Improve Cleaning Power Without Chemicals

Scotch-Brite High Performance Cloth from 3M is chemical-free and environmentally sound. Used for cleaning electronic and electrical components, this cloth is made of knitted, interwoven water- and oil-absorbing microfibers. These microfibers are designed to lift and trap liquids, grease, dust and dirt particles. The cloth can remove solvents, dust residue, compounds, waxes and fingerprints from injection molded parts.

The cloth measures 32 x 36 cm and comes in five bright colors.

Call: 800-276-0049, ext. 704; fax: 319-395-9719.
Circle #280

Achieve One Time, One Place Content Organization

A software package, HyperdoQs, from Integrated Management Systems (IMS) can be used by companies trying to comply with AS 9000 requirements. Designed to be revised to match an organization's specific operations, the procedures feature one time, one place content organization. This means that if a feature is listed in one procedure, that is the only place the feature will be found, therefore cutting down the number of required procedures and making information easy to find.

These procedures are designed to be used with Microsoft Word 97 and are available in four different packages: HyperdoQs, HyperdoQs With IMS Assistance, Custom HyperdoQs and Contract HyperdoQs.

Call: 800-788-5114; fax: 316-777-9330.
Circle #260

Graphic Engines Use Windows NT Platform

Mauell introduces its Windows NT display controller for display wall solutions. This controller provides integrated NT-based graphics engines capable of driving a matrix of screens. Capable of handling several inputs for display as on a virtual screen, Mauell says the controller operates as a single node on the network. It uses an ethernet local area network, enabling it to display applications running in all common operating and processing systems.

This controller is fully compliant with the Microsoft API and can support any application in the Microsoft NT environment.

Call: 717-432-8686; fax: 717-432-8688.
Circle #265

26436TOOLBOX282Portable Spectroradiometer Features Backpack Design

The FieldSpec Pro portable UV/VIS/NIR spectroradiometer features a backpack design for easy transport. The shoulder straps detach from the unit's incorporated carrier, making it suitable for an airplane overhead compartment.

The manufacturer, Analytical Spectral Devices, says its spectroradiometer can be used for remote sensing, precision agriculture, oceanography and environmental assessment.

Call: 303-444-6522; fax: 303-444-6825.
Circle #282

Hardware-Software Package Inspects Ball Grid Arrays

Based on MVS-8100 series architecture, the BGA II Inspection Package is an optimized hardware and software package designed to inspect ball grid arrays for missing, misplaced or improperly formed solder balls. Produced by Cognex, the system can inspect up to 10,000 solder balls per second and offers support for the high resolution cameras used today.

The package features a Windows-based graphical user interface, a Cognex MVS-8100 PCI frame grabber, online documentation and two calibration plates.

Call: 508-650-3000; fax: 508-650-3333.
Circle #263

Secure Wire Bundles To Smooth Surfaces

Available in a variety of colors, the ABM112 Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mount from Panduit is designed to secure wire bundles and other light objects to smooth surfaces.

Besides featuring a 1.12 x 1.12 in. footprint, Panduit says the mount also includes a 2-up configuration for adhesive liner removal, nylon construction for flammability purposes and the option of either rubber or acrylic based tape so the proper adhesive is used in each situation.

Call: 888-506-5400, ext. 7346; fax: 770-781-9076. 
Circle #264

Liquid Filter Systems Provide Greater Capacity

The Max-Load liquid filtration systems from Ronningen-Petter consist of a family of bag and cartridge filters with an increased filter media surface. This feature gives the bags and cartridges greater solids loading capacities and longer run times. Using a patented pleat-and-channel design, the cartridges can gather and hold up to 70 times more dirt than other pleated cartridges.

Ronningen-Petter says its filters are absolute rated and remove a higher percentage (from 94% to 99.9%) of contaminants than normally rated filters. These filters are also available in two flow configurations, inside out and outside in, to accommodate existing filter system piping.

Call: 800-656-3344; e-mail: filter-info@ronningen-petter.com
Circle #266

Hazardous Gas Monitor Now Available

The SmartMaxII from Control Instruments is available in a NEMA 1 wall mount for general purpose areas. Its sturdy design allows it to monitor hazardous gases in many industries, such as refineries, chemical plants, battery rooms and pharmaceutical plants.

Control Instruments says this digital control monitor can handle reading from up to four different types of sensors and includes sensors for combustible gas, oxygen and toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide.

Call: 973-575-9114; e-mail: sales@controlinstruments.com.
Circle #267

Monitor the Reliability, Quality of Fasteners

The Assembly Verifier checks fasteners on the assembly line and is designed to increase product quality and enhance productivity by eliminating offline quality control checks. Mountz, the distributor of the verifier, says its product offers multiple torque tool handling capabilities and multiple fastener tracking in a stand-alone unit.

The Assembly Verifier will check for fasteners that are cross-threaded, stripped or missing. It will also keep track of the total number of installed fasteners and the number of completed assemblies per day.

Call: 800-456-1828; e-mail: mountzsales@mountztorque.com.  Circle #268

26436TOOLBOX261 Cut Cost Per Channel For High-End Acquisition

The Model DI-725 is a 32-channel analog expansion unit for DATAQ Instruments line of data acquisition systems. It is designed to extend channel counts for the DI-400, DI-720 and DI-730 systems and features 32 differential analog inputs, a programmable gain amplifier and a ±10 volt full-scale measurement range.

The unit is stackable and can be mounted to the top of the DI-720 or DI-730 units. Also, the "Power" and "Low Power" LED indicators specify when power is applied by the host and when the power is inadequate for use by the DI-725.

Call: 800-553-9006; e-mail: info@dataq.com.
Circle #261

Stopcocks Tested to Handle 60 PSI to 80 PSI

Luer Stopcocks now have a round body design, making them similar to European Luers, and are easier to clean due to the knurled compression-nut with sealing action. With a European satin chrome finish, the stopcock has an M% x .5 mm metric thread and a convenient handle, making it ideal for assembly in laparoscopes and endoscopes.

The Luer Stopcock's designer, Popper & Sons, says its stopcock conforms to ISO 594-1 and 594-2 and is tested to handle up to 60 psi to 80 psi water pressure.

Call: 516-248-0300; e-mail: sales@popperandsons.com
Circle #272

Add Professional Quality Bar Codes to Windows

The TAL Bar Code ActiveX Control can add professional bar codes to all Windows applications, such as product packaging and document tracking. This control can work with any Windows program that can handle ActiveX controls. Some of these programs include Visual Basic, C++, MS Word, Excel and Access.

The manufacturer, TAL Technologies, says the bar code control supports all common bar code symbologies and allows complete control over every aspect of each bar code symbology.

Call: 800-722-6004; fax: 215-763-9711.
Circle #281

Weld Force Calibrator Has Weld-Through Capability

Measure weld tip force and capture peak force achieved during weld cycle with the WeldProbe MicroForce Calibrator. Sensotec says its calibrator is a portable and durable means to calibrate and monitor force on miniature resistance welds and micro-joining applications. It will, therefore, help eliminate the number of poor welds due to incorrect tip force.

The calibrator uses weld-through capability, features absolute measurements within one ounce and is National Institute of Science and Technology traceable.

Call: 614-481-5473; fax: 614-481-5475.
Circle #269

60 Degree Viewing With Redesigned Coalescing Filters

The Balston coalescing filters have been redesigned with two differential pressure indicators built into the filter head to provide full 360° viewing. A quick release, bayonet bowl design and a pressure relief valve have also been added to the filters.

Whatman, the manufacturer, says the filters remove 99.99% of oil, water, rust and pipescale particles. The Balston filters are constructed of anodized aluminum with a powder coat finish.

Call: 800-343-4048; fax: 978-858-0625.
Circle #270

Magdrive Pumps Handle 1,700 Gallons Per Minute

The MPX line of seal-less magdrive pumps from Ingersoll-Dresser Pump has been expanded to include a pump that can handle up to 1,700 gallons per minute. The seal-less pump ensures a leak-free operation, prevents the loss of costly process fluids and meets all applicable environmental regulations.

Ingersoll-Dresser Pump says the MPX pumps also feature dual containment capability, a single piece shaft, a close coupled option, sub-American National Standards Institute sizes for low flow applications and impellers designed for reduced thrust.

Call: 800-728-7867; fax: 908-604-8195.
Circle #271

26436TOOLBOX284Automotive Specifications Solutions Offered

Meeting SAE J 1756 out-gassing specification for automotive products (patent pending), the Polymeric Series Foam Tape from Gaska provides solutions for tough automotive specifications. This tape has a wide range of gasketing uses that extend across a variety of automotive specifications.

With a temperature range from -31° F to 240° F, the polymeric tape can stand up to harsh chemical environments, such as gasoline, alcohol, oil, antifreeze and hydraulic fluid.

Call: 800-423-1571; fax 219-293-4504.
Circle #284

Carbide Twist Drills Offer Up to 10 Times More Production

The KPT|Sphinx carbide twist drills have a titanium aluminum nitride coating to allow drilling diameters from 3 to 20 mm in lengths from 62 to 131 mm. KPT|Kaiser Precision Tooling, the manufacturer, says these S drills can increase production up to 10 times and are available in various inch sizes.

The KPT|Sphinx coolant-fed twist drills feature point and flute geometry and reinforced shank and web thickness. The submicron grain carbide has a high transverse rupture strength, making the drills highly resistant to chipping.

Call: 847-228-7660; fax: 847-228-0881.
Circle #273

Obtain Minimal Distortion With Self-Locking Bolts

An all metal prevailing torque self-locking feature called Tru-Flex from SPC Technologies Aerospace Fasteners Group can be used in headed screw and bolt material. A thread configuration near the point end of the bolt gives it the distinctive locking action.

In controlled performance tests, the Tru-Flex fasteners were found to maintain their locking ability after five uses. Moreover, the locking feature has no effect on hardness, shear or tensile strength.

Call: 215-572-3193; e-mail: mdonoghue@spstech.com
Circle #274

Cable-Extension Position Transducers Less Than 1 Lb.

The compact, flexible and accurate original equipment manufacturer (OEM) cable-extension position transducers from Celesco are engineered to fit customer specifications. Certain OEM transducers weigh less than 1 lb. and are less than 2 in. high. When retracted, these same transducers can measure as far as 60 in.

Using a flexible cable and spring-leaded spool, the transducers can detect and measure linear position and velocity. They then send a proportional electrical signal for display, recording or control.

Call: 818-884-6860; fax: 818-340-1175. 
Circle #277

Inside Diameters Up to 50 mm In Rotary Encoders

The ExN 100 series of hollow shaft rotary encoders feature inside diameters up to 50 mm, a small housing outside diameter up to 87 mm and a minimum length of 50 mm. With a mounted stator coupling, the encoders also contain commonly used interfaces to allow a simple connection to existing electronics.

Heidenhain, the encoders' manufacturer, says the ExN 100 series is well suited for use by makers of drives and machines.

Call: 800-233-0388; e-mail: info@heidenhain.com
Circle #275

Further the Integration Of Design Automation Technology

SolidWorks is producing an academic software package that includes SolidWorks 99, COSMOS/Works from Structural Research and Analysis, and Dynamic Designer/Motion from Mechanical Dynamics.

SolidWorks says this software bundle was created to further the integration of design automation technology in the study of analysis and engineering. It is an integrated tool that can be used to teach industrial design and engineering.

Call: 978-371-5000; fax: 978-371-7303.
Circle #276

Machine Vision System Offers Plug 'n Play Operation

The CV-500 Series machine vision system reduces complex functions to simple commands with pull-down menus. This system includes an integrated one-touch controller and a camera measuring 1.2 in. square. The CV-500 Series offers 24.5 million subpixel processing and adjustable target angle compensation.

The distributor of this system, Keyence, says independent processors allow the simultaneous use of two cameras, enabling two images to be processed at the same time.

Call: 888-539-3623; e-mail: keyence@keyence.com
Circle #278

Improve Productivity With Labeling Initiative

Monarch Marking Systems manufactures ComplyLine, an advanced compliance labeling initiative for retailers. ComplyLine is designed to simplify compliance for retailers and their vendors, improving efficiency and productivity.

The labeling initiative features Manhattan Associates PkMS compatibility, with 32 trading partners' formats. In total, ComplyLine has more than 140 available formats.

Call: 800-543-6650; fax: 937-865-2250.
Circle #279

Geartooth Sensors Useful When Space Limited

The ready-to-use Series HE615500 Hall-effect geartooth sensors from Cherry Electrical Products do not require any additional conditioning products, making them useful in space limited applications. Moreover, these geartooth sensors stand up to dirt and oil due to their thermoplastic housings.

Cherry Electrical Products says the HE615500 is designed to sense rotating ferrous gear-type targets, such as web speed gears and power transmission gears.

Call: 800-927-6298; fax: 414-942-6566.
Circle #283

Ease Production Chores With One-Ton Lift Capacity

The Standard Lift & Tilt Table (Model PT-20366) decreases the amount of bending, lifting and reaching connected with daily production tasks. The manufacturer, Advance Lifts, says this table has a 0 to 60 degree tilt range, can lift up to one ton and has a 24 x 48 in. platform.

The table runs on a two horsepower motor and is available with platforms as large as 48 x 60 in.

Call: 800-843-3625; fax: 630-584-9405.
Circle #262

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