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25644PG101AMonitor Temperatures
With Visual Recorder

A visual record of high and low damaging temperature conditions can be obtained with the ColdSnap+ recorder. Telatemp, the manufacturer, recommends the recorder for the transit and storage of temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, food, medical devices, and electronics.

The ColdSnap+ consists of a bimetallic sensing element that snaps at a predetermined temperature, visually indicating whether the temperature has been reached. The notice remains on the recorder permanently. Telatemp says the low-temperature indicator is accurate to ±2š Celsius and the high-temperature indicator is accurate to ±1% of the rated value.

Call 800-321-5160, or fax (714) 870-8136.
Circle #299

Create Charts in Real Time Without Statistical Equations
With its software product, SQC Development says statistical process control (SPC) charts can be created in real time and analyzed through a series of steps without statistical equations.

SPC for Excel is a Microsoft Excel add-on application that offers integrated SPC functionality within a spreadsheet. SQC Development says the user can examine time series, variables, and attribute data within the Microsoft Excel environment. Run, mean/range, mean/standard deviation, p, np, c, and u charts are offered.

Call (302) 239-0403, or fax (302) 737-1247.
Circle #285

More Than 70 Tests Retained With Insulation Tester
Test voltage and test duration are continuously displayed on the S1-5010 insulation tester. The manufacturer, AVO, says the tester provides flexible, automatic operation for a complete range of testing.

The S1-5010 includes a graphical display allowing measurements to be analyzed in digital/analog format or to be plotted graphically. Internal memory functions retain results for up to 75 tests, which are automatically time and date stamped.

Call (214) 333-3201, or fax (214) 333-3533.
Circle #282

Document Complaints per ISO 9000 Requirements
Complaint Tracker software documents complaints in a step-by-step manner to comply with ISO 9000 regulations and Food and Drug Administration requirements.

The software dates the complaint, notes who received it, and records what actions were taken toward resolution. Interpharm, the developer, says the software can print hundreds of reports, is year-2000 compliant, and is compatible with Windows 95, 98, and NT environments.

Call 877-295-9240, or fax (303) 754-3953.
Circle #283

Accurately Calculate Resistivity Correction Factors
A four-point probe surface and volume resistivity meter has been created that stores the data required for calculating resistivity correction factors in its memory. The Loresta GP is a microprocessor-based meter that allows the user to select the output for surface and volume resistivity, resistance, and conductivity. Using the meter, resistivity measurements can be made on thin films, plastics, rubber, paint, and specialty materials such as graphite or ceramics.

Optical Associates, the distributor, says the Loresta GP separates inherent resistivity of a material from the dimensional factors that affect it accurately measuring and mapping resistivity distribution. The meter offers various measurement capabilities ranging from milliohms to megaohms.

Call (408) 263-4944, or fax (408) 263-6389.
Circle #290

Linear Guides offered for Medical Device Industry
The stainless steel AccuGlide R-Series linear guides provide instant acceleration with minimal force due to their low inertia. The manufacturer, Thomson Industries, believes they are ideal for those working in the medical device field, semiconductor processing, and PC board assembly.

Cleanroom and vacuum compatible, the guides are available in three sizes: 7, 9, and 12 millimeters. The guides have equal load-carrying capacity in all directions and feature an industry standard envelope and bolt-hole pattern for drop-in replacement of existing guides.

Call 800-554-8466, or e-mail linearguides@thompsonmail.com
Circle #284

Stand Produces 750 Pounds Force
Mark-10 says its TSA test stand weighs only 16 pounds, but can create up to 750 pounds of force. The lever-operated stand features adjustable travel stops and a rack-and-pinion mechanism that allows for a total of 0.5 to 8 inches of travel.

The manufacturer says the TSA is ideal for material, spring, peel, and product integrity testing. It recommends the stand for use in laboratory and industrial settings.

Call 888-627-5836, or fax (516) 822-5301.
Circle #286

Camera Inspects 100 Feet Deep Inside Piping
The PT36-300 pipe camera inspection system inspects the interior of piping as deep as 100 feet and sends the user full-color video images. The neck behind the 36-millimeter diameter camera allows the user to adjust insertion direction and maneuver around corners.

The camera is manufactured by Olympus America, which says the system's no-filament, white LED illumination eliminates lamp replacement. The manufacturer also says minimal power consumption provides up to 10 hours of DC field operation. The system's brightness is automatically controlled by an electric shutter, and two video outputs are provided for local and remote viewing.

Call 800-446-5260, or fax (516) 844-5620.
Circle #287

Software Benefits Manufacturers
Based on the Excel spreadsheet, Resource Manager 2000 for Excel is a planning and scheduling software product for small to medium-sized manufacturing operations.

The software manages resources such as labor, materials, and work in near real time. Finite capacity planning and scheduling, costing and estimating, and what-if analysis are also offered.

User Solutions, the developer, says the Resource Manager 2000 is compatible with Excel 97 and the soon-to-be-released Excel 2000, and leverages the Web-centric focus of Microsoft Office 2000.

Call 800-321-8737, or fax (248) 486-6376.
Circle #288

Increase Production in Cutting Environments
The G30 machine tool from Romi offers a spindle supported by double-row cylindrical roller bearings and angular contact ball bearings. Romi says the spindle bearings are lubricated for life so the spindles don't need an oil recirculation or refrigeration system. The spindle housing is separated from its base by insulation plates.

Romi says the 12-station hydraulic tool turret offers indexing times as fast as 0.4 seconds and a full 180-degree index time in less than 1 second.

Call (606) 647-7566, or fax (606) 647-9122.
Circle #289

Evaluate 3-D Process and Assembly Variations
Design engineers can consider a graphics-based software when looking to increase modeling time efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. Sigmund software is an assembly build analysis tool enabling engineers to evaluate 3-D process and assembly variations and their effect on product quality. The software offers the quantitative analysis needed to evaluate assembly capability of designs.

Sigmund allows engineers to build virtual assemblies for evaluation with respect to predefined build objectives, according to manufacturer Varatech. Varatech also says the software emulates manufacturing process variation following the ASME Y14.5M-1994 geometric dimensioning and tolerancing standard.

Call (616) 393-6408, or fax (616) 393-6307.
Circle #291

Littelfuse's JTD ID Indicator fuse is a Class J power fuse with a lens that turns black when the fuse clears the circuit during an overload or short circuit.

Indicator Fuses Help Eliminate Downtime
The JTD ID Indicator fuse uses a lens that turns black when the fuse clears the circuit during an overload or short circuit. The fuse, designed by Littelfuse, is a Class J power fuse available in ratings up to 600 amps. Littelfuse says the amperage ratings provide maximum circuit protection for motor controllers, transformers, mains, feeders, branch, and other general-purpose circuits.

Dual-element, time-delay, and current-limiting, the JTD ID Indicator fuse is UL listed and uses aerospace-grade polymers to safely interrupt faults.

Call 800-832-3873 or (847) 391-0714.
Circle #254

Rotary Table Features High Clamping Force
Eimeldingen says its Premier 320 horizontal/vertical rotary table has the highest clamping force and position accuracy available. The 12-inch table allows for customized clamping and has clamping slots for horizontal and vertical positioning with standard hold-down blocks.

The Premier 320 includes a through hole diameter of 1.2 inches, a centerbore of 1.6 inches, and T-slots of 0.56 inches. Eimeldingen says the table can hold up to 500 pounds.

Call (317) 638-0298, or fax (317) 632-8594.
Circle #292

Learn SPC With Self-Paced, Tutorial Workshop
The SPC Success Workshop from the Crosby Company is a tutorial explaining statistical process control (SPC) with examples, problems, and reference material. The package includes a workbook--where most of the work is done--a software program, and an SPC program.

The basics of SPC are divided into 12 sessions, each ending with a short quiz. Techniques such as X-bar and R, normal probability paper, and attribute charts are covered. At the end of the last session, the tutorial issues a final exam, which can be sent to the manufacturer to be graded.

Call 888-427-6729, or fax (630) 790-1768.
Circle #293

25644PG106The Meyers/Combina 303 pressure-sensitive-adhesive component placement machine is currently used by electronic, medical equipment, and automotive organizations.

Adhesive Placement Machine Used by Several Industries
Meyers Applied Components says its new pressure-sensitive-adhesive component placement machine is already being used in the electronic, computer component, medical equipment, and automotive industries. Meyers notes specific machine applications such as computer hard drive seals, foam gaskets for cellular phones, and sequential bar coding.

The Meyers/Combina 303 applies pressure-sensitive-adhesive backed components at a tolerance of ±0.004 inches.

Call 800-927-9709, or fax (612) 531-5876.
Circle #295

Software Offers Y14.5 National Standard Guidance
Glossar-Ease is a software package offering more than 100 illustrated help screens and active links for words, definitions, and tolerance zones associated with the Y14.5 standard. Sample inspection setups for all 14 geometric dimensioning and tolerancing symbols are given.

The software runs on Windows 3.1, 95, and NT operating systems and can be purchased from the manufacturer, Tec-Ease.

Call 888-832-3273, or visit www.tec-ease.com.
Circle #294

Reduce Injury Risk With Interlock Switch
The 141 Series Non-Contact Interlock switch from Sentrol was developed for applications where the risk of minor injury is present. The switch detects the opening of doors and removable covers, preventing access to dangerous machine parts. The switch can also be used to discourage tampering with internal machine controls.

The 141 switch is suited for 120- and 220-volt power applications. The circuitry is sealed in polyurethane, allowing operation in harsh environments. Sentrol says the switch measures 1 inch by 2 inches so it can be mounted in small spaces and is highly tolerant of misalignment and contaminant build-up.

Call 800-247-9447, or fax (503) 691-7563.
Circle #296

Simplify Document Control Processes
Histories of document changes, single-screen document overviews, and automated report generators are functions of QSTracker from Trackware. The software controls and updates documentation by using Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or later, and Mac OS version 7.1 or later.

The software collects, reports, and displays all costs related to document changes, including rework and scrap. The electronic signature feature allows users to sign-off on a project without printing a hard copy. A time and date stamp on all signatures helps those following ISO 9000 requirements.

Call (408) 255-3058, or e-mail marketing@trackware.com.
Circle #297

Complete Inspections Faster
UniWest says its ETC Scanner can perform continuous circumferential rotation; axial, radial, and circumferential indexing; and manual probe positioning. The design allows the operator to move an eddy-current probe around the inside and outside of cylindrical surfaces, as well as around the skewed vertical lines found in turbine blade slots. UniWest believes this enables the user to complete inspections much faster when compared to established parameters.

Call (509) 544-0720, or fax (509) 544-0868.
Circle #298

Capture Harmful Fumes in the Workplace
Pace has created a portable fume extractor that can be placed on top of or underneath a workbench to remove dangerous gases. The FX200 uses a carbon-impregnated foam filter to remove gases and odors and accommodates one or two fume-extraction flex arms.

The FX200 also features a brushless motor pump, which Pace says makes for quieter operation. Another filter catches any small particles that may have been extracted by the device.

Call 888-535-7223, or fax (301) 604-8782.
Circle #300

Recyclable Drums Save Storage Space
A six-sided, corrugated drum from National Packaging Services offers an alternative to traditional solid fiber drums. The Hex-Pack containers, used for transporting dry goods, can be knocked down flat, comply with United Nations performance-oriented packaging standards, and are recyclable.

The manufacturer says the drums offer up to 1,750 pounds of compression strength and that pallets of five 55-gallon Hex-Packs can be safely stacked three high.

Call 800-526-3786, ext. 112, or e-mail natpacker@aol.com.
Circle #250

Eliminate Paperwork by Automating Forms
The ClipGem digital clipboard and pen system allows the user to fill out full-page forms electronically in real time. The manufacturer, Topaz Systems, says the clipboard permits the user to electronically save the forms within the organization's own computer system for easy retrieval.

Forms can be filled out using any PC or laptop. The ClipGem uses power from a computer's serial port so no batteries or wall adapters are required.

Call (805) 520-8282, or fax (805) 520-0867.
Circle #251

Measure External Surface Areas Faster
Porous Materials says its Windows-based Envelope Surface Area Analyzer (WESA) offers a faster technique for external surface area measurement. WESA enables testing of powder samples--including materials with surface areas of only several square meters per gram--such as those found in the pharmaceutical and ceramic industries.

The manufacturer says the analyzer performs nondestructive tests in less than 5 minutes, making it ideal for quality control endeavors.

Call 800-825-5764, or fax (607) 257-5639.
Circle #252

Use CD-ROM as Sealing Reference
Apple Rubber Products has updated its CD-ROM on seal designing. Version 2.0 of the Seal Design Guide features 14 sections to assist engineers and designers working in a sealing environment.

Interactive formulas calculate user specifications, including formulas for determining maximum and minimum O-ring cross section and maximum O-ring volume. Basic concepts in O-ring design, seal types and gland design, special elastomer applications, and definitions of sealing terms are also offered.

Call 800-828-7745, or fax (716) 684-8302.
Circle #253

Improve Productivity With Root-Cause Analysis
TapRoot for Windows is a system integrating root-cause tools with a computerized database. The developer, System Improvements, says the software helps find often-overlooked root causes.

The software features an incident information database with custom fields to meet site needs, a corrective-action database with corrective-action tracking, and a matrix for presentations. The system also generates an incident report, a root-cause tree graphical report, and a corrective-action tracking report.

Call (423) 539-2139, or fax (423) 539-4335.
Circle #255

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