Display Rework Data Via the Internet

The Rework Data Server System from CR Technology is intended for the RTI-6520 and 65500, AOI 2020 and XRV Vision Inspection Systems. The application generates a series of Web pages. These Web pages display printed circuit board data passed through an open database connectivity source to Web browsers.

The system is presented in three main Web pages, including the defect map, board statistics and the master table. These three subsites are designed for repair technicians going through the rework process of their defective boards. The system lists defect information in a table and indicates defect location on a map.

Call: 949-448-0443; e-mail: sales.crtech@crtechnology.com. Circle #281

Software Maintains, Tracks Quality Assurance Functions

Progressive Quality Solutions' Quality Assurance Tracking System (QATS) Version 4.06 software is designed to maintain and track quality assurance functions. The system is Windows based and allows the user to track and pinpoint deficiencies in manufacturing processes.

QATS issues unique lot and report numbers for nonconformance reporting and corrective action to identify, track and follow up on raw materials and nonconformances.

The QATS report menu provides users with information in the form of graphs, reports or Pareto charts. The information can be reviewed in numerous ways, including customer, employee and/or supplier. It identifies the manufacturing process that needs attention and indicates whether it's the process or the training that needs to be improved.

Call: 707-887-8481; fax: 707-887-2501. Circle #282

Statistical Software Includes Mixture Design Capability

Release 13 of MINITAB Statistical Software from Minitab includes a mixture design capability for the chemical and process industries. The software also includes a StatGuide that explains how to interpret statistical tables and graphs. When users open the StatGuide, it displays the information that corresponds to the current output.

The software's project manager keeps track of a complex analysis and is organized in a treelike structure. The project manager allows users to rename worksheet columns and add column descriptions; browse through worksheets, graphs and output; organize related documents and URLs; and so on.

Call: 800-448-3555; e-mail: sales@minitab.com. Circle #283

The NEMA 4X Field Mount Process Controller from Powers Process Controls.

Process Controllers Manage Analog Process Variables

The 600 Series NEMA 4X Field Mount Process Controllers from Powers Process Controls are designed to manage analog process variables, such as temperature, pressure, flow or fluid level, in batch or continuous process environments.

The controller's metal housing is intended to protect it against the elements, and its inputs and outputs are isolated. It can be mounted on the wall, and its vacuum fluorescent display shows up to three lines of text. Its operating power is 48 to 62 Hz, and it can operate at temperatures from 32 to 122° F.

Call: 847-568-6211; fax: 847-673-9044. Circle #287

Probe Measures 3-D Features Of Large Parts

The Deep Access RetroProbe 400 from SMX enables laser trackers to perform 3-D measurements of small pockets, holes, corners, punch marks, contours, crosshairs, scribed lines and other large parts features.

The probe's stylus allows for measurements up to 4 in. deep. Users touch the stylus tip to the recessed surface and move it over the features that need to be measured. The laser tracker beam locks into the mirrored target and follows it as it moves over the surface.

The stylus comes with two types of interchangeable tips. The point tip measures surfaces with scribed lines and crosshairs. The ruby ball tip measures surfaces in pockets, holes, corners and contours.

Call: 610-444-2300 ext. 225; fax: 610-444-2323. Circle #284

Data Coupler Can Measure Rotational Torque

Wireless Data's Model 2100 high rpm data coupler is a clamp on, short-range telemetry system that can measure rotational torque, torsional vibrations, bending strains, thrust, acceleration, pressure, load and temperatures on rotating shafts. The data can be obtained via strain gages, pressure transducers, piezoresistive accelerometers and other full bridge transducers.

Installation requires 1.25 in. of clear shafting and introduces minimal weight and volume to the mechanical system. The data coupler can operate from direct current to 13,500 rpm at temperatures up to 125° C. It allows automatic shunt calibration while the shaft is rotating.

Call: 800-227-8190; fax: 650-967-7727. Circle #285

Test Probes Have Minimum Electrical Lengths

Rika Denshi America's High Speed Test Probes have minimum electrical lengths to test integrated circuits. The probes are designed to perform cycle and reliability testing and have operating lengths as short as 2.5 mm.

The test probes have several tip styles, and the operating lengths can be customized to meet Z tolerance requirements. They feature bandwidths up to 7 GHz and can test devices with centerlines as small as 0.5 mm.

Call: 508-226-2080; e-mail: mauclair@testprobe.com. Circle #286

Indicator Works for Food, Pharmaceutical Industries

Mettler Toledo's ID7 Multi-Range Scale Indicator is made of 100% stainless steel making it suited for sanitary sensitive applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The indicator's weight display has characters over 1 in. high.

Designed for use with analog and high precision bench scales, the ID7 provides auto tare capability and is available in tabletop, wall mount and panel mount versions. It features communication capabilities, offering standalone I/O control and several data communication options. Each indicator connects to as many as three scales and can accommodate up to five peripherals for output.

Call: 614-438-4511; fax: 614-428-4518. Circle #288

Source Meter Tests, Controls Thermoelectric Coolers

Keithley's Model 2510 TEC Source Meter tests and controls the thermoelectric cooler portion on laser diode modules used in fiberoptic telecom applications. The meter provides a combination of source, measurement and temperature control capabilities.

The Model 2510 comes with a software based, digital proportional-integral-differential temperature control loop. The loop has typical stability to within ±0.005° C of setpoint that enables control over optical wavelengths emitted by laser diodes.

The meter supports several temperature sensors, including thermistors and semiconductor temperature sensors. The four-wire source/measure for thermistors eliminates lead length effects for low-level measurements.

Call: 440-248-0400; e-mail: product_info@keithley.com. Circle #293

Calibration Tool Comes With Measurement Software

Fred V. Fowler's Trimos LabConcept Measuring System is a dimensional calibration instrument that comes with measuring software and flat panel touch screen display. The on-screen video provides the operator with instruction on instrument use.

The instrument can acquire resolution to 1 millionth of an in., and its measuring force is electronically adjustable from 0 to 12 newtons. It is available in 500 mm and 1,000 mm lengths. It can facilitate the calibration and checking of numerous measurement standards, including plain and threaded plug and ring gages, calipers, micrometers, indicators, and pin and snap gages.

Call: 800-788-2353; fax: 617-332-4137. Circle #290

NWA Quality Monitor Available in 32-bit Version

The NWA Quality Monitor from Northwest Analytical now comes in a 32-bit version. The new version of the plant floor statistical process control (SPC) software allows companies to perform SPC charting and analysis at plant floor workstations. It helps companies standardize workflow procedures, automate data collection and provide real-time SPC feedback throughout the operation.

The software includes a full screen visual designer with wizard based setup tools. The design allows companies to match the user interface to the requirements of the item being tested and the user's capabilities.

Call: 503-224-7727; e-mail: nwa@nwasoft.com. Circle #291

Leak Tester Detects Holes As Small as 12.5 µ

The Qualpak Q700 series of leak testers from ITI Qualitek can be used in applications requiring a single station or dual station tester. The Q700 can detect holes as small as 12.5 µ in packages. The Q710 can test packaged products up to 8.5 x 10.5 x 4 in.

The Q700 accommodates variations in the fill volume using strain gage technology. To operate the tester, load the package into the module and close the lid to initiate the test cycle. At the end of the test, the operator is presented with a green pass or red reject lamp indication.

Call: 978-670-1113; fax: 978-670-1114. Circle #292

The PosiTector 100 ultrasonic coating thickness gage from DeFelsko.

Thickness Gage Measures Coatings on Nonmetals

The PosiTector 100 ultrasonic coating thickness gage from DeFelsko measures single and multilayered coatings on nonmetals such as plastic, wood, concrete, glass and fiberglass. Each unit has built-in documentation and annotation capabilities.

There are three different probes available for the gage. Each probe is designed to measure specific coating types and thickness ranges, from 8 µm to 8 mm. The gage can measure up to five coating thickness layers simultaneously by taking a single measurement. The thickness/layer information is displayed in graphic and numeric format on its built-in liquid crystal display.

Call: 315-393-4450; e-mail: techsales@defelsko.com. Circle #289

Scanning Optical Microscope Has Resolution Up to 30 nm

The Aurora-2 near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM) from ThermoMicro-scopes provides researchers with the subdiffraction-limit spatial resolution of NSOM in an open architecture platform. The microscope has a resolution of up to 30 nm and can be used in applications such as thin film analysis; optical lithography; magneto-optical analysis; and the characterization of semiconductor lasers, optical fibers and wave guides.

The NSOM uses ThermoMicroscope's tuning fork based shear force modulation technique to maintain tip to surface proximity while eliminating optical interference. It can operate in either reflection or transmission mode.

Call: 408-474-1600; fax: 408-747-1601. Circle #294

Compact Proximity Sensors Available in Several Sizes

The Q25/Q30 compact inductive proximity sensors from Turck come in several sizes. The sensors measure 25.5 x 25 x 38.5 mm or 30.5 x 30 x 52.5 mm, depending on the model. They can achieve a 10 or 15 mm sensing range with repeatability ¾ 2% of the rated operating distance.

The sensors can be mounted in a position similar to embeddable sensors and include a light emitting diode that indicates output energized. They are designed for harsh environments, feature a plastic housing and are available with a 2 m polyvinyl chloride-jacketed cable or a 2 m pigtail style disconnect.

Call: 612-553-7300; e-mail: btarbo@turck.com. Circle #298

Inspection System Can Replace Up to 18 Borescopes

The Universal Inspector from Lenox Instrument is a fiberoptic borescope system that can replace up to 18 conventional rigid borescopes. The modular system lets users purchase interchangeable components that can be added to the basic system as their needs change.

The standard, color coded objective sleeve can be replaced by one of the snap-on extensions and an objective lens. There are six objective lenses available, including three with forward viewing angles, and lenses with right angle, forward oblique and retrospective viewing capabilities.

Call: 800-356-1104; e-mail: sales@lenoxinst.com. Circle #250

RVI Video System Performs Field Inspections

Olympus America's remote visual inspection (RVI) system performs field inspections. It can make video inspections without removal and disassembly of the equipment under study.

The inspection system consists of an Olympus Series 6 Videoscope, an onboard computer, an internal floppy disk drive, a light source and a 6 in. digital liquid crystal display monitor. The monitor can mount on the Videoscope handle or on a telescoping pole.

Call: 800-446-5260; fax: 516-844-5620. Circle #295

Microscope Allows Multiphoton Excitation

The LSM 510 NLO confocal laser scanning microscope from Carl Zeiss has integrated short pulse lasers that allow for multiphoton excitation, which protects living specimens and implements 3-D selectivity and resolution.

The microscope has a 4-D scan option that permits stacks to be recorded over time. Functions for the display, analysis, 3-D reconstruction and archiving of image stacks over time are also available. The spline-scan mode allows scanning along a curved or freehand line.

Call: 800-233-2343 x7857; e-mail micro@zeiss.com. Circle #296

Gage Calculates, Displays Gas Flow Rates

Meriam Instrument's 2110F Smart Flow Measurement Gage is designed to calculate and display clean, dry gas flow rates. It can be used to monitor compressed air flows in plants or display gas flows in laminar flow elements.

The gage has programmable registers that allow the user to enter a flow coefficient so the gage can be used with square root type flow meters. Flow rate can be displayed in gallons, liters, cubic meters, pounds, cubic feet or kilograms with minutes or hours time constraints. The gage can be programmed using the front keypad.

Call: 216-281-1100; fax: 216-281-0228. Circle #297

Summit Probe Allows Measurement Via Direct Connection

Summit Technology's model 15KVP voltage probes are capable of connecting directly to 15 kV. Each probe is 16 in. long and has a 1.5 in. diameter. They connect to the high voltage lines via an open hook that has a 1.3 in. diameter. The hook is screwed into the end of the probe and can be replaced with other attachments. The bottom of the probe has a recessed threaded hole for mounting it to a hot stick.

Installation includes three 15KVPs (one for each phase) and one PowerSight energy analyzer.

Call: 925-944-1212; fax: 925-944-7126. Circle #299

High-Speed Data Recorder Uses AIT Recording Technology

The SIR-1000W from Sony Precision Technology America is a high-speed, wide band digital data recorder that uses advanced intelligent tape (AIT) recording technology to collect multichannel analog and digital data. It can record and play back from two to 32 hours of high fidelity analog data at frequency bandwidths up to 160 kHz.

Tape speed for recording and playback can be set at one of five ranges. Long recordings can be played back at up to 16 times the recording speed to shorten data reading or reproduction. Playback can also be slowed down to 0.0625 of the recording speed to expand the data time base.

Call: 949-770-8400; fax: 949-770-8408. Circle #300

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