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Create Charts in Real Time Without Statistical Equations

With its software product, SQC Development says statistical process control (SPC) charts can be created in real time and analyzed through a series of steps without statistical equations.

SPC for Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-on application that offers integrated SPC functionality within a spreadsheet. SQC Development says the user can examine time series, variables, and attribute data. Run, CUCUM plots, mean/range, mean/standard deviation, p, np, c, and u charts are offered.

Call (302) 239-0403, or visit www.sqcdevcorp.com. Circle #282

Meet Reporting Requirements for Hazardous Materials

Solutions Software says its updated Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Database contains more than 225,000 records for both trade and generic chemicals. The CD-ROM offers search functions and the ability to export data to text or other user-defined formats.

The developer says the MSDS Database includes the Environmental Reporting Assist File and Registry of Lists databases to help professionals develop Hazard Communication Plans, and Occupational Safety and Hazard Analysis MSDS libraries.

Call (407) 321-7912, or fax (407) 321-3098. Circle #284

Software Manages Welding Test Results

Krautkramer has developed UltraLog software--an applications-based program to store and manage spot welding test results. Krautkramer says UltraLog also evaluates spot weld echo displays including weld flaw classifications.

Test results can be stored in the database by individual inspection and test plan. Inspection plans contain the number of spot welds to be inspected, a description of test location, material data, and test diagrams. Inspection plans can be predefined in the setup mode.

Call (717) 242-0327, or fax (717) 242-2606. Circle #300

Correct Topology Errors

With its computer-aided design (CAD) software, International TechneGroup says 3-D models can be generated and analyzed to detect geometric errors, anomalies, and other microscopic features.

The CAD/IQ Version 2.0 software is a quality and interoperability testing tool that checks for errors such as missing surfaces, duplicate surfaces, and extreme gaps between adjacent surfaces. The software also determines the impact of errors on future users of the model.

Call (513) 576-3900, or fax (513) 576-3994. Circle #287

Communication Options Reduce Lead Time

PolyDyne Development says contract manufacturers can reduce lead time with its QuoteWin 4.0 process software. The software allows the user to manage the process of quoting customers items, such as material, labor costs, and supplies, within a contract. Manufacturers also have the ability to search a component database of alternative sourcing options and use the included Web-enabled functions.

Security features include a triple data encryption standard process to encrypt all transmissions. PolyDyne says this feature allows the user to transmit purchase orders and design or schematic documentation over the Internet in a secure manner.

Call (512) 343-9100, or fax (512) 343-9297. Circle #286

Maintain Gauge Inventory

The calibration software Gagetrack SE is a Windows-based management software product from Cybermetrics. The developer says the package schedules calibrations, maintains inventory of gauges and test equipment, and documents calibration performance history.

Cybermetrics also says the software supports on-line calibration procedures, check points, and calibration history. Gauge listing, calibration due listing, and work orders are reports the software generates.

Call 800-777-7020, or fax (810) 726-7677. Circle #283

Expand Functionality With Updated Software

Factorynet 3.7 is a component-based manufacturing execution system created to increase productivity and enhance the flexibility of applications. The developer, Intercim, says the software allows users to configure a solution that meets their specific needs.

The software enables an operation to be broken down into subtasks and defines and tracks the materials required for each operation. Intercim says Factorynet 3.7 assigns documents and data collection forms, and creates notes to each of the tasks involved. The ability to specify alternate parts and functions in order to track lot and serial numbers is also included.

Call 800-445-7785, or e-mail info@Intercim.com. Circle #288

26073P94Increase Quality and Reduce Turnover

Upgrade2 is a library of interactive industrial skills and safety courses on CD-ROM. Produced by McGraw-Hill, the CD-ROM was created to help organizations improve productivity, increase quality, reduce turnover, and lower costs.

Twenty-five courses are offered including hydraulics, safety training, and print reading. Tests are included throughout each course as are final evaluations. McGraw-Hill says Upgrade2 offers users specific training with self-paced, performance-based instruction.

Call 800-598-4077, or fax (614) 825-6321. Circle #253

Automate Neural Network Analysis Problems

The Intelligent Problem Solver (IPS) Wizard is a feature of Statistica Neural Networks, Version 4 software. The developer, StatSoft, says the IPS function automates neural network feature and network architecture selections.

The revised version of Statistica Neural Networks features sensitivity analysis statistics and response graphs for what-if analyses. Quasi-Newton, Learned Vector Quantization, and other training algorithms are included.

Call (918) 749-1119, or fax (918) 749-2217. Circle #285

Manage Risk Controversies

Peter Sandman has incorporated his environmental risk communication and reputation management consulting experience in a software product from EMSoftCorp. Outrage is a software equivalent of Sandman's approach to managing risk controversies and organizational reputation through stakeholder perception.

EMSoftCorp says Outrage allows the user to input the characterizations most important to the stakeholder before offering an assessment of how dissatisfied the customer is likely to be. Once the program quantifies the stakeholder's dissatisfaction with a particular situation, it offers activities to prevent or reduce the dissatisfaction.

Call (303) 273-5080, or fax (302) 273-5070. Circle #289

26073P96BAutomated Machinery Message Alerts

ExpertAlert Enterprise is a machinery condition analysis software program that notifies users of machine problems regardless of the user's location. By using automated e-mail, text messaging alerts, and a network-based Web site, information can be delivered to several users at one time.

The developer, Predict/DLI, says the software can monitor the condition status of any selected machine changes. Automated diagnostics, analyst comments, and other notes are also accessible by managers and operators from any networked PC in the plant.

Call 800-654-2844, or fax (216) 642-1484. Circle #250

Prepare for Y2K Issues

Small-business owners can prepare themselves for possible year-2000 computer problems with the Y2K Jumpstart Kit. The kit offers Conversion 2000 software developed by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership--a program of the Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The developer says the software can help small businesses conduct an inventory of hardware and software systems, create contingency plans, and design remediation projects. The software also identifies core business systems and rates their importance to the survival of the business.

Call 800-925-7557, or e-mail y2khelp@nist.gov. Circle #290

Customize Software for Video Metrology

A software package designed to quickly set up, measure, and analyze critical part data has been developed by RAM Optical Instrumentation. The Galaxy software package provides video metrology users with measurement tools and several analysis reporting formats.

Windows and tool layouts can be customized according to the user's needs. The developer says the software works from four basic windows: metrology part view, metrology tools, part programming, and data analysis and reporting. Basic metrology and advanced metrology options can be selected.

Call (949) 224-0531, or fax (949) 224-0550. Circle #251

Software Supports ISO 9000 Reporting Requirements

Stephen Computer Services has developed a statistical process control (SPC) software program for both the novice and experienced user. SPC Quickie 98 is an entry-level Windows SPC software package offering X bar and R, X moving R, and histogram and capability studies.

The developer says SPC Quickie 98 supports all ISO 9000 and QS-9000 statistical reporting requirements and that control chart points plot instantly when entered in real time.

Call 800-553-4772, or fax (248) 960-3539. Circle #259

26073P96AIncorporate Design Analysis With CAD Programs

A design analysis program has been developed to communicate with and analyze geometry from computer-aided design (CAD) programs. Cosmos/DesignStar is a Windows-based environment that allows the user to analyze multiple designs simultaneously.

The developer, Structural Research and Analysis, says the program offers optional assembly, displacement, frequency, and buckling analyses. Object linking and embedding is also an option with popular engineering office programs such as Word and Excel.

Call (310) 207-2800, or e-mail louise@srac.com. Circle #291

Describe Construction Projects in Performance Terms

By defining the level of quality required without specifying every product in a project, PerSpective software enables design-builders to describe projects by performance rather than prescriptive, descriptive, and proprietary methods. This method defines a project's intended results, not how to accomplish them.

PerSpective is a database of performance criteria, developed by CSI/DBIA to cut the time owners and architects spend on producing design-build projects' requests for proposals. The developer also says the software reduces the time contractors spend developing their own proposals.

Call 800-689-2900 or (703) 548-1291. Circle #252

Quickly Determine Surface and Contour Measurements

Perthometer Concept software from Mahr uses a graphical interface with Windows features. The software is designed to work with Mahr Perthometer surface and contour measurement systems to enhance data manipulation with real-time plotting, teach-and-repeat programming, customized documentation, and direct data transfer to common spreadsheet and word processing programs.

Mahr says the software provides versatility through multiple surface and contour measurement drive unit and tracer combinations, and supports statistical process control with built-in statistical packages.

Call 800-969-1331 or (937) 439-6116. Circle #254

Optimize Production Process

The Praedictus Process Management System from Praedictus is a collection of real-time software tools to enhance complex production processes such as those found in the automotive and electronics industries. The software integrates process monitoring, product tracking, and process analysis tools into a single comprehensive system.

Praedictus says the software monitors every aspect of the production environment in real time, generating alerts when potential problems are detected and providing information on appropriate corrective actions. The software was developed to help process engineers identify cause-and-effect relationships, predict when a process might degrade or fail, and achieve higher first-pass yields.

Call 800-473-9012 or (513) 583-5892. Circle #256

Integrate AS/400 Platform With Windows NT

ROI Systems has developed an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to integrate an AS/400 platform with a Microsoft Windows NT environment. ROI Systems says the ERP software package, Manage 2000, accelerates throughput using AS/400 and Windows NT architectural advantages.

According to the developer, Manage 2000 offers midsize manufacturers a Windows NT system with more than 40 integrated applications that facilitate production planning and control, engineering, finance, sales, and service.

Call (612) 797-5498, or visit www.roisysinc.com. Circle #257

Meet Radiation Therapy Regulations

QC4 Quality Control Information Management software is built around a relational database, reporting tools, and an intuitive user interface for radiation oncology facilities. Argus Software, the developer, says QC4's internal e-mail feature integrates the efforts of the quality assurance team.

Functions include a user log, status reports, and a rules engine to ensure that protocols are being followed. Argus says QC4 helps users meet federal and state regulatory requirements and offers a data management system to record process results ensuring effective therapy.

Call 800-422-7487, or fax (650) 299-8104 Circle #258

Streamline Operations of Calibration Lab

Benchtop 3.1 Calibration Laboratory Management software consists of modules designed to consolidate operations of a calibration lab. The developer, Certified Measure- ments, says Benchtop helps users meet all industry standard quality requirements.

The software includes a search engine in each module to help users find information and review a history of changes made to files. A relational database design is used to reduce redundant data entry, and pick lists and field validations are included to decrease data entry errors.

Call (912) 953-5171, or fax (912) 953-2688. Circle #255

Maintain Calibration Records With Tracking Software

Regardless of how strict the quality guidelines, Blue Mountain Quality Resources says its Calibration Manager software can maintain any company's records. The software tracks information via its database and produces documentation proving a system is in compliance.

The Calibration Manager monitors equipment calibration information, calculates due dates, and prints reports of calibration schedules. The developer says the software can be customized to fit the user's needs.

Call 800-982-2388, or fax (814) 234-7077. Circle #260

Identify and Track Costs

The Harrington Group says its Cost of Quality 3 software offers tools to uncover and track every quality cost element affecting profit.

The integrated system includes project maintenance, Pareto reports, trend reports, and a normalized data graph. Harrington says a detailed report describes costs involved in a single project or for all projects between specific time periods. A Pareto graph feature lists the top 10 cost items over whichever range the user inputs.

Call 800-476-9000, or fax (407) 382-6141. Circle #261

Analyze Sales Functions and Manage Inventory

Designed for the warehouse environment, Inventory Plus manages inventory, purchase and sales orders, return authorizations, and forecasting. The distributor, Advanced Application Development, says the software includes criteria-derived warehouse selection, accounts receivable and payable interfaces, and auditing functions.

Inventory Plus features a buy module to manage the purchasing processes; a sell module to analyze sales functions, drop shipping, and backorder tracking; an inventory analysis module to monitor inventory investments, quantity, and location; and a receiving and return authorization module.

Call (770) 879-7797, or e-mail sales@aad.com. Circle #262

Monitor Quality Assurance Functions

The Quality Assurance Tracking System (QATS) from Sonoma Precision tracks a variety of day-to-day quality assurance functions in the manufacturing environment. Sonoma Precision says the program provides information on all quality issues in real time.

Adaptable to any manufacturing organization, QATS allows the user to pinpoint quality deficiencies in manufacturing processes and establishes a closed-loop system for nonconforming materials to ensure proper disposition. Nonconformance reporting, an inspection log, calibration control/recall, and a selection of reports and graphs can be generated from this program.

Call (707) 576-1500, or e-mail qa@spmco.com. Circle #263

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