Integrate More Imaging Modes With AutoProbe

Integrate more imaging modes in one instrument with ThermoMicroscopes' AutoProbe CP Research. Some of the modes this scanning probe microscope integrates are contact, intermittent contact and noncontact atomic force, magnetic force, lateral force and scanning tunneling. It also includes capabilities such as scanning capacitance, force modulation and phase imaging.

The AutoProbe CP Research's design includes an ergonomic laser alignment system and an increased range in the photodetector positioning system.

Call: 408-747-1600; fax: 408-747-1601.
Circle #260

Organic Solvents Clean, Dry Metal Surfaces

Clean and dry precision metal parts as small as 0.01 in. with the Airless Vapor Degreasing Systems from Serec. These systems reclaim and reuse up to 95% of solvents and feature a closed loop system that uses organic solvents in their vapor or liquid state.

Suited to clean and dry high volume parts, the Airless Vapor Degreasing Systems come in sizes ranging from 1 to 800 cu. ft. for degreasing batches up to 4,000 lb. per cycle.

Call: 401-421-6080; fax: 401-521-5960.
Circle #261

Use Noncontact Technology To Measure Small Parts

Sony Precision Technology America's TM40 video measuring system, a video coordinate measuring machine, uses noncontact, software driven video technology to measure small parts. Sony says the TM40 achieves high accuracy through proprietary 3-D error mapping that measures over 150,000 points. Moreover, the 0.5 µm linear scales can measure position on the X, Y and Z axes.

The TM40 can be used for process control and first article inspection in electronics, computer, automotive and medical device manufacturing.

Call: 949-770-8400; e-mail: duncan@sonypt.com
Circle #262

Manage Four Laser Gas Systems Simultaneously

A series of gas distribution systems designed to deliver a continuous supply of laser gases used in industrial CO2 lasers were introduced by Controls Corporation of America. The 626 AutoSwitch Series automatically changes cylinder or bank priority from primary to reserve supply without transmitting pressure fluctuations to the use line. This series can therefore monitor up to four separate gas systems at the same time.

The 626 AutoSwitch Series contains pressure switches that alert remote locations when certain cylinders are empty. Computer monitoring provides a digital readout of delivery pressure and consumption. 

Call: 800-225-0473; fax: 757-422-3125. 
Circle #263

26718P67Obtain High-Speed Scanning Capability

The Contura is a high-speed scanning coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from Carl Zeiss IMT. It comes with the Zeiss VAST probe head that allows a variety of probing methods suitable for numerous measuring tasks. Some of these tasks include single point measurement, scanning form elements, scanning known and unknown contours, and self-centering scanning.

The Contura has a measuring range of 28 x 40 x 24 in. and comes equipped with a 32-bit Pentium II-based digital scanning controller.

Call: 800-752-6181; e-mail: cgrow@zeiss.com
Circle #269

Cordsets Feature 360° Visible LEDs

Obtain multiple light emitting diode (LED) indication with Turck's RKE 4T straight eurofast cordsets. The LEDs encircle the cordset connector and provide visible and signal power indication from all sides--the green LEDs are for power and the yellow LEDs are for output.

The RKE 4T eurofast cordsets feature gold plated contact points and brass coupling nuts. The coupling nuts have a ratchet design that helps prevent loosening during high vibration applications. Also, the polyurethane connector body resists moisture, oil, solvents and abrasion.

Call: 612-553-7300; fax: 612-553-0708.
Circle #264

Digital Multimeter Contains Noncontact Indicator

The Model 2408 Mini-Pro digital multimeter (DMM) from BK Precision is portable and features a noncontact voltage indicator. The DMM can measure AC voltages from 70 to 480 V and emits an audible noise as well as a flashing light when it is placed near an AC power source.

The Model 2408 Mini-Pro DMM has safety input jacks with sheathed test leads and overload protection on all ranges. The unit also comes equipped with a set of test leads, a manual and a battery.

Call: 714-237-9220; fax: 714-237-9214.
Circle #265

Screw Actuator Offers Wide Size Range

The Axidyne GSA Series of guided tool actuators from Tol-O-Matic comes in a broad range of sizes and options. The GSA Series actuators are available in four body sizes ranging from 0.75 to 2 in. and can have either a reverse parallel or an in-line motor configuration. Besides the different body sizes, the actuators also offer a choice of three different screw sizes, ranging from 0.375 to 0.75 in.

The actuators feature a pre-engineered, self-contained guidance and support system of two hardened and ground guide shafts with four linear ball bearings that are internally lubricated.

Call: 800-328-2174; fax: 612-478-8080.
Circle #272

Videoprobe Includes Remote Focus Capability

Lenox Instrument's View-A-Pipe AR videoprobe can be used for close-up visual inspection of the inside of engines, chambers, pipes, castings and cylinders. The videoprobe has an outside diameter of 0.433 in. so it can gain entry through openings as small as 0.45 in.

The View-A-Pipe AR has a standard viewing head that provides a 55° field of view. Direct wide, direct telephoto and right angle interchangeable viewing heads are also available. The remote focus feature can be adjusted from zero to infinity, and the probe's maximum bending radius is 150 mm.

Call: 800-356-1104; e-mail: sales@lexoxinst.com
Circle #266

Ellipsometer Measures Thickness of Films

The Sentech SE 400 from Micro Phototonics is a wavelength ellipsometer that measures thickness and refractive index of single and double layer films. The SE 400 integrates a software package with a wavelength ellipsometer and includes a series of dialog boxes to set up ellipsometric measurements.

The SE 400 can measure film thickness up to 6,000 nm on transparent film and up to 2,000 nm on absorbing films. It is useful for semiconductor, optics and protective coatings research.

Call: 610-366-7103; e-mail: gferrio@microphotonics.com
Circle #267

Measure Kinetics Of Hardening Process

Control and document the changing of a liquid into a solid with Trombomat from Prodemat. Trombomat measures the force necessary to move a solid body through its transition from liquid to solid and also records the material's temperature. This evolution from liquid to solid can be recorded on a PC through a data acquisition board.

The unit can provide the measurement for thermostat resins, epoxy, polyesters, adhesives and varnishes. Applications for the Trombomat include factory quality control, process planning and process manufacturing control.

Call: 312-222-1235; fax: 312-222-1237.
Circle #273

PC-AMS Monitors Multiple Assembly Processes

Promess' PC-based assembly monitoring system (PC-AMS) is designed for assembly operations that require validation of multiple operations. The PC-AMS supports statistical process control methods by adding data collection and storage capabilities to signature monitoring.

The system features internal storage of up to 64 part programs entered through the system interface or 99 part programs entered through the keypad. Other features include flexible sensor inputs, multiple monitoring windows and auto calibration.

Call: 810-229-9334; fax: 810-229-8125.
Circle #274

Emulsion Separator Offers Regulatory Compliance

The Ultraaqua Autoclean from Ultrafilter International is an emulsion separator designed to treat and dispose of contaminated compressor condensate. The system is compliant with federal regulations due to its automated, internal cleansing process.

Ultraaqua Autoclean's design uses the combination of static preseparation and an integrated filtration device to safely treat contaminated condensate. The preseparation stage uses a blend of expansion chambers and coalescing and prefiltration elements to remove all free oil. The filtration stage removes oil from the oil and water emulsion through a semipermeable membrane and pump system.

Call: 800-543-3634; e-mail: info@ultrafilter-us.com
Circle #275

Way Slides Designed For High Cycling Rates

The Setco Group's line of Master Hardened Steel Way Slides is designed for high load carrying capacity at high cycling rates and frequencies. The slides come in widths from 6 to 32 in., and a full-length adjustment gib and neoprene way wipers are included.

Accessories for these slides include 360° rotating swivels, metal way and cavity covers, and automatic lubrication systems.

Call: 513-941-5110; fax: 513-941-6913.
Circle #276

Light Source Offers UV Or White Light to Borescopes

Olympus America manufactures the Model ALS-UV2000U, a high intensity ultraviolet (UV) and white light source for borescopic remote visual inspection. This UV borescopic light source can develop 7,200 µW of UV per cm2.

The Model ALS-UV2000U's light intensity can be controlled by a mechanical shutter. It has a lamp life of approximately 400 hrs., with a power consumption of 140 W. The unit also has hot start capabilities.

Call: 800-446-5260; fax: 800-446-5620.
Circle #250

26718P69Microprocessor Provides Real-Time Measurement

Keithley's ADwin-9 microprocessor obtains real-time data acquisition using Windows. The ADwin-9 series provides response times in nanoseconds because its processing power is onboard.

This series of microprocessors is designed for applications that require sending a response time to a timer or external interrupt. The ADwin-9 can control up to 10 processes simultaneously while they remain parallel and independent from one another and the PC. Moreover, each process is assigned to its own timer and can be loaded, started and stopped without interfering with another process. This allows parameters such as time delay and sampling rate to be set after the process is already running.

Call: 800-552-1115; e-mail: product_info@keithley.com. Circle #280

Gage Offers 0.25% Accurate Pressure Management

The Merigage digital pressure gage, manufactured by Meriam Instrument, provides 0.25% accurate pressure measurement for liquids and gases. The 4.5 digit, 0.6 in. high display screen allows the user to monitor the process with analogue barograph, real-time, and maximum or minimum digital values.

The Merigage also offers 12 field selectable engineering units, a selectable dampening function and field calibration.

Call: 216-281-1100; fax: 216-281-0228.
Circle #279

Logic Digital Indicators Feature Programmability

The Logic line of digital indicators distributed by Chicago Dial Indicator are programmable and customizable. This line of indicators includes three different series of gages: the Logic-Basic Series, the Logic-Plus Series and the Logic-OEM Series.

The Logic-Basic Series has an incremental measuring mode, inch to metric measurement conversion capabilities and selectable resolution. The Logic-Plus Series includes features such as a freeze display reading that holds the display after taking the reading. The Logic-OEM Series allows the user to define a gage to meet application requirements.

Call: 847-827-7186; fax: 847-827-0478.
Circle #277

Switch Provides Electrical Shock Protection

ITW Switches' Door Interlock Switch has several circuitry options and provides electrical shock protection while equipment is being serviced. The switch is designed to automatically cut off electrical power whenever a cabinet door, drawer or cover is opened.

The Door Interlock Switch can be wired to illuminate a low voltage indicator light to show that a cabinet door is open during service operations. At the same time, it interrupts the main power source to the office equipment computer or process control enclosure. The normally open circuit can also be left unused.

Call: 708-667-3370; fax: 708-667-3440.
Circle #271

Network Analyzers Afford Calibration and Compatibility

The HP 8753 and 8720 families of microwave vector network analyzers from Hewlett Packard have measurement frequencies from 30 kHz to 3 GHz and 50 MHz to 13.5 GHz, respectively. Each family has ET and ES versions. The ET versions include a transmission and reflection test set for performing forward transmission and reflection measurements. The ES models have an S-parameter test set for evaluating both forward and reverse device characteristics.

All of the analyzers feature a greater response calibration that corrects for source match during transmission measurements. Also, the analyzers' four-parameter displays can be viewed without first performing a full two-port calibration.

Call: 800-452-4844; fax: 888-900-8921.
Circle #251

Software Tool Simplifies Power Input Analysis

PowerSight Manager (PSM) analysis software from Summit Technologies can obtain real-time and stored waveforms of seven channels of power inputs when connected to the PowerSight Energy Analyzer. The waveforms can then be graphed individually or in any combination. PSM allows graphical analysis of three-phase, single-phase, phase-phase, phase-neutral, AC/DC and 45 to 440 Hz power.

Data logs from PowerSight can be downloaded by PSM and displayed for analysis. All log data stored by PSM can be accessed as a text file. These text files are compatible with Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Call: 925-944-1212; fax: 925-944-7126.
Circle #278

Gear Coupling Offers High Torque Rating

Distributed by Rockwell Automation, the Dodge Gear Coupling is made from forged steel and features a high torque rating for coupling downsizing. The gear coupling protects against misalignments and offers an O-ring design sealing system.

The Dodge Gear Coupling consists of two hubs with crowned external gear teeth. The hubs are pressed on the shaft ends because the gear coupling has the ability to transmit high torque in a small package size. Two flanged sleeves are bolted to join the hubs.

Call: 864-281-2171; e-mail: smtraylor@powersystems.rockwell.com
Circle #252

SLM Helps Reduce
Water Consumption

The sealing liquid monitor (SLM) from Esko/Kytola helps reduce water consumption while it increases the life of seals and packing. Key features of the SLM are a nonclogging valve construction, a built-in cleaning plunger and a float with a check valve function.

The SLM comes in several flow ranges. Some optional accessories include a back pressure valve for dual mechanical seals to control pressure applied to the seal, low flow alarm, floor mount stand and pressure gage.

Call: 604-984-4201; e-mail: info@eskoindustries.com
Circle #270

Metal Flex Arm Removes Harmful Workstation Fumes

The Metal Flex Arm from Pace is designed to remove harmful fumes from individual workstations. The arm is 2 in. long, static safe and features a high airflow capacity with minimal pressure loss. Made of stainless steel, the Metal Flex Arm operates with a wide range of static safe nozzles and endpieces.

The arm can be mounted directly to the workbench or connected with an optional bench mounting bracket. It includes an integral airflow controller that adjusts the volume of air flowing through the arm.

Call: 888-535-7223; fax: 301-604-8782.
Circle #268

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