Sheen 160T Measures Gloss, Film Thickness

Sheen's 160T Tri-Microgloss Plus µ is a handheld gloss and thickness meter. The meter measures the gloss and thickness at the same location on the sample and the measurements are computed in two to three seconds.

The handheld Sheen 160T Tri-Microgloss Plus µ gloss and film thickness tester from Sheen Instruments can measure the gloss and thickness of paints, inks and plastics on ferrous and nonferrous metal substrates. This tester calculates both measurements--gloss and thickness--simultaneously.

The Sheen 160T measures gloss values at 20°, 60° and 85° and has settings for low, medium and high gloss surfaces. The integral probe measures the thickness of coatings up to 500 mµ.

Call: 020-8541-4333; fax: 020-8549-3374.
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Amplifier Measures Multiple Dimensions

The CAG amplifier from Edmunds Gages provides signal conditioning, a display, data gathering and storage. Separate column amplifiers and data collectors are not required, and there are no PC based system problems, such as incompatibilities with peripheral hardware and software programs. This amplifier is suitable for multidimensional measurement applications using manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic gages.

The CAG can display measurement data in formats such as X-bar charts, bar graphs, histograms and scatter charts. Measurement results can then be downloaded to a PC network via an ethernet port.

Call: 860-677-2813; fax: 860-677-4243.
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Testing Station Contains 1,100 lbf Capacity

MTS Systems' Synergie 1000 material testing workstation can test paper, film, wire, rubber, cloth and textiles and has a 1,100 pounds of force (lbf) capacity. The workstation is compact and ergonomically designed. Its electronic package is already loaded into the load frame.

The Synergie 1000 is fully automated and comes with TestWorks 4 material testing software. This software allows users to streamline material testing and data handling.

Call: 800-944-1687; e-mail: synergieinfo@ mts. 
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Digital Pressure Gage Is Loop Powered

The Model LPI from DCT Instruments is a loop powered, four-digit light emitting diode pressure gage. The gage is incorporated into a standard digital input connector and operates across gage, absolute or differential pressure ranges. Power is provided directly through the 4 to 20 mA loop.

The Model LPI has an on-site display with a digit range from -1999 to +1999. The red display is 0.3125 in. tall and contains over range, under range and polarity indications. The gage's sampling rate is adjustable ranging from one sample every three seconds to one sample every 25.5 seconds.

Call: 800-328-1028; fax: 614-850-1144.
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VMS-121 Inspects Parts, Uses Halogen Light Source

The VMS-121 video measuring system from Deltronic runs on a Windows 98 system and provides the power needed to perform frame grabbing edge detection, statistical process control output, reverse engineering and off-line programming.

The VMS-121 video measuring system from Deltronic inspects parts that require high magnification and tight tolerances. This system uses a halogen light source and runs on a Win98 system. It has the capability to perform frame grabbing edge detection, statistical process control output, reverse engineering and off-line programming.

The VMS-121 features a 6 x 12 in. stage, a 6 in. focus travel, a solid granite base and a 13 in. color monitor. It also comes with a color camera, a digital crosshair generator and a remote keypad control of surface profile illumination.

Call: 800-451-6922; fax: 800-969-3358.
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Low Pass Filters Provide Gain Accuracy of ±0.001 dB

Eliminating noise and alias errors, AAF-2F Filters from Alligator Technologies provide gain accuracy for 16-bit data acquisition systems. These filters use a proprietary comp- ensation circuit that eliminates filter related offset effects due to drift and temperature. The filters' output impedance is less than 0.001 ohms, the input and output range is
±10 V and the gain accuracy is ±0.001 dB at 1 kHz.

The AAF-2F is available in a variety of bandwidths, from 1 Hz to 200 kHz, and with a variety of features, such as Cauer-elliptic, Bessel, Butterworth, linear phase and high speed linear phase.

Call: 714-850-9984; e-mail: info@alligatortech.com.
Circle #268

Pressure Regulator Useful In General Applications

Scott Specialty Gases' single-stage pressure regulator is designed for general purpose, noncorrosive gas regulation. The Model 202 Series is useful when inlet pressure does not vary greatly, such as with liquefied gases.

The regulator features a neoprene diaphragm that allows accurate delivery pressure settings. The outlet needle valve offers precision flow control, while the sintered metal filter located in the seat assembly traps foreign particles.

Call: 215-766-8861; fax: 512-766-2476.
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Camera Features 24-Bit RGB Color and a Scan Sensor

The VC65/C color industrial smart camera from Vision Components contains 24-bit RGB color capabilities and a progressive scan sensor. The camera can inspect or verify colors on several different items using multiple user defined colors and areas of interest. It can be used in applications such as inspecting prints and labels; verifying the color of capsules, candies and tablets; and inspecting the exterior paint on automobiles.

The VC65/C measures 117 x 50 x 36 mm, includes up to 8 MB RAM and has shutter speeds ranging from 0.00001 to 20 sec.

Call: 617-492-1252; e-mail: vsncompus@aol.com.
Circle # 266

Software Optimizes Data Management

The Audit Master 3.0, an auditing software tool from The Harrington Group, contains a customizable audit design that allows the user to match business rules and practices with program parameters.

The querying feature optimizes data management and retrieval, while user pref- erences such as color coding, automatic log in and action alerts can be tailored to meet a user's needs.

The Audit Master 3.0 is designed to manage the audit process from planning and scheduling to outcome reporting. It allows managers and auditors to conduct and track audits through short term and long term cycles and provides a historical analysis of these events.

Call: 800-476-9000; e-mail: sales@harrington-group.com.
Circle #264

Inspection Machine Measures 10 Parameters

Adcole's Model 1310 High Speed Computer Aided Camshaft Inspection Gage features end-of-the-line, through-feed bottom loading from a conveyor belt or walking beam. The machine can process up to 150 parts per hour. It can also measure 10 or more parameters including radius, profile, taper, crown, timing angle, diameter and velocity.

The Model 1310 features adjustable followers on either side of the camshaft and linear glass scale read heads. The gage can measure three areas of each journal and cam lobe with 0.0001 mm resolution.

Call: 508-485-9100; fax: 508-481-6142.
Circle #262

LS10 Software Operates On the Internet

LogisticSoftware's LS10 Software for Supply Chain Management is designed for distribution businesses and can operate on the Internet. The software is a distribution and logistics supply chain management tool that integrates purchasing, point of sale, marketing, executive management, accounting and warehousing for multiwarehouses, bins, branches, languages, units of measure and currency.

LS10 software contains a function called absolute product profitability. This function calculates the exact landed cost of each product pushed through the supply chain from the vendor to the final destination.

Call: 248-355-1779; fax: 248-355-1992.
Circle #263

Gagelink Provides Enhanced Data Collection Starrett No. 761GL Gagelink Software facilitates data collection and analysis. It allows users to display readings in a spreadsheet, graph or list and features a tool that allows for basic statistical process control analysis. The software also has an automatic timer function that enables timed data collection in user selected intervals ranging from 0.5 sec. to 99 hr.

The 761GL is compatible with Windows 95 and 98 and can interface with numerous spreadsheet and data applications.

Call: 978-249-3551; fax: 978-249-8495. 
Circle #261

RF Navigator Aids Warehouse Management

The RF Navigator v99 from Majure Data is a warehouse management software package. The package aids productivity and inventory control with features concerning shipping, security and interface capability.

The latest version of the RF Navigator contains characteristics such as improved receiving options that enable users to rate suppliers based on performance tracking, advanced parameters allowing priority based replenishment and transportation management features. 

Call: 800-353-2520; e-mail: rfnavigator@majure.com
Circle #260

Laser10 Captures Static, Dynamic Data

26835P70-74AReinshaw's Laser 10 software package adds to the capabilities of the ML10 laser based diagnostic system for machine tools. The Laser 10 has the ability to capture both static and dynamic data.

Laser10 calibration software from Reinshaw can capture the static and dynamic data of machine linear positioning and angular, straightness and squareness accuracy. The software package can operate accessories such as the RX10 rotary axis calibrator and the Federal 832 amplifier.

Linear error compensation packages can be added to the standard Laser10 software suite. This controller specific package includes a compensation wizard and progress indicator.

Call: 847-843-3666; fax: 847-843-1744.
Circle #253

Monitor and Keyboard Mounts in 3.5 Inches

Mount the GFA FoldAway monitor and keyboard in 3.5 in. of vertical space. Manufactured by CyberResearch, the GFA FoldAway features an active matrix color display and a full-sized keyboard. It can be located up to 10 ft. away from the host computer and has an optional selector switch that allows the user to share one GFA FoldAway among several remote mounted PCs.

The GFA FoldAway's drawer is fixed on ball bearing slides, and the adjustable integral display flips up into position. When not in use, the keyboard and display can be locked away. They are available in black or beige.

Call: 203-483-8815; fax: 203-483-9024.
Circle #258

Software Quantitatively Assesses Digital Design Data

Prescient Technologies' PrescientQA software quantitatively assesses the quality of digital design data and electronic product models created during the engineering or design stage of product development. It allows manufacturers to monitor the design process.

PrescientQA features two tools--DriveQA and CertifyQA--that enable management teams to plan and maintain data. The software also includes a service for auditing data quality.

Call: 617-589-5944; e-mail: karen.tuttle@prescienttech.com
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MPACT and DPACT Manage ISO Documentation

Integral Solutions' software suite includes MPACT and DPACT, two tools that integrate ISO 9000 and QS-9000 documentation into a single system. This suite allows users to enter information into one document. The information is then automatically transferred to all appropriate documents.

MPACT lets manufacturers link standard manufacturing and quality documents including process flow charts, control plans, failure mode effects analysis and advanced product quality planning checklists.

Call: 248-335-9500; fax: 248-335-7848.
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Xact Quindos Facilitates Inspection Process

Xact Quindos combines Quindos software with Xact from Brown and Sharpe. This software is designed to work with most computer aided design (CAD) systems to facilitate the inspection process and provide manufacturing control. It allows users to download CAD files when constructing part programs and to document the dimensions of parts using CAD geometry.

Xact Quindos offers three choices of program simulation--full machine, probe head or probe sphere--to verify the part program. Brown and Sharpe say this software can reduce overall inspection time as much as 80%.

Call: 800-766-4673; fax: 401-886-2727.
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Synergy Performs Statistical Process Control Functions

Zontec's Synergy statistical process control (SPC) software comes in two editions: Synergy Gold and Synergy EQM. Synergy Gold is for standalone PCs and local area networks. Synergy EQM has features not found in the Synergy Gold package such as global monitoring, management reports and security access.

Synergy Gold contains capability charts, an estimated sigma calculation and auto math. Synergy EQM contains the above features as well as closed loop control, a query function and five manager-level reports.

Call: 800-955-0088; fax: 513-648-9007. 
Circle #254

Calibration Software Creates Single Page Reports

Prime Technologies' version 3.0 ProCal 2000 calibration management software establishes records, tracks and schedules activities, and archives data. It contains forms and fields that allow calibration managers to produce single-page reports. Standard operating procedures can be created or pasted into existing database records and printed out during calibration.

ProCal 2000 can perform data tracking for multiple sites or companies and creates automatic calculations for test point accuracy and tolerance. Users can define their own field titles, and the data can be transferred to an Excel spreadsheet.

Call: 610-436-9703; fax: 610-436-9097.
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