To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., PO Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. 


2-4 Applied Statistics. San Francisco. Call Institute for Professional Education at 703-527-8700 or e-mail Education@theIPE.com

3-4 ASQ Education Course. Quality Audits for Improved Performance. Milwaukee.

3-4 ASQ Education Course. Integrating ISO 14001 Into QS-9000 Certified Systems. Detroit.

3-4 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000: Making Quality Systems Profitable. Dallas.

3-5 Frontline Solutions Expo 2000 (formerly SCANTECH). Chicago. Call Advanstar Communications at 888-822-4321 or fax 440-891-2722.

3-5 Management Representative Practicum. Vandalia, OH. Call Interstate Quality Consultants at 937-264-1387 or e-mail iqc@iqcinc.com

4-6 ASQ Education Course. Process Capability. Dallas.

5-6 ASQ Education Course. Using Quality Tools and a Problem Solving Process for Sustained Improvement. Chicago.

8-13 Strategic Planning and Implementation. Ann Arbor, MI. Call Executive Education Center at University of Michigan Business School at 734-763-1234 or fax 734-764-1000.

9 ISO 9000:2000 Revisions Featuring Jack West. Las Vegas. Call European Quality Institute at 412-782-3383 or fax 412-782-3384.

9-12 5th Annual Conference on Lean Management. Indianapolis. Call Productivity at 800-394-6868 or fax 503-235-0909.

9-12 Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls at 800-545-8602 or fax 423-588-9440.

9-13 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Dallas. Also November 6-10, San Diego.

9-13 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Training/Coach Training. Dallas.

10-11 Environmental Site Assessment Practices for Commercial Real Estate. Phoenix. Call American Society for Testing and Materials at 610-832-9500 or e-mail service@astm.org

10-12 ASQ Education Course. Baldrige Self-Assessment Training for Service Organizations. Baltimore.

10-12 International Manufacturing Enterprise Technology (IMET) 2000. Rosemont, IL. Call IMET at 800-964-9665 or fax 610-458-1553.

10-12 Implementation of ISO 9001:2000. Atlanta. Call Georgia Institute of Technology at 404-385-3502 or e-mail conted@gatech.edu

10-13 Working With Data. Cincinnati. Call Mesa Consulting Group at 513-677-8207 or e-mail sales@mesacg.com

11-13 2nd NSF International Conference on Food Safety. Savannah, GA. Call Center for Public Health Education at 734-827-6865 or e-mail grace@nsf.org

11-13 Lean Manufacturing: Doing More and More With Less and Less. Atlanta. Call 800-262-9699 or e-mail cust_serv@amanet.org

12-13 Gage Calibration Systems. Schaumburg, IL. Call Affiliated Educational Consultants at 773-262-8140 or e-mail hampto9@aecltd.com

16-17 Achieving Excellence in Aerospace, Aviation and Airline Operations Conference. Atlanta. Call Institute of Industrial Engineers at 770-449-0461, ext. 111, or fax 770-263-8532.

16-20 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training (ANSI-RAB accredited). Detroit. Also November 6-10, Milwaukee.

16-20 ASQ Education Course. ISO 14000 Lead Auditor Training (ANSI-RAB accredited). Atlanta.

16-20 GMP/Quality System Requirements & Industry Practice. Sanibel Island, FL. Call Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation at 800-332-2264, ext. 260, or fax 703-525-1424.

16-20 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Milwaukee. Also November 13-17, San Diego.

17-18 ASQ-Plexus Education Course. How To Transition to ISO 9001:2000. Milwaukee.

17-18 Fundamentals of Process Management. Northbrook, IL. Call Society of Manufacturing Engineers at 800-733-4763 or fax 313-271-2861.

17-19 ASQ Education Course. Risk Analysis Tools and Techniques. Denver.

17-20 Practical Reliability Analysis for Machines and Manufacturing Systems. Dayton, OH. Call University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change at 937-229-4632 or fax 937-229-4666.

18-19 Computer System Validation in FDA Regulated Industries. Pittsburgh. Call Validation Associates at 215-504-9635 or fax 215-504-9735.

18-20 Information Quality Conference. London. Call Information Impact at 44-0-20-8866-8366 or e-mail information@irmuk.co.uk

19-20 ASQ Education Course. The Project Management Process. New Orleans.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. New Orleans.

20-22 2000 Conference on Information Quality. Cambridge, MA. Call Massachusetts Institute of Technology at 617-253-6671 or e-mail smadnick@mit.edu

22-25 APICS International Conference & Exposition. Orlando, FL. Call The Educational Society for Resource Management at 703-354-8851 or fax 703-354-8794.

23-24 Preparing for ISO 9001:Year 2000. Dallas. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

23-25 ASQ Education Course. Internal Quality Auditor Training (ANSI-RAB accredited). Las Vegas.

23-27 Conducting Effective Quality Audits. New Brunswick, NJ. Call Center for Professional Advancement at 732-613-4500 or fax 732-238-9113.

24-26 Experiment Design Made Easy. Philadelphia. Call Stat-Ease at 800-801-7191 or e-mail sherry@statease.com

24-26 ASQ Education Course. Design of Experiments. Milwaukee.

24-26 Correctly Applying SPC Tools in Special Applications: Laboratory and Continuous & Batch Processes. Houston. Call Oklahoma State University Engineering Extension at 405-744-5714 or e-mail gcollin@okstate.edu

24-26 Fall Festival of Training. Dayton, OH. Call PQ Systems at 800-777-3020 or e-mail renee@pqsystems.com

25-27 Effective Quality Auditing Workshop. Dallas. Call B-K Education Services at 972-660-4575 or fax 972-641-1327.

26-27 Customer Satisfaction Measurement. Las Vegas. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or e-mail cust_serv@amanet.org

29-31 ASQ Conference. National Quality Education Conference 2000. Raleigh, NC.

29-31 Creative Root Cause Analysis. Hillsdale, MI. Call Hillsdale College at 517-437-3311 or e-mail dow.center@hillsdale.edu

29-31 First Trade Show & Conference for the Ceramic Industry 2000. Monterrey, Mexico. Call American Ceramic Society at 614-890-4700 or fax 614-899-6109.

29-Nov. 3 2000 International Laboratory Accreditation Conference (ILAC). Washington. Call National Institute of Standards and Technology at 703-680-1436 or fax 703-680-1356.

30-31 20th Southeastern Quality Conference. Atlanta. Call ASQ's Greater Atlanta Section 1502 at 770-528-7242 or e-mail laft@spsu.edu

30-31 ASQ Education Course. Quality Cost Principles. Washington.


6-8 ASQ Education Course. Statistical Process Control. Las Vegas.

6-10 ASQ Education Course. Reliability Engineering. Milwaukee.

6-10 Building Continual Improvement: Service Industries and Administrative Areas. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls at 423-584-5005 or fax 423-588-9440.

7-9 ASQ Education Course. Implementing and Auditing an ISO 9000 Quality System. Milwaukee.

13-14 Measurement Uncertainty. Honolulu, HI. Call American Association for Laboratory Accreditation at 301-644-3235 or fax 301-662-2974.

13-14 ASTM Committee E20 on Temperature Management.Orlando, FL. Call ASTM at 610-832-9738 or e-mail fquinzi@astm.org

13-15 Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP): A Basic Concept for Food Protection. Davis, CA. Call University Extension of University of California at 800-752-0881.

14-15 Behavioral Science Methods for Quality Improvement: Connecting People and Systems. St. Louis. Call Bahavioral Science Technology at 800-548-5781 or fax 805-646-0328.

14-16 ASQ Education Course. Advanced Topics in SPC and Short-Run Applications. Washington.

28-29 Computer System Validation in FDA-Regulated Industries. Somerset, NJ. Call Validation Associates at 215-504-9635 or fax 215-504-9735.

28-30 Millennium International Confer-ence of the Israel Society for Quality. Jerusalem. Call 972-2-6520574 or e-mail seminars@isas.co.il


1 Microsoft Access 97-Part II: Building a Work Order and Shop Floor Labor Collection System. Atlanta. Call Georgia Institute of Technology Continuing Education Department at 404-385-3502 or e-mail conted@gatech.edu

2-7 International Conference on Business and Consciousness. Acapulco, Mexico. Call Message Co. at 505-474-0998 or fax 505-471-2584.

3-4 Measuring Employee Satisfaction. Singapore. Call Asia Added Advantage at 65- 4794892 or fax 65-4790468.

4-6 ASQ Education Course. Information Quality Improvement. Washington.

4-8 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training. Nashville.

5-6 ASQ Education Course. Quality Audits for Improvement. Atlanta.

6 6th International Scientific Symposium on Improving Quality and Value of Health Care. San Francisco, CA. Call Institute for Healthcare Improvement at 617-754-4800 or e-mail szepp@metrohealth.org

7-8 ASQ Education Course. Information Stewardship. Washington.

11-14 ASQ Education Course. How to Transition to ISO 9001:2000. Tampa.

12-13 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. Dallas.

13-14 Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Pasadena, CA. Call California Institute of Technology at 626-395-4045 or e-mail execedu@caltech.edu

13-14 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Auditing. Tampa.

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