Dual Controller Offers Resistivity Instrumentation

The Signet 8860 Dual Channel Conductivity and Resistivity Controller from George Fischer Inc. features a two-channel input device equipped with three scaleable 4 to 20mA outputs and four programmable relays.

Designed with full microprocessor based electronics, the 8860 allows control over a wide operating range and provides long-term signal stability due to the elimination of potentiometers, jumpers and dip switches.

It provides automatic calculations for percent rejection, difference and ratio and is available in universal AC line-voltage or DC powered versions.

Call: 800-854-4090; e-mail: info@us.piping.georgefischer.com. Circle #283

Three-In-One Instrument Measures Base Stations

Anritsu Co.'s MS8608A combines a transmitter tester, power meter and spectrum analyzer for the analysis of 3GPP W-CDMA signals and is designed for measuring base stations and mobile and base station amplifiers at both the R&D and production stages.

Covering 9 kHz to 7.8 GHz, the MS8608A is the only transmitter tester that supports 3GPP W-CDMA, says the manufacturer.

The tester features an analysis bandwidth of 20 MHz and measures transmit power to an accuracy of ± 0.4 dB.

Call: 972-644-1777; fax: 972-644-3416. Circle #294

Analyzers Measure Flammable Gas and Vapor

Control Instruments Series 670 high temperature, direct mount flammable gas and vapor analyzers can measure difficult samples and report directly to a plant's data acquisition system.

They are unaffected by the temperature of the process and can sample streams at 1500°F and higher.

The analyzers are available in four models, SNR671, SNR672, SNR674 and SNR675.

All models include fast response time, easy access to components, automatic calibration, local alarms and relays, 4-20mA output, RS-485 Modbus serial port and optional ViewMax display/control software.

Call: 973-575-9114; fax: 973-575-0013. Circle #284

Percep Sensor Provides Repeatable Measurements

Percep's P3000 relative humidity/temperature sensor is designed to provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurements of relative humidity and temperature for refrigeration, data processing, instrumentation, medical, automotive and aeronautical systems.

Both sensors are built into the same piece of silicon, allowing the user dew point measurement accuracy, the manufacturer said.

The sensor can achieve ± 2% RH accuracy over the entire relative humidity range and over a temperature range of 0° C to 65° C.

It is accurate to ± 0.5° C from 0° C to 65° C, and ± 1° C from ­40° C to 85° C.

Call:408-956-8191; e-mail: contact.us@percep.com. Circle #292

Technology Revolutionizes Crankshaft Pin Grinding

The OPG-23 from Control Gaging, Inc.

The OPG-23 from Control Gaging Inc. is an advanced gage for real-time control of crankpin diameters on CNC orbital pin grinders.

According to the manufacturer, this new industrial quality gage enables precise control of the crankshaft pin diameter with the crankshaft rotating at speeds up to 90 rpm, resulting in accurate parts, improved production efficiencies and scrap reduction.

It features a four-bar linkage actuator that precisely locates the gage onto the crankshaft pin, eliminating any danger of the gage striking a grinding wheel.

Call: 310-787-1940; e-mail: power@ix.netcom.com. Circle #293

X-Rays Utilized in Measuring Coating Thickness

The Fischerscope X-ray XDLM is configured to measure coating thickness on printed circuit boards using the X-ray fluorescence method.

It features a micro-focal X-ray tube and a high precision, high-speed, programmable XY measuring stage with XY travel distances of 10 in. (250 mm) and 5.8 in. (148 mm) respectively. Z axis is 5.7 in. (145 mm).

The 12 in. x 18 in. x 20 in. (300 mm x 460 mm x 500 mm) slotted measuring chamber easily handles oversized circuit boards, the manufacturer said.

Call: 800-243-8417. Circle #285

Silicon Energy Unveils New EEM Software

Silicon Energy's EEM (enterprise energy management) Suite version 2.0 is a real-time, integrated Web based system that allows commercial customers, utilities and energy service providers to manage costs through enterprise level energy cost analysis.

According to the manufacturer, the enhanced platform provides accurate day-ahead (24-48 hour) forecasting for reduced energy costs.

The EEM Suite offers other features including procurement capabilities and integrated bill management solutions.

Call: 510-263-2632; e-mail: mschofield@siliconenergy.com. Circle #287

Label Indicators Monitor Temperature Levels

CelsiLabels from Spirig Advanced Technologies.

CelsiLabels from Spirig Advanced Technologies are temperature recording and indicating labels that can be applied nearly anywhere to provide positive proof of highest temperature reached from any cause, the manufacturer said.

The indicators are based on a white thermosensitive area calibrated to a specific temperature level. It turns permanently black when its temperature rate is exceeded.

Indicators are offered with a single temperature, thermosensitive area or with numerous, scaled thermosensitive areas to cover any temperature in the range from 40° C to 260° C (105° F to 500° F).

Call: 800-628-8862; e-mail: sat@spirig.com. Circle #298

Qn Software Designed For Quality Professionals

Qn Exponential Quality software from Inclusive Solutions provides a company with a starting point for developing a QS-9000 TE compliant quality system, said the manufacturer.

It uses Microsoft Office to provide users with flexibility, ease of use and a suite of tools.

Each copy of Qn comes with a framework for quality, procedure and work instruction manuals including more than 80 quality system forms.

Qn also features useful business management tools such as project and quote tracking, preventative maintenance, gage control, job descriptions and employee training.

Call: 616-987-9480; fax: 616-987-9481.Circle #288

Calibration Software Allows For Automated Usage

Fluke's MET/TEMP temperature probe calibration software allows hands-off automated calibration of temperature probes.

MET/TEMP offers an integrated calibration system that automatically records calibration data simultaneously from as many as 12 probes or temperature switches, said the manufacturer.

The user has control over operations, test parameters, program set points and tolerance levels.

It features point and click entry of temperature schedules, stability criteria, units and standards, thermocouple type and switch tests parameters.

The program may be used as a standalone application or with Excel or MET/CAL Plus software.

Call: 425-347-6100; fax: 425-356-5116. Circle #289

3-D Gage Powered By Softcheck Tools

Powered by Softcheck Tools, the Control Station from Faro Technologies is a 3-D gage process control system for cost effective, in-process measurement, said the manufacturer.

Operators require no training as they are visually guided on a touch screen display to all required measurement points on their part, enabling anyone to use the system anywhere.

Measured data are then compared to original part specifications and displayed through tabular, graphical and statistical process control reports.

Call: 800-736-0234; fax: 407-333-4181. Circle #286

Powerway Answers Needs Of Automotive Supply Chain

Powerway.com from Powerway is a Web based solution designed to automate the advanced product quality planning process and production part approval process.

It includes supply chain specific business process logic encompassing the total product life cycle.

The manufacturer said the automation of these processes, coupled with real-time collaboration, will transform the industry by improving existing processes for both suppliers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through shortened time to market, increased focus on core competencies, global synchronization, elimination of nonvalue added tasks and risk reduction.

Call: 317-598-1760; fax: 317-598-1740. Circle #290

Tester Determines Largest Pore Size of Sample

The Production Bubble Point Tester QCB-10 from PMI is designed to provide fast, accurate determination of the largest pore size of a given sample, within the range of 0.06-500 microns.

Full automation of the machine allows for higher throughput and electronic storage of test data or export to commonly used Windows programs such as Excel, Access and others.

According to the manufacturer, the tester provides consistent, objective and reproducible results, while testing a large number of samples simultaneously, up to a user specified number.

Call: 607-257-5544; fax: 607-257-5639. Circle #291

Systems Have Photoetched Measuring Lines

The LM, LV and LR Series Hardness Testing Systems from Leco offer the user the latest in microindentation, macro Vickers and Rockwell-type hardness testing solutions, the manufacturer said.

Both the LM and LV series feature two precision photoetched measuring lines, changeable field and aperture diaphragm, and dual leafspring indenter supports for center indentations, greater accuracy and repeatability.

The LR series produces high efficiency and repeatability along with user friendly operations.

Call: 800-292-6141; fax: 616-982-8977. Circle #295

Gage Measures Thickness Of Metal Components

The TM1 D Plus precision thickness gage from StressTel measures thickness of precision machined and formed metal components.

It has a measurement range of 0.010 in. to 1.00 in. in metals and is compatible with several transducers for optimum measurement performance.

Other features include a large backlit LCD display, durable metal housing, weather resistant keypad, hi/lo alarm limits with flashing annunciator and a difference function to display the positive or negative differences between the thickness measurement and preset value.

Call: 814-861-6300; fax: 814-861-6330. Circle #296

Application Controller Improves Efficiency

The DataPro 3000 from Beta LaserMike is a combination data processor and controller designed for tube, pipe, hose and profile applications.

According to the manufacturer, closed-loop feedback control functions improve product quality, consistency and yield, and SPC data are collected and available in printed reports for fast, comprehensive quality documentation.

DataPro has multiple input/output (I/O) features, permitting easy integration and connectivity to other systems.

Call: 937-233-9935; fax: 937-233-7284. Circle #297

CRM Solution Designed For Quality Manufacturers

Lynk Software's eVerest offers affordable customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to companies focused on enhancing customer relations and quality issues.

It synchronizes customer service, quality assurance, engineering, sales, marketing and management by facilitating communication and providing a central information system.

The application is fully Web enabled, utilizing newly developed Beyond Browser Internet communications, which allows eVerest to be installed, accessed and automatically updated through a Web browser with no compromises in quality and functionality, the manufacturer said.

Call: 480-998-1933; fax: 480-998-4979. Circle #299

Dial Reading Viscometer Has Electronic Drive

Brookfield Engineering has improved its standard dial reading viscometer by adding a new multispeed electronic drive.

According to the manufacturer, the new drive design gives the viscometer greater versatility, and the ergonomically designed speed control knob allows the user to easily select speeds.

In addition, every new dial reading viscometer with electronic drive comes with a universal power supply for worldwide voltage compatibility.

Call: 800-628-8139; fax: 508-222-9371. Circle #300

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