Special Edition: Metrology

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Sensor Measures AC Currents up to 20 Amperes

The EX9PC200 Current-to-Voltage Sensor can measure AC currents up to 20 amperes, 47 hz. to 400 hz. Bicron, the sensor's manufacturer, says the sensor is useful for measuring and controlling current, power-demand measurement, current signature of motors and load sensing.

This sensor is designed for low voltage, indoor use and is protected by varnish impregnated glass tape. Two of the pins used for mounting the sensor also provide voltage output connection.

Call: 860-824-5125; fax 860-824-1137.
Circle # 291

Test Stand Produces 1,000 lbs. of Force

Mark-10 says its hand-wheel operated model TSC test stand can produce up to 1,000 lbs. of force. The stand weighs 25 lbs. and measures 6 in. x 8 in. x 26 in.

The handwheel mechanism allows for a total of 3.5 in. of travel and is designed for material, spring, peel and product integrity testing.

Call: 516-822-5300; fax: 516-822-5301.
Circle #289

Meter Covers 30 to 130 Decibels Range in Sound

The NA-26 sound level meter from Rion has no need for level change. Scantek, the distributor of this meter, says one wide range will cover a 30 dB to 130 dB range. Perfect for environmental officers, police officers and general survey work, the NA-26 has a small profile, a 20-hour battery life and can accept extension cables.

The device measures approximately 23 cm. x 8 cm. x 3 cm. and weighs only 260 g, including the batteries.

Call: 301-495-7738; fax: 301-495-7739.
Circle # 292

Obtain Hardness Readings and Testing Results

Instron says its new Wilson Tukon 2100 Microhardness Tester is revolutionary because it utilizes a (patent-pending) closed-loop load control design. The manufacturer says it is the only tester available that has this type of control feature, allowing for easier operation and more accurate hardness testing results.

The tester is Y2K compliant and meets American Society for Testing and Materials E 384 standards for microhardness testing.

Call: 781-575-6000; fax: 781-575-5770.
Circle # 293


Portable System Measures Parts at High Speeds

Measuring automotive parts within minutes, CogniTens says its Optigo can reach accuracy levels of 50 microns at density of up to 4 point per mm. squared. This compact, portable system is made up of an optic head mounted on a pedestal with an attached computer station.

The manufacturer says the object size is basically unlimited, and applications run from automotive and aerospace design to quality control of full vehicles and reverse engineering.

Call: 815-637-1926; e-mail: IS@cognitens.com. Circle # 294

26323P81A Gage for Small Hole Depth Measurement

Designed for depth measurements of small holes, shoulders inside small bores, recesses and tire tread patterns, the Digi-Met Electronic Digital Depth Gage features a depth measurement length of up to 25 mm.

Flexbar, the manufacturer, says the gage's stainless steel measuring point is 2 mm. The pocket-sized device also features a high-contrast LCD display and inch-to-metric converter.

Call: 800-879-7575; fax: 516-582-8487.
Circle #290

Windows Based Software Computes Directional Thermal Emittance

Measure near normal, total spectral reflectance in the 2 to 25 µm spectral region with the SOC 400T, a directional reflectometer from Surface Optics. The hand-held device allows for scanning a large spectral range and calculating directional emittance over a large temperature range.

Controlled with Windows 95/98, its uses include radiation heat transfer, cooling in space, energy conservation and correction in infrared imaging.

Call: 619-675-7404; e-mail: soc@surfaceoptics.com. Circle # 295

Updated ME-2 Rockwell Scale Hardness Tester

The low-cost ME-2 product line from New Age Industries, consisting of analog, basic digital and advanced statistical digital models, has recently been updated.

The updates include a partial or total motorized test operation for the digital models, a new software addition for X-Bar and R-reporting, and a new test stand. New Age says these features make the testers less likely to drift during calibration over time and make it less service prone.

Call: 251-657-6040; fax: 215-657-1697.
Circle # 296

MSI Video Measurement System Offers Automatic Edge-Finding

The Imagen XR-3000 is a high-resolution video measurement system from Mercer Scientific International. This system incorporates automatic edge-finding and a brightness level histogram in two dimensions. Therefore, it can be used in a vast range of applications.

Features such as the Edgemaster optical density map, the Pixilator cursor control and 1000-line resolution allow for precision measurement and help set the standard for repeatability and accuracy. Other features include automatic centroid placement, automatic tracking of slow moving objects, velocity measurement and automatic area measurement.

Call: 609-393-9686; fax: 609-393-5816
Circle # 297

Visual Inspection System Decreases Setup Difficulty

Retaining complete functionality, the Checker-1 high-speed, stand-alone visual inspection system is designed to decrease setup difficulty. Distributor FSI/Checker says its system can be set up in six easy steps and will perform a wide range of measurement, positional and detection inspections at a rate of up to 3,000 parts per minute.

Though a PC is not required during operation of the system, one is necessary for one or more system setups. Therefore, FSI/Checker provides Checker-1 Windows-based PC software for the initial program setup.

Call: 800-468-6009; e-mail: info@fsinet.com. Circle # 298

Test Station Provides Immediate Coating Thickness Measurements

Fischer Technology's TM85 Test Station provides accurate and nondestructive coating thickness measurement of ultra-thin coatings on nonferrous substrates. The test station can give immediate measurements on normally difficult-to-measure inside and outside diameters of cylindrical objects. These measurements can be made on coatings as thin as 40 micro-inches.

Fischer says other features of the TM85 Test Station include instant display of measurement results, remote triggering test option and a data storage capacity of up to 20,000 readings.

Call: 800-243-8417; fax: 860-688-8496.
Circle # 299

Measure Gel and Paper With Digital Stick pH Meter

Obtain measurements of paper, film, gel, paint, meats, cheese and so on with the battery operated Model K8514 digital stick pH meter from Kernco Instruments. The meter has an LCD readout and a flat surface probe that gives a fast response on contact.

Kernco says the model covers the 0 pH to 14 pH range with ±.01 readability and accuracy. Also, the battery life provides 100 hours of continuous use. The meter weighs 1.1 lbs. and measures 6.87 in. x 1.25 in. x 1.25 in.

Call: 915-852-3375; fax: 915-852-4084.
Circle # 300

Learn to Test Power Systems in Buildings

The professional educators at American Technical Publishers (ATP) and Fluke teamed up to create an instructional package on testing power systems in buildings. The package, Power Quality Measurement and Troubleshooting, is recommended for company training programs and schools.

ATP and Fluke say the complete training package includes the Power Quality Measurement and Troubleshooting textbook, the instructor's Resource Guide with hands-on exercises, a step-by-step outline, electronic slides, and a videotape demonstrating basic power quality measurements in a commercial building.

Call: 425-356-5671; e-mail sunny@tc.fluke.com Circle # 250

Automate Geometry Measurements

With the push of a single button, the Formscan 6200 Circular Geometry Gage can measure up to 20 features on a part. The Multi-Trace Software is available as an option with new systems or as an upgrade. The manufacturer, Federal Products, says the software automates geometry measurements for complex parts, boosting throughput in production applications by 50% to 100% or more.

The Formscan 6200 gage features a gage head stand motorized in the vertical and horizontal axes. The Multi-Trace Software can control all gage movements, making the entire process virtually automatic.

Call: 401-784-3100; e-mail: info@fedprod.com. Circle # 251

Particle Sizing System Provides Accurate Measurements

The Optomax SpeckCheck 2 Particle Sizing System provides measurements of actual particle characteristics. Optomax, the manufacturer, says it combines high-resolution, flatbed-scanner technology and Windows-based programming for optical particle size analysis within a range of 50 micrometers to 50 mm.

The entire measuring system includes a 400 MHz Pentium II computer, monitor and flatbed scanner.

Call: 603-465-3385; fax: 603-465-2291.
Circle # 252

Simplify the Fastening Process With Insight

Obtain a full range of tightening capabilities by measuring applied torque and rotation for fastening applications with the new Insight fastening control system.

The Tool & Hoist Division of Ingersoll-Rand says its system is made to allow a user maximum simplicity in its fastening process. Intuitive programming and informational screens on the Insight controller remove operational guesswork by walking users through each task step-by-step and offering system help when needed.

Call: 908-604-1297; fax 908-698-5580.
Circle # 253

Oxygen Analyzer Measures Oxygen in Hazardous Areas

Use the new Model 1100A/H Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer in hazardous areas without special purging. The manufacturer, Servomex, says its oxygen analyzer is used to measure gaseous oxygen for process efficiency, process control and safety.

Its applications range from verifying oxygen purity and cryogenic air separation plants to providing critical measurements used to control efficiency and safety of petrochemical plants, refineries and pharmaceutical centrifuges.

Call: 800-862-0200; fax 781-769-2834.
Circle # 254

Measure Force and Torque In Hard-to-Reach Areas

When used with the Digital Remote Indicator (DRI) from Shimpo Instruments, a range of precalibrated load cells and torque transducers safely allow precise measurement of forces and torque in difficult- to-reach areas.

Shimpo Instruments says the all metal DRI features break-away and peak torque measurement, 100 test memory and 1000 hz. sampling rate.

Call: 630-924-7138; fax: 630-924-0342
Circle # 255

26323P86Gather Light Measurements Without a Radiometer

International Light's new IL A430 Detector Amplifier PC board module can easily integrate into Programmable Logic Circuits and data-acquisition systems for gathering light measurements. This PC board provides photo-detector current amplification and zero to five volts direct current output.

The IL A430 eliminates the need to have a separate radiometer or photometer for sensing light featuring adjustable gain from 10 nanoamps to 50 microamps full-scale, with built-in threshold monitoring for alarm functions.

Call: 978-465-5923; e-mail: ilsales@intl-light.com. Circle # 256

Provide Accurate Oxygen Readings With Lorox

With a temperature range of up to 1290° F, the Lorox sensor from Marathon Monitors Inc. (MMI) provides greater than 2% accuracy readings. Each component of this probe was designed so it can be repaired or replaced on site. The welded, stainless steel protection tube ensures against thermal or mechanical shock damage.

MMI says the probe is ideally suited for the power, petroleum/petrochemical, agriculture, chemical and steel industries.

Call: 800-322-4444; fax: 513-772-7853.
Circle # 257

Tool Presetter Has Measuring Range From 0 mm to 400 mm

Featuring one-hand operation and limitless fine adjustment, the Model TP-400, an electronic tool presetter, displays length and diameter measurements on an easy-to-read digital indicator. Heartech Precision says the presetter has an iron base and column with hardened and ground ways, preloaded recirculating ball bearings and an ISO 50 Standard spindle.

The Model TP-400 measures 25.198 in. x 20.078 in. x 33.858 in. and weighs 176 lbs.

Call: 847-593-6000; fax 847-593-6005.
Circle # 258

 Range of Test Frequencies and Voltage Levels Offered

Obtain accurate measurement of components with the Wayne Kerr 4200 series of automatic inductance, capacitance resistance testers. Wayne Kerr says each of the three versatile models provides straightforward operation and can be used in a service, production or laboratory setting.

The models include a choice of IEEE-488 or RS-232 comprehensive measurement functions, a bin-handling capability, component characterization to 1 mhz. and varying component test voltage levels from 2 V down to 50 mV.

Call: 781-938-8390; fax: 781-933-9523.
Circle # 259

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