ASQ Awards Process Lets You
Put Your Mark on Quality

Nominating process is open and easy

by David J. McClaskey, Chair, Professional Development Council

Deming, Juran, Feigenbaum, Grant, Ishikawa, Brumbaugh, Edwards--these are a few of the names that have helped to define the tradition of quality. Their contributions live on in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that their work has been recognized and memorialized through ASQ's awards program. Each of them has been a recipient of at least one ASQ honor, and several have also had awards or medals named after them.

Each ASQ member can take pride in being associated with such outstanding figures. And more important, each member has an opportunity to continue this tradition of excellence by playing an active role in ASQ's annual awards program--both as a nominator and as a possible nominee.

As we approach the Nov. 1 deadline for nominations, I am encouraging all ASQ members to help us identify qualified candidates for the next round of awards. The awards process gives you an opportunity to shape the future of quality by bestowing recognition on those whose work deserves wider acclaim. It can also be a professional development opportunity for you, because the nomination guidelines explain in detail what is expected of those who aspire to the pinnacle of our profession.

The importance of being nominated

The nomination process is as easy as one-two-three: All you need to do is identify qualified candidates, obtain the necessary nomination forms and submit the completed forms. (See the description of ASQ awards on pp. 65-66 and the checklist on this page for more specifics.)

As with any major awards programs, there is great honor in being nominated even for those who do not receive an award. Since there can only be one recipient per year, nominators should avoid a win/lose mentality. Everyone who is nominated benefits and is a winner due to peer recognition. Remember that most recipients have been nominated for several years before they actually receive the award.

You should consider yourself as a potential nominee. If you feel you are qualified for an award, don't be modest--get a friend to fill out and submit the nomination form for you. You can even volunteer to fill out most of the nomination form and thus require little of your friend's time.

You should also use an ASQ nomination form as a guide for professional development. Consider getting the nomination forms for the awards for which you would like to be nominated. If you feel you are not qualified at this time, create a professional development plan that will take you in that direction. International peer recognition can be a great motivator.

I hope all sections, divisions and members will take a few minutes this month to think about those they know who deserve to be nominated for an ASQ award. You do not have to be an ASQ member to win an award or to make a nomination.

Start the nomination process this month, and get the nominations in by Nov. 1. We owe it to our profession and deserving quality professionals to take the little time necessary to do this. We all are so much richer as a result of these awards and the recognition, learnings and professional development that occur because of them.

ASQ Awards Checklist

___Learn more about ASQ awards. Detailed information is available on the Society Web site at www.asq.org. (Go to the "About Quality" area and open the link titled "ASQ's Quality Medals and Awards.") You can also get a complete list of winners from headquarters.

___Think about people you know who have made outstanding contributions to quality. See if you find any matches between those people you feel are deserving and the criteria for the awards.

___Get nomination forms from the My ASQ Web site or call headquarters (800-248-1946 or 414-272-8575). (The Brumbaugh Award does not have a form as all eligible articles are considered.) If--after reading the nomination form--you feel a person would be a good candidate, contact the person you plan to nominate.

___Gather the required information for a nomination. Have nominees help fill out the nomination form as they know the information best.

___Obtain personal recommendations for nominees. Most people will write these if they are asked. The nominee can identify people to contact but should have someone else make the request. Include a biography of the nominee with the recommendation request. Have the original or a copy sent to you as the person making the nomination, and ensure all recommendation letters are sent in by the deadline.

___Aim to get your nominations in the mail by mid-October. Do not push the limit on the deadline since nominations postmarked after Nov. 1 will not be accepted.

___If you have any questions, call Karen Prosser at headquarters (800-248-1946 or 414-272-8575) or e-mail her at kprosser@asq.org

___Let us know about ways we can improve the awards process. Send your suggestions to Mike Jones, chairman of the ASQ Awards Board. He can be contacted at mjonesasq@aol.com.

If you would like to comment on this article, please post your remarks on the Quality Progress Discussion Board, or e-mail them to editor@asq.org.

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