Semiconductor Tester Measures Up to 3,000 V

The M3000 SCR Tester from Amps Abundant.

Amps Abundant's M3000 SCR Tester checks semiconductors up to a 3,000 V rating. It is designed for bench testing semiconductors for gate trigger and forward and reverse leakage currents.

The tester can be used on production lines, in laboratories and quality control inspection stations, and during incoming inspection. The 6 lb. test box requires 110-line power and can identify faulty semiconductors or be used to match units. A phone jack is available to record voltage and current on an X-Y plotter.

Call: 800-233-0559; e-mail: amps@ampsabundant.com
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Device Toolbox Visualizes Changes in Wafers

The Device Toolbox software package from ADE is designed to help process engineers visualize and quantify changes in wafer shape, thickness and flatness. It allows engineers to develop, diagnose and maintain thermal, photolithography, backgrind and backside etch processes.

The software runs independently from other ADE tools. The thickness and shape data created by any ADE ASC or ASC-2000 measurement system are transformed by Device Toolbox into one-, two- or three-dimensional maps of differential information for one wafer or an entire lot.

Call: 781-467-3500; fax: 781-467-0500. Circle #259

Measuring System Enables Building Block Capability

Kaman Instrumentation's Series 8000 modular measuring system enables noncontact position sensing. It performs at a resolution of at least 10 µin. and provides building block capability.

The system comes in a 19-in. rack that can hold up to 12 channels, a midrack EuroCard instrument case that has a nine channel capacity or a half rack bench top instrument case that can hold up to six channels. Add-on function modules provide multiple channels, summation and comparison, voltage to current conversion and dual set points.

Call: 800-552-6267; fax: 719-634-8093. Circle #260

Software Toolpack Provides Process Knowledge

The Software Toolpack from Trifinity allows users to provide process knowledge. Some of the software applications included in the Toolpack are the Attribute Analyzer, Data Miner and Distribution Determinator.

The Attribute Analyzer constructs exact confidence intervals for fraction defective and defects per unit. It also determines if two attribute samples are significantly different.

The Data Miner is a diagnostic tool used to identify root causes of variability by examining associations between independent variables and the response variable. It has a parallel access chart that lets users visualize tendencies between multiple variables.

The Distribution Determinator provides probabilities and percentage points for the following distributions: Z, t, 2, F, uniform, exponential, binomial and Poisson. It can also be used to simulate data.

Call: 630-466-0953; e-mail: trifinity@cyberlink.com. Circle #261

Five-Axis Turntable Handles Manipulations During Cycle

The Versa Max from Genesis Systems Group is a five-axis turntable welding and cutting workcell. Each station has two external axes that help manipulate a part to achieve in position welds. It can be configured several ways with options on robot model, power source and multiple robots.

The workcell can handle parts and tooling up to 60 x 30 in. that weigh up to 1,200 lb. per side. The standard package comes with a torch cleaning device and a safety package that includes light curtains, gate interlocks and fence barriers.

Call: 319-445-5600; fax: 319-445-5699. Circle #262

Software Calculates Vertical And Lateral Forces

The Static Calculation Arm/Manipulator Program designed by Mannesmann Dematic calculates the vertical and lateral forces created by cantilevered load applications. These applications transfer vertical and lateral forces on various components used within a material handling system that cause premature wear and interfere with the operation of ergonomic equipment.

The program can calculate and generate data such as hanger spacing and loadings, plain view drawings, and vertical and lateral loading values. It can also specify end truck combination and print out system parameters.

Call: 810-954-1000; e-mail: info@dematic-us.com. Circle #263

Digital Pressure Meter Safe In Hazardous Locations

The Digimano 2000 from Netech is a digital pressure and vacuum meter that is safe for use in hazardous locations. It is suited for use in industrial applications, including manufacturing, laboratory, process control, and gas and utilities, due to its isolated, stainless steel transducer.

The meter has a microcontroller based design and a sealed membrane switch. It encompasses features such as an LCD display, full scale accuracy of 0.1%, temperature compensation, user selectable engineering unit and peak hold. It is available in five pressure ranges, from 2 to 100 psi.

Call: 800-547-6557; e-mail: sales@gonetech.com. Circle #264

Miniature Indicator Has Three Setpoint Alarms

Eurotherm Chessell's model 2132i wide ranging, field configurable miniature indicator has three setpoint alarms. The triple setpoint alarms can be configured as high or low, latching or nonlatching. They can be linked to the relay output or digital input/output terminal in any combination.

The indicator can be configured to accept process variable or temperature input, including 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA or thermocouples. It can be used to control the heating and cooling elements in an oven or monitor gas pressure or liquid levels in a tank.

Call: 800-801-5099; fax: 858-279-6290. Circle #265

Image Processor Analyzes Real-Time X-Ray Images

The AIP II advanced image processor from Nicolet Imaging Systems analyzes real-time X-ray images. It can be used for failure analysis, component inspection, assembly verification, and quality control of components and boards.

The processor includes a library of measurements, including ball diameter, moment ratio, elliptical pattern, solder density ranges, threshold and auto-void count. It also performs semiconductor device analysis of dye attach voiding and wire sweep. The processor's software comes with histogram analysis tools, zoom window, zoom control and point-to-point calibration.

Call: 858-635-8600; fax: 858-695-9902. Circle #266

Visual 2000 Performs Civil Engineering Functions

Visual 2000 survey and design software from CAiCE Software allows surveyors using Tripod Data Systems data collection software to perform civil engineering functions. Detailed information can be encoded into the note recording fields letting CAiCE import the data with alphanumeric point and chain names, automatic changing of points, and definition of splines and curves. All comments and remarks are imported and stored.

Once the data are imported, Visual 2000 users can view, modify and add header information, control points, instrument calibration data, setup information and observation data. Users can also analyze and reduce the raw data into finished coordinates.

Call: 800-452-2423; fax: 813-620-9019. Circle #267

Kelvin Probe Set Measures Electrical Resistance

Pomona Electronics' Kelvin Probe Set measures electrical resistance at levels below 1 ohm and is suited for applications requiring milliohm accuracy. It has a single probe tip configuration that allows technicians to test surface mount and components such as connectors, high density integrated circuit devices and printed circuit modules.

The probe features durable, gold plated beryllium copper probe tips and banana plugs. It consists of one red and one black probe and has 48 in. coaxial leads. The notched tip design prevents slipping or sliding off the test point.

Call: 909-623-3463; fax: 909-629-3317. Circle #268

Multichannel Battery Tester Has Eight Channels

The 1470 multichannel battery tester from Solartron is a bench top unit that has eight test channels. It provides data acquisition, processing and compression to developers of power sources for digital mobile phones, laptops, palmtops and camcorders. It also allows researchers and manufacturers to study cell reactions in technologies such as nickel-metal-hydride, lithium polymer and plastic lithium ion systems.

The 1470 battery test system integrates multichannel AC impedance testing over a wide frequency range with charge/discharge cycle testing for cell analysis. It comes with the Windows based CellTest software that is capable of supporting several concurrent investigations.

Call: 610-264-5034; fax: 610-264-5329. Circle #272

Laser Nano Sensor Offers 250 kHz Measurement

The Laser Nano Sensor from Laser Measurement International uses auto focus principles with resolution as fine as 5 nm at speeds up to 250 kHz to quantify surface roughness of reflective material. The unit can be used in semiconductor production and to measure material such as silicon wafers.

Other applications include precision positioning, quality inspection, vibration measurement, lens and glass measurement, roughness measurement, differential thickness measuring and precision switching. The sensor is 64 x 20 mm, and the probe weighs 100 g.

Call: 248-355-5900; e-mail: sales@imint.com. Circle #269

Coarse Sieve Shaker Handles 8 and 12 in. Test Sieves

The RX-812 Coarse Sieve Shaker from W.S. Tyler can handle 8 and 12 in. diameter test sieves. It is designed for test sieve analysis ranging in particle size from a 4 in. opening down to a 150 µ opening. It also comes with a digital 99 min. clock/timer control that is accurate to 0.1 sec.

The coarse sieve shaker is powered by a 0.25 hp electric motor and is wired for 110 V, 60 cycle electric current. Units can also be wired with alternate power options for 220 V and/or 50 and 60 cycle currents.

Call: 800-321-6188; e-mail: wstyler@wstyler.com. Circle #271

Infrared Analyzer Provides Line Measurements

Analytical Spectral Devices' QualitySpec online infrared analyzer is designed to provide measurements on production lines. It is appropriate for markets including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and food and dairy.

The analyzer measures 15 x 11.5 x 6 in. and comes in a stainless steel housing that connects to standard industrial computers. The unit measures reflectance, transmittance and transflectance and features a spectral range of 350 to 2,500 nm with a scan speed of 100 msec. The spectral resolution is 3 nm at 700 nm and 10 nm at 1,400 and 2,100 nm. It has a sampling interval of 1.4 nm from 350 to 1,000 nm and 2 nm from 1,000 to 2,500 nm.

Call: 303-444-6522; fax: 303-444-6825. Circle #273

Mainframe Provides Six Load Module Slots

The N3300A full-rack electronic load mainframe from Agilent Technologies can accept up to six N3300A series load modules. The half-rack mainframe can accept up to two modules.

Load commands can be stored in the instrument--once or repetitively, with or without computer intervention--to be executed at maximum rate during runtime. Users can buffer measured voltage, current and power and then read the data to the computer in one array.

Resolution on the 150 W module is 0.05 mA and 0.1 mV, with 0.05% +1.6 mA and 0.05% +1 mV accuracy. Operating modules include constant current, voltage and resistance.

Call: 800-452-4844 x6985; fax: 800-829-4433. Circle #274

Program Automates SCARS Management

SupplierCA.com from TQNet is an online application hosting service for the management of supplier related issues and tracking of supplier corrective action requests (SCARS). It does this through a process of Web managed data and automated e-mail communications, creating a link between companies and suppliers.

Each company's online database is accessible to team members from any Web browser in the world. Suppliers interact directly with the program. Reports identify problems, manage supplier actions and help satisfy supplier rating requirements through trend analysis.

Call: 800-698-4270; e-mail: info@supplierca.com. Circle #275

Decanter Centrifuge Capable Of Temperatures to 450° F

The model TS-400-F-USDA decanter centrifuge from TEMA Systems is capable of process temperatures to 450° F. It features an overhung bowl design that allows for access to the rotating bowl and scroll. The process parts are all made from stainless steel and are fully machined and maximized so that the centrifuge can be cleaned in place without disassembly.

The centrifuge's flow rates are from 3 to 30 gpm. It includes a 20 or 30 hp 3-phase main motor and a 1 hp oil lubrication motor. For process temperatures over 350° F, an integrated heat exchanger is provided for the lubrication system.

Call: 513-489-7811; e-mail: tschroeder@tema.net. Circle #276

Hardware Tool Computes Air Velocity

The AirGrid, a hardware tool for the Quattro Flow air velocity analyzer, from Cambridge AccuSense takes four individual point readings simultaneously and computes average air velocity and volumetric flow in real time. Up to eight individual points can be stored per filter, and the internal firmware labels and stores individual readings so they can be downloaded and printed.

The AirGird allows users to take measurements around cleanroom equipment and in other hard to reach locations. It weighs less than 3 lb. and has a telescopic pole that extends to more than 6 ft. and can bend at a 90° angle.

Call: 800-313-9271; e-mail: sales@accusense.com. Circle #277

Inspection System Assesses Blood Tests

The IQIS volume measuring microtiter plate dispensing system from Modular Vision can be fitted on the production line to inspect blood test trays automatically. Connected to a PC using digital camera technology, the inline inspection system measures the volume of reagents dispensed into industry standard 96-way microtiter plates. Every plate is automatically inspected, and the results are stored in a database.

The IQIS performs a calibration algorithm that identifies and corrects mispipetted wells to allow tolerance for some operator error at the calibration stage. Correlation coefficients are calculated and displayed with individual well calibration graphs.

Call: 011-44-191-516-6311 (England); 
e-mail: brendan.ruff@modular-vision.co.uk. Circle #278

Multi-Axis System Suitable For Assembly, Testing

Thomson Industries' modular MicroStage Multi-Axis System is suitable for several electronic component manufacturing operations, including assembly and testing. The system is also appropriate for pharmaceutical and medical device assembly and packaging applications.

The MicroStage system is composed of individual MicroStage linear positioning stages that feature a linear bearing segment design. The design provides backlash free, low friction rolling motion while maintaining load capacity and smoothness.

Manufactured from aluminum, the system is available in numerous stroke lengths, sizes and lead screw arrangements to accommodate a variety of speeds, orientations and load capacities.

Call: 800-554-8466; e-mail: systems@thomsonmail.com
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