The JOFRA automatic temperature calibration system from Ametek has two-zone heating blocks.

Ametek Calibrators Have Two-Zone Heating Block

The JOFRA Automatic Temperature Calibration (ATC) System from Ametek consists of the ATC-115, ATC-320 and ATC-650.

According to the manufacturer, all three feature a two-zone heating block with separate controls for each and are easy to use, portable and traceable.

JOFRA ATC Series calibrators can operate as standalone instruments during complex routines, and the calibration can be executed automatically while the instrument is unmanned.

The system is ideal for sensor manufacturers, energy distribution companies and other industries where temperature control is essential, said the manufacturer.

Call: 800-527-9999; fax: 727-539-6882. Circle #265

Digital Static Meter Offers Chopper Stabilized Sensor

The Model 212 Digital Static Meter from Electro-Tech Systems is a lightweight precision static meter that features a chopper stabilized sensor for accurate measurements in normal and ionized environments.

The measurement range is from 0 to ±20 kV at a meter to object distance of 1 in.

A 3-digit LCD meter provides 10-V resolution, polarity indication and low battery warning.

The meter uses LED ranging lights for increased measurement accuracy.

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Gage Sensor Uses Linear Glass Scale Technology

Ono Sokki Technology's GS-1600 linear gage sensor produces highly accurate measurements to 0.000004 in. and throughout its full 30 mm measuring range, the manufacturer said.

This gage uses linear glass scale technology, allowing the user to maintain a high level of accuracy throughout its entire range.

It is equipped with a 6-ft. signal cable that can be directly connected to an array of remote displays with various outputs.

The GS-1600 is compact, lightweight and can be easily installed on current production equipment.

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Water Quality Checker Has MultiFunctional Capabilities

The U-20 Series multiparameter water quality checker from Horiba Instruments has a 13-parameter capability with simultaneous measurement, 100-m depths, galvanic sensor with field replaceable membranes, IP-67 waterproof case and 2-in. probe diameter.

According to the manufacturer, this multi- functional water quality checker can be used in river, lake, marsh and ocean monitoring and aquatic tanks and ground water applications, and it addresses the wastewater effluent.

Call: 800-446-7422; e-mail: labinfo@horiba.com. Circle #268

ENM Combines Battery Discharge Gage, Hour Meter

ENM Company's Series PT 27 combination battery discharge gage and hour meter is a compact, low cost indicator for electric vehicle applications as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) component or retrofit item, the manufacturer said.

The Model PT 27 combines a 10-bar, multiple color LED for battery discharge level indication with a 6-digit, 7-segment LCD to log up to 99999.9 hours of operation.

Successive LED's light up and then flash when battery charge level falls below 20%.

Call: 773-775-8400; e-mail: enmco@aol.com. Circle #269

Tetralight PC Has Wide Range Of Applications

The Tetralight PC tablet from Logic Instrument is ideal for testing, measurement and data acquisition, said the manufacturer.

This portable PC tablet with a high brightness touch screen can be equipped with hard disk drives and the latest generation processors. It measures 11.4 x 13 x 1.85 in.

It is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether in industrial or other hostile environments, and complies with strict industrial/military standards regarding shock, vibration, altitude (16,400 ft.), moisture (5% to 95%) and temperature (-4° to +122°F).

Call: 312-222-1235; fax: 312-222-1237. Circle #282

CP5000 Verifies PostNet Bar Code Quality

The CP5000 from RJS is a charge coupled device (CCD) imager that will scan, decode and check the quality of printed PostNet bar codes.

According to the manufacturer, the portable, handheld CP5000 will provide quality assurance to the United States Postal Service (USPS) standards.

The manufacturer recommends it for use by mailing houses taking advantage of the discounted postage offered for bar coding the outgoing mail piece.

Call: 562-944-0930; fax: 562-944-0630. Circle #270

Measuring Microscope Has Color Video Viewing System

Titan Tool's system combines the Model XAM-1 measuring microscope with the Model TMCVS color LCD 4 x 2 in. monitor, 1/3 chip camera and video adapter to provide a low cost measuring microscope that offers flexibility, speed and accuracy with full video scope capability.

The combined magnification of the microscope and the video system is 48X, the manufacturer said.

Additional objectives and eyepieces capable of magnifications as low as 10X and as high as 800X are available.

Call: 716-873-9907; e-mail: menza@titantoolsupply.com. Circle #271

Imaging System Provides Maintenance Solution

The ThermaCAM PM 695 automated infrared (IR) inspection system from Flir Systems is the first IR camera to feature both thermal and visual imaging capabilities in a single system, said the manufacturer.

It records and stores temperature analysis data, voice and text comments together with thermal and visual images, allowing users to see, measure and document all the information needed to make critical maintenance decisions.

The PM 695 has precision temperature measurement capabilities from ­40° to +2000°C.

Call: 978-901-8000: fax: 978-901-8532. Circle #272

Water Circulator Permits Measurement of Lasers

The Ophir water circulator allows measurement of high power lasers and eliminates the need for an expensive, permanent water installation, the manufacturer said.

This circulator has an uncooled water reservoir with a built-in pump that circulates water through the measurement head, permitting operation for several minutes at high power.

It includes an on/off switch, temperature display, 2 m-3/8 in. plastic tubing terminated in quick connect fittings and is concurrent engineering compliant.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com. Circle #273

PLC Has Built-In Two-Color Data Window

According to Keyence, the Visual-KV is the industry's first programmable logic controller (PLC) with a built-in two-color data window that lets the user monitor PLC data and change the program parameters in real time.

Additional features include a low cost operator interface with a 4-line x 20-character, bright, backlit display of comments in the ladder diagram that requires no extra software or power supply.

At two-thirds the size of a conventional PLC, it is the smallest in its class.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: keyence@keyence.com. Circle #274

Digital Analyzer Measures Conductivity, Temperature

The combination digital conductivity, temperature and pH meter from Kernco Instruments is designed to measure all three parameters on a single meter.

Its conductivity section measures ranges of 0-20, 0-200, 0-2,000 and 0-20,000 micromhos; the temperature section reads 0 to 150°F and the pH section reads 0 to 14 pH, said the manufacturer.

The unit uses a sample cup, which eliminates the requirements of a separate temperature and conductivity probe.

Call: 915-852-3375; e-mail: brkernco@whc.net. Circle #275

Encoder Utilizes Absolute Measuring Systems Technology

Heidenhain's Numerical Control absolute linear and angle encoders reduce startup times following an interruption.

The NC encoders use absolute measuring systems that eliminate the need for the reference-point traverse characteristics of incremental encoders.

This reduces dead times at the machines and makes position value acquisitions more efficient following switch-on or power interruptions, said the manufacturer.

These linear and angle encoders are compatible with Funac or Mitsubishi controls.

Battery backup is not required.

Call: 847-490-1191; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com. Circle #267

Analysis Tool Designed To Measure Performance

Structural Research & Analysis Corporation's COSMOS/EMS is a Windows based 3D-field simulator for low frequency electromagnetic/electromechanical applications.

Based on the finite element method (FEM), COSMOS/EMS solves physical equations directly without any simplifications or assumptions, the manufacturer said.

It is designed to help engineers gain physical insight into the performance of their designs through the computation of important parameters such as torques, forces, fields, currents, inductances, capacitances, flux linkages, current losses and electrical stresses.

Call: 310-207-2800; fax: 310-207-7805. Circle #277

Office Modeling Achieved With Prodigy System

Prodigy, the rapid prototyping industry's first office modeling system from Stratasys, combines the ease, speed and simplicity of 3-D printing with the benefit of durable plastic parts and can create models up to 8 x 8 x 12 in.

It is quiet, safe and compact. No special venting is required for the system and all materials are nontoxic, the manufacturer said.

Prodigy is driven by Catalyst, a powerful front-end processing software that works in a networked office environment and includes X-Y-Z motion control.

Call: 952-937-3000; fax: 952-937-0070. Circle #276

Automated Tester Designed For Precision Measurements

The Leica VMHT AUTO MOT is designed to interface with Leica's image analysis module Q550MW Materials Workstation software and allows the user to perform high precision measurements.

This automated microhardness tester's load selection via computer interface provides added convenience and eliminates the mechanical interfaces of user error, the manufacturer said.

It includes Qhardness software, an automated turret and stage, rapid focus finder, exchangeable aperture diaphragms and a versatile approach speed control.

Call: 800-248-0123; fax: 847-405-0030. Circle #279

Compact Actuator Provides Proportional Control

According to PBT, Servocell is designed as an alternative to solenoids and similar devices for use where compactness, light weight and low energy consumption must be combined with reliability and low electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emissions.

Each unit contains all the necessary drive electronics for easy installation and operation and measures 43 mm long x 19 mm wide x 11 mm deep.

Call: 212-745-0495; fax: 212-745-0456. Circle #280

Miniature Accelerometers Can Measure Vibration

Weighing less than 2 g each, the Models 8728A500 and 8730A500 from Kistler offer the user a small accelerometer for measuring vibration on lightweight test articles.

Both models have a 500 g measuring range, feature titanium construction and Kistler's application proven K-shear technology that assures insensitivity to base strain, thermal transients and transverse acceleration, the manufacturer said.

The voltage sensitivity of each unit is 10 mV/g with a frequency range of 0.3 Hz to 15 k Hz.

Call: 716-691-5100; fax: 716-691-5226. Circle #281

Chart Recorder Measures Air Temperature

Telatemp's battery operated chart recorder is a single pen recorder that has five different ranges from -20° to +120°F (-30° to +50°C) with ± 2°F accuracy.

According to the manufacturer, the portable, 5-lb. unit is designed to be placed directly into the area to be measured and features a large LCD current temperature display, blinking on light during operation and a low battery indicator.

These temperature chart recorders are designed for refrigerators, freezers, storage areas, laboratories and computer rooms and are supplied with 60 replacement 6-in. circular charts.

Call: 714-879-2901; e-mail: telatemp@pacbell.net. Circle #278

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