Inspection Gage Uses Windows NT Technology

The Model 1200 Crankshaft and Camshaft Inspection Gage from Adcole utilizes the Windows NT operating system, which allows the gage to provide better than one-half micron accuracy for measuring crankshaft characteristics including pin journal roundness, cylindricity and straightness, the manufacturer says.

It provides operators with familiar user interfaces and operations, enhanced networking and concurrent program capabilities and features a menu driven sequence builder utility for developing measurement sequences for new crankshafts and camshafts.

The operating system also includes advanced utilities for simplifying cam rise data entry.

Call: 508-485-9100; e-mail: breece@adcole.com. Circle #251

Web Software Handles Quality Management Data

Isocert from Landerville & Associates is a Web based documented quality and data management system comprising three parts: the documented quality system, quality management data system and engineering documentation information system.

It is used for managing and reporting on quality system procedures, work instructions, forms and operational results that directly affect performance.

This system can be a network or single user version depending on the needs of the company, and its Web site shell can be adapted to a company's Web site on the Internet or the company's intranet, according to the manufacturer.

Call: 707-546-8222; e-mail: postmaster@isocert.com. Circle #252

EZSurvey 2000 Generates Forms for Web, E-mail

Raosoft's EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet version 4.0 is a more advanced version of its previous 32-bit electronic data collection program. Raosoft says it lets end users build forms or questionnaires on Web sites or distribute them over the Internet, intranets or any standard e-mail system.

The software includes instant preconfigured statistical templates so end users can analyze the returned data.

EZSurvey's report templates include pie and bar chart analysis as well as tables and can be printed in color.

EZSurvey can be used with Windows 95, 98, Me and Windows NT.

Call: 206-525-4025; e-mail: raosoft@raosoft.com. Circle #253

Counting System Features Three Illumination Options

Optomax's Sorcerer Image Analysis System.

The Optomax Sorcerer Image Analysis System is a video camera based colony counter featuring a compact viewer that provides incident, dark field and transmitted illumination for different types of growth media and cultures.

Supplied with Windows compatible image analysis software for a wide range of R&D and quality control testing and a current high-speed Windows based PC, the Sorcerer is available with a high resolution 1,280 x 1,030 pixels charged coupled device camera.

Captured images can be saved to a disk for subsequent processing, and it links directly to an Excel spreadsheet for processing via Excel macros.

Call: 603-465-3385; e-mail: optomax@msn.com. Circle #266

Cebos Quality Management Software Offers Scalability

Cebos MQ1 professional edition quality management software interlinks all aspects of a company's quality performance from administration to manufacturing in a discipline enforcing information flow, the manufacturer says.

It focuses on product quality planning, calibration, training, project management, audits, document management, internal and external management, and preventive actions as well as other management issues.

MQ1 operates with Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 rational database and can serve as many as 100 concurrent individual users.

Call: 248-357-1844; fax: 248-357-1846. Circle #250

Qualification Package Has Automated Instrument Tests

Nicolet Industrial Solutions says ValPro is a complete system qualification package used to achieve system compliance with cGMP and FDA requirements while providing all of the components necessary to comply with design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification and performance qualification.

Its features include a validation wheel with serialized, NIST traceable standards, automated instrument tests for system performance, software and instrument DQ and IQ documentation.

The package is compatible with Antaris FT-NIR analyzers and works in conjunction with RESULT analyzer software.

Call: 608-276-6100; fax: 608-273-5046. Circle #254

Software Consolidates Tools Into Single Program

The Electrical Designers Reference (EDR) program from Powr-Gard Products is Web based and consists of a series of modules, each covering a particular area, that automatically calculate answers as quickly as data are entered, according to the manufacturer.

Individual modules in the EDR program include: AC/DC voltage drop, series voltage drop for lighting circuits, fault current calculations, fuse selector, conduit fill and cable tray and cable trough.

Also included in the software are built-in applications tutorials, electrical theory, National Electrical Code requirements and detailed examples of common problems.

Call: 847-824-1188; fax: 847-391-0894. Circle #256

Industrial Accelerometer Monitors Vibration

Wilcoxon's Model 785A accelerometer.

Wilcoxon's Model 785A accelerometer features a 316L stainless steel case that is hermetically sealed, corrosion resistant and ground isolated.

The 785A offers a temperature range of 50°C to 120°C, is less than one in. tall, has a vibration limit of 500 g and weighs 85 g.

This is an ideal sensor for use in conveyors, drives or any industrial situation that might have height constraints and need vibration monitoring, the manufacturer says.

It has a standard two pin MIL-C-5015 style output connector.

Call: 301-330-8811; e-mail: sensors@wilcoxon.com. Circle #262

PowerProbe Increases Accuracy of Portable CMMs

According to the manufacturer, the three-ounce PowerProbe device, which plugs into Romer portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arms without the need for calibration, is force sensitive and eliminates the variability of a portable CMM operator's touch pressure.

The probe is activated by touching it to a surface where it automatically takes a stream of data points for use in inspection and reverse engineering programs.

It includes a built-in light for visibility in hard to see areas.

Call: 800-218-7125; e-mail: sales@romer.com. Circle #261

Functional Test Software Improves Productivity

The TestExec SL from Agilent uses a hierarchical structure to define and execute tests run on a unit under test (UUT).

TestExec allows users to define test groups within a test plan to create logical associations of a series of tests performed on a specific module within the UUT. Agilent says it is recommended for use by test engineers.

The Test Profiler feature lets users evaluate individual test performance by displaying key parameters in a Pareto chart, and the Switch Manager simplifies the task of configuring complex switching topology between instruments and UUTs.

Call: 970-679-2739; e-mail: bill_porter@agilent.com. Circle #255

Direction Sensor Provides Separate Digital Outputs

Cherry Electrical Products SD Series solid-state speed and direction sensors provide separate digital outputs to indicate both the speed and direction of a ferrous geartooth target.

They are completely immune to dirt and grease, and their rugged construction provides outstanding resistance to vibration and shock, says the manufacturer.

Each SD Series sensor module contains two integrated circuit Hall effect sensors offset from each other and biased by an internal magnetic field.

Supply voltage can range from 4.75Vdc to 24Vdc, and maximum supply voltage is 17mA.

Call: 800-285-0773; fax: 262-942-6566. Circle #258

Temperature Sensors Measure Wavelength

The Pro 100 Series from Williamson is a line of multiwavelength noncontact temperature sensors that utilize advanced ESP programming functions to provide aim and read capabilities for applications that are not accurately measured by single and dual wavelength sensors.

Williamson says that with no field calibration requirements, this series outperforms others on applications involving nongreybody materials such as aluminum, stainless steel or zinc coated materials.

The Pro 100's industry leading signal dilution factor allows sensors to tolerate small or wandering targets, misalignment, dirty lenses and partially filled fields of view.

Call: 978-369-9607; e-mail: sales@williamsonir.com. Circle #259

Indoor Air Quality Monitors Record Temperature

The aq-5000 and aq-5001 from Quest Technologies are compact, handheld indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors for surveys and long-term data logging of IAQ indicators.

The aq-5000 simultaneously monitors and records carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, toxic gas levels and linear outputs from third-party sensors/analyzers, said Quest Technologies.

The aq-5001 monitors the same parameters as the aq-5000 but is packaged for continuous unattended monitoring.

Both output formatted reports of stored data directly to a printer, providing immediate access to hard copy documentation while in the field.

Call: 262-567-9157; fax: 262-567-4047. Circle #260

Isotag Offers Invisible Marking System

ClirCode from Isotag is an invisible marking system for process and quality control.

Isotag says ClirCode provides relative absence of interference due to the fact that it fluoresces in the near infrared region of the spectrum and has unaffected properties of ink/coating material.

ClirCode can be applied to virtually any substrate and is compatible with just about all ink and coating materials.

Call: 305-341-3540; fax: 305-341-3542. Circle #263

Mass Spectrometers Provide Online Gas Analysis

The GAM 300 and GAM 500 UT from MA TECH Services are universal mass spectrometer systems for fast and sensitive online gas analysis.

The GAM 300 provides reliable process monitoring and process control with almost 100% uptime for minimal interruption of production, says the manufacturer. High linearity in low mass range enables it to fulfill the requirements of metallurgical applications.

The GAM 500 UT (ultra trace) provides trace analysis to the low ppb-range. Its gastight crossbeam ion source provides routine detection of main and side components of gas mixtures and simultaneous analysis of trace components in ultrapure gases.

Call: 314-832-0970; e-mail: matech@masspec.com. Circle #264

Sensor System Makes Precise Static Measurements

Kaman Instrumentation's KD-2300 is a variable impedance transducer (VIT) noncontact linear displacement measuring system that provides frequency response to 50 kHz and measurement ranges from 0.020 to 2.0 in.

According to the manufacturer, the KD-2300 system makes precise static and dynamic measurements for applications such as production design, fabrication, process control and inspection and works effectively with both ferrous and nonferrous targets.

Its resolution is better than 0.01% of the measuring range, and linearity is better than ±0.5% of the measuring range.

Call: 719-635-6979; e-mail: info-cos2@kaman.com. Circle #265

Weighing Indicator Has Multifunctional Capabilities

Load Cell Central's VPI weighing indicator has a front panel push button setup and provides solutions to a wide range of weighing, process control by weight and force measurement applications.

According to the manufacturer, input signals may be displayed in force, weight, current or voltage units in five full digits from 0 to 99,999.

The VPI also includes an isolated 10 or 24 Vdc power supply for strain gages and transmitters.

No calibration is required to change ranges and the unit is digitally precalibrated.

Call: 800-562-3235; fax: 570-265-5148. Circle #267

Differential Pressure Gage Enhances Resolution

The Model JG differential pressure gage form DCT Instruments.

The Model JG from DCT Instruments is a differential pressure gage that incorporates a high accuracy transducer and an enhanced resolution 4-digit display.

DCT Instruments says that as an in-process wet/wet differential pressure gage, the handheld JG delivers long-lasting performance and 0.2% accuracy over ranges from 1 to 10,000 psid.

The JG is built to withstand harsh industrial applications and has an operating temperature from 30° to 160° F.

Call: 800-328-1028; fax: 614-850-1144. Circle #257

Coolant Inducer Has Features for Boring, Drilling

The CAT50 coolant inducer from Kaiser Precision Tooling has automatic tool charge shanks for universal use with boring, drilling, and milling tools and toolholders and uses the KAB7 connection.

It provides a sturdy one-piece design of shank and toolholder for machines without coolant through spindle capability, says the manufacturer.

Other features include a redesigned independent bearing and seal system and light- weight construction.

To meet demand for high speed operations, it is designed to run at speeds up to 8,000 RPM.

Call: 847-228-7660; fax: 847-228-0881. Circle #268

Manageware Offers Corrective Action Software

QualityCenter 2000 from Manageware is a core corrective action software application. It currently ships with CustomerCenter, a complete customer corrective action software solution.

According to Manageware, QualityCenter 2000 is customizable for any facility and industry. Advanced features include built-in corrective action forms and reports, history options, customer selection type, e-mail, RMA/ Sort area and more.

It is available as a standalone or network version and operates on Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 and 2000.

Call: 678-475-1771; fax: 678-475-9255. Circle #269

Thermometer Measures Process Temperature

The Mikron M190E infrared thermometer provides superior accuracy and maximum flexibility in a single temperature measuring instrument, says the manufacturer.

It is used for gathering temperature data in industrial process environments and can also be used as a semiportable instrument for laboratory applications.

The M190E features digital and analog outputs, a Windows software program, thru-lens sighting and adjustable focus.

Temperature from 200 to 4000ºC with 0.1ºC temperature resolution can be measured with the M190E.

Call: 201-405-0900; e-mail: Sales@mikroninst.com. Circle #270

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