The DW4 Water Resistant Temperature Recorder from Dickson.

Water Resistant Temperature Recorder Has 6 ft. Probe

The DW4 Water Resistant Temperature Recorder with Probe from Dickson comes with a 6 ft. capillary probe enclosed in weather resistant material that stands up to harsh indoor and outdoor environments.

According to the manufacturer, its food safe stainless steel probe is ideal for monitoring and recording temperatures in ovens, freezers and chambers.

DW4 recorders are stocked in seven temperature ranges in Celsius and Fahrenheit in both seven-day and 24-hour recording times.

Call: 800-323-2448; e-mail: dicksoncsr@dicksonweb.com. Circle #294

Measuring System Provides Accurate Quality Assurance

The Horizon Length Measuring System from Fowler is available in five ranges up to 120 in./3,050 mm.

This Trimos Labconcept horizontal setting instrument has a dimensionally stable base design, which assists in delivering high accuracy and repeatability.

It is offered in analog and PC digital configurations.

The new setting instrument is ideal for quick and easy checking of large components and gages such as calipers, micrometers, and inner and outer diameter gages and snap gages.

Resolution is 10 millionths of an inch.

Call: 800-788-2353; fax: 617-332-4137. Circle #295

6-Axis Measuring Solution Integrates CAD/CAM

The ACCURE 6-axis multisensor coordinate measuring system from OKM provides solutions that integrate computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing and measurement with the manufacturing process.

The Hawk software package utilizes the CAD file, creating an inspection program. Inspection data are compared against the normal data with the CAD file, and offset data are created.

These data are fed back to the machine controller, and the part is manufactured complete.

Call: 800-621-5117; e-mail: sales@surlessdunn.com. Circle #297

Accutech's Al-1500 temperature transmitter.

Temperature Transmitter Offers Self-Calibration

According to the manufacturer, the AI-1500 two-wire temperature transmitter from Accutech combines the advantages of automatic self-calibration with the benefits of quality parts from Hart Communications.

At seven updates a second, the AI-1500 executes automatic self-calibration, internal diagnostics and measurement parameter validation.

It can rapidly compensate for ambient temperature changes, variations in line voltage and fluctuations in internal electrical component characteristics.

To simplify customers' ISO 9000 certification process, each AI-1500 is calibrated using National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable equipment and includes a NIST calibration certificate.

Call: 978-568-0500; fax: 978-568-9085. Circle #255

Metrology Software Offers Touch Screen Technology

Surfanalyzer 5600 from Mahr Federal offers improved touch-screen technology, algorithms and the proven accuracy of earlier versions in surface analysis of this family of products, the manufacturer says.

Its metrology software prompts the operator through the setup, workpiece leveling, measuring and post-measurement procedures.

The Windows operating system increases the unit's flexibility and allows for networked communications.

Call: 800-333-4243; e-mail: info@fedprod.com. Circle #298

Stat-Ease Offers Software For Quality Professionals

Design-Expert 6 from Stat-Ease allows users to make improvements to product quality and process efficiency.

Its unique tools for generating and graphing propagation of error help experimenters achieve Six Sigma objectives for reducing variation.

Design-Expert 6 is ideal for engineers, researchers and quality professionals, the manufacturer says, and represents the latest in design of experiments technology.

Call: 800-801-7191; e-mail: info@statease.com. Circle #299

Industry Feedback Drives Software Developments

LaserQC Version 2.1 software from Virtek Vision International features a complete statistical process control module that can chart data in a histogram, run chart and X-bar/range plot for analysis of part production processes over a specified period of time, the manufacturer says.

Other enhancements include the ability to show the actual measured dimension of a part on its inspection check sheet drawing, the ability to print multipage inspection reports, the addition of new systems controls, and new print and export options.

Call: 519-746-7190; e-mail: laserqc@virtekvision.com. Circle #300

Image Processing Software Improves Turnaround Time

According to the manufacturer, Lucis image processing software from Image Content Technology can dramatically improve the quality and turnaround time of quality inspection and nondestructive testing.

Based on a patented algorithm called differential hysteresis processing, Lucis image processing software extracts and displays contrast patterns based on variations in image luminance.

Initial results at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at several ISO 9001 manufacturing plants have also shown that Lucis can significantly reduce inspection and testing expenses, according to the manufacturer.

Call: 860-229-4122; e-mail: ict@imagecontent.com. Circle #250

Software Retrofit Links CAD Data With Inspection

Virtual DMIS from International Metrology Systems combines the latest software development tools, computer aided design (CAD) and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) industry standards, enabling seamless collection, analysis, visualization and communication of quality data throughout the manufacturing environment.

It provides graphical programming, intelligent measuring, surfacing, pictorial output and statistical processing control, fully linking 3-D CAD data with the CMM inspection process.

This software package can be used with any make, type or size of CMM.

Call: 734-591-3800; e-mail: imsus@dmis-cmm.com. Circle #251

Package Software Focuses On Cost and Quality

Trifinity's Software Toolpack contains nine tools that focus on improving cost, quality and throughput.

Cost Zorro estimates per unit product cost by forming direct relationships between cost drivers and total product cost.

Capability Calculator is used to accurately compute the process capability of non-normal data. It features an improvement compass that reveals the best path to reduce the probability of falling out of spec.

Data Miner identifies root causes of variability by examining tendencies between variables that can be visualized using a parallel axis chart.

Call: 630-466-0953; e-mail: trifinity@cyberlink.com. Circle #258

Krautkramer's UltraHARD Documents Hardness Testing

Krautkramer's UltraHARD provides the necessary tool to simplify the entire process of testing, documentation and statistical analysis for more efficient and thorough results.

It enables a detailed analysis of the measurement data and statistical evaluation of individual measurement sets or the total number of measurement readings over all the measurement sets.

Simple data management is guaranteed by integration into the Windows and MS Office world, the manufacturer says.

Call: 717-242-0327; e-mail: infolink@krautkramer.com. Circle #252

GRADEX 2000 From Rotex Automates Sieve Analysis

The GRADEX 2000 Particle Size Analyzer from Rotex automates sieve analysis of dry granular material, improving accuracy and frequency of testing without additional manpower, the manufacturer says.

GRADEX permits frequent and timely monitoring of the material being processed for better quality control. It also eliminates operator weighing, calculating and recording of data.

Samples can be analyzed individually, or up to seven samples can be run continuously in the autofeed mode.

GRADEX software is Windows based.

Call: 513-541-1236; e-mail: grgi@rotex.com. Circle #253

Hart Scientific's temperature calibrator.

Temperature Calibrator Fits Hot and Cold Systems

Thermometers may be calibrated at both hot and cold temperatures simultaneously with Hart Scientific's Model 9009 Industrial Dual-Block Calibrator.

The Model 9009 fits both hot and cold systems into a single portable package.

The cold block achieves temperatures from ­15° C to 110° C with calibrated accuracy of ±0.2° C and stability of ±0.2° C. The hot block covers 35° C to 350° C with accuracy of ±0.6° C and stability of ±0.2° C.

Call: 800-483-4278; fax: 801-763-1010. Circle #296

Machine Vision Software Has Geometric Capabilities

SMART (Subpixel Alignment and Registration Tool) Search version 5.0 from Imaging Technology employs an innovative, geometric based modeling technique that allows it to adapt to a wide variety of process variations.

According to the manufacturer, it has the ability to locate a part's position regardless of its orientation on the assembly line, the capability to measure a part's size (scale) within ±2% and the flexibility to eliminate unstable contours by editing the training model.

Call: 781-275-2700; e-mail: info@imaging.com. Circle #256

Stroboscope Guard Provides Impact Protection

The SG-300 Stroboscope Guard from Shimpo Instruments is the latest addition to the company's motion and speed measurement line.

It provides impact protection for the stroboscope's front lens assembly, controls and flash tube.

Maintenance costs decrease as flash tube life increases due to the reduced incidence of impact from mishandling and other service related occurrences, according to the manufacturer

Call: 800-237-7079; fax: 630-924-0342. Circle #254

ProCal 2000 Certified For FDA Regulated Plants

ProCal 2000 from Prime Technologies is a professional calibration management software program that is third party certified as validatable for use in U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulated plants. It is also compliant with ISO 9000, QS-9000 and other industry standards for software.

It uses a Windows based system that establishes records, tracks and schedules activities, and archives data.

Single user versions that are network ready in MS Access or Oracle platforms are also available.

Call: 610-436-9703; fax: 610-436-9097. Circle #257

Sensor Interprets Stress Distribution and Magnitude

The Topaq Pressure Analysis System from Sensor Products is a Windows based system used in quality control to monitor and ensure proper force distribution in any situation where two objects are pressed or formed together.

Features include histograms of pressure levels, enlargement or reduction capabilities, pseudo color and 3-D viewing modes, and extensive smoothing, filtering and thresholding.

Topaq is also an excellent tool for analyzing sealoffs, pattern and pressure level in molds, venting and matching inserts and for measuring horn interface pressure during ultrasonic welding, the manufacturer says.

Call: 973-884-1843; e-mail: dtiteica@sensorprod.com. Circle #259

Microhardness Test System Matches User Requirements

The Instron Series 2100 Modular Computerized Test System includes a high resolution video camera and a choice of three operating modules.

Users can configure a system for PC based manual testing, add a Windows X-Y auto-traversing stage system for semiautomatic operation or perform fully automatic image analysis measurements under complete software control.

Call: 800-695-4273; fax: 781-575-5770. Circle #260

Transducer Performs Quality Assurance Testing

The Celesco PT5AV is a combination position/velocity transducer designed for extra long life in high acceleration/deceleration applications such as die casting, drop testing, injection molding and crash testing.

This cable extension device provides accurate measurements with precision plastic or hybrid potentiometer for position feedback and a self-generating DC tachometer velocity signal that is proportional to the speed of the traveling cable, says the manufacturer.

It features a sealed extruded anodized aluminum case and an optional high strength, low mass thermoplastic cable for high velocity measurements.

Call: 818-884-6860; fax: 818-340-1175. Circle #261

CDI Offers Remote Digital Display Measuring Probe

Chicago Dial Indicator Co. (CDI) offers a measuring system consisting of a digital readout and linear probe.

CDI linear probes can be specified with an accuracy of ±0.00005 in. or ±0.0001 in. with seven available measuring ranges up to and including 4.0 in.

According to the manufacturer, standard or custom readout resolution can be selected according to measuring applications, with units of measure available in inches, millimeters, centimeters, pounds, newtons, kilograms; or with special ratios to calculate diameter, radius and circumference.

Call: 888-342-4243; e-mail: sales@dialindicator.com. Circle #262

Air Analyzer Measures Content of Respirators

Advanced Instruments' GPR-990 Breathing Air Analyzer can be used by fire departments at chemical plants, refineries and government facilities; divers; and individuals and patients requiring oxygen to check the O2 and CO or O2, CO and CO2 content of air cylinders and respirators.

The full featured GPR-990 analyzer can be used for online and portable operation as it weighs just 12 lbs, the manufacturer says.

Accuracy for oxygen and CO measurements is ±2% of reading, while CO2 measurement accuracy is ±5% of reading.

Call: 909-392-6900; e-mail: info@aii1.com. Circle #263 

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