For more information about these products, circle the appropriate number on the postage-paid reader-reply card in the back of the magazine. If you would like to contact a company directly for more information, a phone number is provided at the end of each product description.

Manage Processes With Software Tool Kit

Four software programs work together to create the 4TQ Tool Kit. Axion, the developer, says the software covers documentation, dissemination, and analysis of business processes for those involved in ISO 9000, QS-9000, ISO 14000, and safety management endeavors.

The set includes a process manager to provide document generation, subprocess handling, and ISO 9000 mapping; a Web builder to convert process information into a linked HTML Web site; the process explorer, which links processes, functions, resources, and electronic forms; and the process analyzer, which uses statistical process and quality control tools to examine process and performance improvement.

Call 888-235-9500, or e-mail info@axionsoft.com.
Circle #268

Chiu Technical's halogen light source is for microscope, borescope, and endoscope applications. The SLS-150X features a rotary dimmer to control the light flow.

Increase Laboratory Lighting Without Losing Desk Space

A high-intensity, fiber-optic, halogen light source has been created by Chiu Technical for microscope, borescope, and endoscope applications. The SLS-150X accommodates single and bifurcated flexible fiber bundles, and both standard and adjustable ring lights. It features a rotary dimmer to control the light flow.

The space illuminator has a forced-air cooling feature, an electrical phase control, and an aluminum shell. Chiu Technical says the unit weighs 9 pounds.

Call (516) 544-0606, or fax (516) 544-0809.
Circle #278

Collaborate on Quality Tool Endeavors in Real Time

PathMaker II software offers real-time, quality-tool collaboration over the Internet and intranets. SkyMark, the developer, says users can hold meetings, brainstorm, and analyze root causes from their desktops with this updated software.

The software was created to construct Pareto, statistical process control, and Gantt charts through an intranet. SkyMark says the software's ability to storyboard and plan projects can help managers spread the use of quality tools throughout an organization.

Call 800-826-7284 or (412) 371-0680.
Circle #256

Monitor Process Variation at Every Workstation

Designed for Windows 95, 98, and NT client/server systems, Synergy 2000 is a statistical process control (SPC) application that monitors and reacts with process variation.

Zontec, the developer, says the software's high-resolution SPC control charts and graphics are combined with color-coded alarms and status flags for real-time display of process conditions. These features can be viewed by any workstation in the organization due to the system's scalable enterprise architecture. Synergy 2000 offers 12 identification fields per characteristic and up to 25 variable sample sizes.

Call 800-955-0088 or (513) 648-0088.
Circle #257

Vision Engineering's Mantis-UV is a viewing system offering magnification to 10x, a standard white illumination source for conventional inspection tasks, and a working distance that ensures accurate identification of cracks and faults during manufacturing.

Device Combines UV Light and Nondestructive Testing

Those involved in nondestructive testing can consider a different ultraviolet (UV) illumination source to activate dyes that fluoresce under UV light. The Mantis-UV includes a standard white illumination source for conventional inspection tasks and a foot switch to select different light sources.

Vision Engineering, the manufacturer, says the viewing system offers magnification to 10x and a working distance that ensures accurate identification of cracks and faults during manufacturing and overhaul procedures. Vision Engineering designed the device with ergonomic advantages to eliminate eye, neck, and back strain.

Call (860) 355-3776, or fax (860) 355-0712.
Circle #263

Reach Cold Temperatures in Any Environment

The Model 9107 Ultracold Portable Dry-Well Calibrator was designed to provide temperatures from -45š Celsius to 140š Celsius (-49š Fahrenheit to 284š Fahrenheit). The manufacturer, Hart Scientific, says the calibrator reaches its lowest temperatures in normal ambient conditions without the aid of cold ambient temperatures or other forms of external cooling.

Set-point accuracy of Model 9107 is ±0.1š Celsius over its range. Its resolution is 0.01 and its stability is ±0.02š Celsius. The 30- pound calibrator contains four wells of fixed diameter, which can be PC controlled using the included Windows-based software.

Call 800-438-4278, or fax (801) 763-1010.
Circle #258

Prove Load Mishandling With Shipping Indicator

Tiltwatch Plus is a 0.25-inch-thick label that affixes to a package's exterior surface to monitor its handling during shipment.

The manufacturer, Media Recovery, says three registers are brought together in the single label. One register indicates the package's starting angle while another indicates the angular tilt the package endured during shipping. The third register indicates if the package was completely inverted. Together the registers provide unalterable, 360-degree tilt monitoring throughout shipping transit.

Call 800-527-9497, or fax (214) 638-4512.
Circle #259

Eliminate Flying Dust When Shaping Foam

Bettcher Industries says its foam trimmers cut cleaner and end airborne dust associated with foam shaping methods. The Whizard Modular Trimmers use a rotating circular blade that operators glide over foam to shape it into a desired form.

The manufacturer offers six handle sizes, including designs for left- or right-handed operators. Bettcher believes these designs increase worker productivity by reducing muscle stress and fatigue, and increase worker safety by eliminating the use of straight knives.

Call (440) 965-4422, or fax (440) 965-4900.
Circle #260

Ensure Documentation Is Accurate and Accessible

Organizations need to maintain manufacturing documentation to comply with ISO 9000 or QS-9000 requirements. Integral Solutions says its Manufacturing Planning and Control Tool (MPACT) helps integrate documentation management into one system.

Integral Solutions says users can enter information into one document and transfer it to all appropriate documents. Organizations can use the software to link standard manufacturing and quality documents, including process flowcharts, control plans, and failure mode effects analysis reports. The software is available for Windows 3.1, NT, and Windows 95 or higher.

Call (248) 543-6040, or fax (248) 543-0552.
Circle #261

Accurately Measure Thin Film Temperature

The temperature of hydrocarbon polymer plastic film can be measured with the M7 infrared thermometer. Land Infrared, the manufacturer, says the M7 is designed to facilitate process monitoring and quality control through drift-free temperature measurement of several plastics, including polypropylene, polyethylene, and cellulose acetate.

Land Infrared says the M7's temperature range is 25š Celsius to 375š Celsius (75š Fahrenheit to 700š Fahrenheit), making it suitable for film orientation, metal coating, blow molding, and packaging and shrink wrapping.

Call 800-523-8989, or fax (215) 781-0723.
Circle #262

Analyze and Present Survey Data With Confidence

This CD-ROM takes users through the survey process. Surveys with Confidence is a three-part research package offering guidance on survey preparation, creation, and presentation. Scheduling and budgeting, creating questionnaires, entering responses, and analyzing collected survey data are some of the topics offered.

The developer, SPSS, says users can copy and paste questions from survey research experts into their own surveys and use more than 50 programmed statistical methods to analyze survey results.

Call 800-525-4980, or fax (312) 651-3690.
Circle #264

Improve Machine-to-Machine Statistical Data Compatibility

An equipment interface for semiconductor manufacturing lines has been created by Allegrotek. Allegrotek says its SmartLink 1100 assembly line support system communicates between two in-line machines. The system provides machine-to-machine compatibility, statistical process data, and enhanced throughput for semiconductor lines.

As a troubleshooting tool, SmartLink 1100 allows users to transport boards in or out of a machine and has the ability to pause the assembly line on command. Warnings can be programmed to alert the user when events occur outside preset limits.

Call (760) 603-0260, or fax (760) 603-0261.
Circle #265

Reduce Accident Hazards With Unique Floor Matting

Non-slip mats manufactured by C-Kure are designed with small, circular wells that keep spills from spreading and becoming hazards to machinery, damaging product, and risking employee well-being.

C-Kure says its Light Floor Matting reduces employee leg and back fatigue while providing secure footing. The mats can be ordered in greaseproof or general- purpose versions.

Call 800-821-7795, or fax (440) 871-7763.
Circle #266

Obtain Precise Switchpoint Accuracy With Speed Sensor

A sensor module coupled with an integral connector makes up the HE615300 Geartooth Speed Sensor. Cherry Electrical Products, the manufacturer, says the Hall-effects sensor uses self-calibrating, peak-to-peak detection circuitry for precise switchpoint accuracy without external electronics.

The manufacturer says the HE615300 is a ready-to-use unit that senses rotational speed for ferrous gear-type targets such as web speed gears, power transmission gears, conveyor speed and position, and other similar gear-based shaft encoders.

Call 800-927-6298, or fax (414) 942-6566.
Circle #267

Melt-Proof Material for Electronics Industry

The 3M Electronic Handling and Protection Division has created an ultrahigh- temperature substance able to sustain under the processing needs of the electronics industry. 3M says the Olive Ultra-High Temperature Material contains properties that allow it to be used in applications such as high-temperature process carriers for the hard disk drive and semiconductor industries.

The material's thermal characteristics are 230š Celsius for short-term exposure and 215š Celsius for long-term exposure. 3M says the material can be molded to meet thick and thin form factors.

Call 800-814-8709, or fax (612) 733-2481.
Circle #271

Schedule 1,000 ISO Activities With Software Packages

ISOsoft 9000 and ISOsoft 14000 from Intelex Technologies were designed to assist in the implementation and management of the ISO standards. The developer says the software can be integrated to create platforms for small and medium-sized organizations and uses start and end dates to automatically schedule more than 1,000 detailed activities.

Employee training and tracking, nonconformance and corrective action, and document control are topics addressed in the software's management section. Users will also find HTML conversion and Web page management features.

Call 800-387-4019, or e-mail intelex@intelex.com.
Circle #281

Minimize Downtime by Production Line Monitoring

The Accuscan LD1100-XY was designed to track the diameter of products along two planes by taking 2,000 measurements per second. The laser gauge measures products moving through a production line to keep the line operational and reduce downtime caused by nonconformancies.

The gauge is manufactured by Beta LaserMike, which says the gauge's motor is balanced to ensure continuous measurements, comes with different options, and is housed to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Call (937) 233-9935, or fax (937) 233-7284.
Circle #272

Test Medical Material With Benchtop Machine

Tinius Olsen Testing Machine has designed a line of benchtop machines for finished medical equipment and pharmaceutical compression testing. The manufacturer says the testers can be used for intravenous tube, hypodermic needle, and scalpel testing. The machines can also perform compression testing on capsules and tablets, and peel testing for packaging.

The S-Series Benchtop Universal Testing Machines are available in five models and include functions such as digital force and displacement display, real-time autoranging graphic display, and storage and retrieval of test patterns.

Call (215) 675-7100, or fax (215) 441-0899.
Circle #273

Reduce Power Consumption in Processing Equipment

Damar says an elastomeric gland secured by a spring-steel compression ring is what helps its CinchSeal eliminate leakage and reduce power consumption in dry bulk material processing and handling equipment. Damar says the CinchSeal transfers the seal interface from the shaft to a much larger surface of polished stainless-steel plates and plastic rotor cups so the seals open dry.

The CinchSeal is constructed from polypropylene to accommodate shaft eccentricity and vibration without interrupting the powder seal or causing undue wear on the interface.

Call (609) 751-0505, or fax (609) 751-7853.
Circle #274

Coordinate Measuring Device for Gauge Laboratories

LK Metrology Systems has created an ultraprecision coordinate measuring device designed for gauge laboratories. The Ultra CMM is a condensed machine that LK Metrology says is capable of submicron measuring accuracies and 20-millionths-of-an-inch repeatability.

The manufacturer says the machine combines nonproprietary technologies and uses compontents such as the Renishaw TP 200 probing system.

Call (810) 220-4360, or fax (810) 220-4300.
Circle #275

Acquire Metrology Data From Several Sources

The Spatial Analyzer is a metrology package designed to bring the user data from any combination or number of metrology instruments. Brunson Instruments, the distributor, believes the software helps operators acquire, analyze, and report data, and quickly transfer information from one instrument to another.

The Spatial Analyzer software is 3-D graphical and runs on a Windows 95 or 32-bit NT environment.

Call (816) 483-3187, or fax (816) 241-1945.
Circle #276

Parfocal Stereo Images Used by Inspectors

Prior Scientific believes its ZoomMaster microscope is ideal for quality control, industrial inspection, assembly, research, and original equipment manufacturing. The stereozoom microscope offers parfocal stereo images with a 1x to 4x zoom range.

Detents in the zoom mechanism, according to Prior Scientific, provide settings for reproducing previous results as well as measured calibration. Combinations of available eyepieces, lenses, and zoom mechanisms provide a total magnification range of 5x to 120x.

Call 800-877-2234 or (781) 878-8442.
Circle #277

Teach Project-Team Elements in One Day

Paradigm Learning says employees who participate in its interactive discovery game quickly learn the dynamics of working on a project team. Countdown: A Strategy Game for Project Teams is a one-day training tool for employees with little or no background in project management.

The game groups employees together to simulate the execution of a fictional project while teaching concepts such as scope statements, critical paths, and Gantt charts. Exercises are designed to help employees apply what they have learned to real company projects and expectations.

Call (813) 287-9330, or fax (813) 287-9331.
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A pop-up menu is used to navigate through the PosiTector 100's documentation and printing functions. The gauge, from DeFelsko Corp., measures the thickness of up to five layers in a multiple-layer coating with one reading.

Measure Multiple Layers Simultaneously

DeFelsko Corp. says its redesigned gauge can measure the thickness of up to five layers in a multiple-layer coating with one reading. The PosiTector 100 indicates the measurement for each layer simultaneously in graphic and numeric format.

A pop-up menu is used to navigate through the gauge's documentation, user-configured setup, and printing functions. The PosiTector 100 is suggested for use in measuring coating thickness on concrete and other non-metals.

Call (315) 393-4450, or fax (315) 393-8471.
Circle #270



Begin Inspection Training With Video

Developed by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, this 9- minute video offers insights into safety training, inspector duties, and the commissioning process. The video, "Protection Through Inspection," also addresses industry incident statistics, the inspection discipline, and the shortage of qualified inspectors. The developers say the piece features easy-to-understand graphics and several animated sequences.

Call (614) 888-2463 or (614) 888-8320.
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