To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., PO Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. 


1-2 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Rochester, NY. Call The John D. Hromi Center for Quality & Applied Statistics at 716-475-6990 or fax 716-475-5959.

1-2 Concurrent Product Development: Better Products Faster. Dayton, OH. Call The University of Dayton Center for Competitive Change at 937-229-4632 or fax 937-229-4666.

1-3 Experiment Design Made Easy (EDME) Workshop. Detroit. Call Stat-Ease at 800-801-7191 or fax 612-378-2152.

2-3 Behavioral Science Methods for Quality Improvement. Charlotte, NC. Call Behavioral Science Technology at 800-548-5781 or fax 805-646-0328.

6-9 1st International Research Conference on Organizational Excellence in the Third Millennium. Estes Park, CO. Call MAAOE Conference at 970-491-5098 or e-mail maaoe@usa.net

7-9 Process Validation for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies. San Francisco. Call The Validation Council at 888-670-8200 or fax 941-365-2507.

7-11 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Dallas.

8-9 ASQ Education Course. Integrating ISO 14001 Into QS-9000 Certified Systems. Nashville, TN.

8-9 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000 Advanced Implementation. Denver.

8-9 Supplier Quality Management. Schaumburg, IL. Call Affiliated Educational Consultants at 773-262-8140 or e-mail hampto9@aecltd.com

9-11 Quality Function Deployment. Cincinnati. Call Mesa Consulting Group at 513-677-8207 or e-mail sales@mesacg.com

14 The Executive Briefing on Six Sigma. Hilton Head, SC. Call Government Institutes Division, ABS Group, at 301-921-2345 or e-mail giinfo@govinst.com

14-16 Advanced Regression: Data Analysis Under Nonstandard Conditions. Washington. Call The Institute for Professional Education at 703-527-8700 or e-mail education@theIPE.com

14-18 ASQ Education Course. Software Quality Engineering. Washington.

14-18 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Tampa, FL.

14-18 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Trainer/Coach Training. Orlando, FL.

15-16 Phase I Site Assessment and the Transaction Screen Process. Detroit. Call American Society for Testing and Materials at 610-832-9686 or fax 610-832-9668.

15-17 Root Cause Analysis Methods. Hopewell, VA. Call Reliability Center at 804-458-0645 or e-mail info@reliability.com

16-17 Comprehensive Analysis of ISO 9001:2000. Washington. Call Value Management Associates at 703-768-5212 or e-mail iepstein@erols.com

16-18 NIWeek 2000. Austin, TX. Call National Instruments at 800-258-7022 or e-mail niweek@ni.com

17-18 Quality Systems Documentation. Providence, RI. Call CEEM at 703-250-5900 or fax 703-250-5313.

21-22 Design Control and Validation for Medical Devices. New Brunswick, NJ. Call The Center for Professional Advancement at 732-613-4500 or fax 732-238-9113.

21-22 Preparing for ISO 9001: Year 2000. Virginia Beach, VA. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

22-25 Senior Project Management. San Francisco. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or e-mail cust_serv@amanet.org

29 Visually Instructive Plant (VIP) Plus-6S Workshop. Pittsburgh. Call Brady Worldwide at 800-635-7557 or fax 800-455-7446.


6-8 Digital Data Acquisition. Santa Barbara, CA. Call Technology Training Initiative at 805-682-7171 or e-mail training@ttiedu.com

6-13 International Manufacturing Show (IMTS) 2000. Chicago. Call IMTS at 703-893-2900 or fax 703-749-2759.

7-11 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000: Making Quality Systems Profitable. San Jose, CA.

10-12 Creative Root Cause Analysis. Hillsdale, MI. Call Dow Leadership Center at 517-437-3311 or fax 517-437-3240.

11 Tools and Strategies for Applying Risk Analysis to Product Development. Cincinnati. Call Appliance Manufacturer Conference and Expo at 440-349-3060 x303 or fax 440-498-9121.

11-14 MICONEX 2000, International Fair for Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation. Beijing. Call Messe Düsseldorf North America at 312-781-5180 or fax 312-781-5188.

11-15 GMP/Quality System Requirements & Industry Practice. Denver. Call Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation at 800-332-2264 or fax 703-525-1424.

12-14 Auto-Tech 2000. Detroit. Call Automotive Industry Action Group at 248-358-3570 or fax 248-358-3253.

13-15 KM World 2000 Conference. Santa Clara, CA. Call Information Today at 800-300-9868 or e-mail thoganjr@infotoday.com

13-15 Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Using Process Measurement Assurance Program (PMAP). Baltimore. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax 203-426-7811.

14-15 TQM Boot Camp. Dallas. Call Hogan Center for Performance Excellence at 972-406-1976 or fax 972-406-2922.

16-19 25th Annual Educational Conference & Exhibit. Dallas. Call National Association for Healthcare Quality at 800-966-9392 or e-mail info@nahq.org

18-20 4th Annual Conference on Aerospace Materials, Processes and Environmental Technology. Huntsville, AL. Call Native American Services at 256-533-5923 or e-mail jweiner@aol.com

18-22 Understanding SPC: Manufacturing and Process Industries. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls at 423-584-5005 or fax 423-588-9440.

19-22 11th Annual Total Productive Maintenance Conference. Dallas. Call Productivity at 800-394-6868 or fax 503-235-0909.

24-27 Manufacturing Workshop 2000. Louisville, KY. Call The American Ceramic Society at 614-794-5890 or e-mail customersrvc@acers.org

24-28 22nd Annual Electrostatic Discharge and Electrical Overstress Symposium. Anaheim, CA. Call Electrostatic Discharge Association at 615-339-6937 or fax 615-339-6793.

25-29 2nd World Conference for Software Quality. Yokohama City, Japan. Sponsored by Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, ASQ's Software Division and European Organization for Quality. Call Chair for the Americas at 805-756-5381 or e-mail pmcquaid@calpoly.edu

25-29 Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements. Boulder, CO. Call National Institute of Standards and Technology at 303-497-3693 or e-mail ortegaw@boulder.nist.gov

26-28 Assembly Technology Expo 2000. Chicago. Call ATExpo at 888-267-3796 or fax 203-840-9689.


3-5 Frontline Solutions Expo 2000 (formerly SCANTECH). Chicago. Call Advanstar Communications at 888-822-4321 or fax 440-891-2722.

3-5 Management Representative Practicum. Vandalia, OH. Call Interstate Quality Consultants at 937-264-1387 or e-mail iqc@iqcinc.com

10-12 International Manufacturing Enterprise Technology (IMET) 2000. Rosemont, IL. Call IMET at 800-964-9665 or fax 610-458-1553.

10-12 Implementation of ISO 9001:2000. Atlanta. Call Georgia Institute of Technology at 404-385-3502 or e-mail conted@gatech.edu

11-13 2nd NSF International Conference on Food Safety. Savannah, GA. Call Center for Public Health Education at 734-827-6865 or e-mail grace@nsf.org

18-19 Computer System Validation in FDA Regulated Industries. Pittsburgh. Call Validation Associates at 215-504-9635 or fax 215-504-9735.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. The Project Management Process. New Orleans.

19-20 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. New Orleans.

20-22 2000 Conference on Information Quality. Cambridge, MA. Call Massachusetts Institute of Technology at 617-253-6671 or e-mail smadnick@mit.edu

22-25 APICS International Conference & Exposition. Orlando, FL. Call The Educational Society for Resource Management at 703-354-8851 or fax 703-354-8794.

29-31 ASQ Conference. National Quality Education Conference 2000. Raleigh, NC.

29-Nov. 3 2000 International Laboratory Accreditation Conference (ILAC). Washington. Call National Institute of Standards and Technology at 703-680-1436 or fax 703-680-1356.

30-31 20th Southeastern Quality Conference. Atlanta. Call ASQ's Greater Atlanta Section 1502 at 770-528-7242 or e-mail laft@spsu.edu.

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