For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the postage-paid reader-reply card in the back of the magazine. If you would like to contact a company directly for more information, a phone number is provided at the end of each product description.

Filter UV-A and UV-B Light

Gateway Safety has released a new line of protective eyewear. StarLite Eyewear blocks 99.9% of all harmful UV-A and UV-B light, is constructed of hardcoated polycarbonate, and meets ANSI Z87.1 standards.

Gateway says the glasses feature a 9.75 base curvature and use spring temples to reduce slippage. The eyewear line is available in a variety of colors.

Call: 800-822-5347; fax: 216-749-0526. Circle #264

Reduce Cross-Contamination By Eliminating Bacteria

Clean Tech 400 is an automatic hand and glove washer. Meritech, the manufacturer, says the washer can eliminate up to 99% of transient bacteria, reduce cross-contamination, and wash and sanitize in 10 seconds.

The cast polymer and polyethylene washer includes stainless steel plumbing plate and solution tray enclosures. Meritech says the Clean Tech 400's no-touch faucet option is designed to remove bakery dough, motor oil and grease.

Call: 800-932-7707 or 303-790-4670. Circle #265

Keep Plugs Free From Dirt

26200P77AMarnico Specialty Wiring Devices has created Weather- resistant Covers that keep moisture, mud, dust and dirt from inside its locking plugs and connectors. Using a triple series of seals, the covers can be used in areas involving injection molding, power distribution and welding functions.

The manufacturer says the ribbed outer housing of the covers provides a nonslip grip even when wet and can be used with other brand name plugs and connectors.

Call: 800-767-8541 or 707-226-8600. Circle #272

Minimize Errors From Emissivity Variation

Designed for high-temperature applications in the range of 500 to 3,000šC, the M9100 Imaging Pyrometer is a thermal imaging system from Mikron. Mikron says because the system can handle such a wide heat range, the M9100 is ideal for use where glass tanks and furnaces, lamp filament, and continuous casting and rolling mills applications are concerned.

The M9100 has a narrow-band spectral response designed to minimize errors due to variations in target emissivity. Interchangeable lens assemblies to aid in difficult viewing and measuring situations are also available.

Call: 800-631-0176 or 201-405-0900. Circle #266

Multiple-Bag Filter Meets Higher Capacities

26200P77BRonningen-Petter says its Multiple-Bag Filter can replace several individual filters operated in parallel, to meet higher system capacities and longer running times. The manufacturer has incorporated Certa-Seal technology to the Multiple-Bag Filters to create positive, non-bypass sealing.

A positive-sealing integral gasket is built into the top of the filter bag and snaps around the collar ring in the filter housing. Ronningen-Petter's combination of integral flange and gasket is said to eliminate bypass completely.

Call: 616-957-2000; fax: 616-957-3514. Circle #267

Print Models in Early Stages Of Development

Stratasys says designers can use its 3-D printer to print models at the beginning stages of conceptual development instead of using traditional 2-D sketches. The Genisys X printer builds 3-D parts in a durable polyester compound that can be sanded, drilled or painted. Stratasys says it increased the printer's envelope by 50%, allowing users to build parts up to 12 x 8 x 8 in.

A built-in clock tracks the printer's cumulative build hours to maintain reliability. Stratasys says the printer can be set on a desktop and is compatible with company intranets.

Call: 612-937-3000; fax: 612-937-0070. Circle #268

Eliminate Static Buildup

The proprietary surface enhancement process from General Magnaplate is a microfinish for ferrous metal, copper or aluminum alloy components.

General Magnaplate says its Magnaplate HMF coating eliminates static buildup, is electrically conductive, offers strong heat resistance and generates little friction. The manufacturer also says the coating provides corrosion, chemical and moisture resistance.

The coating complies with Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture regulatory codes.

Call: 800-852-3301; fax: 908-862-6110. Circle #269

26200P83 Simplify Changeovers Involving Paint and Chemicals

Colder Products says its Universal Dispensing Coupler allows users to connect or disconnect bags from dispensing units. Colder says the Coupler's 38 mm cap attaches to most standard volume pack bags and can be used in applications involving paint, cleaning chemicals and lubricants.

The Universal Coupler integrates a flush face design to help elminate waste, and an automatic shutoff function disengages to elminate spills. The polypropylene couplers and acetal caps are machine washable and reusable.

Call: 651-645-0091; fax 651-645-5404. Circle #277

Use Adhesive Cable Mounts For Powder Coated Surfaces

The ABM112 Adhesive Backed Cable Tie Mount was created to secure wire bundles and other light objects. Panduit, the manufacturer, says the rubber-based adhesive tape is the best choice for a majority of adhesive mount applications, particularly powder coated surfaces. This adhesive can be used in environments with temperatures as low as -20oF to as high as 120oF.

The tie mounts are also available with an acrylic-based adhesive for use with exposure to prolonged UV rays or temperatures exceeding 120oF.

Call: 888-506-5400; fax: 770-781-9076. Circle #270

Build a Productive Work Force By Organizing Skills

Senior managers are encouraged to construct a more productive work force, make informed decisions on employee development programs and maximize payback on labor investments with SkillView 3.0. SkillView is a skills assessment and inventory application enabling users to document and organize the skills, knowledge and training needs of employees.

The developer, SkillView Technologies, says the program can manage recruiting efforts, organize resumes and produce various data analysis reports. The program features 360-degree skill assessments, which allow users to assess an individual's skills, and comprehensive directories of employees with expertise in particular areas.

Call: 603-382-9882; e-mail: marnyp@skillview.com. Circle #271

Electricity Not Needed For Liquid Pump

The PP Series hand-operated liquid pumps do not require air or electricity for operation. The pumps are for both water and oil service and feature a check valve allowing the user to repeat the pump cycle and increase output pressure.

The manufacturer, Maxpro Technologies, says the pumps can be used in pressure instrumentation calibration of pressure gauges and transducers. Maxpro also says the PP Series pumps work for hydrostatic and burst testing of valves, pressure switches and hose and pipe tubing.

Call: 814-838-1416; fax 814-838-2730. Circle #273

Collect Data in Any Location

CimWorks GageTalker says its Zipper handheld device meets the portable data collection requirements of most manufacturing quality assurance departments. The statistical process control data collector connects to analog and digital gauges for direct gauge entry and supports input from standard barcodes.

The Zipper offers a backlit display and a screen resolution of 240 x 100. The manufacturer says the battery life per charge is at least eight hours.

Call: 425-821-3200 or 410-799-9490. Circle #274

Vibration-Free Platform For Smaller Equipment

Developed for use with smaller precision measuring and testing equipment, the Series 2200 Mini-Benchmate offers an alternative to other vibration-free platforms. The manufacturer, Kinetic Systems, says the platform has a load capacity of 270 lbs. and measures 16 x 19 x 4 in.

The Mini-Benchmate features VibraDamped construction and is available in passive-air or active-air configurations. Top surface options include white or black plastic laminate, white antistatic laminate and ferromagnetic stainless steel.

Call: 617-522-8700; fax: 617-522-6323. Circle #275

Assure Worker Safety In Potentially Hazardous Areas

Placed near potentially dangerous machinery, the Bircher SafeTec Pressure-Sensitive Safety Mat shuts down the machinery when workers step on it. The mats are manufactured in custom sizes to fit specific configurations.

Bircher America, the manufacturer, says the mats meet U.S. and European machinery and robot safety standards.

Call: 800-252-1272 or 847-952-3730. Circle #276

Increase Efficiency Of Machining Processes

Reduce the number of reject parts and make manufacturing operations more efficient with the Automatic Piston Gage from Edmunds Gages. Edmunds Gages says the gage system encompasses chip removal, part rinsing and drying, crack detection, burnishing, sorting stations and weighing and measuring.

The manufacturer says the information on parts sent through the gauge is processed through a microprocessor for acceptance or rejection. Using the data from the microprocessor, adjustments can be made to the machining process.

Call: 860-677-2813; fax: 860-677-4243. Circle #279

Quickly Install Retaining Rings

Retaining ring applicators enable operators to install rings onto a shaft without turning the tool. The applicators, manufactured by Rotor Clip, are available in straight, 45o, 90o and offset configurations.

Rotor Clip also produces retaining ring dispensers to eject rings individually. The dispensers are designed for use with tape-stacked retaining rings and are to be used with Rotor's ring applicators.

Call: 732-469-7333; fax:732-469-7898. Circle #281

Inspect Small Parts With Illuminated Magnifier

Industrial workers dealing with small parts can turn to Edroy Products for a hands-free magnifier. The Magni-Focuser features a binocular magnifier attached to an adjustable, padded, vinyl headband. The acrylic lenses are shatter resistant and flip up when not in use.

The illuminated magnifier uses an 8,000 candlepower Xenon Laser Spot beam. The magnifier includes interchangeable lens units and has no center posts to obstruct vision. Edroy Products says the light feature requires AA alkaline batteries and can burn up to seven hours.

Call: 800-233-8803; fax: 914-358-4098. Circle #278

One Scan Discovers Defect And Vertical Position

Thru-scan imaging indicates that a defect exists and reflection-mode imaging detects the flaw's vertical position. With the StarScan imaging system, the developer says both Thru-scan and reflection-mode imaging can be accomplished at one time because both images appear on the same scan.

The developer, Sonoscan, says analysts will save time by not having to change from one mode to the other, or having to turn the sample over for rescanning once a flaw is discovered.

Call: 630-766-7088; fax: 630-766-4603. Circle #280

Remove Contaminants From Compressed Air Lines

The Model 520 Extractor/Dryer Filtration System removes particles of dirt, dust, oil, rust and moisture from compressed air lines without an additional power supply. Manufactured by La-Man, the system uses a two-stage filtration system with dew points ranging between 10 and 35oF at atmosphere. The Model 520 comes with a standard 5-micron rating, but lower ratings are available.

The manufacturer says the Model 520 was designed for applications involving spray painting, air operated plasma cutters, dental equipment, food processing plants and air logic operations.

Call: 800-348-2463; fax: 606-581-3837. Circle #282

Wrap Loads and Pallets With Automated Wrapper

Advance Lifts says all users need to do is attach wrapping material to a load and activate its Stretch Wrapper in order to bind loads and pallets. After the pallet is placed on the machine's 60 in. diameter turntable and wrap is attached to it, the user sets the machine's speed and feed rates. The Stretch Wrapper then begins to wrap the pallet.

The turntable allows for forklift and pallet truck loading, and the machine's speed can be adjusted while it is in operation.

Call: 630-584-9881; fax: 630-584-9405. Circle #283

Communicate Y2K-Compliance

Ensure customer confidence and manufacturing competitiveness with Y2K-Year 2000 Compliant Stickers. The distributor, Pacific Reflex Signs, says the stickers help manufacturers assess the year-2000 status of all equipment and create companywide awareness of Y2K testing progress. The stickers may also reduce accidental duplication of testing efforts. Pacific Reflex suggests using the stickers on contracts, company letterhead and general correspondence with clients and buyers.

Call: 805-969-3744; fax: 805-969-3697. Circle #285

Address Waterproofing Issues With Pushbutton Switches

ITW says its Series 49-59 switches are designed for use in environments requiring electrostatic discharge resistance in waterproof and lighted components. The manufacturer says the switches can adapt to the excessive moisture found in medical equipment, industrial equipment and outdoor controls, and have a 1 million-push life cycle.

The panel-sealed miniature pushbutton switches are available in illuminated and nonilluminated versions and feature a variety of colors and shapes.

Call: 800-544-3354; fax: 708-667-3418. Circle #286

Create High Ring-Holding Force With Die Cushions

Air Float Die Cushions are constructed of 4-ply elastomeric bellows that sit between steel plates to withstand stamping and forming operations such as compound blanking, piercing and drawing. The manufacturer, Dayton Die Cushions, says Air Float Cushions produce high ring-holding force for a uniform flow of material during the downstroke, which eliminates cracks and wrinkles.

The Air Float includes pin pad and mounting apparatus. External bed guides are available from the manufacturer.

Call: 612-498-7910; fax: 612-498-7777. Circle #287

Vacuum Food Particles

A four-stage filtration system is the key feature of the GM 625 vacuum cleaner for food processing plants. Nilfisk Advance, the manufacturer, says the vacuum is suitable for a variety of applications within the food processing industry, including spot suction, cleaning in and around equipment and removing debris from walls and overhead structures.

The manufacturer designed the filtration system to allow for cleaning adjacent equipment without cross-contamination, as debris is not recirculated back into the plant.

Call: 800-645 3475 or 610-647-6420. Circle #284

Increase Speed Control And Torque-to-Inertia Ratio

Designed for use in compressors, machine tools, robotic devices and medical equipment, DC motors from Ametek Rotron feature internal control units and two-wire installation--as opposed to traditional eight-wire installation.

Ametek Rotron says the brushless DC motors provide increased torque-to-inertia ratio and speed control for high performance in a compact package. The 1.7 in. motors supply power output ratings from 0.03 to 0.16 horsepower.

Call: 330-673-3452; fax: 330-678-8227. Circle #288

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