Maintain High-Quality Image Captures


National Instruments color image board, the IMAQ PCI-1411, upholds high-performance and high-quality image captures despite lighting variations. This board can give machine vision developers real-time color conversion of several formats to the hue, saturation and luminance image planes, therefore making inspection systems more reliable.

The IMAQ PCI-1411 can be used in numerous applications, including inspecting light emitting diodes, fabric and textiles, color paint and powder, and pharmaceutical blister packs.

Call: 800-258-7022; e-mail: info@natinst.com
Circle #295

Obtain X-Ray Images With Advanced Image Processor

The Advanced Image Processor (AIP) from Nicolet Imaging Systems is a fully integrated real-time inspection and failure analysis software package. Providing image enhancement and/or analysis of acquired X-ray images, the AIP can be used for interactive or stand alone image viewing. This software package can help determine defects and design analysis of chip packaging and surface mount technology.

Running on a Windows NT-based operating system, the AIP is network ready and comes with a Pentium II computer, a 17 in. monitor and a printer. The entire system is targeted at microelectronics, semiconductor, depot repair and printed circuit board industries.

Call: 619-635-8600; fax: 619-695-9902.
Circle #285

Simulate Robot Work Cells With Workspace 5

Workspace 5, robot simulation and off-line programming software from Flow Technologies, allows engineers, designers and robotics programmers to simulate robot work cells. Flow Technologies says the software can increase productivity, reduce downtime and ensure the accurate simulation of robot motion.

Workspace 5 is customizable because it contains Microsoft's Visual Basic for applications. It also has realistic robot simulation modules, which use robot manufacturers' motion control software to simulate the motion of the robot--reporting cycle times to within one percent of the actual robot's motion.

Call: 519-948-6027; fax: 519-974-0509.
Circle #286

Provide Accurate Slip And Friction Information

The latest version of the Labmaster Slip and Friction Testing provides accurate information concerning slip and friction characteristics in flexible packaging materials such as paper, plastic, film and foil. The upgrade includes user definable default areas for analysis, the ability to export graphs or data to Microsoft Excel, enhanced calibration and context-sensitive help screens.

Packaging professionals, label producers, converters and board processors can use the 14 in. touch screen interface to evaluate the effects of different chemicals and additives on product performance and the runability of materials.

Call: 800-678-3321; fax: 516-842-5220.
Circle #287

High Temperature Integrated Circuits for Avionics Systems

The HTMOS High Temperature Electronic Components from Honeywell are available to avionics systems designers. These components can be used in distributed control, diagnostics and prognostics, and bus interfaces in temperatures up to 225° C. They are made to support advanced avionics systems where smart actuators and sensors are required.

Customized multi-chip modules are also available from Honeywell. The modules are available in standard flat pack surface mount configurations and are designed to customer interconnect requirements.

Call: 800-323-8295; e-mail: htgroup@ssec.honeywell.com
Circle #290

Detect Grinding Damage And Monitor Residual Stress

The Bearing Inspection System from American Stress Technologies, an off-line inspection system, is used to detect grinding damage and to monitor the residual stress from the manufacturing process.

While manual loading and unloading of the test piece is required, the ground surface is scanned automatically by a sensor. The resulting test information is then sent to a central unit where it is analyzed, displayed and stored in applicable software.

Call: 412-963-0676; fax: 412-963-7552.
Circle #291

26600P104BTransmitter is Both Analog and Smart

The fast and accurate AI-1000 Revision 2 programmable transmitter from Accutech features automatic self-calibration to on-board reference standards. The transmitter has a plug-in display and PC configuration that allows the user to program and read directly from any transmitter without the need for a hand held transmitter.

The AI-1000 R2 is designed to take accurate temperature measurement in applications such as heat exchangers, custody transfer, process monitoring and control.

Call: 978-568-0500; fax: 978-568-9085.
Circle #250

  Higher Operating Pressure With Polypropylene Plates

Achieve a higher operating pressure with the SperryLok polypropylene flush plate and frame plate from D.R. Sperry. While reducing the probability of frame bowing and blowout, the SperryLok also reduces cycle time, allows continued use of paper media and retrofits existing filter presses.

The plate comes in seven models, ranging in size from 18 to 48.5 in.

Call: 630-892-4361; fax: 630-892-1664.
Circle #292

26600P105 ESD-Safe Scanners Provide Maximum Control

Two families of electrostatic discharge (ESD)-safe scanners and readers from Brady Worldwide offer a range of linear and 2-D bar code scanning and reading capabilities. The scanners use an ESD dissipative lens to battle product damage associated with static--a concern for companies serving the electronics and fabrication industries.

These ESD-safe scanners and readers help control ESD by allowing end-users to conduct data collection or management without the fear of static damage, therefore reducing component failure often caused by static electricity.

Call: 800-216-8396; fax: 800-292-2289.
Circle #289

Inspection System Meets Semiconductor Challenges

Using deep ultraviolet (DUV) technologies, the LU2000-DUV inspection system from Nikon meets the challenges of semiconductor and optical storage media manufacturing. This system allows fab operators to analyze and observe lines and spaces with widths as small as 0.1 µm.

A LU2000-DUV operator can use visible light to inspect the patterns and then change to a laser light source at 266 nanometers to obtain high signal to noise ratio images that appear on a monitor in real time. Nikon says this system is optimal for analyzing masks, optical disks and magneto-registive storage media.

Call: 800-526-4566, ext. 8581; e-mail: semiconductorsystems@nikonincmail.com
Circle #293

Eliminate Damage And Prevent Injuries

Reduce damage to machinery or products and injury to employees with the Interference Sensing (IS) Module from Hoerbiger-Origa. The module integrates a five-port, two-position directional control valve, a pressure switch and flow control valves. If the pressure switch senses a loss of system back pressure, it triggers the solenoid valve to retract the cylinder. On the other hand, the reed switch at the end of the cylinder overrides the pressure switch if there is no obstruction.

The IS module can be used in applications that use a rod-type or rodless cylinder to control motion.

Call: 630-871-8300; fax: 630-871-1515.
Circle #254

Understand Rapid Tooling With SME Video

Rapid Injection Mold Tooling from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) is a video that highlights the benefits of rapid tooling. Such benefits include saving time and money without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. The video examines how four manufacturing companies used rapid tooling to meet their clients' needs.

SME says the video is designed for product design engineers, model makers, pattern makers, mold makers, and research and development engineers and managers.

Call: 800-733-4763; e-mail: service@sme.org
Circle #296

26600P106A Use FT-500 Tachomoter To Measure RPM

Ono Sokki's FT-500 advanced tachometer can measure rpm on objects that are considered difficult or impossible to measure such as hair dryers, pencil sharpeners, fans, and hermetically sealed compressors and pumps. Moreover, the FT-500 doesn't require reflective markers to take measurements, so there is no need to stop the machine before taking the measurement.

The FT-500 uses the fast fourier transform technique to extract the rpm related frequency components from numerous signal sources. Using this system, the tachometer can accept inputs from microphones, vibration transducers and current probes.

Call: 630-627-9700; fax: 630-627-0004.
Circle #288

Measure X, Y and Z Components Simultaneously

The CLV-3D laser doppler vibrometer from Polytec Pi uses three laser beams focused on one spot only 0.5 mm in diameter, therefore allowing it to measure the x, y and z components of structural vibration. This feature eliminates the need to attach triaxial accelerometers.

This vibrometer can be applied to hot, lightweight, miniature, tightly curved or ultrasonically excited structures, such as automotive exhausts, micro-electronics, jet engine turbine blades and medical devices.

Call: 508-832-3456; e-mail: davido@ma.polytecpi.com
Circle #298

26600P106B Workstand Helps Organize Documents in One Location

The Model 1000S workstand provides one location to collect, analyze and display documents while the casters allow easy mobility on the shop floor. Moreover, the inclined design keeps the writing surface free of extra material.

The workstand, manufactured by Qual-tech, can hold four 8.5 x 11 in. papers or two 11 x 17 in. papers. Optional accessories, such as clear acrylic covers, a steel utility tray and a binder holder, are also available.

Call: 414-637-1212; fax: 414-637-5285.
Circle #251

MicroBlaster Switches Between Micro Abrasives

Comco's Dual Tank MicroBlaster contains two separate abrasive media chambers and individual nozzles. This microblaster is 22 in. wide and allows the operator to switch back and forth from two types of abrasives, such as aluminum oxide and sodium bicarbonate.

Useful in the electronics, medical, dental and metalworking industries, some of the microblaster's applications include deburring, surface texturing, beveling and coating removal.

Call: 818-841-5500; fax: 818-955-8365.
Circle #294

Small, Bright Light Fits Borescope Needs

A variable light source from Gradient Lens has the correct intensity for borescope users in their inspection needs. The Luxxor 24 is small and bright, with quality blueness. The intensity of the light may be increased or decreased, making it good for video photography and lighting large, dark cavities.

Gradient Lens says the Luxxor 24 is an efficient, 24-watt metal halide arc lamp that weighs 2 lb. 5 oz. and is three times brighter than a 150-watt tungsten halogen light source.

Call: 800-536-0790; fax: 716-235-645.
Circle #297

Scan up to 5,000 Documents Per Hour

Two optical mark read scanners, the OpScan 6 and OpScan 8, from National Computer Systems, have scanning speeds of up to 5,000 documents per hour while maintaining accuracy, reliability and versatility.

The OpScan 6 scanner comes in two models, one scanning 3,600 documents per hour and the other scanning 5,000 documents per hour. The OpScan 8 is available in the same two speeds as the OpScan 6, but comes with extra features that allow customers to sort documents that fail user-defined edit parameters.

Call: 612-830-7636; e-mail: caronayne@ncs.com
Circle #299

Simplify Tubing Assembly With Locking System

A rotating lock from MicroGroup makes the process of connecting luer and threaded fittings easier. The lock solves problems that arise when luer threaded connections need to be made in tight spaces or where the fitting is in a difficult position. Only the lock, not the entire fitting, needs to be turned to secure the connection.

The rotating lock is available in various sizes and is designed to work with numerous MicroGroup Moduluer fittings and valves.

Call: 800-255-8823; fax: 508-533-5691.
Circle #300

Slipguard Gloves Combine Cut and Slip Resistance

Wells Lamont Industry Group's Whizard Heavy Duty Slipguard Gloves weave a combination of stainless steel and Spectra in a low-friction pattern, therefore offering a cut resistant surface. This allows workers to hold glass, metal, knives and other slippery or sharp surfaces safely. Moreover, the gloves breathe better than polyvinyl chloride or latex gloves.

The gloves are preshrunk and are available in six sizes, from extra-extra small to extra large.

Call: 800-247-3295; fax: 847-647-0755.
Circle #252

ProPen Dot Marker Is Completely Self-Contained

The ProPen P3000, available in pneumatic or electromechanical styles, is completely self-contained--it doesn't need an additional computer. The dot marker has an on-board screen, keyboard and integrated software. It comes with a technical manual and training video for simple installation.

The ProPen P3000, distributed by Numberall Stamp & Tool, has a marking area of 4 x 4 in. and can mark up to five characters per second. It can create logos, serial numbers and production codes on numerous types of products.

Call: 207-876-3541; e-mail: office@numberall.com
Circle #253

Turn Your Palm Pilot Into Data Collection System

Turn a standard Palm Pilot into a data collection system with the hardware and software in the DataGet port from Tescina. The port can read values from Mitutoyo compatible gages, including calipers, indicators and micrometers.

The DataGet port runs on a PC with Windows 95, 98 or NT and a Mitutoyo compatible gage and port. It can transfer the data to a PC in Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.

Call: 510-713-8001; fax: 508-664-1257.
Circle #255

Storage Database Designed For On-line SPC Analysis

SPC Vista from Quality America is a statistical process control software package designed for on-line analysis. It stores all the information in a database and operates in a stand alone or network environment.

The software features a context-sensitive help system, process monitoring capabilities and user customization. It also allows the user to enter data from gages or through a keyboard.

Call: 800-722-6154; e-mail: sales@qualityamerica.com
Circle #256

Reduce Workplace Injuries With Safety Training

Train employees to recognize and avoid the patterns that lead to injury in the workplace with the SafeStart safety awareness training videos and workbooks. Primedia, the course's distributor, says the program has reduced accidents in harsh work environments by up to 80%.

The course presents several steps designed to minimize workplace mistakes by training employees to recognize critical errors such as eyes and/or mind not on the task at hand, moving into the line of fire, and loss of balance, traction or grip. It also discusses the mental and physical states that lead to many critical errors such as rushing, frustration, fatigue and complacency.

Call: 800-568-8788; e-mail: safestart@pwpl.com
Circle #257

Test for Leaks in Small, Flexible Packages

The Model 730 Qualipak, a nondestructive leak tester for blisters and other small, flexible packages, consists of a computer driven system and a touch screen unit that highlights any leaking pockets.

The tester, manufactured by ITI Qualitek, has a cycle time of less than 20 seconds and can test blister packages with a footprint of 8 x 10 in. or less. The 32 adjustable 3/8 in. spaced sensor positions can detect holes less than 10 µm in diameter.

Call: 978-670-1113; fax: 978-670-1114.
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