verifies backwall echoes and the digital thickness in critical inspection applications, the manufacturer says.

Thickness readings and waveforms can be stored in linear, grid or boiler data files to generate direct reports or download to Stresstel's Gridware 2000 inspection management software program.

Key features include a wide 0.02 to 20.00 in. measuring range, 2.5 lbs. weight, over 40 hours of battery life, dual-multiple test mode for wall measurement through coatings and multiple language on-display help.

Call: 814-861-6300; fax: 814-861-6330. Circle #277

Gage Can Be Used With Liquids and Corrosives


The Minigauage 3800 digital pressure gage from Meriam Instruments.

Meriam Instrument's Minigauge 3800 digital pressure gage is a digital electronic pressure gage and the first in its class to feature an isolated sensor, the manufacturer says.

The isolated stainless steel sensor allows the gage to be compatible with a number of process fluids that would be corrosive to nonisolated sensors.

Its simplified design eliminates the need for an internal diaphragm and fill fluid while maintaining complete isolation between the process fluid and electronic components.

Minigauge features a pressure range of up to 10,000 psi at an accuracy of ±1% of full scale.

Call: 216-281-1100; fax: 216-281-0228. Circle #278

Software for Engineers Improves Design Quality

Boothroyd Dewhurst's Design for Assembly (DFA) Software Version 9.0 features tools that help engineers improve quality, estimate assembly times and costs for their designs, investigate new design ideas and benchmark competitive designs.

DFA Version 9.0 has long standing applications in the automotive, aerospace, medical, telecommunications and consumer goods markets, the manufacturer says.

The software operates in Windows versions 95, 98, NT and 2000.

Call:401-783-5840; e-mail: info@dfma.com. Circle #273

Temperature Controllers Have Remote Monitoring

The Series C from Athena Controls is a family of panel mounted, universal input temperature controllers that are compatible with Athena's Multi-Comm remote monitoring software or self-authored PC based programs.

Each controller model is microprocessor controlled and features autotuning as well as full functionality to provide accurate closed-loop, single channel temperature control, says the manufacturer.

Standard features include a large LED displays capable of decimal readouts of 0.1 degrees, dual output/dual alarm capabilities, field-configurable process and deviation alarms, and bumpless auto/manual transfer.

Call: 610-828-2490; fax: 610-828-7084. Circle #274

Measurement System Aids In Quality Assurance Testing

The Model FM120 fluorescence measurement system from Fluorescence is a fully self-contained, noncontact, real-time measurement system that provides immediate fluorescence measurements without the need for complex solvent extractions or time consuming sample preparation.

According to the manufacturer, the Model FM120's internal microcontroller and backlit, menu-driven LCD display and interface simplify operation either in the lab or on the production floor, while the measurement technique reports fluorescence measurements in real time.

A standard RS232 serial output allows the FM120 to be connected to a laptop PC for data logging.

Call: 613-224-1192; e-mail: wsinclair@fluorosense.com. Circle #275

Digital Encoder From Sony Measures Displacement

Sony's Laserscale is a digital, exposed linear encoder with subnanometer resolutions.

Since there is no contact between the scanning head and the scale, mechanical backlash (hysteresis) is eliminated, says the manufacturer.

Laserscale measures displacement by monitoring the phase change of a semiconductor laser beam as it passes through a hologram grating.

Using differential measurement, it eliminates perturbations in atmospheric conditions and mechanical alignment, resulting in a stable signal period of approximately 0.14 micrometers.

Laserscale linear encoders are available in several accuracy grades (to ±0.03 micrometers) and measuring lengths (10 to 960 millimeters).

Call: 949-770-8400; fax: 949-770-8408. Circle #276

Turck Pressure Sensor Offers Digital Readout

Turck's Programmable Pressure Sensor has digital readout and a dual set point device with adjustable hysteresis.

It is capable of measuring in either bar or psi units, and the sensor is ideal for pressure analysis in many industries, including automotive, the manufacturer says.

This device can monitor pressures up to 5,800 psi. The sensor features a four-digit, seven-segment digital display that provides continuous pressure data and facilitates setup via a programming menu.

A separate bar graph exhibits a comparison of set point conditions to overall sensor range.

Call: 763-553-7300; e-mail: sensors@turck.com. Circle #279

Image Processing System Suitable for Gauging

The VCM30 from Vision Components is an image processing system with a compact, lightweight optical system, that can be used in a variety of industries, including food quality inspection, circuit manufacturing and more.

It is suitable for use in addressing a variety of gauging, inspection, orientation, pattern matching, and recognition and correlation tasks.

According to the manufacturer, the VCM30's construction and NEMA4 housing stand up to vibrations, shocks and extreme temperatures while permitting precise measurements and tests.

It comes with normalized gray scale correlation pattern matching software.

Call: 781-229-5842; e-mail: info@vision-comp.com. Circle #280

Portable Counting Scales Have RS232 Interface


One of the high resolution, portable counting scales with RS232 interface from Alliance Scale Inc.

Alliance Scale Inc. has a new line of counting scales that are accurate, high resolution portable units with RS232 interface for two-scale counting applications, the manufacturer says.

They feature sealed keypads with buttons that give average piece weight and allow switching between weight and count and between two Rangercount scales. Results are provided on an easy to read backlit LCD display.

Using a 16-MHz 16-bit chip for fast stability and indication, models ranging from 6 lb. x 0.0005 lb. capacity and 0.2g repeatability to 120 lb. x 0.01 lb. and 5.0g are offered.

Call: 781-828-8386; e-mail: sales@alliancescale.com. Circle #285

EZVision Sensor Designed For Static Inspections

The EZVision Sensor from Cincinnati Industrial Automation is an integrated image processing and programmable logic controller designed for static or high-speed inspections (up to 15,000/minute) and programmable machine control, says the manufacturer.

Key features include two camera inputs for simultaneous image capture of two views of the device, 16 inspection programs, template matching with normalized correlation, rotational correction, numerous general purpose measurement/inspection tools, and PLC features such as 15 I/O points, 128 internal registers, eight timers and eight counters.

Call: 859-341-1141; fax: 859-341-7479. Circle #284

Mettler Toledo Offers Precision Counting Scales 

Mettler Toledo's new range of rugged, accurate and economical scales called the Viper family is designed to cater to a wide variety of industrial and counting applications, says the manufacturer.

Viper models are available in two platform sizes and five weighing ranges from three to 60 kg and an internal resolution of one part in 3,000,000.

They have rugged die-cast aluminum housing and a backlit display with a large, easy to read LCD for clear results.

An optional clear plastic cover offers a protective barrier against accidental spills. An RS232 data interface is built in.

Call: 614-438-4511; fax: 614-438-4525. Circle #283

Customized Transducers Are Available Online

Sensotec's Model FP2000 pressure transducer features instant online ordering and two-week delivery. The FP family includes gage, absolute vacuum, barometric, and wet/wet or wet/dry differential configurations.

The FP2000 Fast Factory assembly technique is flexible enough to deliver more than 20,000 different sensor configurations, says the manufacturer. The customer is able to individually configure a transducer to best fit the application by selecting the desired performance specifications from a menu of choices.

Possibilities include a choice of 0.1% or 0.25% accuracy, ranges from vacuum to 0-10,000 psi, six different pressure ports (including metric) and three standard electrical terminations.

Call: 800-848-6564; e-mail: sales@sensotec.com. Circle #281

Calys 5 Calibrator Ensures Instrument Performance

The Calys 5 calibrator from AOIP checks and calibrates sensors, controllers, transmitters, positioners, regulators, converters and other devices vital to the operation and quality of industrial processes.

Either on-site or in the lab, Calys 5 accurately measures and simulates temperatures, resistance, DC voltages and currents, and all other relevant quantities, the manufacturer says.

The unit has a seven-language interface (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and Dutch), with help mode. Its 1,000-measurement memory also allows it to act as a single channel data logger with data display via screen and 24-key keyboard or via analog output.

Call: 828-658-3131; fax: 828-658-0728. Circle #282

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