Profile 50 Handles Precision Turned Parts

Brown & Sharpe's New Generation Profile 50 is an automatic, noncontact measuring machine designed for checking length, angle, radii and threads on precision turned components. Profile 50's video processing system can take measurement data from the part at up to 12,000 points/sec.

The Profile 50 is one of a series of Brown & Sharpe Profile machines that cover a range of component sizes up to 180 mm in diameter and 900 mm in length.

Call: 800-766-4673; fax: 401-886-2727. Circle #272

Mitutoyo Offers Vision Probe for CNC CMMs

Mitutoyo says it has introduced the world's first vision probe specifically designed for use on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The QVP, or Quick Vision Probe, turns a computer numerical control (CNC) CMM into a high capability, noncontact vision machine.

The QVP uses a bright and variable white LED illumination and includes coaxial and oblique lighting capabilities. Magnifications available are 1x, 3x, 5x and 10x.

Call: 630-820-9666; fax: 630-978-5394. Circle #271

CNC System Ideal For High-Speed Machining

The Power 1050 CNC System from NUM

The Power 1050 CNC System from NUM is designed to control high-speed machining operations in applications where performance and accuracy are required in manufacturing precision parts.

Path generation and following error are processed every 2 milliseconds, and the servo speed every 0.2 millisecond. The manufacturer said the unit enables users to substantially improve machine efficiency.

Call: 603-505-7722; e-mail: sales@num-usa.com. Circle #270

Software Tool Simplifies Analysis of Systems

The TEAMS 5.0 Testability, Engineering and Maintenance System from Qualtech Systems is part of a software tool set created for test sequencing and designed for testability analysis of large complex systems and products.

TEAMS software provides a method for modeling a system or product and performing automated testability, reliability and maintainability analysis.

It can be used on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0/3.51 operating systems.

Call: 860-423-2099; e-mail: info@teamqsi.com. Circle #274

Manufacturing Execution System Focuses on Quality

The Shop-Floor Data Collection and Quality Management System by Stochos integrates a quality management system directly with a shop-floor data collection system.

The system incorporates traditional manufacturing execution systems and components and integrates a complete quality system into the entire process, from raw materials through finished goods.

Software from Stochos is available in many platforms, including Windows and UNIX.

Call: 800-426-4014; e-mail: sales@stochos.com. Circle #275

Data Logger Accurately Predicts Machinery Failures

The Smartlogger from Expert Monitoring is a high-speed data acquisition system that can be used to analyze machinery performance and predict failures.

According to the manufacturers, the system offers significant benefits to users in terms of plant performance, monitoring, process diagnostics and lower maintenance costs.

The Smartlogger can be used in vision, vibration or force control applications and integrates with the latest object process control technology.

Call: 212-745-0466; e-mail: k.gale@expertmon.com. Circle #276

WEBSuite Software For Document Control

WEBSuite from Document Control Systems uses the Internet as a medium for manufacturing companies to extend document change management processes to customers, remote manufacturing facilities and supply chain partners.

The manufacturer said WEBSuite applications facilitate instantaneous document collaboration with remote partners while providing fast and efficient methods of gathering document signoff, automating Internet document publishing and managing master documents in a secure and controlled Web environment.

Call: 800-825-9117; e-mail: jclegg@mastercontrol.com. Circle #277

Digital Microscope Camera Offers Low-Light Microscopy

The Digital Microscope Camera le Low-light Software (DMC le) from Polaroid offers increased exposure time of up to eight seconds, a separate color stacker application and remote capabilities.

According to the manufacturer, the added features of the Low-light Software make the DMC le ideal for fluorescent/low-light applications in academics and research within the biotechnology, molecular biology, genetics, diagnostic, histology, pathology and forensic fields.

Call: 800-816-2611; e-mail: reingok@polaroid.com. Circle #278

Gas Analysis Technologies Help Reduce Emissions

27565P1171C The Xentra 4900C environmental gas analyzer from Servomex.

According to Servomex Group, the new Xentra 4900C environmental gas analyzer has transducers available for the measurement of trace levels of CO, NO and SO2 and can also measure percentage levels of CO and O2.

Two analyzers for industrial use, the Xentra 4200C and the Xentra 4210C, were designed with specific gas analysis applications in mind.

Servomex said the Xentra 4210C is targeted specifically at providing maximum efficiency in plants where hydrogen is produced, blended or used.

Call: 800-862-0200; e-mail: info@servomexinc.com. Circle #273

CHARTrunner Provides Instant Statistical Charting

CHARTrunner from PQ Systems is a standalone charting tool for general statistical process control (SPC) charting, which eliminates data entry and streamlines the process of statistical analysis.

The program reads data that reside in Access 97, Excel 97, SQL Server and other data sources. It then creates SPC charts, making data immediately available for analysis.

Call: 800-777-3020; e-mail: sales@pqsystems.com. Circle #279

Vibration View Control Software Upgraded

Vibration View from Envirotronics runs on the Microsoft Windows platform, making it user friendly and quickly mastered, the manufacturer said.

The software works in conjunction with a Watlow F4 chamber controller to monitor the air temperature, product temperature and optional humidity.

According to the manufacturer, the upgrade to Vibration View has significantly improved the ease with which vital information can be gathered, stored and reported by the Star 44 Plus.

Call: 616-554-5020; e-mail: dan@envirotronics.com. Circle #280

LABTECH Notebook Aids Windows 2000

In addition to hundreds of input/output, analysis and data display functions, Notebook and Control for Windows 2000 from LABTECH allow developers to use the Internet for real-time remote access to any part of the process.

The software displays real-time data in Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Internet Explorer and other standalone PC based applications, including Excel, Word and AutoCAD.

Call: 978-470-0099; fax: 978-470-3338. Circle #281

ISO 14000 Software Available From T3

The ISO 14000 products developed by GreenWare Environmental Systems provide companies and consultants with electronic tools for evaluating, implementing, monitoring and auditing environmental management systems for conformance to ISO 14000.

The following applications are available from T3: ISO 14000 Assessment, ISO 14000 Implementation and ISO 14000 Audit.

Call: 919-423-5511; e-mail: jrishel@tthree.com. Circle #282

PolyWorks/Inspector 2.1 Available From InnovMetric

PolyWorks/Inspector Version 2.1 from InnovMetric is a comprehensive software solution for the rapid 3-D inspection of physical prototypes and manufactured parts.

According to the manufacturer, the software provides a comprehensive set of alignment algorithms, sophisticated 3-D comparison and visualization techniques, and it empowers users by making complex tasks simple.

Call: 418-688-2061; fax: 418-688-3001. Circle #283

LabVIEW 6i Offers Measurement Intelligence

LabVIEW 6i software from National Instruments has Internet ready capabilities said to increase the productivity of engineers and scientists.

Users of the software can take advantage of measurement and control intelligence to build measurement and control applications in fewer steps than in previous LabView versions. The Internet ready software simplifies distribution of data and offers additional user interface options.

Call: 512-349-5090; e-mail: nati@ni.com. Circle #287

Quality Management Software For ISO/TS 16949

The APACT 2000, an audit planning and control tool, from Integral Solutions electronically coordinates quality assessments by tracking and managing audits, nonconformances, corrective actions and procedures.

This saves internal auditors, engineers, supervisors and QS-9000/ISO 9000 coordinators time and resources by providing the means to communicate, coordinate and assess quality processes through the use of the latest software technologies.

The software can be linked to any MAPI compliant e-mail software such as Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and Lotus CC:Mail.

Call: 248-543-6040 ext. 213; e-mail: jarrod@integsolutions.com.  Circle #285

InterGis Offers Management And Routing Software

The Visual Control Room from InterGis allows operators to increase productivity, control costs and enhance customer service with scheduling, dispatching and routing automation technology.

The manufacturer said Visual Control Room can reduce manual dispatch and scheduling time by 75% or more while reducing miles driven and time on the road. It uses Microsoft Windows 95/NT technology with a graphical user interface.

Call: 860-496-4900; fax: 860-496-4907. Circle #286

WebSEWSS Provides Access To Reports Via the Web

Statistical Process Control (SPC) software, SEWSS, from StatSoft, provides thin-client access to reports, charts and graphs via the Web.

The more completely Web enabled WebSEWSS offers companies more efficient knowledge sharing and decision support tools than ever before, the manufacturer said. With the addition of WebSEWSS, SEWSS now allows colleagues and customers at remote sites, even those without SEWSS, to access SPC data via the Web.

Call: 918-749-1119; e-mail:info@statsoft.com. Circle #284

Customizable Quality Report Publishing on the Web

WinSPC 1.3 software from DataNet Quality Systems features a new Custom Web Reporter module that can publish standard or customized reports as HTML pages directly to the Internet or corporate intranet.

These pages can also be e-mailed, complete with their content data, allowing viewers to drill down into the underlying data elements to see complete process information. Because the reports are Web based, quality professionals can make information available to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Call: 248-357-2200; fax: 248-357-4933. Circle #288

Guide on Rollscope Systems From Shima

Shima American is offering a new Tegatron and Micro-Check microscopic video inspection and measuring systems for engraved cells on rotogravure cylinders and anilox rolls.

There four system configurations, three PC based systems featuring Micro-Check X-Y-Z software and one analog system.

Call: 630-871-8900; e-mail: info@shimausa.com. Circle #289

Tool Design Component Simplifies Design Activities

Factorynet Tool Design Management (TDM), a new component of Intercim's FACTORYnet MES software suite, gives manufacturers the ability to define company specific tool design processes, to create and manage tool design requests and to track tool design activities and costs.

With Factorynet TDM, an engineer can graphically define tool design processes using a network of linked process steps.

Factorynet TDM also encompasses the design, fabrication and testing of both hard and soft tools.

Call: 800-445-7785; e-mail: bornsteins@intercim.com. Circle #290

Databox Brings Affordability To Portable Data Collection

Databox is a portable data collection system for Zontec's Synergy 2000 Statistical Process Control software.

According to the manufacturer, Databox provides an efficient offline method for capturing process information and eliminating redundant data entry and input errors. Workers can collect measurements remotely and later synchronize that data with their desktop PCs for in-depth analysis and reporting with Synergy 2000.

Call: 513-648-0088; e-mail: spcinfo@zontec-spc.com. Circle #291

Slow-Motion Camera For Industrial Professionals

The Redlake Imaging MotionMeter from Roper Scientific is a handheld slow-motion digital video camera capable of letting the user see, measure and understand high-speed processes.

MotionMeter allows users to record and measure the accuracy of production and packaging machinery and is designed as a personal tool for manufacturing, maintenance and service professionals.

Call: 800-453-1223; e-mail: sales@redlake.com. Circle #292

Monitoring System Measures UV Disinfection

Solar Light has introduced a compact, highly reliable system to monitor and measure the output of UV lamps and arrays used in water and wastewater treatment.

The manufacturer said the GLM 100 UV Lamp Monitoring System is comprised of the UW254 Submersible Detector, which is designed to measure the region used for germicidal radiation to kill micro-organisms, and the LM100 UV Lamp Monitor electronics unit.

The GLM 100 System has applications in municipal and private water facilities and purification systems used in the treating process.

Call: 215-927-4206; e-mail: info@solar.com. Circle #293 

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