Reflective Sensor Has 10 nm Resolution

LMI Selcom's Class II SLS 7000 Specular Reflective Sensor is a noncontact laser based industrial gauging sensor with a 10 nm resolution range. It uses specular reflective triangulation measurement principles and is capable of measuring surfaces of perfect mirrors, silicon wafers, stainless steel and other reflective materials.

The sensor features a 16 kHz sample rate and a 10 to 20 µ visible laser spot that can profile target structures such as cracks and grooves. It also has a built-in digital processor for data averaging and filtering. The processor is housed in a separate controller that interfaces with the sensor head.

Call: 248-355-5900; e-mail: sales@imint.com. Circle #289

The Toneohm 970 PCB test system from Polar Instruments.

PCB Test System Locates Short Circuits

The Toneohm 970 from Polar Instruments is a test system that locates short circuits on bare, multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs). It also provides documented verification of good boards and can be used on most PCB designs, including multilayer, high density, and power and earth planes.

The system can identify track-to-track, plane-to-plane and high resistance shorts, and it points out possible fault locations. Solve files for common test systems are provided, and a graphical representation of the PCB is displayed on-screen. Entire paths can be highlighted by clicking on an individual node or by entering a net name or XY test point location.

Call: 44-1481-253081 (United Kingdom); e-mail: mail@polar.co.uk. Circle #300

Sensor Compatible With Corrosive Liquids

The +GF+ Signet 2450 Pressure Sensor from George Fischer features a ceramic diaphragm designed to maintain purity and provide compatibility with corrosive liquids. It is useful for water management and wastewater applications, irrigation systems, scrubbers and pump protection applications.

The unit can be submerged in process vessels or used for inline applications with the attachment of a conduit. It can be used in wiring distances up to 200 ft. when connected to the +GF+ Signet ProcessPro 3-8450 Pressure Transmitter.

Call: 800-854-4090; fax: 714-731-6201. Circle #290

CMMs Applicable for Inspection Lab

The Endeavor Series of coordinate measurement machines (CMM) from Giddings & Lewis Controls, Measurement and Sensing provides performance suitable for the inspection laboratory as well as the shop floor. The machines have a volumetric accuracy up to 0.008 mm and 0.0025 mm repeatability.

Each CMM features real-time temperature compensation with accuracy over a ±5° C temperature range. It comes equipped with the MeasureMax + suite of inspection software and a user workstation outfitted with a computer, printer, monitor and stand. The software performs a range of tasks including inspection, process control, statistical analysis, reverse engineering and part programming.

Call: 800-348-9510; fax: 937-254-5054. Circle #291

Transducer Has Nonintrusive Coil Loop

The PRI Rogowski Current Transducer from Product Resources is a hand-held unit containing a coil that can be looped around any AC current carrying device to measure currents ranging from a few amps to hundreds of kiloamps at 50 Hz to several MHz. It can track the current as it changes over time with 0.1 mV/A sensitivity and then produce the waveform on an oscilloscope, data recorder or digital voltmeter.

The transducer provides electrical isolation up to 10 kV peak and can reproduce waveforms with fast rise or fall times and several thousand A/µ rates of change. It is suited for field measurements on hot equipment.

Call: 978-524-8500; e-mail: dmendel@prodres.com. Circle #293

The In-Sight 2000 machine vision sensor from Cognex.

Machine Sensor Needs No Programming

The In-Sight 2000 industrial machine vision sensor from Cognex comes as a stand-alone package that needs no programming or PC. It does this by employing a spreadsheet for configuring vision applications. The sensor bridges the gap between single purpose smart cameras and general purpose machine vision systems.

The In-Sight spreadsheet enables users to select tools and parameters through a series of menus and dialog boxes. Users can then link cells together to perform functions such as locating objects or measuring parts. The hand-held control pad allows for navigation through the worksheet's cells and menus.

Call: 877-264-6391; fax: 508-650-3333. Circle #288

WeldProbe Calibrator Captures Peak Force

Sensotec's WeldProbe Calibrator features a head design that fits most electrodes. The microprocessor based unit captures and stores peak force for viewing on the LCD after the weld cycle is complete. Common applications for the probe include quality checks, weld equipment setup, process development and faulty weld troubleshooting.

The loadcell head of the probe is made from a heat treated alloy. Force ranges associated with head sizes are available for microjoining ranges less than 100 lb. up to projection welds at 10,000 lb.

Call: 614-850-1140; fax: 614-850-1141. Circle #294

Scope Measures Coating Thickness

Fischer Technology's Fischerscope XDL, featuring the Windows 98 based WinFTM software, measures coating thickness and composition on single, binary alloy, ternary alloy, and double and triple coatings. It can perform materials analysis on alloys that contain up to 25 different elements.

The measurement head has a footprint of 22.5 x 29 x 21.6 in. and has an 18 x 19.7 x 12 in. slotted measurement chamber. The system includes an external PC and a high resolution color monitor for data and video display.

Call: 800-243-8417; fax: 860-688-8496. Circle #292

Roughness Checker Uses Infrared Technology

The Surtronic DUO from Taylor Hobson is a portable, shop floor tool that uses infrared technology for surface roughness measurement. This technology links the upper and lower units to provide remote, cableless operation up to a distance of 40 in.

The bottom half of the checker contains the traverse mechanism and stylus pickup assembly. The upper half includes an LCD display and the start and inch/metric conversion buttons.

The checker has a gauging range of 200 µm and electronic resolution of 0.01 µm. The diamond stylus with a 5 µm radius is coupled with a piezoelectric pickup to detect amplitude deviations along the 5mm traverse distance.

Call: 800-872-7265; e-mail: 110525.3425@compuserve.com. Circle #295

Tool Presetter Features One-Hand Operation

Heartech Precision's Model TP-400 electronic tool presetter features one-hand operation and fine adjustment. It has a measuring range from 0 to 400 mm on length and diameter measurements. The measurements are displayed on a digital indicator with an X- and Y-readout resolution of 0.005 mm.

The presetter enables tool tip radii and angles to be read through a goniometer and radius template onboard the unit's optical projector. The 150 mm diameter viewing screen has a magnification of 20 times at the fixed and rotating crosshairs.

Call: 847-593-6000; e-mail: sales@hpiheartech.com. Circle #296

Software Builds Questionnaire-Type Forms

SurveyWin Version 4.2 software from Raosoft builds electronic questionnaire-type forms for data collection, statistical analysis and report applications. This version has global commands, and the data entry screens have validation options. The development is free of database code, allowing designers to select design options from menus for form design and reports.

The software's interface wizards lead the user through the necessary steps to compose each question with its validations. The customized menu allows users to specify prefills, default fonts, bitmaps, cursor control, custom messages, rotation and self-teaching options.

Call: 206-525-4025; e-mail: raosoft@raosoft.com. Circle #297

Software Includes Multiple Traverse Routines

NewAge Industries MT90-ASW Automatic Traverse Microhardness Test System software allows users to perform multiple traverse routines without repositioning the test sample. It also includes a setup routine that creates traverse sequences. Users can then view the test sequence pattern as it's created.

The tester's software has a data management feature that lets the user capture and store the view of the test surface on the computer for later recall. It also includes a data management report capability that allows users to select and plot multiple traverses on one printout for comparison and trend analysis.

Call: 215-526-2300; e-mail: psales@newageind.com. Circle #250

Audit Manager Handles Internal Audit Process

Audit Manager software from Powerway handles the internal auditing process from planning to reporting. It aids the audit creation process by allowing creation and configuration of checklist questions specific to scheduled audits by element, department, product or process.

The software helps auditors manage the three elements of auditing: internal quality audit, corrective and preventive action, and management responsibility.

Call: 800-964-9004; fax: 317-598-1740. Circle #299

Calibration Software Extends Coverage

MET/CAL Plus Calibration Software from Fluke extends workload coverage to include microwave instruments. It supports power meters; counters; signal generators; modulation, distortion and spectrum analyzers; and measurements receivers.

The software comes with a synchronization/replication option that consolidates data from remote work stations. It also has a Web server that facilitates queries and reporting via the Internet or corporate intranets. It is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Call: 888-492-7554; e-mail: fluke-info@tc.fluke.com. Circle #251

Vision Gauge Software Combines Numerous Tools

Flexbar's Vision Gauge video imaging and measurement software takes the input from video cameras and combines image capture, e-mail, color annotation, inspection tools and measurement capabilities into one tool designed for a Windows-based computer.

It has several on-screen measurement capabilities, including distance, angle, circle, center-to-center, line width and distance of arbitrary parallel lines. The measurement data and images can be imported into reports, spreadsheets, word processors or the built-in statistics package. A digital readout is displayed on the screen and can be used for measurements outside the field of view.

Call: 800-879-7575; fax: 516-582-8487.Circle #252

Hawkeye Flexible Borescope Finds Hidden Spots

The Hawkeye Flexible Borescope from Gradient Lens can get to spaces hidden behind other objects in engines and interior parts of other machines. It offers two views: straight ahead or sideways at a right angle. A plastic-coated metal sheath encloses the fiberoptic bundles used for imaging.

The borescope is 39.4 in. long and has a diameter of 0.31 in. and a focal distance of 0.4 in. to infinity.

Call: 716-235-2620; e-mail: harring@gradientlens.com. Circle #253

X-Ray Resolves Features Smaller Than 2 µ

Kevex X-Ray's PXS5-926EA microfocus portable X-ray source has less than a 5 µ spot size, a short target-to-window spacing of 8.5 mm and can resolve image features smaller than 2 µ. It is ideal for applications in testing, microelectronics and printed circuit board assembly inspection, and electronic failure analysis.

The unit has a sealed X-ray tube and is 11.5 x 4 x 3 in. It is powered by a 12 V, 8 W power supply and is available with a matching analog controller.

Call: 831-438-5940; fredl@kevex-x-ray.com. Circle #254

Transmitter Provides 4 to 20 mA Output

The TransPak Model T797 two-wire temperature transmitter from Action Instruments provides 4 to 20 mA output in proportion to temperature input from sensor signals including millivolts and ohms. The explosion proof transmitter can mount in the field on piping or a flat surface.

The LCD display and windowed explosion proof enclosure allow the user to view the diagnostic features of the transmitter. The display indicates an open sensor by flashing the alarm screen. If the process is out of the transmitting range, the user can see the actual temperature measured vs. a fault condition.

Call: 800-767-5726; fax: 858-279-6290. Circle #255

System Monitors Hazardous Gases and Vapors

Control Instruments' SmartMaxII Monitoring System checks hazardous gases and vapors. It can handle readings from up to four different sensors and comes with sensors for combustible gas, oxygen, and toxic gases such as sulfide, carbon monoxide and chlorine.

The system comes equipped with a 4 to 20 mA analog output and an RS-485 serial port plus three on-board, programmable relays. It can run from AC or DC power sources and is available in either general purpose or explosion proof packages.

Call: 973-575-9114; e-mail: sales@controlinstruments.com. Circle #256

MPD Includes Built-In Reference Voltage

The Block Micro Proportional Drive (MPD) from Canfield Connector is used to control the flow of air or liquid through proportional solenoid valves. It is designed to be hand-held and features an epoxy encapsulation, true sine wave dithering and a 5 V built-in reference voltage.

One MPD can operate in a range of 9 to 28 V to accommodate automotive, truck and off-road equipment applications. The 5 V built-in reference voltage allows for pitch control and avoids the need for an additional power source. The unit's pulse-width frequency controls output current within the minimum and maximum current settings, which allows for smooth valve operation.

Call: 330-758-8299; fax: 330-758-8912. Circle #257

Dry Air Leak Testers Provide 100% Validation

InterTech Development's M-1000 Series Leak Detectors provide 100% validation of products or components that contain a liquid, gas or vacuum. They are designed for either self-contained single-station testing or integration into automated assembly/test systems.

The testers can measure leakage rates of 0.1 to 20 standard cubic centimeters per minute. Using a vacuum fluorescent display and lighted indicators, the instruments report test parameters, dynamic test results, statistics and final accept/reject status.

Call: 847-679-3377; fax: 847-679-3391. Circle #258

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