Calibrators Have Temperature Range of -45° to 650° C

The DBC Series Dry Block Temperature Calibrators from Druck have a temperature generation range of -45° to 650° C and are stepped and ramped with a 0.03° C temperature control stability. They have a dual backlit LCD that provides an external reference probe readout, switch test, mA and error calculation.

The calibrators also come with several inserts with different diameters and user selectable multilanguage firmware. The DBC Series can be used in conjunction with electronic calibrators to test and calibrate devices, such as temperature switches, temperature transmitters, digital thermometers and data acquisition systems.

Call: 203-746-0400; fax: 203-746-2494. Circle #251

The Model 1620 DC Power Supply from BK Precision.

Power Supply Uses 115 VAC Power Source

The Model 1620 DC Power Supply from BK Precision uses a 115 VAC power source, provides variable voltage outputs of 0 to 18 VDC and up to 5 A at continuous operation. The DC power supply is suitable for a variety of bench top applications, such as automotive and marine electronics.

It provides maximum current output without thermal drifting and features a front panel mounted precision analog voltmeter and ammeter. The front panel also houses an off/on switch, a power LED, an overload indicator light and a voltage adjustment knob.

Call: 714-237-9220; fax: 714-237-9214. Circle #262

Alta Solutions' AS-200 SpectralShield Automated Product Quality Test System.

Dynamic Signature Analysis Finds Production Line Defects

Alta Solutions' AS-200 SpectralShield Automated Product Quality Test System is designed to characterize a product's dynamic signature and quality without affecting the production line's speed. The system can be used to test bearings, electric motors, pumps, compressors, fans, appliances, transmissions, alternators, generators and hand tools.

The SpectralShield accepts several sensors that collect dynamic parameters, such as sound, vibration, displacement and pressure. It measures and characterizes each product's signature and compares it against the predefined signatures or thresholds configured by the user. Each dynamic signature can be created using different frequency, time and statistical techniques.

Call: 877-258-2765; e-mail: info@altasol.com.  Circle #259

Heat Vision Camera Digitizes Images at 12 Bits

Raytheon's ControlIR 2000 is a digital infrared (IR) heat vision thermal imager for original equipment manufacturers and systems integrators targeting security, process control and machine vision applications. The camera employs digital signal processing electronics and can digitize images at 12 bits.

Heat vision thermal imaging cameras such as the ControlIR 2000 see the invisible IR energy that all people and objects emit. Users can enhance the camera's sensitivity to temperature differences in scenes being viewed on a pixel by pixel basis over two, four or eight frames.

Call: 800-990-3275; e-mail: infrared@raytheon.com. Circle #252

CMM Offers Volumetric Accuracy of 0.0004 in.

The Rapid Check 2 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from L.S. Starrett is designed for use on the factory floor and offers a volumetric accuracy specification of 0.0004 in. It comes with Starrett Apogee software.

The CMM has a gantry design frame and granite side members. The Z-axis is made of thin wall structural steel, which reduces mass and minimizes thermal expansion. The machine does not require air supply, and the only required connection is a standard 110 or 220 V electrical outlet.

Call: 978-249-3551; fax: 978-249-8495. Circle #253

Current to Voltage Sensor Measures up to 5 A

Bicron's EX9PA050 Toroidal Current Sensor is a printed circuit board mounted device that can operate over a range of 0 to 5 A or 47 to 400 Hz. It provides an electrically isolated AC output voltage, typically 0 to 100 mV, which is proportional to the AC current input.

The sensor can be used for numerous applications, including instrumentation; measurement and control functions; and monitoring and controlling AC devices, such as motors, heaters, pumps and lamps. It can achieve output linearities as high as 1% of the 5 A range over a temperature range of -35° to 80° C through its use of thermally stable construction materials.

Call: 860-824-5125, ext. 1305 or 1322; e-mail: info@bcrn.com.  Circle #254

Data Acquisition System Has 32 Channels

DATAQ Instruments' Model DI-740 Data Acquisition System combines sampling, sensor excitation and signal conditioning for the operation of strain, force and displacement. It has a flexible range of 16 transducer and 16 general purpose analog input channels. Each channel has an external, removable screw terminal strip.

The system has input ranges of ±1.25 to ±10 VDC full scale, 16-bit A/D, 250 kHz sampling capability, multiple trigger modes and burst mode technology. It is 7.29 x 9 x 2.7 in.

Call: 800-553-9006; e-mail: info@dataq.com. Circle #255

Accelerometer Has Wide Band Frequency

The Model 7593A variable capacitance accelerometer from Endevco features wide band frequency and dynamic response. It is designed to measure shock, vibration and inertial motion in all engineering fields. It uses a metal beam capacitive sensor element and full signal conditioning for the measurement of low-level accelerations.

The accelerometer offers a +2 g full scale range and +0.5% nonlinearity. It has a ratiometric output signal of 1 V per g at 5 V DC excitation, a frequency response of DC to 50Hz and amplified output.

Call: 949-493-8181; e-mail: bruce@endevco.com. Circle #256

Atmospheric Sensor Monitors Oxygen Concentration

The Sentinel-ES atmospheric sensor from Marathon Sensors monitors oxygen concentration in applications running at temperatures or in environments too hostile or impractical for the use of in-situ probes. It is engineered to remotely measure oxygen content for use on the calculation of dewpoint, carbon dioxide, carbon potential and oxidation reduction potential.

The sensor incorporates a two-step installation procedure and is useful in applications such as annealing, brazing, sintering, endothermic generators, and various forms of carburizing and nitriding. It can measure oxygen concentration levels down to ppm and is suited to applications with a high percentage of hydrogen.

Call: 800-547-1055; fax: 513-326-7090. Circle #258

Precision Gage Can Measure Auto Paint Thickness

BYK-Gardner USA's byko-test 1500 precision measurement gage is designed for nondestructive coating thickness measurement. It can be used to measure auto paint and other surfaces where the coating cannot be damaged.

The byko-test 1500 is a pocket sized instrument that incorporates dual probes for coating measurement on ferrous and nonferrous substrates. There is no need to exchange cable or recalibrate when switching between the different substrates.

The gage's V groove allows for measurements on rods and other curved surfaces. It has a one-handed design and optional memory capability.

Call: 800-343-7721; fax: 301-483-6555. Circle #257

Flow Switch Monitors Gear, Turbine, Paper Machine Oil

The Kaydon TELEFLO Flow, No Flow flow switch monitors the long-term liquid flow in industrial equipment. It examines turbine, gear, paper machine, hydraulic and cutting oil, and water with standard 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5 and 2 in. connections. It has a built-in switch that enables automatic activation of a designated remote event, including an alarm light or a system/oil pump.

The flow switch is made of a weatherproof enclosure, solid bronze body, aluminum dial, brass pointer and acrylic window. It handles pressures up to 125 psig and liquid temperatures up to 200° F.

Call: 800-241-2342, ext. 260; fax: 706-883-6199. Circle #260

Control System Suited For Multistation Control

MTS Systems' TestStar Control System for material testing has been expanded to include the TestStar IIm system for multistation, multichannel control. The TestStar IIm model can be configured to control up to four testing stations with a total of eight channels of control.

The system's software enhancements include user defined calculations, which allow users to build calculations with transducer signals for control or data acquisition, and user defined detector actions, which enable users to customize actions to occur when a detector fires.

Call: 800-944-1687; e-mail: info@mts.com.  Circle #263

Data Acquisition Systems Offer Plug and Play Operation

Intelligent Instrumentation's portable UDAS USB data acquisition systems provide an alternative to plug-in PC data acquisition boards. The UDAS models use the universal serial bus (USB), which has hot-swappable and true plug and play configuration and operation. The PC autodetects the addition or removal of the USB data acquisition system.

The systems can be used in applications such as automated test and measurement, data logging, temperature measurement, laboratory automation, portable data acquisition, production tests, and research and development.

Call: 800-685-9911; fax: 520-573-0522. Circle #261

Reinshaw's NC1 laser beam toolsetting system.

Toolsetting System Measures Tools at Speed

The NC1 laser based toolsetting system from Reinshaw measures tools at speed to get spindles to cut in while checking against dynamic errors. It uses a laser beam to measure tool length and diameter at normal spindle speeds. There is no need to stop the tool or slow down axes. Laser checking at working spindle speeds identifies dynamic errors caused by clamping inconsistencies and radial run-out of the spindle, tool and tool holders.

The NC1 also performs broken tool detection at rapid traverse. This is useful on unattended machining operations where tool damage can cause scrap or rework. After each machining operation, tools can be passed through the laser beam at rapid feed rates to check for damage.

Call: 847-843-3666; fax: 847-843-1744. Circle #265

Thread Inspection Device Tracks Inspected Parts

The TSTP-500 in-process thread inspection device from General Inspection tracks each inspected part and displays the trend analysis in graphic format to pinpoint machining problems or tooling wear. It is equipped with a touch screen monitor that allows the user to select independent ± window tolerances. The unit is sensitive to certain defects, while allowing for variations, such as plating thickness and small material differences.

The device also features simultaneous, automatic zeroing for multiple channel units, a printer port for printing hard copies of the trend analysis and a digital channel display.

Call: 248-625-0529; fax: 248-625-0789. Circle #264

Bench Top Optical Comparator Has 18 x 6 in. Stage Travel

The DH216-AMS18 bench top optical comparator from Deltronic measures large parts with 18 x 6 in. stage travel and an automated measuring system.

It has an all steel construction, a 16 in. vertical viewing screen, true telecentric lens design with corrected image and 0.05% flat field accuracy. It also features a heat treated nickel plated stage surface, a built-in true 15° helix stage, all axis roller bearings, 0.00005 in. x 0.001 mm scale resolution and a built-in LED electronic screen protractor.

Call: 800-451-6922; fax: 800-969-3358. Circle #267

VF-100 Spec-Stik Verifies UV Lamps

The VF-100 Spec-Stik from Spectronics verifies UV lamps by locking the lamp and sensor in position. It has two posts at one end and an adjustable radiometer sensor holder at the other end. The posts hold the grip of the lamp that is being tested.

Depending on which post is being used, the lamp filter will be positioned 12 or 15 in. from the radiometer's sensor. An adjustable bracket allows the sensor to be moved up and down to align it with the hot spot on the lamp.

Call: 800-274-8888; fax: 800-491-6868. Circle #268

Strain Gage Amplifier Has Built-In Lemosa Connectors

Alligator Technologies' 4-channel SCS-824-LEM strain gage amplifier for the SCS-800 modular signal conditioning system accommodates 0.25, 0.5 or full bridge strain gages. It has built-in Lemosa connectors and is available in rack mount or portable chassis.

The amplifier has AC/DC input coupling, gain settings from 1 to 1,000 and a built-in 4-pole tunable analog filter with software controllable bypass. A proprietary DC transformer circuit buffers output signals and provides true differential output with voltage compliance of ±12 V.

Call: 714-850-9984; e-mail: info@alligatortech.com. Circle #266

Pressure Regulator Has Neoprene Diaphragm

Scott Specialty Gases' Model 202-510A single stage pressure regulator is constructed of brass and is applicable for noncorrosive acetylene service. It features a neoprene diaphragm that allows accurate delivery pressure settings. An outlet needle valve provides flow control, while a sintered metal filter in the seat assembly traps foreign particles.

The regulator's delivery pressure is from 2 to 15 psig, with a flow capacity of 350 standard cubic feet of air per hour. The delivery gage has a red line above 15 psig, and the maximum pressure is rated at 300 psig.

Call: 215-766-8861; fax: 215-766-2476. Circle #269 

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