26945CIR275 Tegam's Model OCS2500 Oscilloscope Calibrator provides a programmable, automated system of measurement of frequencies up to 2.5 GHz. Tegam says the OCS2500 has a scope calibration that is nearly four times faster than manual methods.

Oscilloscope Calibrator Is Programmable, Automated

The Model OCS2500 Oscilloscope Calibrator from Tegam provides a programmable, automated system for frequencies up to 2.5 GHz. Built-in self-test routines and hardware features check the operation of all major circuits each time the system is turned on.

The calibrator is a modular system consisting of Tegam's Model SG5050 Leveled Sine Wave Generator, CG5011 Calibration Generator and TM5006A Mainframe. The SG5050 supplies calibrated output voltages from 4.5 mV to 5.5 V peak-to-peak into 50 ohms. The absolute amplitude accuracy is ±1.5% from 10 kHz to 50 kHz, with a flatness from ±1.5% to ±4% over the remainder of the frequency range up to 2.5 GHz.

Call: 440-466-6100; fax: 440-466-6110.
Circle #275

Laser Micrometer Measures Outside Diameters

Blum LMT's LM 100 is a laser micrometer system that measures outside diameters and dimensions on shafts and rubber rolls. It can be used as a stand-alone measuring device, or it can be fully integrated into an automated manufacturing line.

With a repeatability of ±0.2 µ, the laser micrometer has a linearity of better than ±1 µ over the entire measuring range which extends from 0.02 in. to 4 in. The system is designed with a single focused beam where the stroke for the single laser beam is permanently fixed by a high resolution linear encoder. This provides real-time, closed-loop feedback of measurement values.

Call: 606-344-6789; fax: 606-344-6799.
Circle #273

Stress Indicator Determines Pressure Distribution

The Pressurex-micro Imaging System from Sensor Products is a Windows based system that determines pressure distribution between lightly mating or impacting surfaces. It was specifically designed for measuring low pressures of less than 20 psi.

The system's sensing mat changes color in proportion to the amount of force applied to it--the greater the pressure, the greater the color intensity left on the mat. The mat is placed in between the contacting surfaces of the application, and after a compressive load is applied, the mat is removed and analyzed through a scanner and software package. The software renders information in the form of a high resolution color representation of pressure distribution that can be printed and exported to other software packages.

Call: 973-560-9092; e-mail: bebner@sensorprod.com.
Circle #274

Probe Measures Temperatures From -300° to 1,500° F.

Dickson's model SM150 Dual Channel Extreme Data Logger with digital display and K-thermocouple probe can measure temperature ranges of -300° to 1,500° F. The display can alternate between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The instrument features a minimum/maximum key that allows users to make decisions about the data by looking at the current minimum and maximum readings on a digital display before downloading all the data. The SM150 Data Logger then lets users download the data to a PC for viewing, graphing or printing with DicksonWare software, which is capable of real-time monitoring and graphing.

Call: 800-323-2448; fax: 800-676-0498.
Circle #276

NanoMapper Provides Surface Height Mapping

The NanoMapper metrology tool from ADE Phase Shift provides quantitative surface height mapping for 0.18 µ technology. The tool provides whole wafer topology data for 200 mm and 300 mm wafer sizes using noncontact optical measurement to quantify nanometer scale surface height variations. Tracking the phase of the optical signal results in the subnanometer resolution of the measurement.

The tool is designed for wafer, semiconductor equipment and semiconductor device process development facilities.

Call: 520-573-9250; e-mail: eschrock@phase-shift.com.
Circle #277

Measurement Probe Features Dynamic Range

26945P77B Optimet's Conoprobe 1000 is designed for noncontact precision measurement applications such as machine parts and tools, automotive and electronic components, and plastic or rubber industrial molds. It can measure up to 700 points per second when the probe is in motion.

The Conoprobe 1000 from Optimet is a noncontact measurement probe designed for numerous noncontact precision measurement applications. The probe uses a technique called "conoscopic holography," allowing measurements up to 700 points per second dynamically while the probe is in motion.

The probe is intended for making noncontact, precision measurements of machine parts and tools, plastic and rubber industrial molds and components, and automotive and electronic components. Precision measurements from submicrons to meters can be made by changing the lens on the probe.

Call: 800-774-8200; e-mail: sales@optimet.com
Circle #283

Frequency Standards For Use as Reference Clocks

The Model 908 and Model 909 frequency standards from Wavetek are designed for use as reference clocks in automated test systems and as In-House/On-Site frequency standards. The Model 909 includes an ultra stable rubidium timebase, and the Model 908 is built around a high stability, oven controlled SC-cut crystal oscillator.

Both instruments have five buffered 10 MHz outputs and one 5 MHz output. Each can be used in calibration laboratories where there is a need to calibrate numerous instruments, such as frequency counters and synthesizers.

Call: 619-279-2200; fax: 619-565-9558.
Circle #278

Benchmark X-ray Instrument Analyzes Elements

The LX-400P benchmark X-ray fluorescence instrument from Quantum is designed to perform elemental analysis. It examines elements in gasoline, diesel, lubricants, ores, cement, metals, alloy compositions, plastics and so forth. The instrument uses an X-ray tube with a high resolution, gas filled proportional counter as a detector.

The LX-400P features a motorized sample chamber, barometric correction facilities, a remote display handset, single key operation and printer ports. It also comes in several configurations depending on the type of matrix and elemental concentrations being studied.

Call: 91-22-5429561/62; e-mail: quantum@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in.
Circle # 279

Control System Offers Complete SPC Results

Beta LaserMike's Model 282-11 measurement and control system offers complete statistical process control (SPC) results. The controller receives diameter measurement data from a noncontact laser gage, processes and displays the data on a color monitor, and uses closed-loop feedback.

With a user friendly interface, numeric displays and multipurpose, tactile keys, the controller's real-time, on-screen trend chart capability allows the user to receive fast indications regarding product quality.

Call: 937-233-9935; fax: 937-233-7284.
Circle #280

Portable Sensor Uses Penetrating Pulse

A portable proprietary noncontact ultrasonic measurement system, the Sonometer 11 from HiTech uses penetrating pulse technology for accurate level or interface measurement. The system is designed to measure abrasive, corrosive, toxic or pressurized liquids or liquefied gases in industrial applications, such as the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, electric power and food industries.

The Sonometer 11 features 10 programmable channels--each channel has 99 individual functions--so that 10 different vessels or liquids can be preprogrammed. It uses pulsed, hazard free sound waves that penetrate through the wall of a tank or vessel. The return echo from the air or liquid interface is detected at levels up to 65 ft.

Call: 800-755-4507; fax: 215-321-6067.
Circle #281

Analyzer Measures Trace Moisture

Combining microprocessor driven electronics with two-wire transmitter technology, Meeco's Accupoint 2 measures trace moisture. The three-button keypad ensures output range scaling and offers five display options, and the integral digital display allows indication at point-of-use and quick field configuration of control parameters.

Functioning as a standard 24 VDC, two-wire loop transmitter, the Accupoint 2 mounts directly to the measurement point--indoors or out. Its sensor absorbs and electrolyzes moisture to fractional parts per million.

Call: 215-343-6600; fax: 215-343-4194.
Circle #284

Ametek System Includes Transmitter, Digital Meter 26945P77A

The Level Mate II from Ametek U.S. Gauge PMT Products is a liquid level measurement system that consists of a stainless steel submersible Model 550 transmitter and a calibrated microprocessor-controlled digital meter. The system can be calibrated to measure inches, feet or meters of water.

The Level Mate II from Ametek U.S. Gauge PMT Products is a liquid level measurement system created for applications including basic well-level measurement and process tank level control.

The system consists of a stainless steel submersible Model 550 transmitter and a calibrated microprocessor controlled digital meter. It can be factory calibrated to measure inches, feet or meters of water, and it indicates liquid level by constantly measuring hydrostatic pressure through its nose mounted sensing element. The transmitter operates in depths from 6 ft. to 690 ft. at pressures up to 300 psi.

Call: 215-355-6900; fax: 215-355-2937.
Circle #282

Flaw Detectors Have Broad Frequency Ranges

Krautkramer's USM Series portable, ultrasonic flaw detectors have wide frequency ranges. The USM 22 has a broadband frequency range of 0.5 to 15 MHz, and the USM 25 has a selectable frequency range up to 20 MHz. The USM 22 is designed for thickness measurements on tanks and piping, while the USM 25 is intended to address weld testing.

All functions on the detectors are controlled with two rotary knobs and menu keys. Using LCD display technology, the instrument screen can be read in any amount of light. Both models measure 1.8 x 10.4 x 9.6 in. and weigh 3.5 lbs.

Call: 717-242-0327; fax: 717-242-2606.
Circle #285

Digital Durometer Tests Element Hardness

Test the hardness of rubbers, elastomers and plastics with the Shore S1 Digital Durometer from Shore Instruments. The instruments displays test results and parameters on a high contrast liquid crystal display with 0.1 resolution.

The handheld, battery powered digital durometer from Shore Instruments tests the hardness of elements, such as rubbers, elastomers and plastics. The Shore S1 Digital Durometer is portable and provides hardness test results after the presser foot is placed on a sample and held down for the dwell time. The dwell time is adjustable from 1 to 99 sec.

The durometer features nine precalibrated, interchangeable test scale probes and is capable of storing 6,800 test results by lot or part number. It is ergonomically designed to fit the hand and runs on four AAA batteries.

Call: 800-695-4273; fax: 781-575-5770.
Circle #287

Test System Measures Force Applied to Specimen

The Tinius Olsen Instrumented Impact Testing System from Tinius Olsen Testing Machine directly measures the force applied to a specimen. The striker is instrumented or fitted with a strain gage in order to measure the applied force to standard size and miniature test specimens. The data are automatically collected upon contact with the specimen and saved in the database of the software.

The design features a high speed system response of 100 kHz which is necessary to record rapid load change events, such as the acceleration of the specimen up to the speed of the striker and brittle crack propagation.

Call: 215-675-7100; e-mail: info@tiniusolsen.com.
Circle #286

Rheometer Handles Controlled Stress Testing

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories' R/S Rheometer is a rotational rheometer that measures viscosity in controlled stress and controlled shear rate applications. Available in cone/plate, plate/plate and concentric cylinder versions, the rheometer is suited for measuring the breakdown of a product from stress induced yield.

Thixotropic loop behavior can be measured by this instrument in order to characterize product recovery after deformation. Further measurements of other material behaviors include sedimentation and sagging or slump under gravity.

Call: 508-946-6200; fax: 508-946-6262.
Circle #288

Compact Antenna Tests Immunity and Emissions

Schaffner-Chase EMC's CBL6143 is an antenna for immunity and emission testing in confined environments, such as anechoic chambers. The antenna is compact and has a wide frequency range that makes it capable of handling tests on many high frequency products.

The CBL6143 combines the features of Schaffner-Chase's high gain BiLog emission antennae with X-wing folded elements for immunity testing. The folded elements reduce chamber coupling effects and were developed using the University of York's modeling techniques.

Call: 800-367-5566; fax: 973-379-1151.
Circle #289

System Tests Higher Proportion of Samples

The ElecTester MK IV from Elecster Oyj is a computerized system of quality control for the nondestructive testing of ultra high temperature milk products. With this system, a higher proportion of samples can be tested because the cartons are not opened or damaged in any way during testing. The testing samples can then be sold as part of the normal production batch.

The MK IV detects a change in the product's hydrodynamic behavior by oscillating the package and measuring the damping value or the reduction in amplitude.

Call: 358-3-541-211; e-mail: sales@elecster.fi.
Circle #290

Digital Panel Meters Measure Volts, Currents

The digital panel meters in the 1000 Pro Series from Doric Instruments measure AC volts, DC current, high AC/DC current, scalable process and frequency inputs. The seven models in the series offer several jumper selectable input ranges and operate with 115 V, 220 V or 24 VAC power.

The high DC current model is designed for use with 60 mV, 100 mV and 150 mV shunts, and the high AC current model is designed for use with 1 A or 5 A current transformers. All models offer input accuracy of ±1 digit or 0.5% of full scale.

Call: 858-569-1601; e-mail: info@doric-vas.com
Circle #291

Profiling System Evaluates At High Data Density

Uniscan Instruments' OSP500LM optical surface profiling system can perform noncontact measurement at high data density. It is designed for applications where surface measurement at the micron level is required over large scan areas up to 500 x 500 mm. Some applications include surface digitalization for mold making and in tray inspection and large component inspection in the aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, paper and surface coating industries.

The OSP500LM uses linear motors to scan a laser displacement device over the surface to be measured at speeds of one meter per second and collects data at up to one sample per micrometer.

Call: 011-44-1298-70981; e-mail: graham_johnson@uniscan.co.uk.
Circle #292

Bubble Leak Tester Replaces Water Dunk Testing

The Programmable Dry Dunk bubble leak tester from FasTest replaces water dunk testing. The user hooks up the test part and enters the test pressure and test time using the keypad and backlit liquid crystal display, and the unit sets itself up. The tester can store up to 100 test setups and all settings can be changed. It also features a pass/fail indicator that alerts the operator to any leaks. This feature allows the operator to perform multiple tests simultaneously.

FasTest says the Dry Dunk eliminates product damage caused by dunking. It also eliminates corrosive moisture or other harmful contaminants inside the product.

Call: 800-206-0316; fax: 651-645-7390.
Circle #293

Static Meter Features Chopper Stabilized Sensor

The Model 212 Digital Static Meter from Electro-Tech Systems features a chopper stabilized sensor for long-term, accurate measurements in normal and ionized environments; a liquid crystal display (LCD); and a recorder output jack. The measurement range is from 0 to ±20 kV at a meter-to-object distance of 1 in. The 3.5 digit LCD meter provides 10 V resolution, polarity indication and a low battery warning.

The Model 212 is housed in a compact, conductive case and incorporates a 0.25 in. male snap that accepts most wrist strap cords for grounding.

Call: 215-887-2196, ext. 215; e-mail: brianh@ets2.com.
Circle #294

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