To receive information or to register for ASQ Education Courses, contact Education Development and Promotion, ASQ, 611 E. Wisconsin Ave., PO Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, 800-248-1946, 414-272-8575, fax 414-272-1734, Web site www.asq.org. 


1 Seminar. Accelerated Test Methods. Novi, MI. Call Entela at 800-888-3787 or e-mail acceleratedtesting@entela.com

1-2 Seminar. Computer System Validation in FDA-Regulated Industries. Somerset, NJ. Call Validation Associates at 215-504-9635 or fax 215-504-9735.

2 Workshop. ISO 9000 Implementation. Marietta, GA. Call Center for Quality Excellence at 770-528-7424 or fax 770-528-7454.

6-7 ASQ Education Course. Theory of Constraints. Anaheim, CA.

6-7 Short Course. Purchasing and Materials Management: Creating a Seamless Process. San Diego. Call APICS, The Educational Society for Resource Management at 703-354-8851, ext. 2397 or fax 703-354-8106.

6-8 Workshop. Advanced DOE and Robust Design. Anaheim, CA. Call StatEase at 800-801- 7191 or e-mail sherry@statease.com

6-8 Conference. New Challenges for Measurements and Standards in a Deregulated Electric Power Industry. Arlington, VA. Call National Institute of Standards and Technology at 301-975-2431 or e-mail james.olthoff@nist.gov

6-8 Short Course. Accelerating New Product Development. Boca Raton, FL. Call The Center for Professional Advancement at 732-613-4500 or fax 732-238-9113.

6-9 Seminar. Consulting Skills Institute. Orlando, FL. Call Linkage at 781-862-3157 or fax 781-862-2355.

6-9 Short Course. Working With Data. Cincinnati. Call Mesa Consulting Group PLL at 888-791-5370 or e-mail sales@mesacg.com

6-9 Seminar. Understanding Industrial Experimentation. Knoxville, TN. Call Statistical Process Controls at 800-545-8602 or fax 423-588-9440.

6-10 ASQ Education Course. ASQ-Plexus Trainer/Coach Training. Charlotte, NC.

6-10 ASQ Education Course. ISO 9000 Lead Auditor Training. Las Vegas.

6-10 Short Course. Medical Device and Health Care Lead Auditor. Reston, VA. Call CEEM at 800-745-5565 or 703-250-5313.

7-8 Seminar. Managing Human Error in High-Risk Industries. Houston. Call David Marx Consulting at 414-742-4874 or fax 414-742-4875.

7-8 Seminar. The First Step to Behavior-Based Safety. Houston. Call BST at 800-548-5781 or fax 805-646-0328.

7-10 Forum. 11th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care. New Orleans. Call Institute for Health Care Improvement at 617-754-4800 or fax 617-754-4848.

8 Short Course. ISO 17025: The New Standard for Laboratory Quality. Las Vegas. Call American Association for Laboratory Accreditation at 301-644-3226 or fax 301-662-2974.

8-9 Short Course. Injection Mold Design. Nashville, TN. Call TechTrax at 810-229-6111 or fax 810-229-2221.

8-10 ASQ Education Course. Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. New Orleans.

8-10 Short Course. Introduction to Statistica and Design of Experiments. San Francisco. Call StatSoft at 918-749-1119 or e-mail info@statsoft.com

9-10 Short Course. Measurement Systems Analysis. Cleveland. Call Stat-A-Matrix Institute at 800-472-6477 or fax 732-548-4085.

9-10 ASQ Education Course. After the Audit: Benefiting From the Audit Process. Atlanta.

9-10 ASQ Education Course. Improving Business Performance: ISO 9000 as a Means to Support Compliance in Health Care. Tampa, FL.

10 Short Course. Introduction to the New ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Danbury, CT. Call Excel Partnership at 800-374-3818 or fax 203-426-7811.

10 Seminar. ISO 9000 Draft: Year 2000 Revisions. Orlando, FL. Call Brewer and Associates at 972-641-8020 or fax 972-641-1327.

13-14 Short Course. Managing Complex Product Development Projects. Cambridge, MA. Call MIT Sloan School of Management at 781-239-1111 or fax 781-239-1546.

13-14 ASQ Education Course. Keeping Score. San Francisco.

13-14 Short Course. Measurement Uncertainty. Las Vegas. Call American Association for Laboratory Accreditation at 301-644-3226 or fax 301-662-2974.

13-15 ASQ Education Course. Project Management in a Quality Environment. Tampa, FL.

13-17 Short Course. Lead Auditor Training for ISO 14000. Williamsburg, VA. Call The Victoria Group at 703-691-8484 or fax 703-691-2542.

14-16 ASQ Education Course. Strategic Quality Planning. New Orleans.

15-16 Short Course. Technical Project Management. New York. Call American Management Association at 800-262-9699 or fax 518-891-0368.

16-17 Short Course. Measuring Customer Satisfaction. Pasadena, CA. Call California Institute of Technology Industrial Relations Center at 626-395-4045 or e-mail execedu@cco.caltech.edu

16-18 Convention. 2nd International Convention on Students' Quality Control Circles '99. Lucknow, India. Call 91-522-435690 or e-mail info@cmseducation.org

20-22 Short Course. Applied Multivariate Methods Using Popular Statistical Computing Packages. Washington. Call The Institute for Professional Education at 703-527-8700 or fax 703-527-8703.

28-29 Short Course. Delivering Service Quality: Managerial Challenges for the 21st Century. Ahmedabad, India. Call Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute at 518-276-2962 or e-mail ragavm@rpi.edu

23-28 Meeting. The 24th Annual Cocoa Beach Conference and Exposition: An International Conference on Engineering Ceramics and Structures. Cocoa Beach, FL. Call The American Ceramic Society at 614-794-5890 or fax 614-899-6109.

24-26 Conference. Integrating Your Supply Chain: Real World Collaboration for Maximum Results in the e-Business Era. Raleigh, NC. Call North Carolina State University at 919-515-2261 or e-mail cpe@ncsu.edu

25-27 Exposition. Houstex 2000 Advanced Productivity Exposition (APEX). Houston. Call Society of Manufacturing Engineers at 800-733-4763, ext. 1600 or fax 313-271-2861.

25-27 Workshop. Experiment Design Made Easy. Atlanta. Call StatEase at 800-801-7191 or e-mail sherry@statease.com

January 2000

7-8 Conference. 8th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 Year 2000 Revisions. Lake Buena Vista, FL. Call The International Conference on ISO 9000 at 412-782-3383 or fax 412-782-3384.

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