To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. 


1-3 Short Course. Patent Law for Managers, Engineers and Scientists. Boca Raton, FL. Call The Center for Professional Advancement at 732-613-4500 or fax 732-238-9113.

2 Seminar. Understanding Capability and Control Charts. Dayton, OH. Call PQ Systems at 800-777-3020 or fax 937-885-2252.

2-3 ASQ Education Course. Quality Improvement Through Proactive Contracting. Boston.

2-3 Workshop. Leading Effective Teams. Chicago. Call Linkage Education Resources at 781-862-3157 or fax 781-862-2355.

2-4 Academy. 2nd Annual CSI Product Representative Academy. San Diego. Call The Construction Specifications Institute at 800-689-2900 or fax 703-684-0465.

6-7 ASQ Education Course. Software Metrics. Nashville, TN.

6-7 Conference. Conference on Quality in the Space and Defense Industries. Cape Canaveral, FL. Call The Schneider Group at 254-776-3550 or e-mail info@sgmeet.com

6-8 ASQ Education Course. Skills for the Quality Consultant. Las Vegas.

6-8 Seminar. Managing Subcontracts in Project Management. Madison, WI. Call University of Wisconsin-Madison Executive Education at 800-292-8964 or fax 608-262-4617.

6-10 ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Engineering. Raleigh, NC.

6-10 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Trainer/Coach Training. Indianapolis.

6-10 Conference. SM/ASM 2000. San Jose, CA. Call Software Quality Engineering at 800-423-8378 or e-mail sqeinfo@sqe.com

6-10 Short Course. The Engineering of Measurement Systems for Test and Evaluation. Scottsdale, AZ. Call Stein Engineering Services at 800-632-7797 or e-mail meas-sys@primenet.com

6-10 Short Course. Effective Construction Contract and Field Administration. Madison, WI. Call Department of Engineering Profes-sional Development at 800-462-0876 or fax 800-442-4214.

7-8 ASQ Education Course. Keeping Score. Houston.

8-10 ASQ Education Course. Building Software Skills. Nashville, TN.

9-10 ASQ Education Course. How To Transition to ISO 9001:2000. Orlando, FL.

9-10 Short Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Schaumburg, IL. Call Affiliated Educational Consultants at 888-880-7490 or fax 773-508-4068.

12-15 Conference. Quest for Excellence XII. Washington. Co-sponsored by ASQ. Call American Society for Quality and Participation at 800-733-3310 or fax 513-381-0070.

12-17 Exposition. Pittcon 2000. New Orleans. Call Pittsburgh Conference Office at 800-825-3221 or fax 412-825-3224.

13-15 Short Course. Design and Analysis of Experiments. Washington. Call The Institute for Professional Education at 703-527-8700 or fax 703-527-8703.

13-17 ASQ Education Course. ISO 14000 Lead Auditor Training. Seattle.

13-17ASQ Education Course. Introduction to Quality Management. Tampa, FL.

14 Workshop. Lean Enterprise. Marietta, GA. Call The Center for Quality Excellence at Southern Polytechnic State University at 770-528-7424 or fax 770-528-7454.

14 Workshop. 3rd Annual Tools and Techniques Workshop. Charleston, SC. Call Trident Area Community of Excellence at 843-574-6145 or fax 843-574-6470.

14-16 Seminar. Root Cause Analysis Method. Houston. Call Reliability Center at 804-458-0645 or fax 804-452-2119.

14-16 Conference. 13th Annual Federal Information Systems Security Educators Association Conference. Gaithersburg, MD. Call National Institute of Standards and Technology at 301-975-2489 or e-mail peggy.himes@nist.gov

15-16 Meeting. ASTM Committee G-4 on Compatibility and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen Enriched Atmospheres. Toronto. Call American Society for Testing and Materials at 610-832-9500 or fax 610-832-9635.

15-17 ASQ Education Course. Design of Experiments. Milwaukee.

15-17 ASQ Education Course. The Project Management Process. Nashville, TN.

16-17 ASQ Education Course. Linking the Balanced Scorecard to Business Results. Washington.

17 Workshop. Coaching and Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisors. Cincinnati. Call SkillPath Seminars at 800-873-7545 or fax 913-362-4241.

20-21 ASQ Conference. 7th Annual ISO 9000 Conference: Moving From Conformance to Performance. Dallas.

20-21 ASQ Education Course. 16-Hour QS-9000/ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training Program. Las Vegas.

20-21 Seminar. Preparing for ISO 9001:2000. Houston. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

20-21 Seminar. Best Practices in Benchmarking. Las Vegas. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or e-mail cust_serv@amanet.org

20-23 Exposition and Conference.WESTEC Advanced Productivity. Los Angeles. Call Society of Manufacturing Engineers at 800-733-4763 or fax 313-271-2861.

20-23 Seminar. Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls at 423-584-5005 or fax 423-588-9440.

20-24 Seminar. Corporate Performance Measurement. Ann Arbor, MI. Call University of Michigan Business School at 734-763-3154 or e-mail rbenders@umich.edu

20-24 Short Course. Auditing 101. Orlando, FL. Call The Institute of Internal Auditors at 407-830-7600 or fax 407-831-5171.

21 Seminar. Semiconductor Manufacturing Overview. Sunnyvale, CA. Call Secrest Research at 650-851-8142 or Strategic Consultants at 510-796-6502.

21-24 Workshop. Experiment Design Made Easy. Minneapolis. Call Stat-Ease at 800-801-7191 or e-mail sherry@statease.com

22 ASQ Education Course. Identifying Statistical Techniques. Dallas.

22-23 ASQ Education Course. Quality Cost Principles. Dallas.

22-23 ASQ Education Course. Integrating ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Dallas.

22-23 Short Course. Managing Complex Product Development Projects. Wellesley, MA. Call Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management at 781-239-1111 or fax 781-239-1546.

23 Seminar. Continuous Improvement. Atlanta. Call Powerway at 317-598-1760 or e-mail info@powerway.com

23 Conference. Boston Quality Conference, BOSCON 2000. Burlington, MA. Call ASQ's Boston Section 100 at 617-423-2772.

26-31 Short Course. The 59th Technical Management Program. Westwood, CA. Call UCLA Extension at 310-825-3858 or e-mail jlee@unex.ucla.edu

27-28 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001:2000 Internal Quality Auditing. Las Vegas.

27-28 ASQ Education Course. Audit System Design. Houston.

27-28 Short Course. Documenting Your Quality System to QS-9000. Cleveland. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax 203-426-7811.

27-28 Conference. 47th Annual Minnesota Quality Conference. St. Paul, MN. Call ASQ's Minnesota Section 1203 at 651-779-1824 or fax 651-773-1981.

27-29 ASQ Education Course. Information Quality Improvement. Orlando, FL.

27-31 Seminar. ISO 9000 Auditor/Lead Auditor. Rochester, NY. Call The John D. Hromi Center for Quality and Applied Statistics at 716-475-6990 or e-mail cqas@rit.edu

27-31 Short Course. Leading Change Expert Series. Orlando, FL. Call Association for Quality and Participation at 800-733-3310 or fax 513-381-0070.

28-29 Conference. 2000 Annual Quality Conference. New York. Call The Conference Board at 212-339-0345 or fax 212-980-7014.

29 Conference. 56th Annual Quality Conference. Rochester, NY. Call ASQ's Rochester Section 204 at 716-475-7050 or e-mail capeqa@rit.edu

29-30 ASQ Education Course. After the Audit: Benefiting From the Audit Process. Houston.

30 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9001: Revisions. Atlanta.

30-31 ASQ Education Course. Information Stewardship. Orlando, FL.


3-5 Conference. InfoSec World 2000. Orlando, FL. Call MIS Training Institute at 508-879-7999 or fax 508-872-1153.

3-7 Short Course. SPICE Assessor Training Course. Ottawa. Sponsored by the Ottawa SPICE Consortium and ASQ's Ottawa Valley Section 407. Call Larry Jones at 613-562-9797 or Steve White at 613-839-1836.

5-6 Conference. 6th Annual Motor Reliability Technical Conference. Clearwater, FL. Call PdMA Corp. at 800-476-6463 or fax 813-620-0206.

5-7 Conference. Root Cause Analysis and the Secrets of Performance Excellence. Gatlinburg, TN. Call System Improvements at 423-539-2139 or fax 423-539-4335.

6-7 Short Course. Environmental Management Systems. Atlanta. Call Georgia Institute of Technology at 404-385-3502 or e-mail conted@gatech.edu

6-7 Short Course. Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Pasadena, CA. Call 626-395-4045 or e-mail execedu@caltech.edu

9-12 Conference and Exhibition. RadTech 2000. Baltimore. Call RadTech International North America at 513-624-9988 or fax 513-624-0601.

10-11 Seminar. Practical Reliability Engineering. Detroit. Call Hobbs Engineering at 303-465-5988 or fax 303-469-4353.

10-11 Conference. 2000 Performance Measurement Conference. San Diego. Call The Conference Board at 212-339-0345 or fax 232-836-9740.

10-12 Conference. Supply-Chain World North America. Rosemont, IL. Call The Supply-Chain Council at 412-781-4101 or fax 412-781-2871.

27-28 Short Course. Six Steps to Six Sigma. Schaumburg, IL. Call Affiliated Educational Consultants at 888-880-7490 or fax 773-508-4068.

30-May 3 Meeting and Exposition. 102nd Annual Meeting and Exposition. St. Louis. Call The American Ceramic Society at 614-890-4700 or e-mail customersrvc@acers.org


1-5 Short Course. 15th Annual Engineering/Management Program. West Lafayette, IN. Call Krannert Executive Education Programs at 765-494-7700 or fax 765-496-3483.

3 Workshop. Dr. Wheeler's Evaluation of the Process and Beyond Capability Confusion. Allentown, PA. Call ASQ's Leigh Valley Section 500 at 610-250-1494 or e-mail leiva.urman@fortjamesmail.com

8-10 ASQ Congress and Exposition. 54th ASQ Annual Quality Congress and Exposition. Indianapolis.

9-11 Conference and Exposition. Motion Control Spring '00. Anaheim, CA. Call Advanstar Communications at 203-882-1300 or fax 203-882-1800.

12-19 Conference. American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC). Philadelphia. Call AOHC at 847-818-1800 or fax 847-818-9266.

16 Conference. 2000 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Chicago. Call Baldrige National Quality Program--NIST at 301-975-2036 or fax 301-948-3716.

16-18 Conference. Metrology. Jerusalem. Call ISAS International Seminars at 972-2-6520574 or fax 972-2-6520558.

21-24 Conference. Industrial Engineers Solutions. Cleveland. Call Institute of Industrial Engineers at 800-494-0460 or e-mail cs@iienet.org.

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