Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Data

Derek R. Allen and T.R. Rao, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, 243 pp., member $44, list $55. (book)

This book is not for the average reader with an acquaintance with statistics. This book covers the use of advanced statistical technologies in the analysis of the data provided by customer satisfaction surveys or questionnaires.

In order to truly appreciate and learn from this text, the reader should be very knowledgeable in the use of statistics. Many of the concepts are portrayed with examples that require considerable thought and data manipulation. Substantial effort will be required from the casual reader trying to follow and apply the knowledge imparted in the text.

Not being a statistician or a pollster, I found it difficult to assess the practical usefulness of this book to the average user. The techniques presented would be beneficial in the most advanced stages of customer satisfaction data analysis but are well beyond "first pass" review of customer satisfaction responses. The addition of the word "Advanced" to the title would help the reader make a more informed decision about the level of depth, complexity and coverage of the subject. It could save the reader a lot of brow wrinkling and perhaps a trip back to the bookstore either to return this book or obtain reference material in order to understand it.

Marc. A. Feldman
Solvay Interox
Houston, TX

HALT, HASS & HASA Explained: Accelerated Reliability Techniques

Harry W. McLean, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, 152 pp., member $48, list $60. (book)

HALT and HASS (highly accelerated life testing and highly accelerated stress screening) have recently become popular methods used to create robust designs and screen out manufacturing defects. This book provides a comprehensive explanation of the techniques and adds an additional technique, which the author calls HASA or highly accelerated stress audit.

The author explains that HALT, which is a process for product ruggedization during the preproduction phase of product development, is used to expose design margin limits. HASS, which follows HALT, uses the same stresses, but they are less severe. The purpose of HASS is to detect manufacturing process and material shifts that may cause premature failure. HASA is an outgrowth of HALT and HASS and is implemented after HALT and HASS when the manufacturing processes are in a state of statistical control.

This book will be useful to design, production, reliability and quality engineers who are looking to implement HALT or HASS as part of a product improvement effort. The author uses a clear step by step process to describe how each of the techniques works and provides good examples. There are enough charts and graphs to further illustrate his points and show relationships.

Eric Furness
Astronautics Corporation of America
Brookfield, WI

ISO 9001:2000: An Audio Workshop And Master Slide Presentation

John E. (Jack) West and Charles A. Cianfrani, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, member $120, list $150. (CD-ROM)

This publication on the revised standards, which addresses the revisions and their application, provides assistance in the preparation for the new requirements to become effective next year. While the format is not unique, this workshop is thorough in its presentation of the new requirements and discusses their similarities to the previous version.

As indicated by the title, this workshop is presented in two formats: an audio portion which is provided on two CDs, and a master slide presentation which may be used for In-House/On-Site training. The combination of these formats makes this an excellent resource as the CDs are portable and may be used with or without the hard copy material.

This is an excellent resource for organizations that are beginning the transition to the revised ISO 9000:2000 standard. Although this workshop is based on the 25 November 1999 Draft International Standard, the material presented will provide insight for necessary quality system modifications to meet the requirements of the new revision.

Terry Regel
Quality Management Resources
Mt. Juliet, TN

ISO 9001:2000 Explained

Charles A. Cianfrani, Joseph J. Tsiakals and John E. (Jack) West, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, 203 pp., member $32, list $40. (book)

For companies looking at getting a jump on the competition in regard to their ISO 9000 certification, this is the book. The 2000 edition of the ISO 9000 standards will be released this fall, and there are many changes that will affect the certification status of registered companies. This book explains in no-nonsense language what the changes are and how to prepare for them.

As many quality professionals are aware, the major change in ISO 9001:2000 is the use of a process approach rather than the element approach used in ISO 9000:1994.

The book steps through each clause in the new standard, and the authors explain the content of each clause along with any changes or new requirements. In addition symbols are used throughout the book to draw the reader's attention to the changes or new requirements and also to point out considerations for documentation. Definitions are included at the end of each clause along with typical audit questions concerning that particular requirement.

The book is an excellent resource in understanding the new requirements and should be on the must read list for any person who is responsible for attaining or maintaining ISO 9000 registration.

Wayne Sander
Dove Quality Consulting
Dousman, WI

Internal Quality Auditing

Denis Pronovost, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, 140 pp., member $30, list $38. (book)

This tidy volume addresses the needs of persons within an organization who have a responsibility for conducting audits internally. The book encompasses the needs of smaller organizations as well as larger ones. It recognizes that an internal audit is usually focused on:

  • 1. How well an already certified quality and /or environmental management system conforms to established procedures and instruction and

  • 2. How the system can be improved.

The author also describes the audit itself as an "on-site inquiry." He details a simple but unique way to create audit checklists which ensures that items on the checklists are up-to-date. The author refutes the myth that suggests internal auditors have an easier job than do external auditors.

The book is far less intimidating than many books intended for career auditors conducting mostly second- and third-party audits.

Russ Westcott
R.T. Westcott & Associates
Old Saybrook, CT

Product Liability Prevention

Randall L. Gooden, ASQ Quality Press, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53202, 2000, 250 pp., member $40.50, list $49. (book)

Product Liability Prevention should be read by corporate officers, chief engineers and managers in the manufacturing, quality and sales fields. It contains information that is vital to their operations and to the stability, life and profit of the corporation.

An allegedly injured individual can be awarded a large sum to compensate for an injury or loss. These awards can run into the millions of dollars.

The author sets forth procedures to avoid losses due to alleged injuries of individuals that can be followed by most organizations. Examples of situations where the procedures are followed and not followed are also included.

This book is well-written, and its content is set forth in simple English with a minimum of legal terms. In addition many of the legal terms are defined in simple language like one would read in the daily news.

August Mundel
White Plains, NY


Autonomous Maintenance Shopfloor TPM Implementation, Productivity, 541 N.E. 20th Ave., Portland, OR 97232, 2000, $1995.00. (Eight-video set with facilitator and participant guide.)

Manageware's QualityCenter 2000 Customer Corrective Action Software, Manageware LLC, 675 Wellingborough Ct., Alpharetta, GA 30005, 2000, $4,995. (software)

PM Basics (Project Management Basics), International Institute for Learning, 110 E. 59th St., New York, NY, 10022-1380, 2000, $495. (software)

Software Engineering Process: Principles and Applications,Yingxu Wang and Graham King, CRC Press LLC, 2000 N.W. Corporate Blvd., Boca Raton, FL 33431, 2000, 752 pp., $99.95. (book)

T.A.P.S: A Total Approach to Problem Solving, Paul Palady and Thomas Snabb, PAL Publications, 4600 Woodward Ave., Studio 512, Detroit, MI 48201, 2000, 368 pp., $89.00. (book)

Winning Score: How To Design and Implement Organizational Scorecards, Mark Graham Brown, Productivity Press, PO Box 13390, Portland, OR 97213-0390, 2000, 315 pp., $32.95. (book)

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