Advantage 2.0 Streamlines Supply Chain Manufacturing

Datasweep's Advantage 2.0 software provides collaborative manufacturing information and statistical process control to streamline supply chain manufacturing. The software is Web-centric thereby enabling companies that manufacture customized products to use the Web to see the products' production status.

Advantage 2.0 is compatible with Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 operating systems, as well as SQL 7.0 and Oracle 8i databases.

Call: 408-275-1400; e-mail: ann@datasweep.com
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DMIS Standard Program Format Available With Icons

The Dimensional Measurement Interface Standard (DMIS) Program Format or Virtual DMIS from International Metrology Systems allows for an icon based presentation of the DMIS language. The coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programmer does not have to write a complex code because the underlying code is available through a pop-up window. One icon signifies an individual function block of code.

The picture programming in vertical format permits editing through cutting and pasting functions. Virtual DMIS is a computer aided design CMM product than can be used online and offline.

Call: 734-591-3800; fax: 734-591-3850.
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Software Developer Kit Integrates SPC Capabilities

Statit e-Server QC from Statware is a software developer kit that allows application developers and original equipment manufacturers to create customized quality improvement information systems or to integrate statistical process control (SPC) capabilities into existing applications. The kit provides an interface to the Statit statistical analysis engine, which is used to monitor, analyze and view operations in terms of quality. Developers can prototype the graphs and analysis without writing any code.

The Statit e-Server QC package includes software, implementation assistance and technical support.

Call: 541-753-5382; e-mail: clynch@statware.com
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Numerous Application Editions Can Run Separately

Quality Systems International's Multiple Document Interface module can run several editions of the same application in real-time. Each edition runs in a separate window on the screen and each window can be titled and/or cascaded.

Different parameters can be plotted in multiple windows and then displayed one at a time or all together. The database can be queried, and the answers will be graphically displayed in each window until the desired data are supplied. All the graphic displays are automatically refreshed in real-time as new data are entered into the system.

Call: 201-848-8113; fax: 201-848-5281.
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Gage Mentor Teaches Dimensional Metrology

Gage Mentor computer based training from Resource Engineering teaches employees how to use common dimensional metrology equipment. Employees will also learn how to read symbols in engineering drawings.
Gage Mentor, developed by Resource Engineering and distributed by PQ Systems, is an interactive CD-ROM training program that teaches employees about common measuring equipment, such as calipers, micrometers and fixed gages. It also teaches users how to read symbols on engineering drawings, understand dimensional metrology language and avoid common measurement errors.

The training can be provided at any time, and several people can be trained on site. Progress and completion of the training are documented through tracking, testing and a printed certificate of excellence.

Call Resource Engineering at 800-810-8326 or PQ Systems at 800-777-3020. 
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Software Evaluates, Controls Color Measurement

The current version of Minolta's SpectraQC color quality control software is made for the company's line of tristimulus color measurement colorimeters. The software evaluates and controls color, including colorimetric data, indices, color tolerancing and statistical calculations, trends, charts and histograms. It features customizable report screens, elliptical tolerancing and macros to automate repetitive tasks.

The SpectraQC offers specific color property indices, such as whiteness, yellowness and tristimulus strength. The 555 shade sorting feature is standard and allows samples to be classified and grouped in lots by closest shade.

Call: 888-473-2656; fax: 201-825-4374.
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PC Based Utility Monitors Production of Cincron Cells

The Java Access to Cincron Knowledge (JACK) is a PC based utility from Cincinnati Machine that aids unattended production and remote monitoring of Cincron cells. JACK lets customers check the status of the Cincron cells without having to walk down the shop room floor. From any PC in the same intranet connection as the Cincron cell controller, users can have access to process information and report functions.

JACK comes with a graphical dynamic cell status display; a graphical in-cycle time display; and Cincron reports on fixtures, source routes, stations, tools and workloads. JACK also allows users to import and export tool data, workloads and routes, and it provides an operator-to-operator messaging function.

Call: 513-841-7986; e-mail: stephen_f_boerger@CinMach.com.
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Display Tools According To Their Geometry

Cimsource from CIM GmbH is a CD-ROM that contains 108,000 tools from 15 manufacturers. Users can search for a tool by defining the work material and the processing conditions. Users can also directly display tools according to their geometry, cutting conditions or computer aided design graphics.

The CD-ROM supports work preparation, assembly, NC programs, purchases and electronic data processing.

Call: 49-241-8887-0; fax: 49-241-8887-100.
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Surface Area Analyzer Measures Pore Radii

The Sorptomatic 1990 from Horiba Instruments is a static-volumetric gas adsorption analyzer that can measure surface area, pore size distribution and total pore volume. It can measure surface areas greater than 0.2 m2 per g and pore radii from 2 to 50 nm. The analyzer automatically performs calibrations, linearizations and sample analyses. Its automatic gas injection system varies the pressure and the volume of adsorbate gas injected into the cell to optimize precision, resolution and speed.

The optional Micropore and Krypton Configuration functions extend the pore size range to 0.4 nm and the surface area range to 0.005 m2 per g when using krypton adsorbate gas.

Call: 800-446-7422; fax: 949-250-0924.
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Manufacturing Software Monitors Machine Events

VisualMEM from CimWorks GageTalker is a software suite designed to tell managers if the machines are running, how well the machines are running and what adjustments need to be made to have an impact on downtime. The software package captures cycle time, maintenance and production information directly from the machines. The information is presented in color coded, real-time displays and in several reports for plant analysis and troubleshooting.

On a single screen, a manager can see the current status of all machines, in one or several areas. The color coded icons let users see which machines are running, down and idle. VisualMEM also tells users how long it is taking the machine to make a part while the machine is running, and it tells them approximately when the job will be completed.

Call: 425-821-3200; fax: 425-820-0437.
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Single Environment Displays CAD Documents

Auto Manager View 3.1 from Cyco Software is a computer aided design (CAD) and office viewing software that allows users to view CAD and office documents in a single environment. Users can access and view items such as AutoCAD, raster and hybrid files, MS Office 2000 spreadsheets, and word processing documents.

Auto Manager View 3.1 also permits users to browse the external references of an AutoCAD document and the product structure of a Mechanical Desktop design in order to locate external parts and assemblies.

Call: 404-634-3302; fax: 404-633-4604.
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Leak Detection System Is Modular Controlled

The CMC-Series Mass Spectrometer System from Cincinnati Test Systems integrates the Windows NT operating system into mass spectrometer leak detection. The system allows for integration of application software and factory communications. All of the mass spectrometer's testing functions, including hardware, wiring and software for integration into the leak test system, are designed in modules.

The system contains a range of preprogrammed options intended to suit helium mass spectrometer testing requirements. The pre-engineered and programmed touch screens provide users with tools to set up, calibrate, operate, troubleshoot and maintain the system.

Call: 513-367-6699; fax: 513-861-5970.
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SPC Software Available In 32-Bit Version

Quality Measurement Systems' Anstat for Windows statistical process control (SPC) software is available in a 32-bit version. The software is designed to collect SPC data, perform statistical analysis and create management reports. The 32-bit program can handle larger file names and files with up to 255 variables and/or attributes.

Anstat for Windows accepts input from sources including keyboards, Genesis Data Collectors and coordinate measuring machines. The program can be run on one PC or a local area network that supports Microsoft Windows.

Call: 315-986-5710; fax: 315-986-2115.
Circle #253

Machine Vision Software Supports Custom Algorithms

Version 5.6 of Sherlock from Imaging Technology Incorporated (ITI) is a Windows based software package that allows original equipment manufacturers to sketch out machine vision tool applications and perform "what if" testing. The software supports custom written algorithms and includes a tool that can measure the rotation of an object about its center point.

Sherlock also comes with ITI's tool SmART Search. This tool uses artificial intelligence to adapt to process variations while providing search results for machine vision applications.

Call: 781-275-2700; fax: 781-275-9590.
Circle #254

Slide Chart Calculator Solves Magnetic Shielding Equations

The slide chart calculator from Magnetic Shield solves magnetic shielding formulas with one slide setting. The calculator prevents shielding engineers from having to solve equations and refer to the characteristic permeability curve for magnetic shielding alloys in order to find a solution.

The slide chart gives the estimate of resulting field strength after a magnetic shield is applied. The reverse side of the calculator includes application notes and conversion factors. An instruction sheet that illustrates sample cal0Scientific provides cold temperatures for temperature sensor calibration. The bath has a temperature range from -80° to 100° C, and it maintains stability and uniformity of ±0.03° C throughout the range. The footprint is 12 x 24 in., and it's 30 in. tall. Hart Scientific says the bath can reach a temperature of -80° C in less than 90 min. The access opening is 3.25 x 4.5 x 7 in. so several thermometers can be calibrated at the same time.

For low temperatures, alcohols such as ethanol and methanol can be used in the 1-gallon tank. For high temperatures, other fluids such as water and silicone oils can be used.

Call: 801-763-1600; fax: 801-763-1010.
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ZeroDefect Assists Issue Management in Organizations

ProStyle Software's ZeroDefect 2.4 helps employees manage corrective and preventive actions. Issues are recorded in the database and assigned to an individual. The full set of management reports helps managers analyze trends and problem areas.

ZeroDefect is applicable in situations such as new product release, risk management performance and nonconformance management. Version 2.4 also contains expanded security, customizable e-mail and print formats, and it automates auditing and support for SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Anywhere.

Call: 604-320-0611; e-mail: sales@prostyle.com
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Inspection Machine For Metallurgical Properties

Mectron Engineering's QuAlifier Q-4000 inspects fastener and screw machine products. It uses 12 or 16 laser inspection points through 360° and Mectron's MI-9000 Magnetic Imagery, which provides manufacturers with a system for meeting industry requirements.

The part length measurement capabilities are ±0.001 in. depending on part configuration. The laser gage repeatability is 0.0004 in. regarding diameters. The MI-9000 Magnetic Imagery inspects metallurgical defects such as cracks, material mixes, heat treat issues, and conductive plating and coating.

Call: 734-971-7663; e-mail: sales@mectron.net
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Laser Measuring System Has Precision of 0.2 ppm

Automated Precision's 6-D HP Laser System is a laser measuring machine designed to enable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturers and operators to error map their CMMs. The system isolates the laser beam delivery from internal heat sources, allowing it to make and record linear measurements with a precision of 0.2 ppm.

The measuring machine simultaneously maps six possible CMM positioning errors, including linear displacement in the direction of motion, straightness of travel in the two axes perpendicular to the direction of motion, angular pitch and yaw motion, and the angular roll around the direction of travel.

Call: 800-537-2720; fax: 301-990-8648.
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Component Analyzers Have Accuracy of 0.02%

Wayne Kerr's 6430A and 6440A precision component analyzers can graph measurement parameters in real-time versus frequency. Both analyzers have an accuracy of 0.02%, and they provide high-resolution measurements for capacitor testing.

The 6440A can characterize components graphically to 3 MHz and present a real-time graphical sweep on all measurement functions. Both the 6430A and the 6440A can test up to 20 measurements per sec.

Call: 800-933-9319; fax: 781-933-9523.
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Pocket Thermometer Records Temperature in 3 Seconds

The Thermapen pocket thermometer from ThermoWorks features a probe with a reduced diameter at the insertion end and a larger diameter shaft. The thermometer can read internal temperatures of samples as small as 0.125 in.

The probe folds into the meter for storage purposes, and it can be rotated for use at an angle. When the probe is folded in, the Thermapen automatically turns off. The liquid crystal display numerals are 0.5 in. tall.

Call: 801-756-7705; fax: 801-756-8948.
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Tension Link Scale Weighs With ±0.1% Accuracy

Intercomp's TL6000 Digital Tension Link Scale features a high resolution, 14-bit A/D converter and weighs with an accuracy of ±0.1% of applied load. Users can choose the appropriate model based on needed weight capacity ranging from 500 to 500,000 lb. The scale is shock mounted in a weatherproof aluminum or stainless steel housing, protecting the components against moisture, dust and rough use.

Power is supplied to the scale via two 9 V alkaline batteries. A handheld remote control and telemetry model are available.

Call: 612-476-2531; fax: 612-476-2613.
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Temperature Data-Logger Provides Real-Time Recording

Telatemp's PC Transit Thermometer has an LCD option that provides a visual and audible indication of exposure to extreme temperatures. The single channel recorder can sense and record up to 2,000 temperature vs. time readings.

The PC Transit Thermometer from Telatemp provides real-time recording and alarm functions. The LCD option presents a visual and audible indication of exposure to temperature extremes without the user's having to download the data into a PC. The LCD also provides control for temperature sensitive products, such as pharmaceuticals, clinical specimens, films and electronics that need to be monitored during transit and storage.

The LCD enhancement is available on the single channel temperature recorder, the PCT-2000-DLM, which senses and records up to 2,000 temperature vs. time readings from -40° C to +70° C. It is also available for both dual channel data loggers, the PCT-IE-DLM and the PCT-E2DLM, which capture 8,000 temperature samples from the internal and external probe sensors.

Call: 714-879-2901; fax: 714-870-8136. 
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