Machine Vision Sensor Offers Edge Pitch Measurement

Omron's F150-2 machine vision sensor's gray edge position measurement can be used for positioning and width inspection. It features edge pitch measurement that uses edge detection to detect the correct number of leads.

The F150-2's menu system provides automatic menu adjustments, including automatic or manual filtering, shutter speed, background suppression levels that can be manually set and position compensation that can be turned off. Users can also copy and clear scene data.

Call: 847-843-7900; fax: 847-843-7787.
Circle #268

Transmation Field Calibrator Has Three Process Modules

The Ouik-Cal 190 from Transmation is a field calibrator with three process modules: a DC, mA and V simulator; a thermocouple input/output; and a resistance temperature device input/output. The interchangeable pressure modules allow the calibrator to measure from inches of H20 to 10,000 lb.

The modular calibrator allows the user to fit the mainframe with several modules that, in the end, create a complete system. High-pressure modules are electronically linked to the 190, but pressurized by an external source. Modules are also available for measurement and sourcing of gage, differential, absolute vacuum, compound and high pressure.

Call: 716-349-3520; e-mail: frankv@transmation.com. Circle # 269

Video Camera Monitors Process Vessels and Tanks

The Easy-Mount Camera form L.J. Star can be mounted into an existing sight port to allow for remote viewing inside a vessel or tank. It can be used to monitor processes and procedures, including mixing, cleaning, foaming, spray patterns, transfer and level control.

The camera is available in black-and-white or color versions, both with resolutions up to 450 lines per inch. The lenses are available in six sizes, with focal lengths ranging from 2.9 mm to 16 mm. The entire package is 4 x 3 in. and weighs 4 lb.

Call: 330-405-3040; fax: 330-405-3070.
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The INS250 Integrating Sphere and the IL1700 Research Radiometer from International Light.

Integrating Sphere, Radiometer Measure Lamp Output

The INS250 Integrating Sphere and IL1700 Research Radiometer from International Light can measure lamp output.

The integrating sphere features a 10 in. interior surface with a white reflective coating and a calibrated transfer standard lamp. The research radiometer can store sensitivity factors for 10 lamp holders. When the two parts are used together, the system can characterize neon, glow or colored lamps with greater than 90% accuracy.

Call: 978-465-5923; e-mail: ilsales@intl-light.com. Circle #285

Digital Photography System Captures 2,048 x 2,048 Pixels

Advanced Microscopy Techniques' Advantage Plus digital photography system for transmission electron microscopes (TEM) captures 2,048 x 2,048 pixels. The system incorporates a Roper Scientific MegaPlus ES 4.0 camera that can produce up to a 12-bit grayscale and capture images at 15 frames per second. Once an image exists digitally, it can be electronically indexed, retrieved and shared.

The Advantage Plus system includes the digital camera, an electro-optical interface to the microscope, a communications link to the frame grabber for the host computer system, a 19 in. monitor, a CD recordable drive, a Zip drive, an Ethernet link and a printer.

Call Advanced Microscopy Techniques: 978-774-5550; or call Roper Scientific: 858-535-2929. Circle #271

Controller Features Dual Relays, Avoids Overshoot

The Model 2200P pH controller from AquaMetrix has a microprocessor based controller and dual 5 A independent relays, which are individually programmable for bi-directional control. The adjustable on/off timer produces a cycling action allowing time for chemical additives to mix completely before the readings are retaken.

The pH controller can be used in applications such as waste water neutralization, mixing process control, flue gas desulfurization, drinking water processing, textile dyeing and paper production.

Call: 905-946-1064; fax: 905-946-8064.
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Tensiometer Evaluates Liquid Surface Tension

Kernco Instruments' Model ST-525 semiautomatic surface tensiometer evaluates liquid surface tension by studying liquid solubility, coating, wetting, bubbling and permeability. It can be used to study how liquid surfaces behave or to take measurements for quality control studies.

The Model ST-525 obtains microprocessor based results by raising and lowering the sample with the manual stage. The results are printed on the thermal printer that accompanies the unit. Along with the results, the printer gives the date, measurement mode and sample number. The results can also be exported to a PC.

Call: 915-852-3375; fax: 915-852-4084.
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Environmental Noise Meter Has 100 dB Dynamic Range

The NL-16 Type 1 environmental noise meter produced by RION and distributed by Scantek has a low noise floor and a 100 dB dynamic range. The meter provides 15 days of time streamed data in 1 sec. intervals or 300 days of hourly reports.

The NL-16 can directly transfer the data to a PC and, using a lantern battery, the measurements can be recorded for up to eight days, depending on environmental conditions.

Call: 301-495-7738; e-mail: info@scantek.net. Circle #275

Model 311A Calibrates RTD Monitors, Measuring Devices

The 311A RTD Calibrator from Altek Industries.

The Model 311A Resistance Temperature Device (RTD) Calibrator from Altek Industries simulates and reads RTDs over the industrial temperature range. The calibrator is designed to regulate RTD monitoring and measuring devices.

It is compatible with process instruments and operates with devices that use pulsed excitation currents, such as multichannel recorders. The user defined Quik-Cheks can recall three output settings, and the device can be used right out of the box. It can be used to calibrate temperature instruments in heating and cooling environments, such as the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries.

Call: 800-322-5835; e-mail: info@altekcalibrators.com. Circle #267

Leica Tester Interfaces With Q550MW Software

The VMHT Auto Mot from Leica Micro- systems has a motorized turret and is designed to interface with Leica's image analysis module Q550MW materials workstation software.

With the automated turret, the indenter and objectives are automatically selected and brought into working positions. After finishing the indentation, the turret performs evaluations and generates the reports.

The automated stage control has X, Y and Z movement and facilitates autofocus and repetitive sample analysis when used in conjunction with the Q550MW.

Call: 847-405-0123; fax: 847-405-0030.
Circle #276

Bench Scale Has Tare Of Up to 600 lb.

The Alliance/Ohaus Champ II Scale from Alliance Scale.

The Alliance/Ohaus Champ II Scale from Alliance Scale is a bench scale that has a tare of up to 600 lb. The scale has an RS232 port, a full range tare and can display in lb., kg or parts counting. It has a stainless steel platform, a digital indicator and can be A/C or battery powered.

The scale is available in seven models, with platforms ranging from 12 x 14 in. to 17 x 22 in. and capacities from 30 x 0.005 lb. to 600 x 0.1 lb. It is designed for use in packaging and shipping departments, on trucks or in food, fish and marine applications.

Call: 800-343-6802; e-mail: sales@alliancescale.com. Circle #272

Meter Measures Energy Of Repetitively Pulsed Lasers

The Laserstar-RP laser power/energy meter measurement system form Ophir Optronics measures repetitive pulses from a range of laser beams. It combines the measurement of average power using a thermal head with the measurement of relative pulse energy using a photodiode to yield the energy per pulse.

The system provides users with such information as pulse energy, average power, frequency, minimum and maximum values, missing pulses, time jitter and standard deviation. The pulse energies can be displayed numerically or graphically. Up to 50,000 data points can be stored in its nonvolatile memory and can be sent to a PC for future use.

Call: 800-383-0814; e-mail: sales@ophiropt.com. Circle #278

Data Collector From Entek Weighs 1.5 lb.

The Enpac handheld data collector from Entek is 7.25 x 5.25 in. and weighs 1.5 lb. It collects data both on- and off-route for machine condition monitoring. The data collector contains digital signal processing and a 20-bit A/D converter. Vibration information and process variables can be collected from 1.6 Hz to 40 kHz.

The Enpac incorporates spike energy, Entek's high frequency defect detection tool. The instrument also has a high resolution screen, 16 MB memory and a built-in laser tachometer.

Call: 513-576-6151; fax: 513-576-6104.
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Autocollimator Measures Small Surfaces

Micro-Radian Instruments' ThetaScan TL40 dual axis laser autocollimator uses laser technology to deliver alignment and angular measurement of surfaces as small as 1 mm2. The Micro-Beam laser along with digital signal processing electronics enables the autocollimator to measure and align miniature component surfaces to 0.1 arc-sec., including surfaces with nonmirror reflectivity such as polished metal, silicon wafers and coated glass.

The autocollimator has a maximum working distance of 1 m and a maximum measurement range of ±3,600 arc-sec. in each axis. The instrument is 4.7 x 1.23 x 1.23 in. and weighs 0.55 lb.

Call: 760-744-4133; fax: 760-744-5071.
Circle #277

Micrometer Gives Submicron Measurements

Keyence's LS-5000 Series Laser Scan Micrometer has 0.05 µ resolution and a 1,200 cycles per sec. scan frequency. It also contains a visible laser beam, sampling at 1,200 scans per sec., up to four sets of scan heads with four channel operation and simultaneous monitoring of all four channels, a touch screen, and numerous measurement functions.

The LS-5000 can be used to measure object height on up to four separate production or assembly lines, sheet and film thickness, gaps between rollers and the distance between pins during the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Call: 888-539-3623; fax: 201-930-1883.
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Miniature Accelerometers Measure Vibration

The model 8732A500 and model 8734A500 accelerometers from Kistler Instrument weigh 1.1 g each and measure vibration on small test articles. Both models feature aluminum/titanium construction, a hard anodized finish that provides ground isolation, thermal transients and transverse acceleration.

Each unit has a 10 mV/g voltage sensitivity and a frequency range of 0.7 Hz to 15 kHz. The 8732 and 8734 can be powered by Kistler coupler/signal conditioners or any 2 to 20 mA constant current source.

Call: 716-691-5100; fax: 716-691-5226. Circle #281

Thickness Gage Uses Magnetic Method

The handheld Magna-Mike Model 8500 thickness gage from Panametrics uses a magnetic method to measure nonferrous materials. The thickness measurements are made when a magnetic probe is held on one side of the test material and a steel target ball is placed on the opposite side. The probe's sensor measures the distance between the probe tip and the ball.

The Magna-Mike 8500 has a MIN Mode that displays the lowest reading and a scan rate of up to 16 measurements per second. The internal, file based datalogger can store up to 95,000 thickness readings. The gage weighs 2.1 lb.

Call: 781-899-2740; fax: 781-899-1552. Circle #282

Imaging System Operates at Up to 1,000 kV

Two PaxScan Digital Flat Panel imaging systems from Varian Medical Systems can be used to achieve nondestructive testing (NDT), cargo screening, food quality control and circuit board inspection. For NDT applications the PaxScan comes in a high voltage configuration capable of operating at energy ranges up to 1,000 kV.

The PaxScan 4030 is a 40 x 30 cm digital radiographic panel for applications requiring single frame acquisition rates and a large field of view.

The PaxScan 2520 is available in several configurations designed for interfacing with X-ray based imaging systems.

Call: 650-424-5782; e-mail: spencer.sias@varian.com. Circle #283

Tool Setting Probe Detects Tool Rupture

The M & H 90 tool setting probe from American Technica can be used to measure tool length, detect tool rupture and determine heat influences while measuring axes and machining centers. The probe has a 66 mm measuring surface and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. It is repeatable to ±1 µm and it has an emergency switch.

American Technica also manufactures the 93 tool setting probe for smaller applications. It has a surface area of 25.4 mm.

Call: 800-924-0815; fax: 516-741-7321. Circle #284

Process Analyzers Feature Repeatability

Servomex's Xendos 2500 series of gas analyzers deliver long-term accuracy and repeatability in hostile, dirty or corrosive environments.

The Xendos 2500 analyzer is a single beam, dual wavelength infrared process analyzer that provides precise measurement of a single infrared absorbing component or component group in a process gas or liquid gas sample stream.

The Xendos 2510 analyzer is a single beam gas filter correlation infrared process analyzer that provides sensitivity and interference rejection using gas filters in place of optical filters. It is designed for use in process applications where emissions are measured in hazardous areas.

Call: 781-769-7710; fax: 781-769-2834. Circle #286

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